Tech Leagues Review

Written by JimmyDee on June 19 2022

1989 was the big one this week. Goopstars pulled off the number one podium and gold for the week, and if I’m not mistaken, for the first time. Great effort Fergal. The silver this week goes to the trading tyrant and his Ninjas with 1968, and bronze to Lost Lands with a well earned 1950 and enough momentum to jump into the top ten.

More than a third of coaches scored in the range of 1790s to mid 1800s with best of these BogEyes Ralph (1859) and Tumultuos Tons finalising the top five this week with 1836. Good job folks.

As if it was important, I scored more than a thousand better than last week with 1797 courtesy of 22 (some not even Luke warm) bodies. Didn’t make up any ground though. Ninjas is now only 179 behind the leader, but I suspect he’s already going into deficit by using next years trades.

How are we all off for trades in the run home. Fill out our little mini poll and let everyone know the generalised situation. As always, comments and explanations are great for all to take in and respond to, so let us know what you think.

how many trades do you have left for the run home ?

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5 thoughts on “Tech Leagues Review”

  1. Haha JD , if only that was possible!

    Just 3 left and have Preuss/Butters – will be stuck with Mccartin/Wehr at D6 and stuck with Lipinski/Anderson/Preuss as keepers.

    Butters will become Parker or Bont this week then praying to SC Gods for no more carnage.

    2nd overall is going to be as good as it gets methinks! Revised strategy will be required next year.

    Good luck for the rest of the season to all the techies out there!


  2. The jumperpunchers are down to 4 trades with Butters an issue and Nick Martin taking up F6, Jake Lloyd D6… will be a tough not to hit the trade button this week.
    Thanks Jimmy for all your work – love the Tech League


  3. Hmmmmm methinks the mad trader is trying to lull me into a false sense of security!!

    My lead has been constantly getting whittled away and I’m not sure I can hold Ninjas or the others close on my heels at bay!! They have too many quality players that are different to me … and unless something drastic happens with Merrett it will be a trade in I regret I fear!

    Not sure on what moves to make … or any this week and potentially hold trades for the final rounds … there is a long way to go!! … it’s going to be a rocky ride to the end for sure and the problem is always running out of trades and those that hold coming home in a rush!!

    Fingers, toes and everything crossed for no injuries to my side!!


  4. The TumultuousTons are definitely living up to their name with a ruck line of Witts/Pruess/Teakle giving me a headache and Butters going down making 5 trades seem like a very low number.
    900 is a long way back from here, but a bit of luck might make it possible. Loving the challenge


  5. Not managing my team the week before was costly but if there’s a positive it is that I still have 14 trades and 2 boosts. Not sure how I’ll use it, with Butters, Preuss and English a boost could be the way to go this week. As TT says, 900 is a fair way back but it is SuperCoach and anything can happen !!



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