Round 10 Review

Written by Dane on August 8 2020

Round 10

Port Adelaide (8.7.55) defeated Western Bulldogs (5.12.42)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Port Adelaide: Gray, Dixon (2)

Western Bulldogs: Lloyd, McLean (2)

  1. Tom Rockliff (134). By far his best score of the season, Rockliff picked up 23 touches (14 contested), 4 clearances and a ridiculous 15 tackles on Monday night. Everytime I see his name with a score like this my mind reverts back to his season of 2014, my goodness they were good times.
  2. Zak Butters (125). A career best score for the youngster who looks like he’s going to have a very good Supercoach career. Finished up with 24 touches (11 contested), 6 marks and 4 tackles to be one of Port’s best. 
  3. Peter Ladhams (123). Not surprisingly a career best score here for the young Port ruckman. He racked up 35 hitouts, 18 touches (14 contested), 5 clearances and the 1 goal on the night. 
  4. Tom Liberatore/Marcus Bontempelli (114). A tie up here. Liberatore had a massive 20 contested possessions in his 24 touches, and along with 4 tackles, made it his fifth hundred of the season, while for Bont, it was his fourth of the year, which came on the back of 22 touches (16 contested), 8 clearances and 5 tackles.
  5. Jack Macrae (113). Hundred number seven in 2020 for one of the best scoring midfielders in the game. Another 27 touches, 7 tackles and 5 clearances on the night helped him round out the top 5. 



Other notable scorers: A couple of other low hundred scores here to finish the game. For the Doggies , Sam Lloyd (103) was good up forward with 2 goals and 15 touches, while long kicking defender Williams had 17 touches, 437 metres gained and 105 points. For the ladder leaders, superstar Robbie Gray (106) kicked 2 goals, had 15 touches and layed 5 tackles, while at either end of the ground, Jonas (107) and Dixon (103) played their roles to perfection. Tim English (93) slightly bounced back from last week’s disappointment score, while returning players McKenzie (95) and Dunkley (90) each scored well. First-gamer Boyd Woodcock had 11 touches in 80% game time to score 43, while fellow youngster Weightman (20) won’t make much coin with 5 disposal, 1 goal games. A suspension out of this game went to slightly Supercoach relevant player Sam Mayes (67), who copped a week for his high bump to Richards.

Disappointment: He’s had an outstanding year to date but Travis Boak (67) has had a down month, only scoring the one ton. 

Richmond (12.10.82) defeated Brisbane (4.17.41)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Richmond: Riewoldt (4), Lynch (3), Aarts (2)

Brisbane: Zilch

  1. Lachie Neale (149). Despite the Lions losing by a considerable margin, Neale kept his amazing scoring going, this week having 26 touches (10 contested) and 5 clearances to once again lead all scorers, the fourth time he has done so this year. 
  2. Oscar McInerney (128). The third 120+ score this year for the Big O. He played solo ruck on Tuesday night and comprehensively beat Soldo, finishing the night with 11 touches, 3 tackles and 19 hitouts. 
  3. Harris Andrews (127). A second 127 on the season for the Lions best backman, he had 15 touches of the ball while also hauling in 10 marks, while running at a very good 86% DE, now averaging 92 on the season. 
  4. Jayden Short (125). The best scoring Tiger was the long-kicking backman, pushing his season average up to 98. 23 touches at 100% DE boosted his score, as did his 577 metres gained.  
  5. Jarryd Lyons (121). The fifth time this year he’s finished in the top 5 scores of the game, this time on the back of 26 touches (10 contested) and 7 marks. Having a very good season and a chance to steal some Brownlow votes off Neale. 



Other notable scorers: A couple of other decent scores here. For Brisbane, it was Hugh McCluggage (114) bringing up his fifth ton of the year due to his 22 touch game, while high-flyer Lincoln McCarthy (107) made it back-to-back tons with his game of 16 touches and 1 goal. Over on the Tigers side of things, Dustin Martin (111) continued his hot run of form with 24 touches and 604 metres gained, while a single point above him was Liam Baker, who gained 580 metres gained from his 26 touches out of defence. Shai Bolton continued his rise to stardom with a 24 disposal, 1 goal, 106 point Supercoach score game, with big forward Lynch (109) rounding out the 100 scorers, his first since round 2. Jack Riewoldt (98) and Noah Balta (96) were the only players in the 90’s, with the next best for Brisbane being Witherden (85), who had 19 touches and 10 marks. First gamer Jack Payne (45) was good for 9 touches and 5 marks, while second gamer Ballenden (20) only had 3 touches and 3 hitouts. Unfortunate news for the Lions comes in the form of a hamstring injury to young star Cameron Rayner (35), which took him out of the game at half time. 

Disappointment: Besides the Lions woeful kicking for goal, it was Skinner’s score of 26 that was the most unwelcome number of the night, he won’t be generating much cash with that return!

Geelong (13.12.90) defeated North Melbourne (9.3.57)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Geelong: Miers (4), Hawkins (3), Z.Guthrie (2)

North Melbourne: Hosie (2)

  1. Mark Blicavs (127). Blicavs played an all around game, and his statline on the night showed that. 7 hitouts, 19 touches (13 contested), 6 clearances and 3 tackles allowed him to take home the best score of the evening.
  2. Cam Guthrie (125). His hot run of form continued, pushing his season average into the hundreds for the first time in his career. His fifth hundred in his last seven outings came on the back of 29 touches and 6 clearances, with a solid DE of 75%.
  3. Gryan Miers (119). A career best score for the second year Cat, who was extremely dangerous up forward, kicking 4 goals from his 11 touches.
  4. Tom Hawkins (115). Another Geelong forward in the mix here, Tomahawk kicked 3 goals to take his season tally to 19, while also having 14 disposals and 7 marks on the night. Is actually averaging 99 on the season now which surprised me.
  5. Trent Dumont (110). His fourth hundred in a row, Dumont led the Kangaroos Supercoach scoring due to his 16 disposal (10 contested), 8 tackle and 5 clearance performance through the middle of the ground.



Other notable scorers: Another 8 players hit the ton here, so firstly for Geelong it was the ever consistent duo of Menegola (109) and Duncan (101), who had 28 and 20 disposals respectively, while also both kicking a goal. The others were recruit Jack Steven (105), (who had his best game for the club with 21 touches, 4 tackles and 450 metres gained) and youngster Lachie Fogarty who had a career best score and disposal count of 102 and 23. Over for the Shinboners, it was the ageless duo of Goldstein (102) and Higgins (109), while also young midfield stars Anderson (100) and Jy Simpkin (103), who returned to the hundred club after a few lean weeks on the back of 25 touches and 1 goal. Luke McDonald (95) and Robbie Tarrant (90) were the next best for the Kangas, while for Geelong it was Dangerfield (89). First gamer Lachlan Hosie (54) kicked 2 goals and had 9 touches up forward for a pretty decent first game, but unfortunately for North, their injuries soured the loss further, with ankle issues taking time out of Pittard and Daw’s night, while a knee injury ended Ben Brown’s night very early on.

Disappointment: Tom Stewart was cheap this week and might be for a little longer after his 17 touch, 5 mark game only netted him 68 points. 

Adelaide (5.7.37) defeated by Melbourne (13.10.88)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Adelaide: Seedsman (2)

Melbourne: Weideman (3), Viney, Fritsch, Jackson (2)

  1. Clayton Oliver (205). Huge huge game for Clayton, overtaking English by a single point to claim 2020’s highest score. He had a ridiculous 33 touches, of which 22 were contested, while also having 11 clearances, 6 tackles, 5 marks, 515 metres gained, and to top it all off, his first goal of 2020.
  2. Christian Petracca (132). His fellow midfield bull also played a great game, finishing up with 20 touches (half contested), 4 clearances and 8 tackles. If only he’d have slotted his three shots on goal, it would’ve been 150+
  3. Rory Laird/Luke Brown (120). A tie up here for a couple of very reliable Crows. Rory had his best score of the season on the back of 20 touches and 7 tackles, while Brown produced the best score of his 160 game career, courtesy of 20 touches at 95% DE, as well as 497 metres gained. 
  4. Matt Crouch (112). The fifth hundred of the season for the ball-finding midfielder, this week consisting of 27 touches (12 contested), 8 tackles and 7 clearances to push his season average a smidge below 100.
  5. Jack Viney (109). Now averaging just under 110, the former skipper notched his fourth ton in five games, playing his usual role in the middle of the ground. Ultimately finished with 22 touches, 2 goals and 8 clearances. 



Other notable scorers: The other three players in the 100’s were big men Max Gawn (107), Jake Lever (103) and Steven May (100). Gawn, who has admitted to playing with a shoulder injury, finished with 11 touches and 29 hitouts, Lever had 10 touches at 80% DE, while May had 16 touches and 420 metres gained. From there, scores drop pretty quick, with only Lynch (95), Weideman (94) and Brayshaw (91) being in the “good but not great” scoring range. A couple of debutants here in this game for the Crows. Harry Schoenberg, who was pick 24 in last years draft, made his debut as part of the midfield group, finishing with 12 touches and 59 points, while Lachlan Sholl, a fourth round pick from the 2018 draft, played his first game down back and finished with 10 touches and 52 points. Lockhart, Salem and Neal-Bullen  were all reported in this game, while injuries went to Vandenberg with a head injury, and Hamill with a concussion which might see the previously mentioned Neal-Bullen miss a number of weeks. (4 to be exact)

Disappointment: Reilly O’Brien has gone extremely well this year, averaging in the 100’s but this was unfortunately his worst so far, only managing 50 points. 

Collingwood (6.14.50) defeated Sydney (6.5.41)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Collingwood: Zilch

Sydney: Thurlow (2)


  1. Brodie Grundy (147). After a couple of weeks that were not up to his usual standard, Grundy returned in a big way to help secure Collingwood an important win. He had 16 touches (12 contested), 6 clearances, 7 tackles and 32 hitouts to have the highest score of the night. 
  2. Taylor Adams (138). After producing his worst score of the season, Adams also bounced back with a great game, gathering 29 touches, 4 tackles, 1 goal and over 450 metres gained for his club.
  3. Jake Lloyd (133). His ninth score in triple figures in a row, Lloyd did his usual role, picking up touches at will across halfback, overall gathering 25 of them and gaining 421 metres. 
  4. Jack Madgen (128). By far the best score of his career, Madgen had 16 touches (10 contested), 4 tackles and ran at a very good DE of 87%.
  5. Jordan Dawson (121). After I gave him the disappointment last week, Dawson responded with his best score of the season, racking up 17 touches, 8 marks and 4 tackles on the evening to round out the top 5.


Other notable scorers: Three other players in tripe figures here, one from the Swans and two to the Pies. For the Swans, it was a bloke who I thought retired, and his name is Jackson Thurlow. In his first game for the season, he had a ripping game, picking up 15 touches, 2 goals and 3 tackles to score 118 points, while over on the Pies side of things, Josh Daicos (109) probably had the best game of his young career, having 25 touches and a game clinching goal, while the other was premium defender Maynard (106), who had 19 touches and 4 tackles. Sidebottom, Sier, Treloar, Mihocek and Rowbottom were all in the 90’s, while this game also saw a couple of debuts, one for each side. Sam Wicks (80) had 9 touches, 1 goal and 6 tackles, while Ruscoe had 7 touches, 1.3 and 43 points. Unfortunately injuries soured the win for Collingwood, with swingman Hoskin-Elliott going down early with a knee issue, Qauynor with a shin issue, and Treloar with a hamstring injury.

Disappointment: He’s been incredible this year but Luke Parker was bound to eventually put in a poor score, this week registering 77 on the back of only 12 touches.

Gold Coast (11.8.74) defeated by St Kilda (12.6.78)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Gold Coast: King (3), Rankine, Miller, Powell (2)

St Kilda: Butler (4), Steele, Battle (2)

  1. Rowan Marshall (143). His second best return of the season to push his average back into triple figures. Marshall didn’t waste any of his 17 touches, while also kicking 1 goal, having 5 marks and having 11 hitouts. 
  2. Jack Steele (124). Well there’s another one for Steele, who is having a massive year. This week he kicked 2 goals, held 5 tackles, took 8 marks and gathered 21 possessions.
  3. Dan Butler (116). He was electric all night with 4 goals up forward, many of them coming from difficult scoring positions. He also gathered 13 touches and had 4 tackles in a BOG performance. 
  4. Touk Miller (109). Would probably be leading the Sun’s B’n’F right now, he’s been incredibly consistent. Another solid game of 18 touches, 7 marks and 2 goals for the young leader of the Suns.
  5. Brandon Ellis (108). Only his second triple figure score since becoming a Sun, Ellis roamed just outside the pack all night to record 23 touches and 7 tackles to be one of the better Sun’s on the night.



Other notable scorers: The only other Sun in triple figures was co-captain Witts, who had 10 touches, 25 hitouts and 5 clearances for 107 points. Over on the Saints side of things, it was the outside run of Billings (104) that helped him gather 27 touches, and youngster Clark (106) was good under pressure down back, finishing with 19 touches (10 contested) and 84% DE. Heaps of players in the 90’s with Greenwood, Powell, Lukosius, Collins, Wilkie and Hind all getting close to the magical figure. Scores from there are more spread, with popular picks Rankine (83), Budarick (55), Anderson (60) and Max King (60) all scoring alright. The only debutant in this game was Jeremy Sharp, who was pick 27 in last year’s draft. He played through the middle at times and ultimately finished up with 9 touches and 34 points. 

Disappointment: If you kept Ben Long while waiting out his suspension, you’d be rage trading now. He gave away 4 free kicks, recorded 5 clangers and only had 5 touches to finally score an underwhelming 12.

Essendon (8.7.55) defeated by GWS (8.11.59)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Essendon: Langford (2)

GWS: Cameron, Shaw (2)

  1. Lachie Whitfield (131). Five hundreds in a row for Whitfield, this his second best score of the season, ultimately finishing up with 26 touches at a very good 80% DE
  2. Zach Merrett (119). He was let off the leash on Friday night, racking up a massive 33 touches and a absolutely massive 658 metres gained on the night, his fourth hundred for the season. 
  3. Adam Saad (115). A really good game for the speedy half-backman from the Bombers, he had 20 touches, a long goal and a ridiculous 758 metres gained on the night. I’m taking a guess that it was a season high in metres gained for any player.
  4. Stephen Coniglio (114). A really good game from the Giants skipper, who finished up with 26 touches (11 contested), 6 clearances and the 1 goal making him one of the best for his team.
  5. Devon Smith/Zac Williams (105). A tie to finish up the round. Devon Smith finally got a score coaches wanted, nabbing his third 105 for the season from 18 touches and 4 tackles, while Williams only had 13 touches but used it well at 84% DE.



Other notable scorers: Another five players scoring low hundreds here. The only one of them all was premium defender Ridley (101), who had 17 touches, 8 marks and a pretty good 82% DE, but unfortunately finished early with a shoulder concern. Over for the Giants, it was big man Mumford (101), who played his enforcer roll and finished with 11 touches (10 contested), 6 clearances and 30 hitouts, while the others were premium defender Haynes (102) and defender turned forward Shaw (104), who kicked 2 goals for only the 6th time in his career. The smooth moving Josh Kelly (104) also joined the hundred club, picking up 22 touches and 4 tackles to score his sixth ton of the year. Players in the 90’s were Hurley, McGrath, Zerk-Thatcher, Ward and Taranto, while a couple of downgrade options in Draper (74) and O’Halloran (68) both scored well. Unfortunately an injury in this game went to Townsend who got a concussion very early. 

Disappointment: Dylan Shiel (55) unfortunately returned his worst score of the season, registering only 15 touches on the night.


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