Poll: Extra Trades & Grundy

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 8 2021

With the addition of two extra trades and the ability to make up to four a week as a make-shift remedy to the R14 megabye, AJ and FT raised the idea of making some aggressive maneuvers, including potentially trading Grundy, to maximise on-field point, grab some extra premos and get as close to 18 on field in R14.

Lot of strong opinions both ways, so thought it’d make for a decent poll and generate some discussion. Picks up from Sal’s Trade or Hold poll this afternoon.

So, to kick things off:

Have the extra trades changed your strategy?

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In order to get as close to 18 on field as possible in R14, will you be burning trades?

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For those who are running and gunning, has the following proposition crossed your mind?

Are you now reconsidering trading Grundy?

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27 thoughts on “Poll: Extra Trades & Grundy”

  1. Latest news is that Grundy is expected to be available for round 15.

    “The signs have really alleviated… Progressing well in non-contact football training. Aiming to be in full football program after the bye round.” Kevin White, HP Manager.


  2. I’m in a position where I have a lot of trades left, and need to be aggressive.
    I already traded Grundy to NicNat last week which was looking like a good move, but now that the West Coast & Richmond game has been brought forward, my Round 14 is toast.
    Zorko is also gone for me this week, may potentially go for Touk Miller as a megaPOD who will play both remaining byes. Otherwise I’m looking at Lyons, Kelly (shudder) or Petracca to save a bit of cash.


    1. Had my eyes on Miller for a while, he comes in this week for me.

      Petracca very fun to own/watch, just strap in for his DE and clanger issues. Has the raw stats to do 120+ each week but kicks himself out of it.


  3. GD,
    IMO it may depend on where you are currently sitting in your leagues.
    I will be using the extra trades as a bonus to make money in SCT, and SCTTL to make points, and with no non-selections (HaHa…yeah right..) work with what happens next.


  4. Thanks Gunboat.

    Sorry in advance for the essay but…

    This is such a season defining week.

    I guess I’m some where in the middle. I’m going to market, but I’m not selling the farm .

    I’m going to hold Grundy, Zorko will probably go, for reasons discussed on the Trade or Hold post.

    I’m willing to cop a donut R14 to not miss CCJ’s cash growth.

    I’m not willing to use a trade on someone like Highmore for the sake of only $70K and a rookie score on field R14.

    My plan is to trade out Zorko and at least 5 R14 Bye rookies in the next 2 weeks.

    This week..

    Zorko- Hall
    Rowe – J Kelly

    RCD – Langford.
    Berry – Downgrade ?
    Poulter – $550K Mid or F Dale

    After all of this I should have 16 playing R14.

    ( I had planned for 18 but Short and Dusty 🙁 )

    12 Premo’s and 4 rookies.

    I’m happy to cop one zero but maybe not two. I don’t see much value it moving on Highmore or Brockman for little cash to just get an extra rookie score on field.

    The other option is to sideways one of Short . B Crouch or Brayshaw.

    If I go Short – Houli will probably go down the next week and he will kill it for the rest of the year.

    So It’s probably out of Brayshaw and Crouch , who were both great last week. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

    Even with a sideways ( Barring Injury ) I will have 6 trades and only one upgrade left, With Weightman, Jones, CCJ and Bianco as cover.

    How many are you likely to field R 14 ?


    1. Yep, think CCJ worth biting the bullet for. A must have rookie, exactly. 16 in R14 is really competitive and I love the Langford pick, sounds good.

      Yeah, tricky for me rn. Come up with something a little radical involving Grundy…

      Usually a BIG proponent of holding and at first I was like “f*ck no, no way I’m moving on Grundy” (especially after holding him a week) but the extra trades and need to insulate against the R14 mega bye led me to drum this set of trades up:

      Grundy -> Reeves

      BANK: 698k

      Warner -> Cameron
      RCD -> Whitfield (via Bianco DPP)
      Poulter -> Miller

      In come three post-bye premos, leaves me with CCJ & Reeves @ R2/3, 8 trades left and just Jones D6 and Weightman F6 to upgrade. Also gives me 15 playing in R14, so then have that week’s trades to try and get close to 18.

      Think this might work for my team specifically because I’ve been a couple premos behind most of the comp all season. I didn’t start an F3 or any midpricers (big mistake) and instead went for 12 bonafide topshelf keepers, so had more rookies on field then most each week.

      So, yeah, deliberating the maneuver rn.


      1. I don’t mind it.

        I’m not sold on Cameron. I guess at <$400k there's not much to look at.

        I had a sneaky at the Pepper Pig. $424K

        He's got three round ave of 103.7 and a very low BE 16.

        He could be option for F6 or stepping stone to Danger in a few weeks if you have the trades.This may not work for you as you may need Grundy back ?

        I've decided to wait a week and get Langford at $474K

        So many options with extra trades and 4 available this week.


        1. “Pepper Pig” lol.

          Nah, not sold on him. Been in and out of the side.

          Would prefer to wait for Langford, but Warner’s likely to be rested this week and would lose more cash if he played.

          The picks are subject to change (eg. now scared off of Whitfield), main thing is whether that Grundy move is sound structurally.

          Will let it stew, ty FT.


            1. Yeah, jogged instead of training today per CT’s update.

              Think I might go Scrimshaw instead. Pocket the 40k and save myself the potential headf*ck of Whitfield and the GWS lobotomy team.


              1. Also have Houston as another one of those injury prone / high ceiling players GD. Also priced modestly @430k


                1. he’s been playing too much mid / on ball over the last few weeks.

                  He scores like a premo if playing out of the back, in the mids he gets lost and scores shite … he’s a no go for me!


              2. Considered Blake Hardwick? As far as averages for defenders who have had the bye he’s right near the top.


    2. I’m leaning the other way. Grundy has 2 cheap cash generating replacements in Reeves and CCJ.

      Obviously CCJ is looking great but Reeves has now had his bye and can help your ruck situation for the mega-bye.

      But there’s very few good FWD/MID options, so at this point of the two I think I’ll keep Zorko.

      He’s also got a 122 as his last score which helps the decision as well.

      Even if coming back fully fit Grundy has price drops so will be easier to bring back in.


  5. Holding Grundy, might just do Heeney -> Langford next week to get myself to 14 playing in R14…..


    1. as opposed to …? … *wink*!! … Nah, your just really nervous for our match up this week Wightman!! Though that bye change has helped you no end!!


  6. Thanks for the shoutout guys – glad to have ignited some divisive discourse!

    I am definitely still leaning towards trading Grundy but Whitfield running laps away from the main group this morning has sent apprehension through my veins.

    With Duncan, Rowell, Danger all returning with large BEs, I’m starting to think maybe holding Poulter M8 is wiser than CCJ R2.

    But the temptation of an additional 200 points over next two weeks may prove too strong…


    1. While Duncan’s BE is high, it’s nowhere near as large as Danger or Rowell. For the 30-40k you’d save by waiting Duncan to bottom out in a couple of weeks, the points are probably more than worth it.


    1. We were given two extra trades so now 32.

      you can use up to 4 trades this week and next week.


  7. Not trading Grundy last round cost me 5 leagues and over 1000 places.

    With the shuffling of the byes to have 8 teams out in round 14 it’s just too many players to carry. Especially with Zorko.

    His money will bring me Hall and Kelly this week. That will let me bring Bont in next week for Jordan, then after the byes I’ll be cashing out Flynn and some rookies to bring him back in.

    Those two extra trades have completely changed my approach.



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