Rate My Team – Post Byes

Written by Chaos Theory on June 25 2024

Joey-jo-jo asked if we could have a “Rate my team” post now that the bye rounds are now completed.

As we are now in the home run let the community give advice how to maximise the full potential of your team or be in awe of your team.

All the best for the rest of the season.


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36 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Post Byes”

  1. Naicos, Ryan, Sheezel, J Clark, Whitfield, Martin (L Johnston, Dawson)
    Bont, Serong, Butters, Dawson, Warner, Walsh, Green, Oliver (Graham, Freijah, K Brown)
    Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher, Jackson, Simpkin (Dowling, Hutchinson)
    $64100 ITB 9 trades remaining, DPP links on 4 lines so happy with that.
    Bye Bye Oliver this week


  2. DEF: Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, Young, Whitfield, Martin (Shoenmakers, Coffied)
    MID: Bont, Gulden, Serong, Butters, Miller, Steele, Green, Rozee (Oliver, Salem, Simpson)
    RUC: Grundy, Xerri (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher, Jackson, Reville (Dowling, Kruger)

    9 trades left (1 boost), $3.4k.

    Plan is to turn Oliver into Curnow this week.


  3. Defenders: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Young, Martin [Dean, Reid].
    Midfielders: Bontempelli, Davies-Uniacke, Gulden, Serong, Walsh, Laird, Horne Francis, Green [Mannagh, Brown, Payne].
    Rucks: Gawn, Nankervis [Campbell].
    Forwards: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher, Curnow, Sexton [Dowling, Hutchinson].

    9k ITB, 3 Trades left – Brought in Laird for Freijah this week, & that’s the team done.


  4. Def: Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, Clark, Massimo, Sexton (Worner, Reid)
    Mid: Bont, Merrett, Serong, Butters, Dunkley, Walsh, JHF, Steele (Wines, Clark, Garcia)
    Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    Fwd: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fischer, Jackson, Day (Freijah, Kreuger)

    Plan to bring in Dowling, Green, Yeo – can only bring in 2 trades.
    Help would be great on what moves to do


  5. Def: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Dale, Salem (Worner, Dawson)

    Mid: Bont, Butters, Dawson, Walsh, Laird, Miller, Brayshaw, Green (Reville, Dowling, K. Brown)

    Fwd: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Moore, Fisher, Jackson (Richards, McNeil)

    9 trades left after this week, 50k itb. Unsure if I want to upgrade Salem or have him as cover, and think Brayshaw and Laird need to be upgraded eventually.


  6. DEF: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Dale, Ridley, Powell (Schoenmaker, Phillips)
    MID: Bontempelli, Gulden, Serong, Walsh, Young, Laird, Miller, Green (Dowling, Mannagh, El-Hawli)
    RUCK: Gwen, English (Maley)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Rankine, Moore, Fisher (Richards, Brown)

    2 trades – $107,200 ITB


  7. Def: Ryan, Daicos, Sheezel, Houston, Dale, Martin (Schoenmaker, Reid)
    Mid: Bont, Butters, Serong, Merrett, Walsh, Steele, Green, Rozee (Clark, Sinn, Brown)
    Ruc: Gawn, Marshall (Livingstone)
    Fwd: Heeney, Flanders, Zorko, Fisher, Jackson, Curnow (Dowling, Dawson)

    4 trades left after moving on oliver at M8 who has to go. $100k inb

    As tempting as it is to trade a saint to Gulden, Neale or Grundy ill probably hold thess trades to cover injuries or bring in a 23rd


  8. DEF: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Sexton, Schoenmaker (Dawson, Reid)
    MID: Bontempelli, Merrett, Serong, Butters, Dunkley, Walsh, Miller, Green (Dowling, Sullivan, Clark)
    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Moore, Fisher, Jackson (Freijah, HGarcia)

    8 trades – 57.5k IT

    Clearly some work to be done with defenders. I am a bit stuck as to what to do this week though, but thinking a downgrade to build up cash to upgrade Sexton and D6 to Yeo and potentially Whitfield.


  9. At rank 1275 with 4 trades after this week.

    DEF: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Clark, Yeo, Martin (Dawson, Schoenmaker)

    MID: Bont, LDU, Neale, Serong, Butters, Steele, Miller, Green (Dowling, Brown, Rawlinson)

    RUC: Gawn, English (Krueger)

    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Rankine, Fisher, Caldwell (Richards, Livingstone)

    Doubt I’d manage to get 23 players with 4 trades left. Would look to upgrade Steele/Miller


  10. DEF: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Ridley, McGovern (Dawson, Reid)

    MID: Bont, Merrett, Serong, Butters, Dawson, Steele, Rowell, Green (Freijah, Rogers, Brown)

    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)

    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Rankine, Moore, Fisher (Dowling, Nyuon)

    6 trades, $89k ITB

    Bench cover is a bit thing with quite a few dead rookies, but overall pretty happy.


  11. Rank too high to mention – worst result in 10+ years of supercoach.

    DEF: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, N Martin, Stewart (Aleer, Dawson)
    MID: Bont, Merrett, Butters, Dawson, Warner, Steele, Green, Oliver (Reville, Dowling, H Garcia)
    RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher, Jackson, Freijah (Kreuger, K Brown)

    6 trades, $48k ITB

    Been a shit show of a year. Not having the right premos has killed off my season. Too many players just not scoring as well as I’d like (taggers are painful) and don’t get me started on Oliver. As much as I’d like to move him on, will have to hold I think. Open to suggestions.


    1. Hey, Lisa.

      Obviously need final premo and imo you have to drop Satan.

      Might need to employ a premo drop down to finance it all.

      Get it done and hope to hang on with 2-3 trades.

      One thing I will say is it’s a strong defensive ownership side. You really aren’t missing any of those week to week players that can burn you. Gawn, Houston, Martin, Zezz. You’re nicely covered.


  12. DEF: Ryan, Sheez, Holmes, Ridley, McGovern, Ridley (Dawson, Reid)
    MID: Bont, Daicos, Merrett, Serong, Butters, Steele, Martin, Green (Rozee, Dowling, El Hawali)
    RUCK: Gawn, Xerri, (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Jackson, Caldwell, Sexton (Simpkin, Krueger)

    6 Trades and about $50k ITB. Got plenty of flexibility to cover all lines. Ideally I’d love Rankine Fwd but can loop Simpkin and Sexton (who is also my coverage for the Def) for now. Same as Rozee and Steele. Other then injuries I don’t see the team changing much for at least a few rounds.


  13. Love reading all these. I’ll chuck mine in.

    DEF: Ryan, Sheezel, Ridley, Young, Blakey & May [Hamill, Dawson]

    MID: Bont, Daicos, Gulden, Zerrett, Yeo, Richards, Rowell & Green [Clark, Dowling, Bytel]

    RUC: Gawn & DCam [Livingstone]

    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher, Jackson & Sexton [Nyuon, Kreuger]

    3 trades, 13k ITB, 11.6k rank

    Little dicey but targeted a slew of cheaper premos to rush to full premo and am honestly assured of Yeo, Blakey and Richards’ output. May I’m fine with D6 and started Jackson so he’s whatever.

    Daicos in the middle looks funny but I wanted to grab Ridley ahead of any other MID I could have afforded given the tagging landscape. Sub ton v Eagles sucked but he’s got Pies, Saints and Suns to come.

    Obviously sitting on this with just three trades but I’m super worried about Sexton. Don’t think he’s sustainable. Could jump off now given that I’ll be snookered when/he tails and there’s no Simpkin equivalent.

    We’ll see. Plan is to nail Cs and halve my rank by season’s end. Good luck, all!


  14. DEF: Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Clark, Holmes, Sexton (W. Dawson, Reid)
    MID: Bont, Daicos, Merrett, Serong, Walsh, Horne-Francis, Brayshaw, Green (Martin, Clark, Dowling)
    RUC: Gawn, English (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Zorko, Rankine, Moore, Fisher, Curnow (Nyuon, Hutchinson)

    Rank is 10k with 9.3k ITB and 5 trades left.

    Considering changing Sexton to Yeo/Richards as I don’t quite trust him but would only leave 3 trades.


  15. DEF: Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Clark, Dale, Yeo. (W. Dawson, Reid)
    MID: Bont, Daicos, Neale, Butters, Warner, Horne-Francis, Brayshaw, Green (Rowell, Freijah, Clark)
    RUCK: Gawn, English (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Fisher, Jackson, Sexton, Simpkin (Dowling, K Brown)

    7 Trades, Bank $148k, Ranking 3409

    Unsure of trades this week?
    Was going to trade Brayshaw but after training with the WALF squad last week, he stepped up and has a reprieve.
    Horne-Francis was going to be traded at his bye but is still in the team, now at least until round 17. DPP? Not hopeful.
    FWD line is still a concern as it has been all season.

    All the best with your teams.


  16. Def: daicos, ryan, sheezel, martin, young, sexton (pink, shoenmaker)

    Mid: bont, merrett, butters, dawson, warner, walsh, miller, green (clark, mcauliffe, dowling)

    Ruck: gawn, tdk (livingstone)

    Fwd: flanders, heeney, zorko, fisher, jackson, caldwell (freijah, dawson)

    Got 4 trades and $23k in bank ranked 12k.

    Probably going to hold a couple of weeks and bring in another back or forward to shift sexton to bench. Really regret brining in Chad at $600k as a POD over serong or even other PODs like Dunkley. Also regret trading Grundy to Sweet.
    I wish Rankine didn’t get injured as I can’t afford to bring him back in now.


    1. Although I only brought in TDK last week because I couldn’t afford Grundy, so can’t complain too much haha


  17. DEF: Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Mcgovern, Dale, Daicos (schoenmaker, Reid)
    MID: Bont, Butters, Merrett, Serong, Walsh, Horne-Francis, Gulden, Green (frejiah, mannagh, Dowling)
    RUC: Gawn, grundy (Livingstone)
    FWD: Flanders, Zorko, Heeny, Jackson, Fisher, sexton (K.Brown, W.Dawson)

    Rank is 517 with 327k ITB and 6 trades left.
    thinking sexton to rankine and if I’m brave jhf to dunkley/pod mid


  18. Mine will be very similar to Lisa’s post above. Worst season in over 10 years. Possibly facing not achieving full-premo this year, with 1 FWD spot still to upgrade.
    5 trades, 41k bank, minimal cash generation, low quality bench, etc etc.
    DEF: Naicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Whitfield, N.Martin (Reid, Evans)
    MID: Bont, Zerrett, Serong, Butters, Holmes, Dawson, Rowell, Green (Sullivan, Dowling, K.Brown)
    Ruck: Gawn, English (Liv)
    FWD: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Rankine, Fisher, Kreuger (Richards, Nyuon)

    Not that bad a line-up is it?? Apart from 1 more FWD….
    Rank = 52k….after finishing at 3,100 last season


  19. On Paper it looks good but some reasons it never scores haha

    Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Dale, Young (Dawson, Reid)
    Bont, Merrett, Serong, Walsh, Steele, Rowell, Miller, Green (Rogers, Dowling, El-Hawli)
    Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Rankine, Moore, Fisher (Richards, Kreuger)


  20. Daicos,Ryan,Houston,Stewart,Williams,Graham,Reid
    Bont, Gulden, Serong, Anderson, Walsh, Horne-Francis, Green, O’Halloran, Sullivan, Frejah, McAuliffe
    Xerri, English, Livingston
    Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Jackson, Cameron,McKay, Reville, Dowling

    8 trades left $68.600 in the bank, looking at downgrading Williams to either shoe/evans and upgrading one of my bottom 4 midfielders to Merrett in 2 trades and looking at bringing in McKercher in when he is named as a loophole with Graham until I decide my final defender , which would leave me 5 trades for another downgrade/upgrade and any injuries, not ideal but am playing for both my money leagues and should make finals , PS it’s great to see how others are travelling at the moment


  21. One off (2 trades) full premo, but I’m not happy with many of those premos, but there’s not much that cab be done about it now.

    This team is after trades this week. 8 trades left, $246.9K in the kitty.

    DEF: Daicos, Ryand, Sheezel, Clark, Holmes, Martin (Reid, Campbell)
    MID: Bontempelli, Davies-Uniacke, Gulden, Serong, Steele, Green, Rozee, Freijah (HGarcia, Rogers, Humphries)
    RUC: Marshall, Grundy (Livingstone)
    FOR: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Rankine, Curnow, Jackson (Dowling, Brown)

    One up, one down on Garcia & Friejah out next week should get me to Neale next week, if not then Merrett. Would have liked to get Gawn, but I think I’m out of cows to milk now.


  22. Def – Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Ridley & Martin (Shoenmaker, Pink)
    Mid – Bontempelli, Serong, Walsh, Dawson, Green, Miller, Horne-Francis & Rozee (Reville, Dowling & McAuliffe)
    Ruck- Gawn & Grundy (Livingstone)
    FWD – Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher, Caldwell, Curnow (Kruger, Richard)

    2 trades used this week to bring in Rozee & Kruger for Oliver & Dawson NTH.

    5 trades left currently ranked 9.1k. Hopefully can finish strong & get up towards for 1% as I always play for ranks not league wins


  23. Def; Ryan,Houston,Sinclair,J McGovern,Sheezel,Ridley( Z Reid,E Phillips)
    Mid; Bont,Naicos,Green,Merrett,Gulden,Serong,Laird,Rozee(Carroll,Sinn,Mannagh)
    Ruc; Gawn, Xerri(Liv)
    Fwd;Heeney,Flanders,Zorko,Jackson,Curnow,Caldwell( W Dawson,Dowling)


  24. 15 trades 2 boosts 60k remaining before trades this week…relying on the many experts for advise..
    MIDS; bonts,gulden,serong,butters,walsh,steele,green,oliver(freijah,dowling,brown)
    Where to from now. closing on the finals and only playing for league but needing a bit of help where to move the magnets(or should i ask luke beveridge)…thanks everyone.


    1. G’day mate. Great team for having so many trades left.
      This week I would go Fyfe and Oliver to Schoenmakers (via DPP) and a premo mid – LDU/Merrett??($753k available)
      Next week McMullin and Freijah to a DPP “premo” for cover eg Caldwell/Richards.
      Plenty of trades still left for injuries and sideways later on.
      Good luck


  25. Rank: 9787
    Bank: $130k
    Trades left: 4
    Def: Daicos, Ryan, Dale, Young, Martin, Sexton (Reid, Schoenmakers)
    Mid: Bont, Gulden, Serong, Walsh, Steele, Miller, Green, Oliver (McKercher, Freijah, HGarcia)
    Ruc: Gawn, Grundy (Livingstone)
    Fwd: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Moore, Fisher, Curnow (Dawson, Dowling)

    This week’s trades
    Sexton -> Rivers
    Oliver -> Yeo/Richards/Rozee/Wardlaw

    Will leave me with two trades for the run home. Plan to fatten Freijah and the cobbler and bring in a Mid/Fwd for finals cover. Happy with McKercher for Mid/Def cover.


  26. Currently ranked 992
    $68.6 ITB
    5 trades left

    Backs – Ryan, McGovern, Dale, Ridley, Sheezel & Houston (Schoenmacher & Phillips)
    Mids – Bont, Rozee, Green, Daicos, Flanders, Dawson, Gulden & Serong (McKercher, Freijah & Dowling)
    Rucks – Gawn & Xerri (Livingstone)
    Forwards – Heeney, Zorko, Jackson, Simpkin. Curnow & Fisher (Comben & Mannagh).

    I am overloaded with backs I know so sort of hoping one gets injured so I can move Daicos or Fisher back.
    Feel like I have been playing with a squad of 28 given Phillips (1 game ) and Mannagh (2 games) have hardly been sighted.


  27. Def: Daicos, Ryan, Sheezel, Houston, Nwm
    Martin (Dawson, Reid)
    Mids: Bont, LDU, Gulden, Merrett, Serong,
    Walsh, Steele, Green (Dowling, C Mitchell,
    K Brown)
    Rucks: Gawn, Grundy (Livingston)
    Forwards: Flanders, Heeney, Zorko, Fisher,
    Caldwell, Curnow ( L Jackson, Nyuon)
    4 trades left
    15k ITB



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