Rookie Review – Rd 4, 2021

Written by Chillo on April 13 2021

So much carnage everywhere in round 4, and the rookies were no exception. Chances are you had at least one sub-30 score amongst your flock this week, and it may be time to consider moving on some of the lame ducks. How good is a mixed metaphor?

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 4. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Heath CHAPMANFRE$207 200 (+$58.4K)91 (73)-56
Nikolas COX (FWD)ESS$254 200 (+$49.7K)97 (66)-41
Luke PARKS*CAR$102 40023 (37)-14
Jordon BUTTSADE$230 800 (+$16.7K)31 (55)9
Zach GUTHRIE*GEE$180 50046 (49)9
Lachie YOUNG (MID)NTH$270 800 (+$26.6K) 74 (72)21
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$141 700DNP (38)23
Lachie JONESPTA$139 80061 (61)N/A
Rhyan MANSELLRIC$102 40043 (43)N/A
Lewis YOUNGWBD$198 30080 (80)N/A
Isiah WINDER (MID)WCE$117 30031 (31)N/A

Goodbye for now: Jetta, Prior, Murray, Sharp, Highmore

THE GOOD: Cox has now put together back-to-back 90s, richly rewarding those patient owners who stuck by him after a painfully slow start to his career. Zero clangers among his 18 possessions against the Swans was an outstanding effort. Chapman was also great for those who brought him in on the bubble in compiling 18 touches of his own and kicking his first goal in league footy. His job security looks solid now, especially with Freo winning. Finally, we officially have a new cult hero in Adelaide with Jones being cheered for every play he made on debut. 58% efficiency restricted his scoring somewhat but expect that to improve with experience.

THE BAD: Butts had a down week in terms of scoring despite another solid performance in the Crows defence. He was always going to be a slow burner though so his owners probably don’t mind too much – right?

THE UGLY: Koschitzke being managed made it tough for most coaches, and handed a fresh donut to an unlucky few. Hopefully he returns this week after the Hawks suffered a loss out west.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Stefan GIROFRE$170 000DNP (59)-51
Tom POWELLNTH$241 700 (+$49.9K)101 (70)-9
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$165 900 (+$30.4K)39 (44)4
Sam BERRYADE$204 200 (+$35K)51 (59)10
Charlie LAZZARONTH$147 000 (+$20.8K)35 (31)18
Will PHILLIPS*NTH$198 30046 (43)31
Errol GULDENSYD$301 700 (+$60.6K) 68 (104)35
James JORDONMEL$205 100 (+$20.9K)24 (58)47
Nicholas SHIPLEYGWS$123 900DNP (34)N/A

Goodbye for now: Bruhn

THE GOOD: He has the pedigree for high scoring and Powell turned in the first of what is sure to be many Supercoach tons, including 19 possessions and eight tackles. His break-even pushes back into negative territory and he is a safe hold for the time being.

THE BAD: I hate to be (extremely) harsh here but Gulden really should have scored better than he did. He had a couple of chances to ice the game late against the Bombers but butchered the ball in front of goals each time. Maybe a bit of rookie fatigue is setting in? Let’s hope not.

THE UGLY: For the second week in a row Jordon‘s TOG was heavily restricted (56%). Only four touches is just not good enough, and it’s questionable whether he can even hold his spot in the Dees’ 22 if this is all he can produce.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Matt FLYNNGWS$227 500DNP (102)-34
Tom FULLARTON (FWD)BRL$164 800 (+$15.8K)40 (40)8
Lloyd MEEKFRE$213 000 (+$35.5K)33 (57)23
Josh TREACY (FWD)FRE$102 40035 (35)N/A
Tom CAMPBELL (FWD)NTH$154 70021 (21)N/A

Goodbye for now: Hunter

A week off for Flynn meant quite a few were relying on Meek in round 4. Come back soon Matty! Treacy‘s debut was promising rather than brilliant, but at that price and with DPP status you can expect him to be a popular downgrade option next week.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Alec WATERMAN*ESS$102 40056 (69)-77
Mitchell LEWIS*HAW$199 50075 (79)-41
Chad WARNERSYD$298 700 (+$70K)86 (91)-23
Deven ROBERTSON* (MID)BRL$176 80035 (59)-15
Harrison JONESESS$154 300 (+$11.2K)41 (39)-14
James ROWEADE$173 600 (+$14.6K)67 (58)-5
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$153 900 (+$14.4K)26 (43)-1
Michael FREDERICKFRE$206 700 (+$31K)49 (58)5
Archie PERKINS* (MID)ESS$171 30050 (43)14
Tyler BROCKMAN (MID)HAW$172 700 (+$29.2K)44 (43)28
Logan MCDONALDSYD$262 700 (+$17K)39 (68)41
Paddy DOW (MID)CAR$210 500 (-$1.3K)41 (45)55
Jamaine JONESWCE$186 500 (+$4.1K)19 (39)61
Braeden CAMPBELL (MID)SYD$258 100 (+$28.1K)51 (64)71
Max HOLMES (MID)GEE$121 800DNP (53)N/A
Beau MCCREERYCOL$117 30056 (56)N/A
Conor STONEGWS$144 30032 (32)N/A

Goodbye for now: Ruscoe, Cahill, Bergman, Evans, Henry, Ballenden

THE GOOD: Warner continued on his merry way by compiling another 23 possessions (11 contested) in a pivotal contribution to the Swans’ win. His break-even remains sub-zero and I really hope you’ve got him! Lewis turned in another impressive performance, including 5 contested marks among his 14 touches. He’s more expensive but has a well-defined job and looks to be in good touch so far. Playing a similar role but at a far cheaper price tag, Waterman dobbed another pair of majors and is the number 1 downgrade option this week. Rowe scored 58 in the second half against the Roos, which is incredible considering….

THE BAD: ….Rowe was on 9 at half time against the Roos and majorly freaking out those who were playing him on the field this week! Fortunately he woke up in the second half to scrape together a decent number. Robertson failed to back up from last week, admittedly against tougher opposition this time around, and 8 possessions at 50% efficiency is probably going to see him bypassed by most coaches as a downgrade option this week.

THE UGLY: Enough has been said about Dow already so I won’t add to the pile-on. Hopefully you’ve given him the flick by now.


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23 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 4, 2021”

  1. Thanks Chillo!

    Passed on Chappy last week with intentions of grabbing Jones instead when he hits the bubble.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on Treacy’s JS?



    Miles Bergman (PTA, $123 900 fwd) will probably return to the Port 22 this week in the injury-forced absences of Duursma and Butters. He is on the bubble with a break-even of -17 and is definitely a downgrade candidate if you don’t already have him.

    Mitchell Lewis (HAW, $199 500 fwd) received a one match suspension for striking Serong and will miss the match against Melbourne this weekend.


  3. Thanks Chillo.

    Before price changes..

    I kept Dow and traded the dropped Bergman for Jordan. ( the must have rookie averaging 80 ) 🙁


    1. What do you make of Chapman’s JS now, FT?

      Been meaning to ask you. Logue and Hamling in frame at some stage.


      1. Afternoon GunBoat.

        He actually looked super solid. It was at home and v a pretty inexperienced Hawks forward line. He look pretty composed with the ball and made very few mistakes.
        He threw himself at the ball and smothered a certain goal with less than a minute to go. The game was won but the commentators were glowing with praise.Pan to the box and the coaches were smiling.
        I can’t see how they drop him now. Watson did some good things as well but may make way for Logue. Wilson was quiet but they like him on the small forward matchup.

        We could use Hambling this week to help with stopping Tex.
        I don’t think he’s ready for a few weeks yet. They may give him ( Chapman ) a rest when Hambling’s right. I guess we shall see.

        I do regret not going him last week. He looks to have a few weeks of solid cash growth in him yet.

        I think L jones will work out alright though.


        1. Great summary, FT. Cheers. Exactly what I was looking for lol.

          Yeah, still happy with Jones as well but thinking of jumping on Chapman late and sacking Clark. We’ll see.

          Enjoy the rest of your day, ttyl.


    1. One more week. A half decent score this week and then the 29 will drop out of his cycle next week, which should push his BE back down a bit.


      1. IMO he appears to have the shutting down roll of small forwards ATM. He could also have adopted Millsy’s old role and is adapting. This week could be the decider on what we do.


  4. I’m not sure where to post this, but anyone else getting messages from KFC thru the SC app?
    First I get raining drumsticks on my screen screaming ‘ winner winner chicken dinner’ now I’ve just got a message asking if I want a bucket of chicken??? Are they giveaways or is it an annoying advertising campaign?


    1. Yeah!!! I know i just lost 3 of my 4 leagues and maybe its time to trade, i don’t need supercoach to remind me!!! Lol


  5. Gidday all,
    I am a tab worried with the amount of new rookies being named each week . Come culling / upgrade time we may not have the available new rookies.
    Do you think there is reason for concern?


  6. Will Highmore get another game or is he gone? thinking of trading him out for jones or DPP and bringing in either Waterman or Bergman?



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