Rookie Review – Rd 12, 2021

Written by Chillo on June 8 2021

You thought the bye rounds were hard enough already? In the words of the immortal Bachman Turner Overdrive:

“B-b-b-b-baby, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

The decision to move the Tigers-Eagles game to this weekend means that eight teams – almost half the comp – will have the week off in the following round. Supercoach HQ has tried to help us out with a couple of extra trades, but the harsh truth is that it’s going to be a mad scramble over the next few days to get as many warm bodies as possible for next week. It’s Supercoach’s answer to Amen Corner or the Khumbu ice fall. It’s Round 14.

Sound strategy this week will involve offloading as many Round 14 rookies as possible (think Rowe, RCD, Warner, Berry etc), and hopefully finding some Round 12 bye premiums to replace them. And then prayer. Lots of prayer. And maybe a sacrificed goat.

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 12. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Trent BIANCO* (MID)COL$123 90075 (79)-84
James MADDEN (FWD)BRL$176 100DNP (64)-41
Harry EDWARDSWCE$203 400 (+$39.3K)83 (62)-23
Oscar CLAVARINO*STK$123 90045 (41)-8
Nicholas MURRAYADE$181 000DNP (52)0
Lachlan JONESPTA$220 300BYE (65)3
Luke FOLEY*WCE$127 90067 (35)6
Liam STOCKERCAR$243 400 (+$19K)71 (49)24
Jaxon PRIORBRL$245 800 (-$0.8K)61 (52)26
Nathan MURPHYCOL$197 200 (+$11.7K)37 (48)33
Nik COX (FWD)ESS$292 900 (+$29.6K)95 (59)40
Thomas HIGHMORESTK$186 900 (-$6.8K)17 (47)58
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$270 600BYE (53)80

Goodbye for now: Menadue, Butler.

THE GOOD: Finally Bombers fans can take a Monday off from hyperventilating as Cox earns a belated Rising Star nomination. 23 possessions and eight marks for the lanky wingman was a nice farewell for his owners before he trots off for bye week. HEdwards was terrific in defence for a severely undermanned but victorious Eagles outfit, including 9 marks and 7 intercepts amongst his score. Bianco impressed again and is one of the must-gets this week for those who didn’t go early on him. 16 touches and a maiden goal for the Pies youngster, who may well be a keeper for the remainder of the season if he can maintain this form. Finally, Foley was freed of the vest duties and played very nicely in the Eagles win, 16 touches and a maiden goal putting him on the bubble also this week.

THE BAD: Murphy actually played pretty well from a team sense, but occasionally Supercoach numbers don’t reflect effort and such is the case here. Do you hold onto him for now, knowing he’s among the raft of absentees next week?

THE UGLY: Highmore just can not get a run at it in the Saints backline, and yet another green vest for him saw him actually lose cash this week. Does a dislocated shoulder for Geary open the door? Or does it get slammed in his face – again?

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Ronin O'CONNOR*ADE$123 90015 (31)12
Ryan BYRNESSTK$251 100 (+$25.9K)48 (58)29
Jay RANTALL*COL$123 90014 (20)35
Charlie LAZZARONTH$188 500BYE (36)37
Sam BERRYADE$240 000DNP (51)50
James JORDONMEL$367 000 (-$2.9K)82 (73)52
Riley COLLIER-DAWKINSRIC$237 900 (-$5.2K)27 (57)59
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$239 900DNP (47)68
Tom POWELLNTH$322 000BYE (69)92
Luke EDWARDSWCE$117 30063 (63)N/A

Goodbye for now: Naish, Garcia

THE GOOD: Steady as she goes for Jordon this week, as the cash cow of the year posted yet another solid 80-odd. He has dropped some cash, but should make it up after his next game – trade or hold? LEdwards was the third of the West Coast Musketeers to impress in the upset win over the Blues, running up and down the wing and posting 15 possessions on his big league debut.

THE BAD: O’Connor has a reputation for being a tackling machine, but he recorded a sweet duck egg in that particular column to rule himself out as a possible downgrade option.

THE UGLY: Collier-Dawkins is actually an inside midfielder. Not that you’d know it after watching the Dreamtime at the Optus on Saturday night, as he spent almost the entire game jammed in the forward pocket and looking pretty miserable about it. Lost cash this week but you could possibly hold him for one more game – or not.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Callum COLEMAN-JONES* (FWD)RIC$161 20086 (99)-102
Ned REEVES*HAW$123 900BYE (86)-98
Josh TREACY (FWD)FRE$161 900 (+$38.5K)88 (39)-32
Jordon SWEETWBD$226 000DNP (59)21
Riley THILTHORPE (FWD)ADE$276 700 (+$13.1K)76 (64)27
Bailey J. WILLIAMS (FWD)WCE$207 800 (-$9.4K)11 (42)68
Matt FLYNNGWS$367 700BYE (89)74
Tom CAMPBELL (FWD)NTH$333 100BYE (61)85
Joel AMARTEY (FWD)SYD$195 60066 (66)N/A
Max LYNCH (FWD)COL$123 90046 (46)N/A

In keeping with the bizarro nature of this season, once again there’s lots and lots to talk about in the world of rookie rucks this week! Coleman-Jones was terrific again, looking dangerous in the forward line and providing some relief in the ruck as well. Now on the bubble he comes with a slightly elevated price tag – and you should pay it gladly. Treacy finally broke through for the Dockers and produced the score that his owners would’ve been hoping for. Three goals and he was a shining light up forward for the Dockers, so hopefully there’s more where that came from. Amartey made his debut for the Swans and probably isn’t Supercoach relevant given the other options, but he looks a likely type as a slightly under-sized but incredibly mobile ruck option. Finally, don’t forget about Reeves – coming off the bye and on the bubble, if selected he is a very viable option this week too.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Max HOLMES* (MID)GEE$121 800BYE (57)-40
Tom WILSONCOL$136 100DNP (34)-2
Malcolm ROSAS*GCS$123 900BYE (35)5
Zach SPROULEGWS$185 300BYE (47)9
Alec WATERMANESS$202 700 (+$22.8K)57 (54)10
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$134 300DNP (33)15
Caleb POULTER (MID)COL$296 300 (+$34.9K)89 (72)22
Sam FLANDERSGCS$260 300BYE (53)25
Cody WEIGHTMANWBD$269 400 (+$42.1K)80 (77)28
Paddy DOW (MID)CAR$198 200 (+$6K)71 (45)31
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$328 500 (+$18.7K)76 (69)35
Matthew OWIESCAR$229 400 (+$13.2K)55 (56)37
Harrison JONESESS$258 700 (-$4.4K)17 (46)59
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$273 800 (-$7.9K)75 (54)70
Chad WARNERSYD$300 800 (-$11K)39 (69)77
James ROWEADE$295 600 (-$11.5K)32 (58)90

THE GOOD: Taken at pick 30, Poulter is an absolute find for the Pies this year. Rangy with a great tank and the ability to find space, it’s easy to see that mullet running the wing in black and white for many years to come. Weightman is pretty much the anti-Poulter, with the blonde mop and in-your-face attitude, but he can play a bit too. More goals, more points and reasonably solid job security now too. Scott seems to be highly regarded at the Dogs as he came straight back in after a week’s rest. The good people at Champion Data seem to like him too, as his nine disposal effort earned him a nice little score that should enable him to win back some of that lost cash if you’re prepared to hold him through the bye week.

THE BAD: Owies was actually terrific for the Blues, which unfortunately speaks volumes about that team’s general effort on the weekend. When a rookie small forward is among your best, something’s not right.  

THE UGLY: Rowe and Warner have both smashed headlong into the rookie wall in the past fortnight. If you were hoping they could make it to their bye week, you thought wrong pal!


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10 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 12, 2021”

  1. Great write up again Chillo, love the references to the Titanic.
    Treacy is the frustrating one really, looked at home on Sunday and looks ready to consolidate, a perfect fit for my CCJ dual R/F but the change to the bye rounds has completely stuffed that up. After this week I’m down to 10 trades(using 2 this week.) There’s some hope that mid season rookies will avail themselves for selection in the next few weeks but with so little trades how do we take advantage of it? Need to build the bank and hope that the likes of Lyons/Oliver throw in a bad one. I’m still perplexed with the top 6 forwards, Bailey Dale keeps putting his hand up Bolton comes from a winning team whose players ceiling rarely breaks 110. Maybe Danger when his back and has played a couple, might even get him in the low 500k


  2. Thanks Chillo.

    Bianco, Reeves and CCJ look like must gets.

    Fingers crossed for Newcombe or Brockman getting named R14 They hopefully save me a certain donut .

    Cheers for a great Review.


      1. Both look rock solid to me. Lynch is injured and I’m not sure what you could say Ceglar is. 🙂

        Neither has set a foot wrong since debut and both sides have clealy worse performing players, along with players such as RCD being played out of position to provide warm bodies.

        Of the two, Reeves has the most risk, but lets be frank here. Hawthorn’s season is already over and giving opportunity to players like Reeves, Koschitzke, DGB and others is basically as good as they can salvage out of 2021, along with potential tasty draft picks…

        Lets hope their coach and selection panel are smart enough to work that out.


        1. Worth noting also Hawks signed Reeves upto a contract extension.

          I think he’s leapfrogged Ceglar


    1. McGovern, Kelly, Shuey, Sheppard and Duggan all back post their round 14 bye. Duggan possibly this week.
      Allen and Kennedy will return this week.



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