Rookie Review – AAMI Community Series 2022

Written by Alza on March 9 2022

Welcome to the Rookie Review for the AAMI Community Series of 2022. First of all I’d like to give a shout out to Chillo for his years of service and contributions to the site and especially for helping me to continue the Rookie Review in season 2022. This week’s Rookie Review will look a bit different to the usual week to week one that will kick off in Round 1. I will go through every rookie that set foot on the park with some stats and a bit of insight if I have any. I didn’t get to watch much of the games this week so if you have any Intel on a rookie that we should be picking for Rd 1 let us know in the comments. To qualify for the Rookie Review this year the player’s starting price can’t be higher than Jason Horne-Francis’ ($207,300) which for this season shall be named the JHF Line.

Legend – Player, (Price), Position – (Score, TOG)

CARLTON v MELBOURNE @ Marvel Stadium

Oscar McDonald ($201,900) FWD – (74, 96%) Played fullback and had 21 touches with 4 marks. Should be there Rd 1 but hefty price tag for a lock down defender.
Luke Parks ($199,600) DEF – (25, 49%) Only played the 2nd half and only had the 2 kicks with 1 goal in a role up forward.
Corey Durdin ($143,700) FWD – (43, 43%) Came off in the 2nd quarter with a calf injury but was lively in the first kicking 2.0 in his 5 touches. If he gets up for Rd 1 (reported that he should) he is one to consider.
Jordan Boyd ($123,900) DEF – (40, 80%) Played down back and had 9 touches and laid 6 tackles. Rd 1 chance but when the troops are back he’ll be out.

Sam Weideman ($200,900) FWD – (18, 14%) Only played in the last quarter to register 2 kicks and 2 marks.
Joel Smith ($177,200) DEF – (67, 94%) Played as a key back and had 10 touches and took 3 marks. They had a few missing so he may not make the team come Rd 1.
Daniel Turner ($123,900) DEF – (6, 25%) Came on in the 2nd half in defence and the only stat he managed was 1 tackle.

DNP: Kemp, Carroll, Mirkov, Philp, Motlop, Akuei and Daw, van Rooyen, Bedford, Chandler, Laurie, Rosman, D. Smith, Howes, Woewodin, McVee, Moniz-Wakefield

BULLDOGS v BRISBANE @ Marvel Stadium

Robbie McComb ($102,400) MID – (28, 39%) Came on for the 2nd half through the midfield and got himself 12 touches including 5 clangers as well as 2 tackles.

Harry Sharp ($193,200) MID – (14, 30%) Only played the last quarter for his 3 touches.

DNP: Darcy, West, Butler, Khamis, Bedendo, Cleary, Jones, Parker, Raak and T. Berry, Wilmot, B. Coleman, Lane, McFadyen, Michael, E. Smith, H. Smith, Uosis, Lohmann, Tunstill

HAWTHORN v RICHMOND @ Devonport Oval

Denver Grainger-Barras ($206,700) DEF – (35, 79%) Should get games this year but his role is not very Supercoach friendly. Only the 6 touches for him.
Josh Ward ($180,300) MID – (124, 67%) 29 touches from the midfield with 19 contested, took 4 marks, laid 2 tackles and had 6 clearances. Will be there for Rd 1 but with Titch and co to return his output will be decreased.
Finn Maginness ($143,700) MID/FWD – (50, 83%) Split his time between the middle and half forward to register 15 touches and take 4 marks, also had 4 clearances. Will be close to playing Rd 1, watch him.
Connor MacDonald ($117,300) MID – (52, 71%) Played through the middle and also up forward, had 16 touches with 2 marks and kicked 1.1. Will be around the mark for a Rd 1 berth, if not he’ll be a good downgrade option.
Ned Long ($102,400) MID/FWD – (24, 43%) Same mid/fwd role for Long who kicked 0.4 from his 9 touches. Also took 2 marks and laid 4 tackles from limited game time.

Hugo Ralphsmith ($206,700) FWD/MID – (72, 85%) Played his desired halfback role and gathered 20 touches at 80% and took 10 marks. Had a great role but with Vlaustin to return and Rioli fighting for the same spot it may not be as good as we hope, fingers crossed.
Joshua Gibcus ($171,300) DEF – (65, 81%) Played key back and held his own with 13 touches, 2 marks and 3 tackles. His score was held back by 5 clangers unfortunately. May not be the best scorer but a warm body that can give you the odd 80 will be much needed.
Will Martyn ($161,100) MID – (11, 23%) Only played the last quarter in the middle to register 2 touches and 2 tackles.
Bigoa Nyuon ($123,900) DEF – (32, 40%) Came in to the game just before half time and had 7 touches and 4 marks in defence.
Maurice Rioli ($123,900) MID/FWD – (-, 17%) Only played the last quarter as a small forward and had 3 touches. (No score found for Rioli, my guess is about 10)

DNP: Jeka, Downie, Callow, Mitchell, Morris, Saunders, Butler, Serong, O’Hara and Dow, Miller, Brown, Colina, Cumberland, Ryan, Banks, Clarke, Sonsie


Ben Davis ($204,500) DEF/FWD – (25, 45%) Played the 2nd half up forward for his 7 touches.
Joshua Rachele ($184,800) MID/FWD – (85, 78%) Played his expected forward role and lit it up. Kicked 4.0, had 12 touches with 7 contested and laid a massive 9 tackles. He also had 4 frees for but was held back with his 58% efficiency. Lock!
Mitchell Hinge ($180,900) DEF – (64, 79%) Played majority on the wing to gather 12 touches and take 3 marks. He also kicked 1.0. Looks to be in the best 22 and even with Dawson returning he should still play halfback with some wing time.
Lachlan Gollant ($123,900) FWD – (24, 78%) Played as a key forward and scored like one too, 4 touches, 2 marks and 1.0.
Luke Pedlar ($123,900) MID/FWD – (25, 15%) Came on in the 2nd half but injured his hammy in the last quarter. In his short stint between fwd/mid he had 3 touches and kicked 1.0.
Jake Soligo ($117,300) MID – (45, 66%) Had a half forward role but did manage 9 touches with 6 of those contested, took 2 marks, laid 3 tackles and kicked 1.0. If he is named Rd 1 we may have no choice but to roll with him. I think he will score similar to Sam Berry last year. If not named Rd 1 then he will be a great downgrade option during the year.

Sam Mayes ($201,400) FWD – (7, 36%) Played forward for half a game but only managed the 3 touches.
Josh Sinn ($157,800) DEF/MID – (28, 43%) Only played the 2nd half unfortunately. Played high half forward to get himself 8 touches for 240m gained at 87% and took 3 marks. Not sure he’s there for Rd 1 after King Ken said this will be as close to the real stuff as possible.
Sam Hayes ($123,900) RUC – (36, 45%) Played in the ruck and when he was on the ground he did well. Had 19 hitouts, 7 touches with 3 marks. Went at 57% with 3 clangers but he is a ruckman so that happens. Should get games this year but not sure it will be Rd 1.
Jed McEntee ($123,900) MID/FWD – (58, 80%) Had a mid/fwd role and had 13 touches with 7 contested. Kicked 1.1 and had 2 clearances. He’s in the mix but could be used as the sub as he was last year.
Jackson Mead ($123,900) MID – (24, 63%) Rotated with the midfield and had 8 touches with 2 marks and 2 tackles. I don’t think he makes the cut for Rd 1.

DNP: Hately, Mcasey, Newchurch, Borlase, Parnell, Worrell, Taylor, Nankervis and Pasini, Skinner, Lord, Schofield, Williams, Jackson, Visentini, Burgoyne

ESSENDON v ST. KILDA @ Marvel Stadium

Kaine Baldwin ($123,900) FWD – (48, 80%) Played as a key forward and had 10 touches, 3 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 1.0 but only the 40% efficiency though. I don’t know much about this guy but playing 80% game time is a positive sign.
Nick Martin ($102,400) FWD – (50, 42%) Played the 2nd half as a half forward and dominated with his fresh legs. Gathered 16 touches, took 2 marks, laid 3 tackles but had 3 clangers to go at 56%. Let’s hope he’s done enough to be there Rd 1.

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera ($162,300) DEF/MID – (28, 33%) Played the 2nd half in defence for his 7 touches with 3 clangers at a poor 28%. He also took 3 marks and laid 2 tackles.
Mitch Owens ($117,300) MID – (39, 24%) Played the last quarter in the guts and had 4 touches with 3 contested and 3 clearances, also laid 3 tackles. Possible downgrade option later in the year.
Marcus Windhager ($117,300) MID/FWD – (-2, 32%) Played the 2nd half through the middle but only managed the 1 handball and 1 tackle with 2 clangers giving him an unfortunate score.
Jack Hayes ($102,400) RUC/FWD – (60, 78%) Played as a key forward and back up ruck. 12 touches with 6 contested, 3 marks, kicked 1.1, had 4 hitouts and 3 clearances. He went at 58% with 6 clangers so his score could’ve been a lot better. Patty Ryder will dictate his selection but he should be in your side for the time being.

DNP: Reid, Bryan, Hobbs, Hird, McBride, Brand, Eyre, Lord, McDonagh, Wanganeen, Voss and Joyce, Allison, Heath, Adams, Kyle, Peris


Braydon Pruess ($204,700) RUC – (102, 78%) Started forward but still had plenty of ruck time for his 14 hitouts. Had 12 touches with 9 contested, 6 marks and laid 6 tackles. He had 4 clangers but the key thing is he will miss Rd 1 after his rough tackle on Grundy. This is a good thing for people who weren’t sure on selecting him on our benches. We can have a look at him until Rd 3 and then make a decision on if we want his cash generation, I wouldn’t recommend trading a big dog to him no matter how he goes.
Conor Stone ($181,400) FWD/MID – (5, 30%) Rolled his ankle early in the 2nd quarter. He was playing a bit of a wing role but only managed 2 touches with 1 mark while out there.

Finlay Macrae ($206,800) MID – (44, 57%) He played in the middle for his 14 touches with 2 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 1.0. He may make the Rd 1 team but I think we saw enough last year to pass on him.
Jack Ginnivan ($199,900) FWD – (47, 87%) Played forward for his 11 touches with 1.2, 2 marks and 2 tackles. 4 clangers and 63% efficiency held him back but a small/medium forward in a non finals team isn’t a good role especially at his price.
Nathan Kreuger ($198,100) DEF – (17, 35%) Started forward but got concussed in the 2nd quarter after having 5 touches and taking 3 marks.
Nick Daicos ($193,800) MID – (100, 87) LOCK! Started at halfback with some mid time as well. Ended with 31 touches with 7 being contested at 74% with 5 marks. Should be in 100% of teams and will win the rising star this year, potential DPP makes it even sweeter.

DNP: Callaghan, Brown, Stein, Aleer, Angwin, Fleeton, Shaw, Wehr, Fahey, Hamilton and Wilson, Begg, Johnson, McInnes, McMahon, Chugg, Kelly, Draper, Harrison, Murley, Dean


Ben Ronke ($186,200) FWD – (4, 11%) Only played the final quarter as a deep forward for his 2 touches.
Dylan Stephens ($167,800) MID – (63, 83%) Played on a wing to gather 20 touches with 2 contested at 70% with 3 clangers. He took 5 marks and laid 2 tackles. 20 touches and 5 marks is very solid just needs to improve ball use and he will be very serviceable.
Patrick McCartin ($157,800) DEF/FWD – (74, 91%) Started down back and had 14 touches and took 7 marks, used the ball at 78%. 91% TOG is a great sign and it looks like he’ll be there for Rd 1 and also in our sides.
Lachlan McAndrew ($123,900) RUC – (10, 14%) Played the last quarter in the ruck but didn’t manage a hitout, he did have 4 touches and laid 2 tackles. Won’t play this year barring a ruck injury crisis.
Matty Roberts ($117,300) MID – (3, 13%) Played the last quarter as a mid/fwd to have 2 touches and laid 1 tackle.

Jason Horne-Francis ($207,300) MID – (87, 72%) Played mid/fwd and had 16 touches with 11 contested but went at 43% with 2 clangers. He laid 5 tackles and also kicked 2.2. His midfield time will drop slightly when Cunnington and Anderson return but that could be over a month away. Even then he will still do enough to be worth picking, his contested nature is very Supercoach friendly.
Eddie Ford ($206,800) FWD – (7, 25%) Played the last quarter up forward for his 3 touches and 1 mark.
Charlie Lazzaro ($201,400) FWD/MID – (34, 64%) Played half forward and had 9 touches with 3 marks and 1.1. 4 clangers and 44% held him back a bit but all things point to a non selection for us.
Kyron Hayden ($199,600) DEF – (47, 72%) Played def/mid and had 7 touches with 6 contested. He also laid 3 tackles.
Joshua Goater ($117,300) MID – (9, 34%) Played in the middle in the 2nd half for his 4 touches.

DNP: O’Riordan, Taylor, Sheldrick, Gould, O’Connor, Sheather, Rankin, Warner and Perez, Comben, Edwards, Spicer, McGuinness, P. Walker, Curtis, Archer, Bergman


No Freo rookies

Callum Jamieson ($123,900) RUC – (4, 11%) Played ruck in his very limited game time for just the 1 hitout.
Brady Hough ($117,300) MID – (47, 83%) Used as a utility and had 14 touches with 8 marks. Went at 71% with 4 clangers. With the carnage at the Eagles he could find his way into Rd 1 selection.
Hugh Dixon ($102,400) RUC/FWD – (45, 89%) Played fwd/ruck to have 9 touches, 3 marks, 2 tackles but went at 55% with 2 clangers. Should play Rd 1 and will be fighting with Bailey Williams for that 3rd tall/back up ruck when Allen comes back.
Patrick Naish (Waiting on SSP) MID – (58, 37%) Played the 2nd half in the middle/wing. He had 14 touches, took 3 marks and kicked 1.0. He’s likely to get selected via SSP and should get games early after this performance after being in WA for about 2 days. Doesn’t have a price as yet, likely around $190,000.
Tom Joyce (Waiting on SSP) MID – (56, 60%) Played through the middle and had 17 touches with 5 marks. Similar to Naish with no price yet but I am unsure if he makes the cut for Rd 1.

DNP: Sturt, Amiss, Erasmus, Western, O’Driscoll, Benning, Johnson, Worner and Chesser, Trew, Winder, Bazzo, Clark, Williams

GOLD COAST v GEELONG @ Metricon Stadium

Alex Davies ($202,500) MID – (53, 67%) Played in the middle for his 11 touches with 10 contested but had 4 clangers and went at 54%. Also laid 6 tackles and got boosted with 4 frees for. I like him but I am not sure he is a lock in their best 22 and he may not see the same mid time in the real thing.
Ned Moyle ($123,900) RUC – 21, 32%) Played the 2nd half in the ruck with 3 touches and had 8 hitouts, project player.
Rory Thompson ($123,900) DEF – (11, 41%) Played the 2nd half down back and had 5 touches, 1 mark and 1 tackle.

Francis Evans ($123,900) FWD – (52, 69%) Played forward and had 10 touches with 8 contested, also took 3 marks and laid 2 tackles.
Shannon Neale ($123,900) FWD – (17, 37%) Played the 2nd half with ruck time. Only the 2 touches with 1 mark and 1 tackle.
Cooper Stephens ($123,900) MID – (62, 64%) Played through the middle and had 15 touches at 80%, took 4 marks and laid 4 tackles. If he plays Rd 1 he may get shunted into a flank/pocket and his job security may not be great.
Nick Stevens ($123,900) MID – (36, 61%) Came on in the 2nd quarter down back to have 9 touches and take 3 marks.
Sam De Koning ($123,900) DEF/FWD – (92, 91%) Played in defence and got himself 19 touches with 6 contested and no clangers for 78%. He also took 5 marks and laid 2 tackles. Looks set to play Rd 1, if named he will be in most sides.

DNP: Andrew, Rosas, Jeffrey, Conroy, Hollands, Murtagh, Oea, McLennan, Nicholls, Tsitas, Brock, Uwland and Tsapatolis, Conway, Knevitt, Kroeger, Whyte, Willis, Dempsey, Mullin

So after all of that I said and done, here is how I would rank the top rookies in each position judged by price, job security and scoring potential. Let me know what you think.

J. Gibcus
S. De Koning (FWD)
M. Hinge
C. Chesser* (MID)
P. McCartin (FWD)
J. Sinn (MID)
N. O’Driscoll (MID)
C. Dean*
D. Wilmot
N. Wanganeen-Milera (MID)

N. Daicos
J. Horne-Francis
G. Clark*
J. Ward
D. Stephens
A. Davies
P. Naish
C. MacDonald
J. Soligo
J. Tsitas
B. Hough
B. Hobbs

B. Pruess
J. Hayes (FWD)
H. Dixon (FWD)
S. Hayes

J. Rachele (MID)
H. Ralphsmith (MID)
C. Durdin
F. Maginness (MID)
N. Martin
E. Hollands (MID)
J. McEntee (MID)
O. McDonald


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19 thoughts on “Rookie Review – AAMI Community Series 2022”

  1. Outstanding!
    Thank you, Alza,for your detailed and very informative report. An essential guide to assisting us select our much needed cash cows.


  2. Woah, woah, woah. Nice, Alza!

    Comprehensive as always. I love it.

    Feel like we have a good read on traditional rookies, but what’s f*cking with me are these 200k Brodie, Xerri and McGovern types.

    All looked good in the pre-season games but hard to know whether their roles and scoring hold in H&A.

    Mulling it all over.

    Thanks again for the write up!


    1. Yeah I agree with you GD, I reckon those that pick the right 200-300k players will be miles ahead of everyone else


  3. Amazing Alza! The injuries to Chesser, Dean and Clark have thrown most teams for a loop, it’s going to be an interesting week.

    Will be keen to see what price Naish is when he gets put into the system. He looked very assured in limited game time against Freo on Sunday and, as we know, the Eagles are missing a few at the moment.


    1. Thanks Chillo, we absolutely could’ve done with those 3 in our teams. Yeah Naish was everywhere in the 2nd half. Their under siege that’s for sure so hopefully they give some kids a string of games but the Eagles aren’t really known for that


  4. Thanks, Alza. It’s definitely slim pickings. I still haven’t finalised my structure because I am hesitant to trust the injuries prone 200K bargains. Comprehensive write-up as always. Luck will play a big role in which rookie we go for.


    1. Thanks Jeannot. Absolutely it will, I did have Titch at M3, Neale, Berry then rookies but with all of the expensive rookies I may have to go Titch to someone like Cripps and that would force me into a structure change


  5. Awesome work Alza, great piece.
    Thanks for putting it together!
    I can see a lot of teams scrambling badly as soon as rookie’s round 1 nominations starts to come out!


  6. Thank you Alza for this article (and GB and CT and all the other contributors of this wonderful site) which is a fantastic resource in our SC research. This truly is the best site I have found.
    Toying with the idea of picking a non playing walk up start rookie to use in the captains loop for the first round or so. Thinking that after that, injuries should provide enough space. Thinking Elijah Hollands might be a good example if he is close to recovery (and is likely to get a game.) He comes with huge wraps but I have been unable to find out much about why he hasn’t played and when he’s likely to get a game. I notice that the Suns play in the last game in both of the first two rounds.
    Just a thought


    1. Thanks Geoff, It’s by far the best site to get information on all things Supercoach. I like to have a loophole as well but I also like to have all 30 players playing to maximise cash gen. It depends on who’s named and how much you value having a guaranteed loophole option. Dixon from West Coast could be just that if he only gets a couple games and then dropped


  7. Great rundown thanks Alza.

    If it comes to Gibcus vs Hinge for D5/6 if you can’t afford both, where is everyone headed? Seems pretty 50/50 to me, im leaning towards Hinge for job security and scoring history but copped that shoulder injury last year.

    TU: Hinge
    TD: Gibcus


  8. Fantastic piece Alza .

    I’ve been waiting for this before locking in my final structure.

    At is point I’m running a structure with 6 on field Rookies + 8 bench so 14 total.
    * are locks “when” named Round one 😉

    Defenders . Gibcus*.
    Bench: Sinn / Kemp. D’Koning*.(D/F)

    Mids : JHF *. Daicos* . Ward*.
    Bench:Macdonald*. Sollgo / Hough . McEntee M/F / C Stephens

    Ruck Bench: J Hayes / Dixon

    Forward: Rachele* . McCartin*(F/D).
    Bench: Durdin / F Evans . Dixon / N Martin.

    My main passes atm are Hinge ( injury risk and $$ ) and Stephens ( outside game not too SC friendly ) both are still in consideration but you can’t have them all !

    Thanks so much for this invaluable resource.

    I’m interested who you would all prefer in that $200K range

    T/U Xerri.

    T/D Ralphsmith.


    1. Thanks FT
      That’s a tricky one. I would probably go with Ralphsmith. Main reasons are that he hasn’t just popped up in the last week he has been someone we’ve been looking at and speaking about most of pre season and also that he may not have as much competition for spots. Xerri competing against, CCJ, Comben and even Edwards. I think Xerri could score more as rucks tend to score well but his JS worries me. Ralphsmith doesn’t have the best JS either but personally I feel he’s safer


  9. Top shelf, was hoping SC talk would rate the rookies.

    Watched a podcast on AFL last week where the Ess coach was very positive on Kaine Balwin. Currently my F7 Martin



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