Rate My Team – Post Byes

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 22 2018

Have you finished your ‘ideal team’ around the end of the Byes?  Who is still to come?  Which rookies have had enough game time and are ready to move on?  Let the SCT Coaches run the magnifying glass over your line-up………

Please include the following:

* Team line-up

* # of Trades Left (be honest) 😉

* Cash In The Bank

* Overall Ranking

* Any Trade Plans you may have in the lead-up to Finals.


Don’t be afraid to leave some constructive criticism for your fellow Coaches’ line-ups as well.  Good luck in the run to Finals!


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52 thoughts on “Rate My Team – Post Byes”

  1. Def: laird, yeo, sicily , howe, simpson, Tmac (austin, rice)
    Mid: fyfe, titch, dusty, coniglio, danger, cripps, Crouch, rocky (ahern, phillips, spargo)
    Ruck: gawn, grundy (olango)
    Fwd: mclean, heeney, gray, walters, d smith, fritsch (Tsmith, ryan)

    9 trades and $22k in bank. Ranked 2,522.

    Currently have 18 on field this round so could potentially make one more trade of austin or spargo to j smith or mihocek for extra played.
    Otherwise main aim from here is to eventually bring in an F6 (or D6 by swinging one of Tmac or sicily). Who are the best options?
    2nd aim is to get better bench cover & improve midfield as Crouch, rocky and dusty dont fill me with confidence.


    1. Solid line up with 9 trades left! Would look to bring Lloyd into backline at D6 or take a chance on a player with good ceiling at F6 (Westhoff, Gunston, Menegola, Buddy?)…………


  2. Def
    Yeo, laird, Simpson, Ryan, Sicily, McGovern, touhey, mihicek
    Mitchell, Fyfe, Oliver, Cripps, Parker, cognilio, Sidebottom, Merrett, Ahern, mutch, giro
    Gawn, lycett, Cameron
    McLean, franklin, caddy, d Smith, Gunston, Fritsch, billing’s, t Smith
    9 trades left, 60k in the bank currently ranked 4500s having dropped over 3500 spots over the bye periods


    1. Some nice PODs in there (Ryan, Sidey, Caddy when he plays at the G) but it looks like some luxury trades might be needed to get full pts out of your team. (Lycett to Grundy? Fritsch to Heeney?)


  3. Def: Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Simpson, Lloyd, Hurley (Rice, Murphy)

    Mid: Dangerfield, Fyfe, Mitchell, Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Coniglio, Martin (Ahern, Phillips, Dawson)

    Ruck: Gawn, Naitanui (Olango)

    Fwd: McDonald, Gray, Heeney, McLean, Franklin, Walters (Smith, Keeffe)

    5 trades, approx $115,300 in bank.

    Rank: 5,636

    Do I sit tight & hold, or go all out and go NicNat to Grundy leaving me with 4 trades & minimal cash…

    TU: Naitanui, 5 trades, $100k in bank
    TD: Grundy, 4 trades, $4k in bank


  4. DEF: T. MacDonald, Laird, Yep, Sicily, Simpson, Hurn (Austin, Mirra)

    MID: Fyfe, Mitchell, Oliver, Coniglio, Dangerfield, Martin, Merrett, Rockliff (McLean***, Ahern, Giro)

    RUCK: Gawn, Nank (Olango)

    FWD: R. Gray, D. Smith, Lambert, Fritsch, Guelfi, Langdon (L. Ryan, Keefe)

    Ranked 18924, 10 Trades left, 122.1k ITB

    The plan is to get McLean back into the FWD line, but that may wait 1 more week depending on how Grundy looks for price after his match. Nank to Grundy would be the sure fire move. May bring in a non-playing DPP as a downgrade so I can loophole the MIDS since I’ll have 9 next week.

    Getting Heeney into the FWD line is a must as well. I touched on this recently but would like to push Rocky to M7, Hurn to D7, and hopefully have enough trades up my sleeve to grab the 2 FWDs I’m in need of and push Lambert to F7.

    I’m kind of just flying week to week, checking prices and BEs and seeing which moves work the best to maximize long term goals for the squad. Saved a bunch of trades at the beginning of the year, so I’m not too worried about running out just yet. Have some decent Cows that can give me some of the $ needed for some 1up1down trades. Hopefully the vision can be achieved!


  5. D: Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Hurley, Howe, Richards (Austin, Rice)
    M: Fyfe, TMitch, Danger, Oliver, Cripps, Cogs, McLean (m/f), Holman (L.Fogarty, Brayshaw, E.Phillips)
    R: Gawn, Martin (Hayes r/f)
    F: Heeney, Sicily, Menegola, D.Smith, Fritsch, Guelfi (Cox r/f backup, T.Smith)

    12 trades and $317K
    Very low overall rank … I focus on league and a slow burn to be ripe for finals. Sitting in the top eight in most leagues.

    Big decisions:
    1. To complete the def/fwd I need to choose two of TMac, Lloyd and Gray. One this week and one next week.
    2. To complete my mids, I need to choose two of J.Kelly, Duncan, Dusty over the next few weeks.

    I would especially appreciate help deciding on big decision #1 today. Cheers.


    1. 1) Go Lloyd, still see a risk with Tmac and Gray as both are reliant on goals

      2) J Kelly if you have a spare trade in case on injury. But would be best to trade him in this week with his low BE.


    2. 1. Gray this week and Lloyd next week.
      2. J Kelly and D Martin.

      Gray has got an easy fixture for the rest of the season, performs well at AO and in wins, and has been very consistent this year with only 2/11 below 90 and 7/11 100+. His only poor score was the 67 against the suns which was due to his uncharacteristic poor disposal efficiency of 33%. Also he received more midfield time last week as Ebert and others were spending more time down forward, etc.

      Also J Kelly has one of the best game styles for supercoach which I mentioned earlier this week in the Never go Full Premo thread. Amid injury concerns this year he’s still managed to average 109.5 from 6 with his lowest score being a 91 and only 1 game below 95. He was eased into his return game against Ess in rd10 with a TOG of 70 but since then has recorded 84% and 85% Time on Ground.


    3. Cheers Adam and Bluey, I like those thoughts.

      Yeo came in last night and I also want Ahern. Unfortunately I can only grab one of Gray/Kelly this week. Interestingly both have a BE of 89. I think I will grab Gray this week for $500K and Kelly next week.


  6. DEF R. Laird, E. Yeo, K. Simpson, J. Sicily, J. Howe, M. Hurley, S. Savage, L. Murphy

    MID N. Fyfe, T. Mitchell, C. Oliver, A. Treloar, I. Heeney, P. Cripps, S. Coniglio, P. Ahern, J. Macrae, M. Walters, S. Giro,

    M. Gawn, N. Naitanui, T. Olango

    R. Gray, T. McLean, D. Smith, B. Fritsch, M. Guelfi, T. Smith, L. Franklin, P. Wilson

    Ok so yeah a bit out of order at the moment but trades next week will align team into correct positions

    Trades: Danger and J Smith in for Fritsch and Guelfi (via Walters and Heeney).

    This creates a 3 way swing (done by trading out a player, switching places, then trading original player back – complex as hell but works) between Sicily, Jsmith, Ahern.

    This 3 way swing means savage (D7) can cover any position other than ruck.

    After this my side will be finalized other than injury trades of which I have 4 left.


    Also ask below if you need me to explain the bluey 3 way swing.


      1. Ok so…

        Let say my side looks like this next week (after above trades):

        DEF: R. Laird, E. Yeo, K. Simpson, J. Sicily, J. Howe, M. Hurley, S. Savage, L. Murphy
        MID: N. Fyfe, T. Mitchell, C. Oliver, A. Treloar, *Danger, P. Cripps, S. Coniglio, P. Ahern, J. Macrae, *Jsmith, S. Giro,
        RUC: M. Gawn, N. Naitanui, T. Olango
        FWD: R. Gray, T. McLean, D. Smith, L. Franklin, I. Heeney, M. Walters,T. Smith, P. Wilson

        Firstly when you trade someone out using your first trade of a round you can trade them back in (reverse of the 1st trade) with your 2nd trade and the trade counter will reset as if you made no trades. This is handy if the lock out has begun but scary as shit (ideal to do before lockout to save on this fear).

        So if you trade out a player and then rotate the 3 players say:

        Macare is injured so..
        1) I trade out Cogs
        2) Swing Walters to mid to cover Macrae
        3) Swing Sicily to cover Walters in Fwd line
        4) Swing Jsmith to cover Sicily in Def
        5) Trade in Player XXX to cover Jsmith in Mid
        6) Trade out player XXX to Cogs (Trades reset)
        7) Jsmith gets benched for Savage witch is my D7.

        Happy Days 🙂


          1. yep, give it a go next week when you can reverse. Trade someone out then the exact opposite of the trade, it will reset the trade count.

            Of course the one catch going forward is you need at least 2 trades in the bank to pull it off so come finals I will have to be careful of the swing.


            1. Yep, I was going to try next week when we can reverse trades. Could be priceless late in the season when cover is being stretched.


  7. DEF: Savage, Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Simpson, Hurn (Austin, Keefe)

    MID: Fyfe, Mitchell, Treloar, Coniglio, Kennedy, Bont, Wines, Rockliff (Spargo, Ahern, J Smith )

    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (T English)

    FWD: McLean, Westhoff, Menegola, Mundy, Taranto, Wingard (T Smith, Guelfi)

    No coin, 6 trades left, ranked 450 going to need a lot of luck.


  8. Laird, Yeo, Simpson, T. McDonald, Savage, Hurley
    (J. Smith, L.Keefe)
    Danger, Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, E. Curnow, Trelor, Coniglio, Parker
    (Holman, Ahern, E. Phillips)
    Gawn, Grundy (Olango)
    Walters, Heeney, Sicily, McLean, D. Smith, Westhoff
    (C. Moore, P. Wilson)

    5 trades left, $70k banked and ranked 655 (down from 228 in round 11).

    Savage is stinking up my back line but I am able to loophole Smith for the most part. Ahren is my cover for both mid and fwd at the moment (Wilson is mid/fwd too)
    Aiming for top 100 having jumped on Ed Curnow and Trelor for Dusty and MaCrea.


    1. Congratulations on the rank and team.

      What’s your plan for the remaining trades. Is it to establish some cover or is it to be used on injuries.


      1. Thanks Adam.

        I had hoped to have 8 trades left but the pervious 2 weeks carnage has forced my hand into using 3 more than I wanted to.

        Two of those three were to be savage into Lloyd, Holman into Oliver having kept Dusty and Macrea.

        I now do not plan on making any trades unless an injury hits before round 18.

        Each week, I am looking at the upcoming games of each of the 22 starting players. If I spot something I don’t like and someone I don’t have that I do like, I will be making a play.

        For example, if one of my premiums has a run of games against restrictive teams and is down on form, I will have a look to see if there is a premo I can afford who has a better run and is likely to score 10-20 points more per game for the rest of the year.


        1. so to answer your question, Injury trades only prior to round 18.

          After that, Point plays. I am not interested in cover. I am comfortable enough with J Smith in DEF, Holman in Mid and Ahern in FWD until the last 5 games.

          Given the injuries/Suspensions I have copped so far (Libba, J Kelly, Macrea, Sicily, Fyfe, Walters, L. Ryan, ZGL, Laird, Coniglio to name a few) there is no way I can possibly have anymore right?!?!


  9. Ranked in the 9000’s
    Havent done many trades over the byes sort of been out of it and payed more attention to the soccer.
    14 trades left with about 200k in the bank
    18 on field this week

    DEFS- Laird, Yeo, TMac, Sicily, Howe, Hurn (Duman, Rice)

    MIDS- Fyfe, Tmitchell, Danger, Cripps, Parker, Coniglio, Oliver, Holman (Fogarty, Ahern, Giro)

    RUCKS- Gawn, Nank (Olango)

    FWDS- Heeney, Mclean, Smith, Mundy, Fritsch, Guelfi (Giles-Langdon, Smith)

    Made 3 trades this week, will get rid of Holman and probably a fwd next week and get in say a Robbie Gray and a Josh Kelly or Trealor,


  10. 4 trades left with $12,900 in the bank
    Ranked 200, full premium with a premo F7 hoping this team takes me through til SC finals with only injury trades

    Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Ryan, Hurley, Hurn (Keefe, Heron)

    Fyfe, TMitchel, Danger, Cripps, Oliver, J Kelly, Bont, Crouch (Phillips, Spargo, JDawson)

    Gawn, Martin (Olango)

    Heeney, Mclean, Gray, Sicily, Hoff, Smith (Mundy, Ahern)

    Pretty happy overall with my team, Mundy is my F7/M9 swing man and can swing back Sicily to defence whenever there is a hole.


  11. Nathan’s Gunz

    38 Overall

    6 trades left

    DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, Ryan (Austin, Ridley)

    MID: Fyfe, Mitchell, Danger, Cripps, Coniglio, Oliver, Merrett, Gaff (Spargo J.Smith, Giro)

    RUCK : Gawn, Martin (Olango)

    FWD : Heeney, Mclean, Smith, Franklin, Gray, Fritsch (Ahern, T.Smith)


      1. Congratulations on the rank.

        Potential trades could be
        Out: L Austin (via J Smith), C Spargo (via P Ahern)
        In: J Dawson (GC), J Gunston/C Wingard

        Could allow Fritsch and Gunston/Wingard to be looped later in the year or Fritsch to be downgraded to a rookie, allowing Ahern to be forward cover and 300,000 to spend on cover such as a Hurley/Webster down back etc or a Shuey/Mundy/etc in the mids.


  12. DEF: R. Laird, E. Yeo, L. Ryan, K. Simpson, S. Savage, L. Austin (J. Ridley, B. Mihocek)

    MID: N. Fyfe, T. Mitchell, P. Dangerfield, C. Oliver, E. Curnow, P. Cripps, S. Coniglio, M. Crouch (N. Holman, D. Barry, P. Ahern)

    RUCK: B. Grundy, M. Gawn (T. Olango)

    FWD: I. Heeney, J. Sicily, T. McLean, J. Westhoff, D. Mundy, D. Smith (T. Smith, L. Keeffe)

    – 7 trades left
    – 33k in the bank
    – 4,897 overall

    Looking to do my final upgrade going one up and down of Holman and Austin to either a forward or def depending where I swing Sicily. Also, depending on my injury situation, I would be interested in side-grading Savage and Crouch later on if they don’t end up improving towards the tail end of the season.


  13. Def: R Laird, E Yeo, K Simpson, H Andrews, J Sicily, M Hurley, (L Austin, I Cumming)
    Mids: N Fyfe, T Mitchell, P Dangerfield, C Oliver, J Kelly, D Zorko, O Wines, S Coniglio, (N Holman, P Ahern, C Ballard)
    Ruck: M Gawn, M Kreuzer, (D Cameron)
    Fwd: I Heeney, R Gray, T McLean, D Smith, M Walters, C Wingard, (J Billings, J Brander)

    Remaining Trades: 5
    Remaining salary: 153,400
    Rank: 2734

    Planning to bring in P Cripps next week and J Webster after he returns from injury to push Wines to M9 and M Hurley to D7 thus providing cover for potential injuries as well as being able to loop premiums for the final spot on each line.


  14. Laird, Lloyd, Hurley, Sicily, Simpson, Hibberd (J.Smith, Austin)
    Mitchell, Fyfe, Oliver, Dangerfield, Coniglio, Merrett, Martin, Dahlhaus (Ahern, Giro, Phillips)
    Gawn, Jacobs (McInerney)
    Heeney, D. Smith, Gray, McLean, Fritsch, Guelfi (T. Smith, Giles-Langdon)

    9 trades left
    $265,100 in the bank
    Ranking 52,830 – orrible

    Next week planning on..
    OUT- Guelfi, Langdon
    IN- Battle/Redman, Yeo – will swing Dahlhaus back forward


  15. DEF – Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, Savage, Austin, Rice, Redman
    MID – Fyfe, Mitchell, Oliver, Bont, Cripps, Danger, Coniglio, M Crouch, E Phillips, J Smith, Ahern
    RUCK – Gawn , S Martin, Olango
    FWD – T McDonald, Gray, McLean, Heeney, Buddy, D Smith, Fritsch, T Smith

    9 trades left
    $84,900 in bank
    Ranked 358 overall.

    Planning on getting in probably Lloyd/Hurn or Hurley as my last premium. Will need remaining cows to fatten up a bit more for the coin though. Will consider a luxury trade before finals, trades permitting, of trading out M Crouch if he doesn’t improve to maybe Treloar/Kelly/Neale. And maybe upgrading Savage to Webster. I traded out Dusty to Oliver in R12, thinking he would miss the 3 weeks. Not regretting that decision as yet.


  16. 180k in the bank rank
    rank 6354
    8 trades
    Aiming to upgrade holman into maybe Kelly or another gun without having to trade spargo or phillips. Fingers crossed for no post bye injuries
    DEF: Laird, Simpson, Sicily, Yeo, Hurley, Savage (Redmen, Mihocek)
    MID: Dangerfield, Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, Crouch, Martin, Coniglio, Holman (Spargo, Ahern, Phillips)
    RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Olango)
    FWD: Heeney, Gray, McLean, D Smith, Franklin, Walters (T Smith, Keeffe)


  17. DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Yeo, Ryan, Sicily, Hurley (Heron, Cumming)

    MID: Fyfe, Mitchell, Danger, Treloar, Coniglio, Oliver, Merrett, Rockliff (Holman, Dawson, Barry)

    RUCK : Gawn, Martin (Olango)

    FWD : Walters, Mclean, Robinson, Gunston, Menegola, Dixon (Ahern, Battle)

    184k in the bank, but only 5 trades remaining. Ranked 5086 (with a goal of finishing inside top 5000).

    Going to sit on this team for a while and only make reactionary trades from here. My bench cover sucks so I need to be careful.


  18. My 3rd year of Supercoach, this has been the first year I’ve been able to complete my team!

    $17k in the bank, but only 6 trades remaining. Currently ranked 14,000ish (personal best).

    DEF: Yeo, Simpson, Laird, Siciliy, Hurley, Savage (Mihocek, Cumming)

    MID: Fyfe, Mitchell, Danger, Cripps, Coniglio, Oliver, Merrett, Martin (Phillips, Ahern, Barry)

    RUCK : Gawn, Jacobs (Olango)

    FWD : Heeney, Walters, Mclean, Westhoff, Gray, Smith (Keefe, Ryan)

    Considering upgrading Jacobs in the ruck.
    He has had two outstanding games in a row so hopefully a sign of returning to good form.
    But with 6 trades, might save them for emergencies only.

    What do you all think?


    1. Hey that guy, yeah you, you big man,

      Team looks pretty set. I’d hold your trades but keep an eye on Jacobs. I’ve got Nank as my R2 so similar shoes to you but as I’ve also only got 6 trades left, we have to keep our fingers crossed they can average close to 100 for the remainder of the season.

      Good luck!


  19. 25k in the kitty
    6 trades left
    Ranked 16th overall

    Def: Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Simmo, Lloyd, Hibberd (Mihocek, Redman)

    Mid: Danger, Titch, Fyfe, Merrett, Wines, Cripps, Oliver, Treloar (Holman, Ahern, Barry)

    Ruck: Gawn, Nank (crossley)

    Fwd: Gray, Heeney, McLean, Walters, Boak, Devon Smith (Billings, keefe)

    In terms of the rest of the season, I’ll be looking to get a better D6 (Hurley/Howe/Hurn/Tmac/Andrews) and move Hibberd to D7. I’d love to have a good M9 but unless necessary I won’t trade for the next month or so.

    Good luck coaches!!


  20. Sixth year of SuperCoach and have never been beyond 30000th (last year) and have never been even close to full premo (in fact I’d never even heard of the concept until I stumbled across SCT during this pre-season), so thanks all.
    Injuries have been a major issue as has picking old, injury-prone numbnuts to the point I may run out of trades, but
    Rank: 1 016
    Trades: 5
    ITB: $80k
    Team (pre-Rd15)

    DEF: McDonald, Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Simpson, Savage (Doedee, Mihocek)
    MID: Fyfe, Mitchell, Oliver, Cripps, Kelly, Heeney, Coniglio, Martin (Holman, Ahern, JSmith)
    RUC: Gawn, Naitanui (Olango)
    FWD: Gray, McLean, Westhoff, Mundy, Fritsch, Billings (Ryan, C.Moore)

    Holes (and poor premos) everywhere.
    Crossing fingers and going into damage limitation mode. May look at Savage/Doedee to Webster when he’s back and bottomed. Fritsch (via Heeney) to premo-MID at some point if carnage allows for it.
    Am in the top two/three of 7 out of 9 leagues, but will likely go out in straight sets. I’m more bothered about trying not to let some of our high-flying leagues down to be honest.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Currently still have Guelfi and 6 trades. The plan is that he becomes Billings next week!! Gulp

    Thanks SCT community. It’s been nothing short of an awesome ride!


    1. Team looks good allsaints,

      Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride home (hopefully not too many injuries).


  21. 166k in the bank
    6 trades left
    Ranked 6075

    Def: Laird, Sicily, Simpson, Yeo, Hurley Richards (Redman, Ridley)

    Mid: Titch, Fyfe, Oliver, Danger, Cripps, Cogs, J Selwood, Dusty (Ahern, Spargo Giro)

    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Olango)

    Forward: Gray, Heeney, McLean, Buddy, D Smith, Walters (Guelfi, Smith)

    Gone from 2000th to 6000th due to some carnage over the byes and accidentally captaining Macrae last week, hopefully I can climb up the ranks from here. I’ll probably go Richards to Howe in the next two weeks for value so that I can be pretty free with injury replacements and so that I can potentially turn Martin into Grundy if I have injury luck and their prices get quite close


    1. Think you’ll be right back up there soon enough. Team looks v good.
      Webster might be another option for Richards when back and bottomed (massive BE) but probably more risky than Howe.
      Good luck!


      1. Cheers mate I’m considering Webster but I’m assuming he will take an extra couple of weeks to come back and I want to get to full premium asap. Also a bit worried about the type of injury he has, don’t want to make more trades!


  22. Dashing Donkeys

    The year didn’t start well with a few injuries and too many spud rookies that needed correcting

    Rank 12K up 4k over byes.
    Hoping to crack the top 10K with 20 playing this week.
    Bank $26k
    Trades 8

    D: laird, Yeo, Simo, Sic, Ryan, Hibberd.

    M: Fyfe, Oliver, Titch, Cripps, Treloar, Wines, Parker, Cogs.
    ( Spargo, Ahern, Giro )

    R: Max, Nic Nat ( McInerney)

    F: Heeney, Mclean, Hoff, Mundy, Smith, Fritsch.
    (Guelfi, T Smith)

    My last downgrade will be Doedee to J Smith next week leaving a bank of $272K.

    I don’t like to plan too far ahead,but here is what I’m considering in the next few weeks.

    Hibberd to Hurley
    Fritsch to Gray / de Goey
    Guelfi to Billings

    Hoping to finish top 5k after a slow start. 🙂


    1. Make that 19 playing this week.

      I was going to go Doedee to J Smith. But with trades low, I may play it safe and wait till he is on the bubble.


  23. Rank 1831
    13 trades
    #370,500k in bank

    Still yet to finalise the rest of my trades this week, with a mid (Kelly/Curnow) coming in this week and looking to get Gray/Westhoff next week for Guelfi. The team would look as follows after that:

    Def: Lloyd, Yeo, Siciliy, Laird, Simpson Savage (Rice, Murphy)

    Mids: Fyfe, Mitchell, Cripps, Danger, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, Curnow/Kelly (Ahern, Giro, Barry)

    Rucks: Gawn, Nic Nat (Lavender)

    Fwd: Mclean, Heeney, TMac, Gray/Westhoff, Walters, D.Smith (Ryan, T.Smith)

    I would also need to downgrade, so it will likely be Redman next week if he isn’t injured too badly, otherwise Mihocek this week. Will have 9 trades left, with Nic Nat to Gawn being my first priority fix of sorts. Savage can hold to see how he goes without Webster, otherwise he is a possible trade out target as well.

    We’ll just see how it goes. Thanks


    1. Also, there is a possibility of trading out Dusty this week, but not sure if i quite have enough trades to do so if he goes bananas post-bye. Cheers


  24. Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Sicily, Hurley , Savage, (Heron, Keeffe)
    Fyfe, Mitchell, Oliver, J Kelly, Cripps, Coniglio, Martin, Merrett (Spargo, Giro, Barry)
    Gawn, Naitanui (Olango)
    Gray, McLean , Heeney, Walters, D Smith, Boak (Fritsch, Ahern)
    7 trades left, $7200, ranked 5311, 6 points clear on top of cash league (there have been 2 draws in this league unbelievably).
    Brought Boak two weeks ago which hasn’t been great and will get Keeffe back into forward line at some point and loophole Boak/Fritsch. Plan on getting McDonald at some point to have 2 spares to cover the 3 major lines, double loopholing when possible and when these extra’s are not required on the field. Hoping that will leave 5 trades for injury/luxury finals trading !!


  25. Def: yeo, simpson, tmac, sicily, hurn, rance (rice, keefe)

    Mid: mitchell, fyfe, cogs, treloar, merret, dusty, oliver, menegola (ahern, phillips, giro)

    Ruck: gawn, nank (olango)

    Fwd: heeney, mclean, franklin, westhoff, gray fritsch (guelfi, t smith)

    3 trades left, $288k in the bank. Only started SC this year to play some mates and am on top of the league so not playing for overall. Season has been plagued by injuries and a couple poor trades. Will move menegola fwd and get one more premo mid next week via fritsch or guelfi then have 2 injury trades to see me to finals lol


    1. Well done mate, and team looks great. With only 3 trades left I’d hold Menegola for now. You’ll probably find you can switch him forward with forced trades.
      It’ll make it easier to beat your mates come finals … bragging rights for the rookie?! Nothing better
      Good luck!


  26. B:Laird, Yeo,Simpson,Hurley,Savage, Tuohy.
    (O’Connor, Keefee)
    R:Gawn , NicNat( Hayes)
    F.Gray, Heeney,Walters,Sicily Fritsch,Cox,
    (Ryan, T.Smith)

    9 trades
    Cash 101,100

    May do the Mihochek trade for Tuohy to release cash. Push Sicily back and Mclean Fwd leaving single trade upgrades for the likes of Holman, Fritsch.
    Should leave around 5 trades for LTI’s



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