Rookie Review – Rd 10, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 8 2020

We’ve reached the midpoint of the season, which is coincidentally also the midpoint of this wild 20-day rollercoaster of footy. List management has become the primary issue for coaches trying to get their teams into finals, and so it is for Supercoaches also. Having active rookies on your bench is imperative as we deal with byes, injuries and the constant menace of that old chestnut, General Soreness. Fortunately there’s plenty to choose from as far as rookies are concerned….but not all rookies are created equal, as you will see in the round 10 review.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tobe WATSONFRE$155 400 (n/a)DNP (61)-28
Andrew MCPHERSONADE$245 600 (n/a)DNP (69)-1
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$224 600 (+$29K)92 (61)0
Lachlan SHOLLADE$123 90052 (52)0
Trey RUSCOE (MID)COL$117 30043 (43)6
Jack PAYNEBRL$123 90045 (45)7
Fischer MCASEYADE$198 500 (-$1K)57 (40)32
Ben MCKAYNTH$259 500 (+$22K)58 (70)34
Will DAYHAW$256 100 (n/a)DNP (69)34
Zach GUTHRIEGEE$190 300 (+$0K)59 (40)35
Matthew LINGSYD$140 500 (+$4K)11 (30)41
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$278 800 (+$1K)49 (54)45
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$247 200 (-$2K)45 (55)51
Derek EGGMOLESSE-SMITHRIC$292 000 (-$18K)35 (66)75
Will HAMILLADE$210 200 (-$5K)4 (39)105

CHEERS: Who’s still got BZT? Apparently the Bombers’ prodigal son is still in 17.7% of teams, and he repaid the faithful with 16 possessions, 8 marks and 4 intercepts against the Giants. He looks to have claimed a spot in Essendon’s backline for now and will generate some nice dough for those who held on all this time.

JEERS: Ling looks to be short of AFL quality at this point in time and Will Gould must be wondering what he has to do to get a gig. Eggmolesse-Smith looks a shadow of the player that pumped out a ton against the Roos a month ago. He has started bleeding cash and is a must-trade now. Finally, a huge jeer to Alex Neal-Bullen, whose sling tackle earned him a month off and left young Hamill with a nasty concussion.

TRADE TARGETS: Watson is fresh off the bye and still affordable – if he can hold onto his spot in the Dockers’ 22. His form is certainly good enough to warrant it! Sholl and Ruscoe are the other two players that might be worth considering if you’re not prepared to roll the dice on Watson being named to play, although neither player really gets my spidey senses going as far as Supercoach is concerned.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Caleb SERONGFRE$330 100 (n/a)DNP (78)-33
Sam WICKSSYD$123 90080 (80)-28
Kyron HAYDENNTH$248 300 (n/a)DNP (52)-17
Xavier O'HALLORANGWS$123 90068 (68)-16
Harry SCHOENBERGADE$117 30059 (59)-10
Jeremy SHARPGCS$117 30034 (34)15
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$223 000 (+$15K)69 (53)19
Sam SIMPSONGEE$287 000 (+$17K)72 (78)21
Marlion PICKETTRIC$348 000 (+$15K)68 (73)36
Harley BENNELLMEL$226 400 (+$11K)42 (53)52
Ned MCHENRYADE$198 000 (+$7K)42 (38)53
Jye CALDWELLGWS$295 400 (+$4K)53 (66)55
Noah ANDERSONGCS$338 800 (-$6K)60 (66)73

CHEERS: Unfortunately a gruesome injury and a lot of media-generated brouhaha overshadowed a great debut by Wicks, whose nine possessions and 6 tackles were an encouraging sign of what he’s capable of. Simpson again booted an important goal to boost his score and keep his owners happy.

TRADE TARGETS: Walker had an excellent second half as he compiled 11 disposals and 4 tackles. He comes with a slight premium on his price tag, but coach Shaw has already shown a willingness to run the kids this season and Taylor’s injury might see Will get a decent go. Schoenberg came with big wraps and showed enough to back up all the noise, managing 12 possessions in a solid debut. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until Monday night to see if he makes the cut for his second game! 

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Sam DRAPERESS$166 100 (+$42K)74 (74)-47
Darcy CAMERON (FWD)COL$219 500 (n/a)DNP (62)-13
Luke JACKSONMEL$249 200 (+$10K)85 (55)39

Never mind the quantity, rookie rucks are all about quality in 2020. Draper had an appalling start to his matchup with the big Mummy, but showed plenty of ticker to keep going and scored the vast majority of his points in the second half. Jackson is inconsistent as rookie rucks tend to be, but he had an “up” game against the struggling Crows after taking on a bigger responsibility in the ruck. 8 possessions and 14 hitouts for the second pick in last year’s draft.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tom SPARROWMEL$211 500 (+$29K)78 (71)-15
Sam SKINNERBRL$130 200 (+$19K)26 (45)-11
Jake AARTSRIC$249 900 (+$35K)87 (61)-11
Will WALKERNTH$154 90067 (67)-3
Lachlan HOSIENTH$123 90054 (54)-2
Boyd WOODCOCKPTA$102 40043 (43)0
James BELL (MID)SYD$191 200 (+$31K)45 (56)2
Jack MAHONY (MID)NTH$247 300 (+$26K)46 (53)8
Connor BALLENDENBRL$131 000 (+$7K)20 (32)11
Bradley CLOSE (MID)GEE$177 100 (+$31K) 31 (53)23
Max KINGSTK$309 300 (+$12K)60 (62)32
Mitchell GEORGIADESPTA$258 800 (+$30K)64 (71)37
Elijah TAYLOR (MID)SYD$166 500 (+$10K)26 (38)43
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$246 600 (+$9K)55 (52)44
Izak RANKINEGCS$281 100 (+$2K)83 (77)52
Cody WEIGHTMANWBD$154 400 (+$2K)20 (32)59

CHEERS: The pick of the vast forward rookies stocks in Round 10 were Aarts, who had his best game so far with 14 touches and two majors;  Rankine, who bounced back with another sparkling two-goal effort to almost get the Suns across the line against the Saints; and Sparrow, who was the mature-age rookie nobody wanted and has posted solid scores in each of his first two games this year.

JEERS: More than 20,000 coaches pulled the trigger and brought Skinner into their teams last week, but unfortunately he hit the double whammy of a low score followed by the axe at the selection table. Weightman again battled to make an impact in the Dogs’ forward pocket, while Close experienced a similar story for the Cats. It looks like both players will need to hit the scoreboard to continue to be viable cash cows.

TRADE TARGETS: Woodcock comes with a basement price tag and showed enough on debut to earn himself a second game (11 touches, 2 tackles). Beyond that who knows what his job security is like, so if you bring him in you’ll be hoping he can bob up and kick a couple of goals tonight! Hosie started like a house on fire and managed two goals with his first three kicks, but was comparatively quiet after that. He still managed nine possessions and with Ben Brown set to miss at least a week through injury, Hosie should hold his spot in the short-term at the very least.


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25 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 10, 2020”

    1. Yep, best fantasy site by a mile. I was hoping there’d be a rookie review this morning and you guys just keep delivering. Awesome.


  1. Watson/schoenberg/woodcock look the pick of them this week for me. One on each position which is handy. Wicks next week.


  2. I like the Look of Watson but does he hold his spot if Hill is back . Aish also due to return
    T/u will hold spot
    T/d will be given a spell


    1. Great question, he looked solid against the Pies.

      Is he more of a lockdown type player therefore Hill & Aish returning won’t be a like-for-like replacement?


      1. Thanks VicGunner
        Longmuir said that he is most improved player since his arrival and also had a glowing endorsement from Brayshaw .
        Given his contribution in win v Collingwood he will be unlucky .
        Have a feeling that Woodcock could be dropped and I have Skinner and also don’t need another non playing forward


      2. As a mature age player showing solid form,I see him holding his spot.

        He has been asked to play on ( lock down ) the 2nd / 3rd Tall or mid sized forward. He may get Gunston this week ?

        Ryan.. Prefers not to take the really big guys as he is undersized at 186cm. He usually likes to take a medium sized forward or “big bodied” resting Midfielder. This week Breust or Worpel / O’Meara.

        Cox as a forward now back,he will take the tallest Forward or resting Ruck. Ceglar / T’ O’Brien )

        Duman is the only other defenders with any height in our back line. He is very lightly framed and usually gets a smaller / younger match up. Morrison maybe ?

        I think S Hill / Aish are more likely to replace a C Blakely or Ethan Hughes.

        I’m going to take the plunge as he seems the best of a rather risky bunch.

        Fingers crossed he keeps getting a game.


        1. Thanks Freo
          Comprehensive summary from an informed Freo Fan
          Freo have been interesting for me in SC
          this year
          Held Brayshaw from outset .
          Fyfe and Hill have come in then gone out .


          1. Hey P Buzz

            Congrats on last weeks / round score.

            Freo have been awesome to watch this year. We have had a couple of blow out losses to WC etc , but otherwise we have been in most games.

            Longmuir is playing the kids in the middle and although we aren’t exactly winning it out of there much, our pressure has been good.

            Positive signs from this year are..

            Brayshaw. Congrats on holding him He is fast turning into Dunkley circa 2019.
            Cerra may take a little longer, but seems to have what it takes. he is still playing as a defensive style winger / half back. Low CBA”s.
            Serong. We found one here, A smokey for the rising star, and my biggest regret not getting him in. I went S Hill instead 🙁
            Young showed great sign’s before his Injury.

            Somehow we haven’t leaked too many goals even with our 3 best tall Defenders out in Hamling ,Pearce and Logue.

            Taberner and Lobb have both been marking the ball quite well and If Hogan can find some form,and we can add in first round pick L Henry ( yet to debut.)
            We might just have the start of a Forward line.

            Lets hope we can snatch a few more wins this year.

            Beating Collingwood was great ; )


            1. Thanks again Feo
              Forgot I owned Young too and he was solid
              I actually support Collingwood but happy for Longmuir and the way Freo are going about rebuilding .
              My rank has climbed to 2100 so getting better as season goes longer.
              Belonging to SuperCoach group with quick turnarounds is a big advantage so SCT leagues rank should get better the longer the season goes on


              1. Great discussion! Longmuir has just confirmed that Hill and Aish will return this week, so the Freo team announcement on Sunday night will be one to watch out for.


  3. Firstly, what an amazing effort by all involved in this site. First class, love your work!

    Woodcock…. I’m assuming he goes straight out for Ebert? Great price but the last thing I need is another non-playing FWD rookie next week (looking at you Skinner!)


    1. Thanks Vic! I’ve been meaning to bring in Woodcock all week because I need the cash, but having him and Cavarra together on my bench makes me nervous. Might move a DPP into the forward line and look at a Schoenberg or similar instead.


      1. Dead set legends, all of you =)

        It’s a tough call with Woodcock mate, positive is that he is guaranteed to play this week but I get the feeling he will make way for Ebert when he is good to go. Best we can do is go with our gut this year, my gut was wrong with Skinner last week Lol


  4. My thoughts:
    Watson is 6”3 so will hold his spot

    Draper looked shakey…he will need support in the ruck moving forward

    Walker (who is a fwd), Hosie and Woodcock have decent job security moving forward. Woodcock is Rozee’ mate from memory and I think the young fellas at Port want him in the team as a pressure player. Not a scorer, as is Hosie. Limited possie numbers.
    Walker has speed and skills to be used at half back, especially with McMillan heading back to Vic for the rest of season. Expect him to go back although it was weird him playing fwd in the second half.

    Schoenberg the clear midfield option



    1. haha thanks mate. Is it weird to say I really love my footy but I’m also kind of looking forward to the three day break between rounds 12 and 13?


  5. Incredible efforts getting these articles up!

    Would love to keep Rankine for another week or two, but running low on cash.

    T/U: Woodcock
    T/D: Hosie
    Comment: Walker



  6. Any Dees fans have an update on how Trent Rivers has been travelling in the scratch matches?

    Can’t find any info on their site, but he was named as an emergency last round. Keen to see if he’ll get a game soon. If not, Wicks comes in next week.

    Our midfield bench is looking very thin – Close, Rivers and L. Butler (WBD). Think we need some warm bodies over the next few weeks!


    1. Have to wait and see, Big O. He played great last night, but there’s a long time between now and the next GWS team announcement. If he makes the 22 for the next game he should be a priority.


        1. Not too keen on either, but if I had to choose right now I’d take Woodcock because he’s $20K cheaper and has already been named to play.



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