Rookie Review – Rd 3, 2021

Written by Chillo on April 6 2021

Three rounds are now done, and that means player prices have now changed for those who have played every game. In particular, our rookies are now (hopefully) gathering value and have begun moving to a point where we can eventually move them on for more seasoned performers.

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 3. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Thomas HIGHMORE*STK$117 300DNP (69)-68
Heath CHAPMAN*FRE$148 800 86 (64)-41
Nikolas COX (FWD)ESS$204 500 (+$28.7K)93 (56)-15
Jordon BUTTSADE$214 100 (+$37.3K)95 (63)-6
Harry SHARP* (MID)BRL$117 300 DNP (36)-2
Lachie YOUNG (MID)NTH$244 200 (+$42.2K) 63 (71)14
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$141 700 (+$17.8K)22 (38)23
Neville JETTAMEL$202 900 (+$16.6K)42 (49)35
Jaxon PRIORBRL$123 900DNP (23)N/A
Nicholas MURRAYADE$102 400DNP (41)N/A
Luke PARKSCAR$102 40051 (51)N/A

THE GOOD: So it turns out that Nik Cox is a serious player after all! 17 possessions at 88% efficiency was a stunning contribution to the Bombers’ upset win, and will kickstart his cash generation for those who bravely held on to him. Butts also had a terrific week with 10 possessions and a game-high 13 one percenters in another Adelaide victory. Chapman is the best of the bubble boys this week after his 18 touch effort against the Blues, and he shapes as a blatantly obvious replacement (both on field and in Supercoach) for the hamstrung Hayden Young.

THE BAD: So many of us were relying on Koschitzke this week, and he responded with a stunning exhibition of dropped marks and a general struggle to find the footy. Thankfully he managed to snag a goal from a free kick in the third term to save his score from complete oblivion.

THE UGLY: Highmore (60% ownership) AND Sharp (25%) both get dropped before their bubble game? Supercoaches, we need to start sending fruit baskets to AFL coaches.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Errol GULDENSYD$241 100 (+$123.8K) 74 (116)-69
Stefan GIROFRE$170 000 (+$46.1K)87 (59)-50
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$135 500 (+$33.1K)54 (45)-30
Sam BERRYADE$169 200 (+$51.9K)58 (62)-28
James JORDONMEL$184 200 (+$60.3K)49 (70)-23
Charlie LAZZARONTH$126 200 (+$8.9K)33 (30)-12
Tom POWELLNTH$191 800 (+$38.5K)49 (59)-11
Tanner BRUHN*GWS$157 800DNP (40)13
Nicholas SHIPLEYGWS$123 90034 (34)N/A

THE GOOD: Giro is the mature-aged rookie that has been almost completely ignored by Supercoaches this year, but with Fyfe sidelined Stef has stepped into the breach. 20 possessions, including a memorable left-foot checkside that should contend for goal of the week, was a fantastic effort for the free-running Freo mid.

THE BAD: He’s been very profitable for us so far, but Jordon turned in his lowest score of the year so far from only 66% time on ground (team low). Is this a cause for concern going forward?

THE UGLY: Powell (14 disposals) and Lazzaro (7 disposals and a goal)  put in decent enough efforts, but it’s stating the obvious to say that the Kangaroos were absolutely putrid last Friday. Hopefully no panic buttons are pushed just yet, and the rookies can get a more substantial crack at this level of footy in the coming weeks.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Lloyd MEEKFRE$177 500 (+$53.6K)69 (65)-47
Matt FLYNNGWS$227 500 (+$103.6K)89 (102)-34
Paul HUNTER*STK$102 400 DNP (40)-19
Tom FULLARTON (FWD)BRL$149 000 (+$20.1K)48 (40)4

Flynn took on the might of Max and actually did quite well in a losing side, 13 possessions and 24 hitouts an excellent effort against a vastly more experienced opponent. Meek had another solid return but must be on shaky ground with Josh Treacy waiting in the wings and Lobb due to return from injury shortly. Fullarton played as the lone ruck for the Lions, but was comprehensively mauled in the hitouts by a dominant Grundy.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Chad WARNERSYD$228 700 (+$84.7K)112 (92)-72
Tyler BROCKMAN (MID)HAW$143 500 (+$26.2K)29 (43)-22
Michael FREDERICK*FRE$175 70067 (62)-21
Miles BERGMAN*PTA$123 900DNP (45)-16
Braeden CAMPBELL (MID)SYD$230 000 (+$40.7K)29 (68)-12
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$139 500 (+$37.1K)65 (48)-6
Logan MCDONALDSYD$245 700 (+$51.9K)74 (77)1
Jamaine JONES*WCE$182 40029 (49)10
Harrison JONESESS$143 100 (+$19.2K)63 (39)16
Francis EVANS*GEE$123 9001 (28)18
James ROWEADE$159 000 (+$41.7K)40 (54)34
Ned CAHILL*ESS$161 200DNP (26)43
Paddy DOW (MID)CAR$211 800 (+$9.4K)27 (47)44
Liam HENRY*FRE$184 50021 (29)51
Trey RUSCOE*COL$206 800DNP (19)83
Alec WATERMANESS$102 40081 (81)N/A
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$176 80083 (83)N/A
Max HOLMES (MID)GEE$121 80053 (53)N/A
Mitchell LEWISHAW$199 50083 (83)N/A
Archie PERKINS (MID)ESS$171 30036 (36)N/A
Connor BALLENDENBRL$146 10016 (16)N/A

THE GOOD: This week Warner took his turn as the Swans’ rookie star, with 20 possessions and two goals putting him in the frame to be Sydney’s third successive Rising Star nominee this season. Waterman got his chance in the Bombers’ forward line and responded with a couple of goals in a very solid debut, while Robertson also showed strong form first up with 17 touches and seven tackles. Both look to be good downgrade targets after this coming weekend.

THE BAD: After each player turned in exciting performances in round 2, Campbell and Brockman were equally disappointing in round 3. Campbell (12 disposals) was rarely sighted in the Swans’ upset of the Tigers, while Brockman (seven touches) struggled to make an impact against the experienced and disciplined Cats’ defence.

THE UGLY: Dow is officially the problem child of the early Supercoach rounds after a lethargic effort in the Blues’ big win over the Dockers. Far from certain to make his BE this coming weekend and must be considered for a trade if you have not already done so.


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6 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 3, 2021”

  1. Brilliant as always Chillo, thank you!

    Dow is goneski this week for me, showed some good signs in the first couple of weeks but this week he played like a potato. I like potatoes but not in my SC team!


  2. I appreciate the great work Chillo, definitely a couple of season-defining and interesting weeks coming!


  3. Glad you picked up Mitch Lewis too. Was going to point him out but you were on the ball.


  4. Thanks Chillo,
    Hey SCT community, is it too late to bring in Warner? I missed the start of game last week to bring him in-silly me.


  5. is it worth trading in Chapman or Berry if I am after a rookie? Both similarly priced.

    T/U Chapman
    T/D Berry


    1. Chapman is a solid option as his spot is guaranteed with Young out and I imagine that would improve his scoring as well.



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