Reserves Rookie Review – 2023 Recap Part 1

Written by Alza on August 2 2023

Welcome to Part 1 of the Reserves Rookie Review Wrap Up for 2023. I have included all players that have played less than 3 games this season. Hopefully the decent rookies are held back until next season but like previous years there will definitely be some debuts in the later rounds. Any questions or extra information please let me know in the comments.

Generally discounts have worked like this and they will be similar to this next year with some exceptions.

30% discount for rookies that have played 1 or 2 games that averaged between 50 and 70, 20% if they averaged under 50 and 40% if they averaged over 70. 3 games discount is 20% if they averaged under 50 and 30% for over 50. 4 and 5 games played is 20% and 6 and 7 games played is 10%.

So a player playing 1 game can ruin his price for next season as we saw with many players this year. Ned Long is a great example, he played 1 game in Round 23 in 2022 scoring 43. This saw his price for 2023 start at $165,700 which was a 30% discount on his price for an average of 43.



James TunstillMID187.978/14
James MaddenDEF148.475/10
Henry SmithR/F123.965/10
Blake ColemanFWD123.956/15
Kalin LaneRUC123.950/16
Shadeau BrainFWD102.446/13
Darryl McDowell-WhiteM/F102.437/16
Carter MichaelDEF188.30/0

2024- Tunstill and Madden have played 2 games so far this year and may get more opportunities next season but the Lions are usually a hard team for rookies to come in with a role conducive to scoring. Michael has been injured all season but has shown scoring ability in the past. Smith has performed well in the VFL and could get a chance next season.


Jaxon BinnsM/F117.3117/15
Jack CarrollFWD20785/10
Caleb MarchbankDEF198.267/6
Sam DurdinDEF188.361/6
Alex MirkovRUC123.958/8
Harry LemmeyFWD117.348/15
Hudson O'KeeffeRUC102.448/14
Domanic AkueiD/R123.937/15
Sam PhilpFWD123.90/0

2024 – Binns will be an excellent option next year providing he doesn’t play this year as he has shown great scoring ability. Carroll played Rd 1 as the sub but hasn’t played since but has played well in the VFL. Marchbank is likely to play every game from here which will see him as a non-rookie next year.


Finlay MacraeM/F123.997/13
Jakob RyanDEF117.375/12
Aiden BeggR/F187.970/10
Edward AllanMID126.367/13
Will KellyDEF123.962/13
Arlo DraperDEF123.961/10
Oscar SteeneRUC102.458/13
Joe RichardsM/F117.356/9
Cooper MurleyM/F123.955/15
Nathan KreugerFWD192.355/9
Charlie DeanDEF123.90/0

2024 – Macrae once again has shown he has ability and just needs a decent chance and role in the AFL which may not happen at Collingwood. Ryan and Allan have had great debut years on an AFL list and should be a pre-season watch next year. Begg has matured and may see some game time next year. Kelly has improved again this season but is lacking opportunity and Dean has been injured all season and as a mature aged player may not be on their list next year.


Elijah TsatasMID189.392/7
Rhett MontgomerieDEF102.485/14
Kaine BaldwinFWD172.974/11
Patrick VossFWD123.973/16
Jaiden HunterFWD102.465/2
Nik CoxMID198.261/6
Lewis HayesDEF117.357/16
Tex WanganeenFWD123.957/15
Alastair LordDEF123.954/16
Cian McBrideD/R123.940/14
Anthony MunkaraFWD102.437/14
Jayden DaveyFWD117.30/0

2024 – Tsatas will debut this year and unless he is a sub will probably leave him out of rookie contention next year. He is averaging 25 touches and 6 clearances. Montgomerie has had a great year but seems to be a backup option, a nice pre-season starting pick. Since Baldwin started playing down back he has shown great scoring ability. Could be a watch depending on his price next year as he may play again this year. Keep an eye out for Voss as he may play next year after kicking 25 goals so far this year.


Charlie ConstableD/M123.9112/14
Ned MoyleRUC123.992/14
Chris BurgessD/F138.789/15
Brodie McLaughlinFWD102.488/16
James TsitasM/F123.987/14
Connor BlakelyMID123.982/13
Oskar FaulkheadM/F123.968/15
Sandy BrockDEF123.955/16
Lloyd JohnstonDEF102.450/15

2024 – The Suns have a heap of strong performers in the VFL that haven’t had a chance this year. Still in over 50% of teams Constable has dominated this year averaging 30 touches a game but will be too expensive next year thanks to his 62 average this year. Moyle should be rookie priced next year but will be close to $200k as a backup ruck only at the Suns, is a proven scorer in the VFL. Burgess and McLaughlin have had great years kicking 42 goals each from 15 and 16 games respectively. Tsitas has performed well this year but may not be on the Suns list next year. Blakely hasn’t had an opportunity in his 1st year at the Suns but has had a good season so far.


Ted ClohesyMID102.486/16
Shannon NealeFWD129.174/8
James WillisM/F123.970/5
Jhye ClarkMID175.867/6
Toby ConwayRUC123.967/2
Mitch HardieMID102.466/7
Cooper WhyteM/F123.953/14
Osca RiccardiD/F102.453/11
Phoenix FosterR/F117.346/11
Oscar MurdochDEF102.443/10
Flynn KroegerMID123.90/0

2024 – Clohesy has had a very good year and is one to watch for next season as is Neale who has kicked 17 goals in his 8 games. Willis has spent his 2 years on the list injured for majority but is staying at the club after signing an extension. Likewise Clark and Conway have been injured for a large part of this year but both have great potential and should be popular pre-season selections.


Cameron FleetonDEF123.992/12
Wade DerksenFWD123.973/15
Jason GillbeeD/M102.464/11
Max GruzewskiDEF117.355/14
Toby McMullinFWD117.355/13
Nicholas MaddenR/F102.453/9
Darcy JonesMID117.30/0

2024 – Fleeton will have an inflated price next year but he has shown great scoring ability across halfback. Derksen has kicked 32 goals in 15 games and has been a solid performer all year.


Max RamsdenR/F123.976/12
Jack O'SullivanFWD117.369/11
Henry HustwaiteMID117.368/12
Jai SerongFWD123.967/10
Brandon RyanFWD102.466/5
Joshua BennettsM/F102.462/16
Bailey MacdonaldDEF117.360/14
Josh MorrisDEF142.745/13
Fionn O'HaraDEF123.936/8
Clay TuckerRUC102.432/6

2024 – Ramsden has had a good year kicking 12 goals and averaging 15 hitouts, will get some more opportunity next season. O’Sullivan and Hustwaite have had decent debut years but have had small injuries across the last couple of weeks. Serong had a heart issue at the start of the year but has since come into the team to have a solid year. Macdonald debuted this year and should see some more games next year but he will have an inflated starting price.


Blake HowesM/F123.986/14
Bailey LaurieM/F123.984/14
Daniel TurnerDEF123.980/9
Andy Moniz-WakefieldFWD123.969/15
Kye TurnerDEF102.464/2
Deakyn SmithDEF123.962/16
Will VerallRUC102.460/5
Matthew JeffersonFWD144.345/16
Oliver SestanFWD102.444/16
Jed AdamsDEF117.339/16
Kyah Farris-WhiteRUC102.419/4

2024 – The Demons have a lot of talent in their VFL side with some great options to keep an eye on for next year. Howes has had an excellent 2nd season and has developed into a defender this year. Laurie is definitely a pre-season stater next year after another strong year, reminds me of Chandler this year. Great year in the VFL with limited AFL opportunity and then the next year into the AFL side and contributing nicely, let’s hope so anyway. D. Turner has been solid down back but seems to be a backup option. Moniz-Wakefield has had a good year but might not squeeze into the AFL side next year after kicking 14 goals in 15 games.

Thank you all for reading the Reserves Review in 2023, part 2 of the recap will be out at the usual time next Wednesday.


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3 thoughts on “Reserves Rookie Review – 2023 Recap Part 1”

  1. And as you predicted Tsatas will make his debut this weekend….
    Congrats for him, but looks to be another good rookie out the door for next year 🙁

    Once again thanks for your weekly information and making many coaches feel incredibly frustrated about the scoring of Constable and how he couldn’t get a game!


  2. Thanks Natopotato, much appreciated.
    Yeah it’s a shame, unless he is the sub he has the talent to score enough to price himself out of starting contention for next year. Unless he can score like Sheezel, Ashcroft but that’s wishful thinking.



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