Rookie Review – Rd 14, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 31 2020

A whole heaps of cows had a run-in with the blade this weekend, with notable picks such as Draper, Woodcock, Cottrell, Bytel and Cavarra all going missing. However there were a couple of outstanding performances – along with a whole raft of mediocre ones – handed in by the rookies in the first of this run of three bye rounds. Hopefully you managed to catch a couple of the good ones and count them among your best 18!

Here’s a recap of all the rookies from round 14.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$256 800 (n/a)BYE (57)-23
Matthew COTTRELLCAR$162 100 (n/a)DNP (44)0
Trent RIVERS (MID)MEL$206 700 (+$26K)68 (53)3
Tom MURPHYNTH$203 200 (+$24K)55 (49)7
Jordon BUTTSADE$123 900BYE (40)12
Lachlan SHOLLADE$205 500 (n/a)BYE (54)32
Trey RUSCOE (MID)COL$161 100 (n/a)DNP (39)41
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$224 100 (-$16K)41 (49)42
Ben MCKAYNTH$283 100 (-$1K)54 (64)50
Jarrod BRANDER (FWD)WCE$266 500 (+$3K)36 (58)55
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$272 400 (-$4K)68 (54)56
Will DAYHAW$315 900 (+$3K)67 (70)64
Tom WILLIAMSONCAR$293 500 (-$2K)50 (57)73
Stephen HILL (FWD)FRE$267 500 (-$19K)20 (56)111

CHEERS: Day continues to putter along, delivering solid 60-something scores without really looking like doing much more than that. Having already been through the bye, he might be worth holding on to for bench cover if you still have him – you’ll be hoping he doesn’t get “managed” at some stage in the next four games though! Rivers came back and showed the attacking flair we saw glimpses of earlier in the season, racking up 16 possessions and six marks. Can he keep his spot in a victorious Dees lineup?

JEERS: I really hope you’re not among the 12% of coaches who still have Hill in their team. Yuck!

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Xavier O'NEILLWCE$150 000 (+$26K)52 (56)-20
Sam WICKSSYD$208 300 (+$21K)68 (60)-1
Harry SCHOENBERGADE$190 400 (n/a)BYE (53)0
Thomson DOWRIC$117 30049 (49)0
Jack BYTELSTK$190 500 (n/a)DNP (58)17
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$275 800 (n/a)DNP (60)20
Oleg MARKOVRIC$255 100 (+$11K)55 (63)53
Justin MCINERNEYSYD$244 500 (+$12K)42 (59)55
Tyler BROWNCOL$225 900 (-$6K)52 (52)55
Jye CALDWELLGWS$283 100 (n/a)DNP (63)65
Caleb SERONGFRE$366 200 (-$17K)54 (75)79
Marlion PICKETTRIC$358 600 (+$4K)48 (71)84
Noah ANDERSONGCS$393 600 (+$24K)116 (72)87

CHEERS: Anderson’s erratic run of scores continues, with a second huge ton in three games sandwiching that bizarre 35 from last week. That sort of inconsistency is typical of rookies but it’s still surprising to see such a range of scores follow each other! 23 possessions for the Suns tyro in his side’s big win over the inept Roos. Wicks had a good week (six touches and a game-high 9 tackles) and gathered some nice cash for his owners, driving his BE back into negative territory and ensuring he stays in your team for at least one more game.

JEERS: It’s hard to be critical of a Rising Star candidate, but Serong lost more cash after he fell well short of his owner’s expectations despite 15 possessions.

TRADE TARGETS: The younger brother of Blues mid Paddy, Dow made his debut for the Tigers and acquitted himself nicely with 12 possessions. He would have scored higher except he only kicked the footy twice! Job security is the issue here but he should be a good player in the future at least. O’Neill had another good game despite some dodgy disposals (16 touches at 56%), and is still available at a fair price if you’re prepared to roll the dice on him keeping his spot in the Eagles’ lineup.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Sam DRAPERESS$271 500 (n/a)DNP (83)-21
Tristan XERRI (FWD)NTH$188 300 (n/a)DNP (50)12
Bailey J. WILLIAMS (DEF)WCE$123 90039 (39)13
Tom DE KONINGCAR$189 400 (+$15K)29 (44)46
Darcy CAMERON (FWD)COL$255 300 (-$31K)32 (56)96

Not much to talk about here this week. Williams made his debut for the Eagles, but will probably be relying on NicNat having a rest in order to get another game. Hey Woosha, bring back Draper!

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jake RICCARDIGWS$173 300 (+$56K)94 (88)-71
Irving MOSQUITOESS$153 500 (+$30K)42 (60)-26
Minairo FREDERICKFRE$142 000 (n/a)DNP (34)-9
Zac FOOT (MID)SYD$141 100 (n/a)DNP (46)-6
Ben CAVARRAWBD$165 600 (n/a)DNP (45)-4
Tom FULLARTONBRL$123 900BYE (54)-2
Boyd WOODCOCKPTA$231 000 (n/a)DNP (64)8
Lachlan HOSIENTH$182 600 (+$16K)47 (48)9
Izak RANKINEGCS$337 600 (+$22K)130 (79)16
Darren MINCHINGTONHAW$168 300 (+$27K)43 (49)18
Nic REIDWCE$137 200 (+$18K)30 (37)23
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$217 500 (+$2K)61 (49)23
Bradley CLOSE (MID)GEE$233 100 (+$22K) 57 (56)32
Liam HENRY (MID)FRE$170 900 (-$1K)33 (36)32
Cameron POLSONCAR$138 50023 (23)35
Jake AARTSRIC$292 800 (+$4K)74 (61)46
Shane MCADAMADE$292 600 (n/a)BYE (58)47
James BELL (MID)SYD$243 400 (+$5K)35 (54)74
Mitchell GEORGIADESPTA$248 300 (n/a)DNP (59)77
Max KINGSTK$317 000 (-$5K)26 (61)108

CHEERS: There was notable debate last week about which cash cow to bring into your forward line, and it’s now clear that Riccardi was the correct answer there. The Giant booted 4.1 and clunked another nine marks, and even if Champion Data rated him the worst player on the ground I still reckon he can play a bit! Rankine completely demolished a lacklustre Kangaroos defence and looked dangerous every time he went near the Sherrin (13 possessions, with 11 contested at 84% efficiency). That score will kick start his cash gen again, so it’s a tough decision whether to cut and run now, or hold on to him through the bye and make a bit more moolah out of him afterwards.

JEERS: King struggled his way through a low-scoring affair against the Bombers and is now well and truly done in the rookie relevance stakes. Bell played deep forward on a tough day for the Swans and also struggled to get near the leather, managing only six possessions and a single goal.

TRADE TARGETS: Polson came in with some hype around his improvement this season, but unfortunately is still seemingly Supercoach irrelevant. Drat.


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 14, 2020”

  1. Thanks Chillo!

    The fact that Champion Data rated Riccardi as the worst player on the ground makes me wonder why I even bother with Supercoach seeing as it is run by spuds with that kind of logic!


  2. Loved the look of Fullerton in his first game but with Brisbane playing late in the round will probably be too hard to rely on him getting named to be brought in.


  3. After seeing that rating for Riccardi from CD. It really makes me wonder how he got the Rising Star nomination this round….
    Someone seems to be out of whack and something suspicious may be going on for that to occur



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