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Written by JimmyDee on August 31 2020

Finals Week One

Mrs Macca continues to outshine the old man with a score second only to The Phat Side (2183 to 2142) this week to nab a spot in the SCTTL 1 prelim and a handy two week break to sort out trades. No doubt the Mrs will be trading this week to stay on top of the overall so it will be interesting to see what direction that takes.

The other league 1 prelim spot was nabbed by that Convent Footy Club with the Nuns taking out the MBuzz team by a neat 100 points, 2093 – 1993. Seventh and eighth knocked off their higher ranked opponents to reach the knockout stage. Fixed Interest 2000 snuck in over Lindsay’s (Nato) Tech Difficulties by 66 points, and Alza’s Assassins swooped by 99 over lost Lands to stay in the hunt for the prized prelim spot.

In SCCTL 2, top side Ninius went down to 2 Ezy 2008 to 2056, with the other prelim side being Chips Ahoy with an epic 6 point victory over Daniels’ DR’s Tech Team 1997 to 1991. Continuing the trend, 7th and 8th Kelvinators and Terangatangs clawed their way over 5th and 6th to reach the knockout. Well done and the best of SC luck for the next round.

Top scorers for the round were Phat Side 2183, Mrs Macca 2142, JB Bombers 2132, Mutts Nutts2 2106 and 2 Ezy 2102 as the only sides to crack 2100 for the round. Top five stands at Mrs Macca, JB Bombers, All Nuns, 2 Ezy and Chips Ahoy in that order. The Golden Arches holds what I expect to be an unassailable lead of 761 to this point. This could be the last week to pounce.

Tell us your plans for the shortened round and how many you can field. Are you saving for the next phase, or are you planning on a little of both with ranking in the group being a little bit important to you?



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4 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Review”

  1. 3 premos out with the bye last week as well as 10 premos scoring less than 90.
    A little disappointed being out of the finals, but should do well in the overall this week, with only 6 premos out with the bye.
    A sideways trade is probably going to be made this week, but unsure yet on who it will end up being


  2. Pretty stiff to be done by me this week Nato. I should have had a good score but after being told there was internet where I was heading for the weekend, there wasn’t.!! Drove to Mataranka to trade Brodie Smith to Lloyd but got within range 7 minutes too late. Decided to go Jelly as a desperate measure to get some points and he ended up being left out of my top 18. Poor captain’s choice topped off what I thought would be a complete shellacking this week so I feel your pain mate.

    Still deciding whether to reserve trades and wait two weeks for the knockout or make a couple and maintain a little bit of ranking in the group. Neale has to come back in and Gawn should as well.


  3. Thanks as always JJ!
    Got lucky again with some very generous scoring from CD on a couple of my players … always a bonus when you get it – still doesn’t take away from how the pitfalls of SC is though … they need to tighten that up and scrap the 3300 points per match rule and scaling … would be so much more transparent and fair to all.

    Can I check, is the winner of the Tech League the side that scores the most over the course of the season? – If so I’ll aim for that!!

    That said, my planned trades for this week have been adversely affected by dubious scoring by CD over the last two rounds on the players I was looking to trade in and out … not happy Jan!! Affected to the tune of I am a lousy $100 short of the trades I wanted to make … back to the drawing board I guess!!

    Good luck all!



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