Reserves Rookie Review – 2023 Recap Part 2

Written by Alza on August 9 2023

Welcome to Part 2 of the Reserves Rookie Review Recap for 2023. I have included all players that have played less than 3 games this season. Hopefully the decent rookies are held back until next season but like previous years there will definitely be some debuts in the later rounds as we saw with Tsatas last week. Any questions or extra information please let me know in the comments.



Hamish FreeRUC102.467/8
Aiden BonarDEF203.760/9
Robert Hansen JnrFWD102.456/5
Jacob EdwardsR/F123.927/16
Brayden GeorgeFWD117.30/0

2024- Bonar started this year with an inflated price and has played 2 games this year, he’s a decent enough scorer but will have a higher price and limited job security. Free has had a decent 1st season but North have some up and coming rucks so he will have to bide his time in the VFL. Hansen Jnr has played the last 2 games in the AFL but so far his average of 15 will see him rookie priced but not too relevant next year. George is recovering from an ACL injury but is one to watch next year.


James TreziseDEF102.478/16
Tom BrownDEF123.970/8
Bigoa NyuonDEF150.363/14
Jacob BauerFWD123.963/12
Kaelan BradtkeFWD102.449/13
Steely GreenMID117.347/15
Seth CampbellFWD102.439/3
Mate ColinaR/F123.90/0
Kaleb SmithDEF117.30/0

2024 – Trezise was a mid-season draftee that has been consistent this year and may even make his debut, if not he is a pre-season watch as he has shown decent scoring ability. Brown spent the 1st half of the year injured but has played well in defence since returning. Nyuon has returned to a ruck/forward role which has seen his scoring increase and his price will drop next season. Depending on if Bauer plays again and how well he goes he may be a player to keep an eye on next season.


Max HeathR/F123.973/17
Leo ConnollyDEF123.969/15
Jack PerisM/F123.967/15
Olli HottonM/F117.362/8
Oscar AdamsDEF123.950/17
Matthew AllisonD/F123.949/3
Angus McLennanDEF102.448/4
Isaac KeelerR/F117.346/12
James Van EsDEF117.342/14

2024 – Heath has taken a big step this season and if it wasn’t for the dominance of Marshall he would get more opportunities which next year he might get. Connolly has had a decent season and has even had some exposure as a midfielder this season. Peris played 1 game and at this stage won’t be rookie priced next year unfortunately.


Jack BullerFWD102.482/7
Lachlan RankinDEF123.977/16
Lachlan McAndrewR/F123.976/14
Hugo Hall-KahanFWD123.972/16
Jaiden MagorM/F102.471/16
Harrison ArnoldDEF102.466/13
Caleb MitchellD/M117.360/12
Jacob KonstantyFWD121.847/9
Cooper VickeryDEF117.344/10
William EdwardsDEF102.442/16
Cameron OwenRUC102.438/16

2024 – The Swans have some great depth with a number of potential players to keep an eye on for next year. Mid-season draftee Buller has kicked 20 goals in 7 games and with Buddy retiring he may get a decent chance next year if not this year. Rankin has been very dependable down back so let’s hope it’s not another Gould scenario as he looks like he can score well. McAndrew has really developed this year increasing his scoring significantly, maybe this year was 1 year too early as he should see increased opportunity next year. He will be priced around $145k. Hall-Kahan was a mid-season draftee last year and has kicked 22 goals in his 16 games in a solid season. Magor has played down back and has shown decent scoring ability so far.


Jedd BusslingerDEF153.363/15
Harvey GallagherD/F117.354/6
Cody RaakD/F123.953/16
Charlie ClarkeFWD117.348/16
Dominic BedendoMID123.937/2

2024 – Busslinger is a key defender that was pick 13 last year, if given an opportunity next year he could be a nice starting pick. Gallagher has shown some decent form this year but injuries have hampered him throughout the season.



Billy DowlingMID117.370/14
Andrew McPhersonDEF155.770/6
James BorlaseDEF123.965/14
Tariek NewchurchFWD123.960/14
Mark KeaneDEF150.755/13
Zac TaylorMID123.955/4
Hugh BondMID117.333/8

2024 – Dowling has had a nice start to his career and been a consistent performer in the SANFL playing through the middle. McPherson suffered a bad quad injury and hasn’t played since but was in great from until then, he can score at AFL level but with his age he may be down the pecking order now. Borlase made his debut after a solid season so far and will not be rookie priced next year after a great debut game. Keane likewise will not be rookie priced after playing a couple of games so far. Newchurch has been a consistent player for a couple of years now and this season he has kicked 24 goals from 14 games.


Hugh JacksonM/F123.976/12
Jake PasiniDEF123.953/15
Tom McCallumDEF117.342/13
Nathan BarklaMID102.437/11
Thomas ScullyFWD117.335/15
Kyle MarshallDEF117.332/12

2024 – Jackson has had a great year in the SANFL averaging 20 touches and 5 tackles. One to keep an eye on next season and just about the only relevant rookie that hasn’t played 3 games this year from Port at this stage. Pasini is a key defender that has been on the list for a few years now but is yet to debut.



Karl WornerD/M123.989/11
Max KnobelRUC117.375/1
Liam ReidyRUC102.470/12
Tom EmmettFWD117.365/12
Sebit KuekFWD123.960/13
Ethan StanleyM/F102.458/5
Hugh DaviesDEF117.339/12
Conrad WilliamsMID102.438/3
Joshua DraperFWD102.437/11
Eric BenningRUC123.90/0

2024 – Worner has had another great year in the WAFL and made his debut this year as the sub but was then injured. He is a pre-season starter with great scoring ability. Reidy has been consistent all year averaging 26 hitouts in his 1st year on the list. Kuek suffered an ACL injury after showing some good form so will miss most of next season.


Isiah WinderFWD176.281/3
Coby BurgielM/F117.372/3
Jordyn BakerMID102.460/10
Harry BarnettRUC117.350/12
Tyrell DewarD/F102.438/15

2024 – Winder has only played the 3 WAFL games this year due to injuries and hasn’t played an AFL game so will not have an inflated price next year. Will be his 4th year next year and if given an opportunity he could be one to watch. Burgiel has spent most of the year injured but in his 3 games showed some decent scoring ability.

Of the players that have featured in the recaps over the last 2 weeks here are the players that I am going to keep a close eye on for next season. A decent amount of players but they have all shown enough scoring ability to be worth an early selection next year if given enough job security. Let me know who your early 2024 rookie picks are.

J. Binns, F. Macrae, J. Ryan, R. Montgomerie, P. Voss, B. McLaughlin, T. Clohesy, J. Clark, T. Conway, B. Laurie, J. Trezise, M. Heath, L. Connolly, J. Buller, L. Rankin, L. McAndrew, B. Dowling, H. Jackson, K. Worner, I. Winder, C. Burgiel

Thank you all for reading the Reserves Review in 2023, appreciate everyone that has read and commented throughout the year and good luck in your SuperCoach finals over the next 3 weeks.


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4 thoughts on “Reserves Rookie Review – 2023 Recap Part 2”

  1. Kostanty from the Swans was talked up pre season by Horse. Think he has been injured. But might be one to keep an eye on.

    The other one for me is Chesser. He has improved a bit over the last few weeks. Hoping that his average stays low. If he can start next season sub 180, think he becomes really viable with a year under his belt.

    That’s a really good strong list you have put there.


    1. Yeah I think Konstanty missed a few games early. He was pick 20 this year so has the talent but he is a small forward so will depend on the role that he plays but he is definitely a player to keep an eye on.


  2. Do you think Ethan Stanley MID/FWD (Freo) has a shot next year if he doesn’t play out any more games? Played 2 games this season Rd 19-20 as sub for about 15 minutes each game. Avg score 13. Was picked up in the mid season draftee and seems to be on the fringe currently. A good preseason would be a great boost


    1. He could be for sure. Unless he plays all 3 remaining games with an average of 60+ he should remain around the $124k mark, with some AFL experience this year and a pre-season under his belt he will definitely improve.



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