Injuries Rd 22

Written by Chaos Theory on August 8 2023


Izak Rankine (hamstring) TBC
Andrew McPherson (quad) 2-3 weeks
Zac Taylor (foot) TBC
Jordon Butts (foot) season
Nick Murray (knee) season
Tom Doedee (knee) season
Chayce Jones (foot) season


Oscar McInerney and Daniel Rich are both available

Keidean Coleman – eye – 1 week

Noah Answerth  – Facial fracture – 1 week

Carter Michael  – Quad – TBC

James Madden – Shoulder – season

Will Ashcroft – Knee – season


Adam Cerra  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Corey Durdin  Shoulder  Test
 Matthew Kennedy  Knee  2-4 weeks
 Harry McKay  Knee  3-5 weeks
 Alex Mirkov  Heart  Season
 Mitch McGovern  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Sam Philp  Foot  Season
 Jack Silvagni  Knee  2-4 weeks
 Sam Walsh  Hamstring  1-2 weeks
 Zac Williams  Knee  Season


Josh Carmichael  Hamstring  TBC
 Nick Daicos  Knee  6 weeks
 Charlie Dean  Foot  Season
 Fin Macrae  Thumb  1-2 weeks
 Nathan Murphy  Ankle  2-3 weeks


Massimo D’Ambrosio  Knee  Season
 Jayden Davey  Knee  Season
 Sam Draper  Hip  TBC
 Jaiden Hunter  Back  Season
 Harrison Jones  Ankle  7-10 weeks
 Zach Reid  Hamstring  4-6 weeks
 Jordan Ridley  Quad  4-6 weeks
 Dylan Shiel  Foot  TBC
 Jake Stringer  Foot  TBC


Bailey Banfield (knee laceration) – Test
Josh Draper (groin) – 1 week
Ethan Hughes (ankle) – 2-3 weeks
Heath Chapman (shoulder) – Season
Sean Darcy (ankle) – Season
Brandon Walker (knee) – Season
Nat Fyfe (foot) – Season
Sebit Kuek (knee) – Season


Mark Blicavs  Hamstring  Medium term
 Jhye Clark  Foot  Medium term
 Cam Guthrie  Toe  Short term
 Tom Hawkins  Hamstring  Test
 Jack Henry  Foot  TBC


Joel Jeffrey Foot 3 weeks

Bodhi Uwland Hamstring 3 weeks

Lachie Weller Knee Season

Wil Powell Ankle Season


Leek Aleer  Toe  Season
 Toby Bedford  Suspension  Round 23
 Finn Callaghan  Soreness  Test
 Brent Daniels  Suspension  Round 23
 Max Gruzewski  Foot  Season
 Cooper Hamilton  Foot  Season
 Darcy Jones  Knee  Season
 Adam Kennedy  Knee  Season
 Xavier O’Halloran  Thumb  2 weeks
 Braydon Preuss  Back  Test


Karl Amon  Knee  Test
 Tyler Brockman  Managed  Test
 Sam Frost  Foot  Test
 Changkuoth Jiath  Groin  TBC
 Emerson Jeka  Hamstring  TBC
 Max Lynch  Concussion  Season
 Fionn O’Hara  Concussion  Test
 Jack O’Sullivan  Groin  TBC


Ben Brown  Knee  1 week
 Bayley Fritsch  Foot  2-3 weeks
 Blake Howes  Hand  Season
 Tom McDonald  Ankle  Test
 Clayton Oliver  Hamstring  Test
 Harrison Petty  Foot  Season
 Oliver Sestan  Elbow  Season
 Daniel Turner  Hand  1-2 weeks
 Kye Turner  Groin  Test


Callum Coleman-Jones Concussion TBC
Charlie Comben Ankle 4 weeks
Hamish Free Shoulder Season
Brayden George Knee Season
Cooper Harvey Shoulder Season
Griffin Logue Knee Season
Jack Mahony Shoulder Season
Liam Shiels Calf 1 week
George Wardlaw Hamstring Test
Cam Zurhaar Ankle 3-4 weeks


Aliir Aliir – concussion (test)
Nathan Barkla – quad (test)
Charlie Dixon – foot (test)
Lachie Jones – concussion (test)
Tom McCallum – appendix (test)
Scott Lycett – knee (TBC)
Sam Hayes – shoulder (2-3 weeks)
Trent McKenzie – knee (4-5 weeks)
Josh Sinn – hamstring (5-7 weeks)
Tom Clurey – back (season)
Mitch Georgiades – knee (season)


Judson Clarke, shoulder

“Unfortunately, Judson had quite a nasty injury in the VFL game at Williamstown on Saturday. Judson has a cracked scapula and that will unfortunately end his season. He does not need surgery, but the healing process will be pretty slow and see him not involved in any contact work for a few months. It has been a great season for Judson so it’s a shame that it has ended prematurely but one thing we know with him is that he will keep himself in great condition and be raring to return to full training for the 2024 season.”

Dustin Martin, soreness

“Dustin is such a dynamic and explosive player, but he unfortunately could not get himself going last week, so he was unavailable for selection. The accumulative load of the season and the five-day turnaround, at this late part of the year, was just a bit too much for him in the end. He is in better condition now and will train this week ahead of playing on Sunday.”

Trent Cotchin, soreness

“Like Dustin, the five-day break for Trent with a few niggles, was just a bit too much to overcome. He has freshened up and will be available to play on Sunday.”

Dylan Grimes, neck

“Dylan woke up on Friday morning with a stiff neck that was causing him quite a lot of discomfort. We got him scanned and it was apparent he had pinched a nerve in there and that it would be best that he was a late withdrawal from the match. Dylan has seen great improvement over the weekend and is in a position now that he can train this week with an eye to returning to the lineup on Sunday.”

Daniel Rioli, ankle

“Daniel hurt his ankle late in the first quarter of Friday night’s game with the Dogs which needed to be treated and re-strapped during the match. He was able to get through the game but as expected pulled up a bit sore. He will have a lighter start to the week, but we are hopeful he will join in main training and be available to play on Sunday. The nine-day break will certainly help Daniel’s chances of getting up and we have a level of confidence that he will be able to do so.”

Jacob Hopper, concussion

“As most of our fans would have saw, Jacob in the second quarter of Friday night’s game against the Bulldogs had an unfortunate head clash when laying a tackle on Adam Treloar. Our doctor reviewed the footage, and we got Jacob off the ground as quick as we could. From there he underwent some concussion testing downstairs, and from that the decision was made to substitute him out of the game. Jacob now enters the concussion protocols and will be unavailable for selection on Sunday. He is feeling OK, and we will continue to monitor his progress throughout the week.”

Ben Miller, concussion

“Playing in the VFL in Williamstown, Ben unfortunately suffered a head knock in the early stages of the game. The doctors assessed him and took him out of the match, so he now enters the concussion protocols as well and will be monitored closely at the club. He won’t play this week, but we hope he is feeling better and able to be available for selection in a fortnight.”

Richmond Injury List:


Maurice Rioli, concussion

Trent Cotchin, soreness

Dustin Martin, soreness

Dylan Grimes, neck


Daniel Rioli, ankle


Jacob Hopper, concussion (short-term)

Ben Miller, concussion (short-term)

Kaleb Smith, ankle (long-term)

Mate Colina, back (long-term)

Judson Clarke, shoulder (season)

Tom Lynch, foot (season)

Josh Gibcus, hamstring (season)


Seb Ross Hamstring Test
Tom Highmore Ankle Test
Dougal Howard Wrist 3-4 weeks
Zak Jones Knee TBC
Dan McKenzie Calf TBC
James Van Es Ankle Season


Braeden Campbell  Suspension  Round 23
 Paddy McCartin  Concussion  Season
 Justin McInerney  Calf  2 weeks
 Lewis Melican  Hamstring  Test
 Dane Rampe  Calf  Test
 Sam Reid  Hamstring  Season
 Marc Sheather  Foot  Season
 Angus Sheldrick  Ankle  Season
 Cooper Vickery  Foot  TBC


Tom Barrass Back Season

Coby Burgiel Hamstring 2 weeks

Jai Culley Knee Season

Harry Edwards Groin Season

Reuben Ginbey Hamstring Season

Shannon Hurn Achilles 2 weeks

Jamaine Jones Ankle Test

Nic Naitanui Achilles Season

Liam Ryan Hamstring Season

Dom Sheed Foot TBC

Luke Shuey Hamstring 1 week

Zane Trew Groin Test

Jake Waterman Illness Season

Connor West Knee 2 weeks


Harvey Gallagher (illness): Test
Ryan Gardner (general soreness): Test
Alex Keath (concussion): Test
Hayden Crozier (hamstring): Test
Robbie Mccomb (concussion): 1-2 weeks
Anthony Scott (concussion): 1-2 weeks
Tim O’Brien (hamstring): 1-2 weeks
Sam Darcy (quad): 3-4 weeks
Roarke Smith (foot): 3-4 weeks
Dom Bedendo (groin): Indefinite
Josh Bruce (knee): Indefinite
Mitch Hannan (Achilles): Indefinite



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  1. Man I could be looking at some very much needed ins this week with Oliver as well as Grundy to replace Petty, would be nice if Wardlaw gets up and I know I might be pushing my luck but if Mullin or Constable could get a call up that would be very much appreciated


  2. McRae has confirmed Steele Sidebottom won’t play on Friday night against the Cats due to a foot injury.



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