Rate My Team – Full Premium Edition

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 19 2022

For those at full premium, let us know how your team has come together, if you’ve got any luxury trades planned and whether you’re happy with it overall. Feedback and T.U/T.Ds expected and welcomed.

Be sure to include: Rank / Trades Left / ITB at the top of your post.


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62 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Full Premium Edition”

  1. 17k/9/23k

    I’ll kick things off:

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, Dale, Saad & Ridley [Khamis, Thompson]

    MID: Satan, Neale, Mills, Parish, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw & Cripps [Hamilton, Owens, Angwin]

    RUC: Darcy & Preuss [Teakle]

    FWD: English, Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Butters & Hawkins [J. Clarke, Long]

    Despite the heinous rank, I’m kinda happy with the team tbh. Hoping to get a few things in order and finish strong. The obvious issues are: no Stewart, Butters & Preuss.

    Ridley and Saad were battling out for who becomes Stewart and Ridley has comfortably lost that race. He becomes Stewart after he (hopefully) misses his 200 BE. Butters likely to Heeney and then thinking about a hold on Preuss. Should just be an ankle and suspended anyway. Until last night, he was at a 110 average and hadn’t subtonned – shame he hasn’t got some continuity.

    Bench cover isn’t amazing but Owens and Thompson should be back this week, can DPP Clarke and Long gets a gig after his over that hamstring issue – or so Abs has told me.

    Personal best was 3 consecutive years of top 2k finishes, just hoping to crack into the top 10k this year lol. Interested to see how everyone else is looking.


    1. Ty, CA.

      One of our classic formats, eases up TT and will be fun to see where everyone’s at.

      Keen to see your team as well, CA. You’ve been crushing the Contribs league and are quite handsomely ranked!


      1. Ahh no worries… I’ll post below! Been more of a lurker this season with life going on.


  2. 4,886/6/284k

    Here she is

    Def – Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Hewett, Crisp, Short (Khamis, D’Ambrosio)

    Mid – Oliver, Neale, Laird, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw, Cripps, Green (Clark, Stephens, Owens)

    Ruc – Witts, Preuss (Strnadica)

    Fwd – English, Bont, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Coniglio (Rioli, Long)

    Preuss will become either Heeney or Libba, with top forwards scoring more than all other rucks I will have to swing English back to ruck I think. Will keep remaining 5 trades for injuries but I’m sure it won’t be enough.


  3. Love this GD. Perfect timing for it. I’ll piggyback off yours:

    DEF: Sicily, Stewart, Sinclair, Hewett, Crisp, Short [R. Thompson & S. Durdin]

    MID: Oliver, Neale, Macrae, Laird, Miller, Cripps, Brayshaw, Merrett [Stephens, Owens, Long]

    RUC: English & Witts [Teakle]

    FWD: Bont, Parker, Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Heeney [P. Curtis & Rioli Jr]

    6 trades, 50k left.

    Butters to Heeney this week. Might flip Merrett for Steele in a fortnight if Steele is back at full-strength and no other injury-concerns appear.

    Inside the top 2000, hopefully can crack the top 500 and beat my PB.


    1. Thanks for the thread Gunboat- really helps to assess our teams and my take is….
      Notice a few of us struggling for depth in Mids- think we’re all hoping Owens back this week- as I can’t see Stephens keeping spot at Cats with Danger back- hope I’m wrong!


  4. 2,897/5/$85k

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Docherty, Hewett, Crisp, Short (Wehr, Massimo)

    MID: Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Touk, Laird, Cripps, Walsh, Brayshaw (Owens, Uwland, Long)

    RUC: Witts, English (Teakle)

    FWD: Dunkley, Bont, Parker, Brodie, Cogs, Cameron (Clarke, Skinner)

    Happy with the final team but no bench cover so I’ll have to trade when I cop injuries. Will be lucky if I don’t run out early


  5. 2130/ 10 trades (2 boosts) / 48k ITB

    DEF: Hewett, Crisp, Houston, Short, Ryan, Blakey [D’Ambrossio, Worner]

    MID: Satan, Neale, Mills, Miller, Macrae, Cripps, Prestia, Petracca [Soligo, Owens, Clarke]

    RUC: English & Witts [Hayes]

    FWD: Bont, Dunkley, Parker, Coniglio, Gresham, Butters [Rioli, Butler]

    I’m quite happy with my team and how it has many PODs and PODs turned to common buys.
    Butters is definitely a player that must go due to his injury, but this then has me with 9 trades with players like Petracca, Prestia and Blakey looking like ones to upgrade.
    If I upgrade this then makes Blakey likely first to go as I don’t have Sicily or Stewart, but Stewart looks good in a week or 2 after some decent drops in cash.

    Since I have Hayes and Soligo with a fair bit of cash, I then start to wonder whether I go a loophole instead bringing in Stewart/Sicily, but then having players like Blakey/Petracca as a loophole as Worner is a DPP mid/def.

    Loophole will then give me lots of cover for late outs, but with a decent amount of trades still to use I could do both.

    Really happy with this rank and I look to break into the top 1000 with the form I am in!


  6. 6k / 6 Trades / 75k ITB

    Sicily – Sinclair – Stewart
    Docherty – Crisp – Short
    (Wehr – D’Ambrosio)

    Oliver – Neale
    Laird – Miller – Macrae
    Hewett – Cripps – Petracca
    (Hobbs – Owens – Hamilton)

    English – Witts

    Bont – Dunkley – Brodie
    Parker – Coniglio – D.Cameron
    (Curtis – J.Clarke)

    Got Docherty this week for a bit of dpp balance due to my low trades. Pretty happy with team tbh not heaps i’d change – obviously Trac and Short are not ideal. I think Trac can still go large in backend of season. And Darcy Cameron will most likely be traded when Grundy returns.


  7. 4323/5/33k

    B: Sinclair, Stewart, Crisp, Short, Ryan, Angus Brayshaw (Wehr, D’Ambrsio)

    M: Neale, Laird, Kelly, Miller, Macrae, Walsh, Andy Brayshaw, Cripps (G Clark, Hamilton, Owens)

    R: Witts, Nankervis (Teakle)

    F: English, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, J Cameron, Butters (MacDonald, Lohmann)

    Obviously Butters has to go, probably to Heeney or Gresham, don’t have enough money or trades to get the top dogs.

    Happy enough with the team but trades will be a problem if the injuries keep happening.


  8. Solid timing with this post GD! Will be interesting to see how much of this community were dealt with similar injuries this weekend and how they plan around that!

    715/9 (1)/ 55K

    Def: Sicily, Stewart, Sinclair, Short, Hewett, Ridley (Wehr, Uwland)

    Mid: Neale, Oliver, Macrae, Brayshaw, Laird, Keays, Cripps, Miller (Hough, Rioli, Long)

    Ruck: Witts, Pruess, Teakle

    Fwd: Dunkley, Parker, Brodie, Libba, Cogs, Cameron (Butters, Curtis)

    Future moves all depend on timeframes on the injuries for Butters and Pruess for me, Cameron can cover Pruess but don’t want to be running with Curtis as F6 for too many weeks. If he has to go, Wehr to Parnell/Massimo and Butters to Bont or English seems ideal.

    Long term, Crisp in as M/D cover will be the goal to get Ridley off field but still used as a loop. Cameron can then cover F/R if Pruess is back in round 16-17, but ideally it’ll be Gawn, English or even Darcy to pair with Witts.

    Excited for the home stretch of the season!


  9. 3198th/7 trades/$238.7k

    D: Sicily, Sinclair, Dawson, Hewett, Crisp, Blakey (Wehr, D’Ambrosio)
    M: Oliver, Neale, Mills, Jelly, Touk, Macrae, Cripps, Petracca (Clark, Rioli, Carroll)
    R: Witts, Preuss (Teakle)
    F: English, Brodie, Parker, Cogs, Butters, Hawkins (McCartin, Curtis)

    Pretty happy with the team. Moved up roughly 800 spots over the byes averaging around 1860. Hoping to beat my best ever finish of 1,166th.
    Butters to Bont this week means McCartin will be F6 due to English going to R2 to cover Preuss. Unless I do a second trade of McCartin to Heeney or someone similar leaving me with 5 trades for the carnage on the run home.
    Good luck all.


  10. Well firstly who would have thought at the start of the season 35 trades would almost be not enough!! The team as it currently stands:


    Defence: Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Hewett, Crisp, Short (Durdin/Dean)
    Midfield: Oliver, Neale, Miller, Parish, Macrae, Brayshaw, Cripps (Stephens/Owens/Clarke)
    Rucks: Witts, English (Teakle)
    Forwards: Dunkley, Bont, Parker, Brodie, Cogs, Libba – was Butters (Rioli, Hollands)

    Started off the season banking on the set and forget duo of Grawndy but we all know how that has turned out. Pretty happy though with where we are at coming out of the byes. Last year I finished just under 2k and came out of the byes around 7k, so a little improvement there. Feel as if I’m strong across all lines with potential to bring in the likes of Steele/Mills for Cripps if doesn’t return to the party. Will definitely look forward to the run home and the monster scores everyone will be putting up with their full premo teams. Should be a great finish to a truly one of a kind season that’s for sure!


  11. 1,160 / 7 (1 boost) / $10k

    DEF: Sicily / Sinclair / Hewett / Docherty / Short / Zorko (Wehr / Thompson)

    MID: Oliver / Neale / Miller / Macrae / Brayshaw / Cripps / Merrett / Petracca / (Butters / Owens / Clarke)

    RUC: English / Cameron (Teakle)

    FWD: Dunkley / Brodie / Parker / Goldstein / Treloar / Himmelberg (De Koning / Jeffrey)

    Zorko the main issue down back, although plan to turn Himmelberg into Stewart in a week. Got on Zorko early last year before he went nuts, and was hoping for the same. Will loop him at D7-M9.

    M6-8 is weak, but with 10 weeks yet I’ll wait for luxury upgrades.

    Got both Cameron and Goldy as step ladders, but after every other ruckman shat the bed I might hang onto them. Feel like Goldy will drop a 60 pretty soon and force a trade.

    Maybe Butters and SDK to Bont this week.


  12. What would be really interesting and informative / educational for many (I think) is comments from some of the above, that have already posted their good / great teams that have a decently high rank and still have a good number of trades (boosts even!) left, as to how they managed that:
    – ie started without some of the “more fancied premos” and have someone who is now a premo, thus saving a trade
    – not ditching the likes of Heeney (or similar) that went poor and have now come back good
    – holding a rookie or two after their poor game(s) in rounds (x, y) … that have continued to score and thus saved trading out and getting a poor rookie …

    That sort of thing??

    I think that those bits of snippets could prove invaluable for those of us, myself included, that just can’t quite get the balance right across the year of when / how early to try for premo …

    Just a thought … thanks all for posting above already!!


    1. After R1 I was 50,000 but had a huge R2 with a score of 2608, 7th for the round and moved up to 2000 .

      Another decent score in R3 of 2265 and I moved up to 824 overall.

      I had started with Luke Ryan, Short, Crisp, Macrae, Andy Brayshaw, Steele, Neale, Gawn, English (ruck), Preuss At R3, Dunkley, Brodie, Butters, Cogs and all the top rookies, Daicos, JHF, Martin, SDK, McCartin etc.

      A lot of these players were on fire in the early rounds.

      I did not start Sicily, Docherty, Oliver, Cripps, Hewett & Stewart (after having both of them all pre season) and Grundy.

      After R3 I decided I couldn’t afford to ignore Cripps any longer and traded him in and made him captain, only for him to hurt his hammy and score 38. I held him hoping it was a minor hammy. Only scored 1988 for R4 and dropped back to ~11000 overall.

      Then English getting hurt upset the balance of my team and I traded him out but I was able move Preuss to R2 and the Preuss roller coaster started. I had originally got Preuss for cash generation, not to play on field.

      The rucks and forward line have been a problem for me all year. I have used more trades there than anywhere else. The forwards were all over the place and I couldn’t get the mix right.

      Like most I copped my fair share of injuries and just couldn’t trade the right players in.

      I had hoped to have 10 trades after the byes but ended up with 5. Next year I will hide the trade button!

      Again like a lot, I had trouble getting the captain choice correct.

      Starting with a solid team helps but the right trades and lots of luck are more important!!


  13. I recall a season or two ago, GD put a thread up that had the perfect team to have started with based on rookie performances and premium scoring. Pretty much if you had that team from the R1, you didn’t have to make any trades up until round 5 or 6. It was really interesting to see how different opinions and scoring/injury history of certain players could influence your team leading up to R1.

    This year, it appears those out in front took on the initial risks of the likes of Sicily, Hewett, Witts, Brodie, Curnow (to an extent), Cogs (I mean who didn’t have him), Preuss (where you could have had Dixon/Hayes as cover for a round or two). Add in some aggressive trading with the boosts, they had their full premium lineups a week or two earlier than everyone else. As it turns out, and the jury is still out on whether it will hold up by the end as I’m sure trades are thin, this year was the year to take risks on players who were priced low but had high ceilings. Personally I never envisioned ever needing to use 4-5 trades on a ruck duo of Gawn and Grundy, but those who didn’t go that route, they utilised those trades elsewhere. It’s an unforgiving game sometimes. Just my thoughts


    1. Yep – as an example – I started many of those “risks” and including Whitfield (was and is and has been on my never again list, but got sucked in again) and Heeney (also on my list) … Heeney promised early, but fell off the proverbial … and I traded him out … whitfield I held and held for other reasons … and eventually dropped him.

      It’s probably interesting … but if I hadn’t dropped them, but persevered and focused on other trades, I dare say I’d either have more trades or a stronger side … ie I missed Mills when much cheaper etc …

      I started Gawn and Marshall – and lost both early … I probably regret trading out Rowell, Lipinsji and even Gibcus too early …. for what I thought at the time were good trades, but maybe not so much now (ie Petracca hasn’t lived up and would have been better holding Rowell / Lipinski anyway) … it’s these calls I think that make all the difference …


      1. Just a few thoughts Macca:

        – quick cash is better than more cash.
        – hold injured players and upgrade around them.
        – never sideways a premium until they’re you’re lowest averaging player, even if they’re losing money.
        – plan your trades around getting you worst player out, not the best player in.
        – paying 600k+ is a huge risk, not a sure bet.
        – Team structure is a myth.
        – All teams start the same and finish the same; you need to trade hard and trade early (ie: quick cash)


  14. 25K/5/40k itb

    DEF: Daniel, Stewart, Short, Hewett, Dawson, Houston (Wehr, Parnell)

    MID: Neale, Oliver, Touk, Sinclair, Cripps, Green, Macrae, Mitchell (MacDonald, Clark, Owens)

    RUC: Goldy, English (Teakle)

    FWD: Dunkley, Treloer, Hawkins, Brodie, Cogs, Cameron (Clarke, N Martin)

    Pick a team like this with no Sicily, Docherty, Laird, Mills, Parker, Brayshaw, Witts, Walsh, Bont, Boak, Kelly, etc ….

    And that’s how you end up ranked 25k


  15. 979/11(1)/$55k

    G Clark to Mid/Def rook to swing with daicos D7/M9
    Butters > Bont
    Crouch > Laird

    Week after
    Stephens > mid/fwd rook to swing with DPP fwds
    Jeffrey > $450k fwd

    DEF: Stewart, Sinclair, Hewett, Dawson, Short, Crisp (wehr, daicos)
    MID: Macrae, Miller, Oliver, Neal, Cripps, Green, Brayshaw, Laird (Stephens, Owens, Mid/Def)
    RUC: Witts, English (Teakle)
    FWD: Parker, Dunkley, Cogs, Brodie, Cameron, Bont (Jeffrey, Curtis)


  16. Excellent idea helped me with my last shuffle .
    5 trades left with 75k in bank
    Sicily – Stewart- Hewitt-crisp-short-Ridley ( ambrosio – Dawson )
    Oliver-Neale-laird-mills-parish-Miller-McRae-Cripps (McCombe-stephens-owens)
    English-Witt’s -teakle
    Bont-Dunkley -Brodie – Parker-coniglio – Heeney or Libba ( Curtis – Voss )

    Just struggling to pick Heeney but the run home is right!


  17. 15k/9/$2.4k (2 boosts)
    Lineup before trades:

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Dawson, Hewett, Short (Wehr, D’Ambrosio)

    MID: Oliver, Neale, Laird, Parish, Miller, Macrae, Cripps,Petracca (Rioli M/F, Owens, Worner D/M)

    RUCK: Darcy, Preuss (Gawn)

    FWD: English, Bontempelli, Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Treloar (Rosas, Teakle R/F)

    Butters and Preuss out is a given, with English to move from the forwards to rucks. But with 7 trades remaining after that and with the recent injury carnage, I’m unsure with what to do (especially while I’m trying to carry Gawn on the bench)

    TU: Bont and J.Clarke (or similar cheap DPP), leaving 7 trades and $220k ITB, but having to play Rosas as F6.
    TD: Bont, Jackson and a J.Clarke, leaving 6 trades and $39k. Full premo.

    Keen to hear any other thoughts or suggestions


  18. Feeling okay with my team, just keep missing my VC/C – it’s probably cost me ~400-500 points this season (i.e., who I picked vs. my top 1-2 scoring players).

    Rank 6,0xx / 7 trades / $130k in the bank.

    D: Sinclair / Dawson / Short / Hewett / Sicily / Ridley // Wehr / Mountford (loop).
    M: Neale / Oliver / Macrae / Laird / Cripps / Miller / Brayshaw / Petracca
    // Daicos / Rioli / Owens.
    R: Witts / Preuss // Teakle
    F: Brodie / English / Dunkley / Coniglio / Cameron / Heeney // Butters / Long.

    Was going to hold off for a couple weeks and upgrade Daicos to Stewart (Sinclair to the mids – to give me solid backup on each line), but now with Butters – probably have to bring in Bont and keep Daicos as the D-M back-up (unless I can squeeze enough cash from Wehr or Rioli).


  19. 4k/6/$57k
    This is the best team I have had and I think first time I have full premo before finals. I can’t afford the bont so looking at Sean Darcy next week if he drops enough in price.

    DEF: Sicily / Crisp / Hewett / Docherty / Short / Stewart (Massimo / Skinner)

    MID: Oliver / Neale / Miller / Macrae / Brayshaw / Cripps / Walsh / Petracca / (Butters / Carrol / Clarke)

    RUC: English / Witts (Teakle)

    FWD: Dunkley / Brodie / Parker / Cameron / Hobbs / Cogs (Clarke / Rioli)


  20. 697th/6(0)/10k

    D: Sicily, Dawson, Hewett, Docherty, Crisp, Short – Wehr, D’ambrosio
    M: Oliver, Neale, Parish, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw, Cripps, Petracca – McComb, Owens, Angwin
    R: Witts, Darcy – Teakle
    F: English, Bontempelli, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Butters – Hobbs, Rioli

    Very happy with my team as it stands, played aggressively this year and its paid off nicely, would love players like Stewart and Laird in here but ill have to fade and coast from this point.

    The last obvious move here is likely butters to Heeney then we save the remaining 5 trades to cover injuries with a bunch of footy left!


    1. If anyone wants to hear how i played its like this.

      Started players like Berry, Brodie, Xerri, Mcgovern for cash gen which worked out really nicely accept for the obvious gov injury.

      For the most part tried to avoid injury/suspension prone players. (Kinda hurt when i eventually gave into sicily at an uber cost)

      Played for value massively, every time i could snag a top line player at a discount i was all over it!

      Had a rolling bye planner from round one in notes on my phone, flew up in ranks over the byes.

      Didn’t jump on hype players that had a few out of character huge games (rozee for example)

      Now to hope i dont succumb to bulk injuries and we can push top 500!


  21. Nathan’s Gunz

    482 Overall 5 trades left

    Pretty happy with the team as an overall would love to lux Short,Merrett, Treloar but to low on trades to do so 😛

    Sicily, Dawson, Hewett, Docherty, Crisp, Short (Wehr, Khamis)

    Oliver, Neale, Laird, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw, Cripps, Merrett (Clark, Owens, Uwland)

    Witts, Darcy (Teakle)

    English, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Coniglio, Treloar (Rioli, Clarke)


  22. 43/7 trades !!!/14.7k

    this week Trading Gresham, Khamis > Bont, Parnell

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, Crisp, Houston, Dawson (Parnell, Kelly)

    MID: Neale, Satan, Touk, Macrae, Laird, Brayshaw, Cripps, Keayes (Clark, Owens, Clarke)

    RUC: English, Witts (teakle)

    FOR: Bont, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Cogs, Heeney (curtis, Skinner)

    Could’ve traded heeney but gresham and khamis was the only way to get Bont. Hopefully set for a couple of weeks and can do some corrective trades come finals!


    1. I’m assuming that’s 7 trades before you bring in Bont and Parnell? Also, curious why you’re going with Parnell and not D’Ambrosio. Other than that, looking good for a late charge!!!


      1. Cheers Dan!! Would be unreal to crack the top 10.
        7 trades post Gresham/Khamis! Although with the English curveball, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do as if i keep him i’ll have to cop a zero..

        Think I just instinctually went for the bubble player in Parnell. Do we reckon D’Ambrosio has better JOS?


  23. 7660/ 8 trades / 96k

    DEF: sic, Dawson, Hewett, crisp, dale, short ( Daicos Wehr)

    MID: Oliver, Neale, Macrae, Miller, Cripps, Brayshaw, keays, petracca ( McComb Owen Rioli)

    RUCK: Witts Darcy (teakle)

    FWD: Dunkley, parker, Brodie, libba, himmelberg, butters* (Hamilton durdin)

    To be honest I’m not thrilled with my sides overall look on paper.

    DEF: short is hurting me now just inconsistent with his scoring due to his changing role. Not having Stewart, doch.or Sinclair is hurting me in alot of league matchups. But Daicos on the bench is nice to use for cover or eventually cash in on if Wehr and a D’Ambrosio type looks to be a good thing going forward.

    MIDS: too many times through the year I’ve taken a budget option in Brayshaw, petracca, Cripps when firing and this week keays over laird because I believed the 70k saved was smart play then dishes up a 65. Now I’m stuck with inconsistent M5-8 when other teams will batting alot deeper.
    Hopefully trac & Brayshaw fire on all cylinders post bye. Keays should bounce back.

    RUCK: not alot too see here I’m happy with them it’s pretty stock standard.

    FWD: again pretty boring. This week I rolled the dice on himmelberg to make a quick 150k by going back to back 90+ and flick him to Bont or English, looking like it’ll pay off. Butters hurts though I suspect I’ll flick him to Heeney bank 20k and hope he gives me 95+ from here on. I actually bought in English this week then butters done his knee and I quickly swapped English down too libba banked the 60k too help with butters this week. Libba should do well from here on and was a lovely POD so I like this move.

    Sorry about the long winded post.


  24. 388 / 6 / 46k

    DEF: Sicily, Dawson, Crisp, Docherty, Short, Ryan (Peatling, Bergman)

    MID: Macrae, Laird, Oliver, Neale, Miller, Hewett, Cripps, Petracca (Clark, Owens, Clarke)

    RUC: Witts, English (Teackle)

    FWD: Dunkley, Parker, Brodie, Coniglio, Liberatore, Butters (Jeffrey, Hollands)

    Will use 2 trades to downgrade/upgrade Peatling and Butters to D’Ambrosio and Bontempelli. Hopefully 4 trades is enough for LTIs and possible luxry trades of Ryan/Trac come the latter stages.

    Overall I’m very happy with my team, the only exclusions that will hurt me at the moment are Stewart and Mills, but Gawn/Butters hurt my chances of grabbing them.
    Peatling/Marchbank were experiments that failed and in hindsight should’ve grabbed Wehr but was worried about his JS.
    Also frustrating Rowell has gone big after I upgraded him to Petracca.


  25. 5146 / 9 after below / $225k
    Downgrading McCartin to Parnell and trading Butters to Parker, gives me cash in the bank to next week flick Dixon to a 102k ruckman and Wehr to Stewart leaving
    Daicos as bench cover and a full side.

    DEF – Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, Crisp, Short, Daicos (Wehr, Parnell)

    MID – Oliver, Neale, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw, Cripps, Merrett, Petracca
    (Rioli, Carroll, Owens)

    RUC – English, Witts (Dixon)

    FWD – Bontempelli, Brodie, Parker, Treloar, Gresham, Heeney (Clarke, Dempsey)

    Thoughts? TIA


  26. 644/4 (yes 4)/166k

    D: Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Hewett, Stewart, Short (Wehr, Dean)

    M: Oliver, Neale, Laird, Mills, Miller, Macrae, Walsh, Jed Anderson (Clark, Hamilton, Owens)

    R: Witts, Preuss (Teakle)

    F: English, Bont, Dunks, Brodie, Cogs, Butters (Lipinski, Clarke)

    Preuss and Butters injuries hurt not to mention using 3 trades this year on Gawn (out early, back in R13, out again R14 fml) – have to hold Preuss now and will trade Butters to Parker/Heeney this week, swing English to ruck.

    Will be sticking w Anderson and Lipinski at M8/F6 with dodgy bench cover available then use my final trades at the pointy end of the season barring any further injury carnage.

    Best finish was last season 1,851 overall , hoping to hold onto top 1k this year which may be possible if Anderson/Lipinski can do 90avg from here and I nail the VC/C each week and avoid injuries (lots of ifs and buts but hey you gotta love this game!)


    1. ahah – its the mad trading scientist!! I’m amazed that you still have 4 trades left!! How is that possible with your moves this year??

      Feel your pain on the trade ins and outs of same player … it’s a killer!!

      By the way, now I know how you got so high … you somehow have two Stewarts playing in defence!! (let me know how you did that around SC and I’ll do it too! *wink*!!)

      Going great guns mate – good luck for rest of year …. does this mean you have no trades left in the TEch League???? (asking for a friend!!!)


      1. Lol Macca – that second Stewart is actually Doch and your friend can read all about my tech team disaster in that thread!


  27. Ranked 689 with only a few trades after trading butters… so will drop when using rookies as cover for any short term injuries pre-finals. Final team below!

    D: Sinclair, Crisp, Hewett, Dawson, Short, Ryan (Wehr, Khamis)

    M: Oliver, Neale, Laird, Mills, Miller, Macrae, Walsh, Cripps (Stephens, CMac, Owens)

    R: Witts, Darcy (Teakle)

    F: English, Bont, Dunks, Parker, Brodie, Cogs (Curtis, Hamilton)

    So have gone for the full top line over loop cover approach over the byes and need some luck to get to the end of the season, but that’s what is all about and happy with the guys I’ve got!


  28. 14,000/ 4 / $135,000

    DEF – Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, Doc, Crisp, Short (Wehr, Thompson)

    MID – Oliver, Neale, Laird, Miller, Macrae, Walsh, Cripps, Petracca (M.Rioli, Hamilton, Owens)

    RUC – Witts, D.Cameron (Teakle)

    FOR – English, Bont, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Cogs, (J.Clarke, Razzo)

    Possible upgrades – Cameron & Petracca > Grundy & Mills.
    Not much cover.
    This weeks trades were Jeffrey & Clark > Bont & Brazzo.
    I could have just gone Jeffrey to Libba and kept 5 trades instead of 4 but figure Bonts ceiling is probably worth it.


  29. Rank 8155, 250 ITB , 8 trades left

    Sicily Sinclair Hewett Docherty Crisp Short (Thompson, Wehr)
    Oliver Neale Laird Mills Miller Macrae Cripps Merrett (Clark, Owens, Daicos)
    English Witts (Teakle)
    Bont Dunkley Brodie Parker Heeney McCartin (Culley, Rioli)

    Was going to trade McCartin out this week to Heeney, but had to use Butters instead. Planning on trading Merrett to either Stewart and move Hewett into mids, or Walsh or even Steele when he’s back. McCartin most likely to Libba, unless Sean Darcy becomes more consistent


  30. Just under 900/9/$83k

    Sicily, sinclair, Hewett, Doc, Crisp, Short (Skinner, D’Ambrosio)

    Oliver, Neale, Macrea, Wines, Cripps, Kelley, A Brayshaw, T green (clarke Owens N Long)

    English Preuss (Teakle)

    Dunkley Parker Butters Duncan Brodie De Goey (McCartin L Jackson)

    Thought I was traveling okay with Bench cover of McCartin and Luke Jackson till Butters and Preuss went and stuffed up my plans. Trade Butters to Libba Cogs or Heeney and carry Preuss


  31. 564 / 8 / $54,400

    DEF – Sinclair, Stewart, Dawson, Hewett, Crisp, Short (Perez, Wehr)
    MID – Oliver, Neale, Mills, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw, Cripps, Merrett (D Stephens, Hamilton, Owens)
    RUC – Witts, Cameron (Preuss)
    FWD – Bontempelli, Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Butters, Heeney (Butler, Teakle)

    2 of those trades will be used this week to bring English and a rookie (probably D’Ambrossio) in.

    My previous best finish was 9,000ish so this year has been very different for me. My starting team is most of why the team is good. Nothing too crazy but Hewett, Witts and Brodie were 3 of the first people in my team and stayed there through the preseason. Xerri was also a lock. Slightly annoyed I got talked into McGovern over Gresham but can’t win them all and I was able to combine him and Whitfield to become Cripps and Heeney after round 2.

    Other than that it’s just been getting off players at the right time while holding others that I thought would come good. My round 6 trades of Rowell to Ridley (186 pts that round) to Mills and Witherden (366) was just emblematic of that. Eventually Witherden came back to bite me and he became Tom Stewart last week but it means that Butters can now be turned into English rather than Cameron who I think still has some good scores left.

    Finally, with the exception of rounds 10 & 11, I’ve been doing really well with captains. Consistently getting 130+ and that’s been great for me. A lot of my last minute moves have worked out really well which is probably a bad lesson to take but I’ve also been spending a lot of time looking at the numbers so my gut calls have always been backed by data.


  32. 359/9/95k

    A very good 3 byes (total 6012) has got me here. Somehow got here without Oliver as I started with a very underwhelming Petracca instead. He went in last bye round to Laird.

    DEF – Sinclair, Sicily, Dawson, Hewett, Crisp, Short (Thompson, Wehr)
    MID – Laird, Neale, Cripps, Miller, Macrae, Brayshaw, Kelly, Merrett (Soligo, Stephens, Owens)
    RUC – Witts, English (Teakle)
    FWD – Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Butters, Cameron, Parker (Rosas, Rioli)

    Would love to crack top 100 but will need to resist trying to get Oliver I think.



      1. Thanks Macca,
        Was about 18000 after round 3 so not the greatest start. Was pretty lucky with injuries early on and just tried to be smart with trades. Jumped on Parker and Cameron before most. I focussed a lot on bye rnds from abour round 8, trying to create a team that could perform in all rnds. Your bye planner was a lot of help cheers.


  33. g’day legends… some seriously good teams out there!
    by far the best i’ve ever had at this point in the season.

    2329 / 7 / $293.8k ITB
    *Original Team

    D: Sicily, Sinclair, Dawson, Hewett, Dale*, Short* (Wehr, Durdin)

    M: Oliver, Neale*, Parish*, Miller*, Macrae*, Brayshaw*, Cripps, Zorko (Soligo, McComb, Owens)

    R: English**, Witts (J. Williams)

    F: Dunkley*, Brodie*, Parker, Coniglio*, Cameron, Butters* (MacDonald, Clarke)

    Started Whitfield and moved him on to Hewett early (which created an opportunity to upgrade McGovern to Cripps). Happy overall with the development of the Defensive line, except for Zorko who’s been a disappointment since coming into the side and may get jettisoned this week. I’m very happy with the midfield and will take similar approach in future seasons around starting the higher performing mids from the get-go as I started five. This has meant that I’ve been able to spend time upgrading the other areas of my team. My ruck line has been a revolving door – English, Grundy, Preuss, Gawn, Dixon, Hayes (StK), Hayes (PTA), and J Williams (weekly Capt). Right now it’s Witts and English (brought back in!) and Cameron in the forward line as cover. Hopefully not too much more challenge in that space. I’ve been pretty happy with my starting forwards and those brought in with fortunate timing; unfortunate for everyone that Butters has the niggle so waiting to get an update on that.

    Hoping to finish strong, stay smart, and be under 2k for the first time (5th season).

    Good luck to all the coaches out there!


  34. Hey all, appreciate the SCT community and all their hard work

    Sicily, Crisp, Dawson, houston, short, Ridley (wher, upland)

    Oliver, Miller, macrae, mills, Neale, brayshaw, merret (butters, Carroll, owens)

    English, Marshall (benning)

    Dunkley, Brodie, Brodie, Parker, himmelberg, Heeney (tony greene, McDonald)

    Only 6 trades left but have Toby and butters as bench cover . Marshall a huge concern but will wait till finals to move hom


  35. Ok here’s the Dashing Donkeys “finished team.”

    10.512 / 5 / $159.200

    Sicily . Dawson . Hewett . Short . Ryan . Whitfield.
    D’Ambrosio . Wehr.

    Oliver . Neale . Laird . Miller . Macrae . Walsh . Cripps . Petracca.
    Butler . Owens . Hamilton.

    English . Cameron .

    Dunkley . Brodie . Parker . Cogs . Butters* . Duncan .
    P. McCartin. Rioli jr.

    I kept Paddy Mac as cover but…

    With English out this has certainly put a spanner in the works. The obvious trade was Butters to Bont .But with Teakle missing, I need a Ruck or will cop a donut.
    I can afford anyone but would love to save some cash to afford Cameron to Bont in one trade in a few weeks.
    So..It’s looking like one of Nank . ROB or Goldie.

    I’m going to pass on Nank as he kinda lacks that ceiling so let me know guys..

    T/U ROB.

    T/D Goldie.


  36. 30k/8/120k

    stewart, hewett, docherty, sicily, crisp, short

    oliver, neale, laird, jelly, touk, macrae, brayshaw, cripps

    english, witts

    bont, dunkley, brodie, parker, libba, cogs

    thinking about a luxury trade of short to sinclair if both keep up their respective form and hopefully make a charge for a top 10k finish by eoy


  37. The year that keeps on giving. We might have got too greedy with those extra trades.
    Just watching news & Tim English is out this week with possibility of 2 matches due to delayed concussion.
    Have 8 trades- not sure how these on 4 are going to survive rest of year- because between Preuss, Butters & English, it’s getting difficult to juggle!
    Good luck all… extra trades in 2022 for Covid- but also needed for Flu(Dusty/Preuss) & Concussions- English, etc.


  38. 2,066 / 11 (1x booster) / $66K

    This weeks trades: Butters (L.Jackson), P. McCartin (Parnell) J.Carroll (C. Mills)

    Def: Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, Crisp, Short, N.Daicos
    (Wehr, Parnell)

    Mid: Oliver, Neale, Laird, Mills, Miller, Macrae, Cripps, Petracca
    (Hough, Rioli, Owens)

    Ruck: Witts, L.Jackson

    Fwd: English, Bont, Dunkley, Brodie, Parker, Cogs
    (H.Himmelberg, Rosas)

    I anticipate that English will be out for 2 weeks, so Jackson to cover for the 2 weeks and hopefully generate cash. Ideally for next week, cash in the rookies (2 trades: Rosas/Hough for M/D rookie). Then the week after *hopefully*, trade in Wehr (1 trade) to Stewart having Daicos as a M/D bench cover. Once Himmelberg/ Jackson maxes in price, I should have 7-8 trades left for luxury/ injury trades and enough cash to flip Cripps/Brodie/Petracca/ Short for likes of Steele/ Dawson/ Doc/ Brayshaw/ Heeney.


  39. 5,832/11/$154k

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Hewett, Crisp, Short (Wehr, Khamis)

    MID: Satan, Neale, Laird, Miller, Macrae, Walsh, Cripps, Petracca (Soligo, Rioli Jnr, Owens)

    RUC: Witts, Preuss (Teakle)

    FOR: English, Dunkley, Brodie, Cogs, Butters, Heeney (Jeffrey, Curtis)

    Obviously, a few injury issues now, which will use up some more of those trades. But otherwise I’m happy with where I am at. If you told me at the start of the season I’d be full premo with 11 trades left i wouldn’t have believed you! I’m usually very trigger-happy with trades but this year I’ve been more patient at holding onto rookies (ironic, I know, given this year we got extra trades and boosts).

    The plan moving forward was to trade Preuss to Darcy next week, moving English into the ruck this week for cover; but English being out stuffs that plan. Unsure what I’ll do this week. Butters to Parker/Bont likely to be one trade at least


    1. I’d look at upgrading Butters to Goldy.

      Fixes your ruck situation for this week and gives you a nice fwd POD


  40. 2,300/10/$166k

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, Docherty, Crisp, Short (Wehr, Dean)
    MID: Oliver, Neale, Touk, Macrae, Walsh, Cripps, Merrett, Petracca (G Clark, Owens, J Clarke)
    RUC: Witts, Preuss (Teakle)
    FOR: Dunkley, English, Brodie, Parker, Coniglio, Butters (Rosas, Hamilton)

    Will probably turn Preuss and Butters into Bont & Heeney this week, but may consider keeping at least one of them


  41. 17572/ $30k / 11 trades

    Def :Sinclair, Hewett, Dawson, Short, Crisp, Ridley; bench Wehr, O’driscoll

    Mids: Neale, Oliver, Miller, Walsh, Cripps, Merrett, Petracca, Butters (pending trade)

    Rucks: Witts, Preuss. 117k loop all season

    Fwds: English ,Dunkley, Brodie, Cogs, Himmelburg, Hawkins: McDonald, Rioli

    Thoughts: Have taken a few risks that have all come up poorly. Holding English, taking Petracca over Sicily, trying to go full premo last week and not just taking Luke Parker. Captain Witts last week oof

    But overall sitting well placed to make a run at my league title so I’ll be happy with that. Was hoping to make top 10k but pessimistic about that now


  42. 4k 9 trades, 38k itb

    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Hewett, docherty, crisp (wehr, khamis)
    MIDS: Oliver, neale, Kelly, miller, mcrae, Walsh, cripps, Trac (Carroll, Owen’s, clarke)
    RUCK: Witts, pruess (s.hayes)
    FWD: Bont, Dunks, brodie, Cogs, Himmelberg, Gresham (Butters, curtis)

    Will be happy to hold on my ruck decision if Hayes comes back in, ideally go Pruess to either English or Darcy. Want to ideally have English slot in to my forward line.

    Will use Butters for cash this week, either upgrade on my ruck, or I am actually considering going trac to Laird as a luxury trade.

    Next week will be upgrading the forward line, either English or Parker coming in for one of Gresham or himmelberg.

    Feel like I have some really good options, and should be 2400+ going forward and push my rank as long as I nail my captain and don’t get burnt by injuries….
    Famous last words


  43. DEF: Sicily, Stewart, Hewett, Docherty, Crisp, Short (McCartin, Thompson)
    MID: Oliver, Neale, Miller, Macrae, Walsh, Brayshaw, Cripps, Keays (Carroll, Owens, Hollands)
    RUC: Witts, Preuss (Teakle)
    FWD: English, Dunkley, Brodie, Libba, Cogs, Heeney (Butters, Derksen)

    Will wait for the teams and injury updates before deciding what to do with Butters/Preuss/English. Pretty good chance I keep them and just cop a ruck donut this week given I can swing McCartin forward to cover English. Just the worst possible scenario having Preuss, English and Teakle all injured the same week.


  44. 94 / 5 / 85k

    Def: Sicily Sinclair Stewart
    Dawson Hewett Short
    [Wehr Khamis]

    Mid: Oliver Neale Laird Mills
    Miller Macrae Brayshaw Cripps
    [Hamilton Owens Carmichael]

    Rucks: Witts Darcy [Teakle]

    Fwd: English Bont Dunkley
    Brodie Parker Cogs
    [Clarke Skinner]

    Got the best team I believe possible but minimal depth. Giving it my best and happy to blow up trying than aim to just be top 100 – which I am still stoked with btw.
    Biggest decision for me this week is do I turn English to Heeney/Goldy, or play Clarke and hope for the best!



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