Rookie Review – Rd 7, 2021

Written by Chillo on May 4 2021

The infamous rookie roulette wheel played a big part in scoring this round, as some of the less popular freshmen posted incredible numbers. We’re well and truly into culling season now, so the hard decisions have to be made. Do you hang onto a cow and hope they can put in that one score that can kickstart their cash generation? Or is it time to cut all ties and wave goodbye? As always, check out Father Dougal’s insights in Cow Talk later in the week for all the answers to these questions…

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 7. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Martin FREDERICK*PTA$123 90074 (81)-88
Nicholas MURRAY*ADE$102 40059 (50)-39
Nathan MURPHY*COL$123 90055 (51)-28
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$250 200 (+$49.5K)66 (58)-21
Mark KEANE*COL$158 00059 (54)-13
Luke PARKSCAR$133 600 (+$31.2K)58 (44)-1
Jaxon PRIORBRL$190 500 (+$37.9K)62 (50)2
Rhyan MANSELLRIC$158 300 (+$24.2K)46 (45)9
Connor MENADUENTH$230 500 (+$29K)32 (62)13
Liam STOCKER*CAR$186 50056 (43)26
Darragh JOYCE*STK$177 30040 (38)31
Jordon BUTTSADE$298 700 (+$29.2K)88 (64)32
Nikolas COX (FWD)ESS$287 000 (-$13.9K)49 (59)62
Lachie YOUNG (MID)NTH$310 900 (+$0.4K) 49 (68)72
Heath CHAPMANFRE$250 500 (-$18.7K)28 (56)85
James MADDEN (FWD)BRL$123 90047 (47)N/A
Harry EDWARDSWCE$123 90061 (61)N/A

Goodbye for now: Lewis Young, De Koning, Reid

THE GOOD: Despite playing in a heavy loss, Martin Frederick produced his second outstanding effort in as many games. 16 disposals at 87% efficiency and only 2 clangers in damp conditions will make him the popular downgrade option this week. Butts had plenty of work to do in the besieged Crows backline and performed admirably once again, recording 16 possessions at 93% and 5 one percenters. Koschitzke was the best of the Hawks’ super-tall forward line, kicking a couple of majors and generally looking a threat on the few occasions that Hawthorn went forward.

THE BAD: Joyce actually played okay, but that’s bad news for all those who are still waiting for Highmore to make his return – over 86,000 of us!

THE UGLY: Disaster for Chapman as he dislocated his shoulder early in the first quarter. He bravely battled on to record 11 possessions, but was in obvious discomfort throughout the game and must be in extreme doubt for next weekend.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
James JORDONMEL$287 800 (+$46.2K)91 (69)-1
Tom POWELLNTH$357 700 (+$32K)97 (78)20
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$195 400DNP (45)22
Charlie LAZZARONTH$159 100 (+$7.2K)43 (33)23
Will PHILLIPSNTH$208 700 (+$4K)53 (43)34
Sam BERRYADE$212 300 (-$0.9K)43 (52)53
Errol GULDENSYD$297 800 (-$11.7K) 54 (82)86
Jay RANTALLCOL$123 900DNP (25)N/A
Riley COLLIER-DAWKINSRIC$123 90076 (76)N/A
Ryan BYRNESSTK$123 90052 (52)N/A

Goodbye for now: Bruhn

THE GOOD: Jordon and Powell continue to be the mainstays of our rookie collective this season, with both players turning in excellent performances down in Hobart. Powell recovered from a Fritsch fend to rack up 23 touches and a goal, while Jordon had 20 possessions of his own to go with seven tackles and a goal. Collier-Dawkins finally made his long-awaited debut and didn’t disappoint, with the midfield bull totalling 14 possessions (11 contested) and five tackles in the Tigers’ stunning comeback win. With Cotchin a confirmed out for the foreseeable future, RCD may be a legitimate trade-in option after his next game.

THE BAD: Those who held on to Berry were not rewarded, as he posted a modest score and lost cash this week. Time to trade.

THE UGLY: Gulden didn’t get near it in the first quarter, was brilliant in the second, and then struggled through the rest of the game. He’s bleeding cash now and must be moved on.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Riley THILTHORPE* (FWD)ADE$202 80055 (73)-25
Tom CAMPBELL (FWD)NTH$193 100 (+$29.1K)73 (46)-8
Matt FLYNNGWS$273 000DNP (94)4
Josh TREACY (FWD)FRE$108 000DNP (24)26
Nick BRYANESS$123 90051 (51)N/A

Goodbye for now: Hunter, Sweet.

Not much news in the ruck department this week, with Flynn left out again and Treacy dropped. Thilthorpe is now on the bubble and with dual position status, looks to be an interesting – albeit expensive – trade option. Campbell played well and included a couple of goals in his score, while Bryan debuted for the Bombers and gave a good account of himself with 19 hitouts and 12 disposals.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jamaine JONESWCE$213 500 (+$33.9K)119 (56)-38
Matthew OWIES (MID)CAR$123 90067 (67)-16
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$255 000 (+$29.2K)69 (71)-14
Caleb POULTER (MID)COL$117 30052 (52)-4
Archie PERKINS (MID)ESS$242 500 (+$33.1K)94 (57)1
Harrison JONESESS$191 800 (+$17K)79 (43)1
Conor STONEGWS$162 000DNP (42)4
Atu BOSENAVULAGINTH$214 400 (+$38.9K)59 (64)7
Miles BERGMANPTA$225 500 (+$32.6K)76 (56)7
Beau MCCREERYCOL$187 800 (+$29.8K)57 (55)8
Sam FLANDERSGCS$199 900 (+$7.6K)49 (44)8
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$232 500 (+$30.7K)63 (51)10
Finlay MACRAE (MID)COL$137 600 (+$11.3K)23 (34)22
Jy FARRARGCS$217 400 (+$33.1K)43 (62)28
Mitchell LEWISHAW$269 700 (+$15.6K)29 (68)49
Michael FREDERICKFRE$259 100 (+$9.2K)47 (57)53
Chad WARNERSYD$329 800 (-$7.5K)61 (78)63
James ROWEADE$234 000 (+$1.4K)36 (53)77
Will KELLYCOL$135 400DNP (26)N/A
Emerson JEKAHAW$123 90026 (26)N/A

Goodbye for now: Waterman, McDonald, Ruscoe, Campbell

THE GOOD: Where the hell did that come from? After posting typical small forward numbers in his first four games, Jamaine Jones went BANG in the Derby and notched up an incredible 21 touches to go with a couple of exciting goals. Perkins was late to the party this year but is really starting to live up to the hype, his 18 possessions and six marks providing plenty of interest for Bombers’ fans. Bergman managed a late goal and was solid in an otherwise dirty night for the Power. With 19 disposals and seven marks, he continues to be a sound earner.

THE BAD: Warner dropped some dough, mostly due to 50% disposal efficiency. He’ll probably hover around this cash value now, so feel free to trade if and when you can. Farrar was well down on previous efforts after being one of the most popular trade-in options last week, only managing 13 touches against a notably generous Collingwood side.

THE UGLY: We were hoping a change in venue might help him, but Rowe is officially done. With the imminent returns of Sloane and Crouch, Jimmy might even find himself out of a job shortly. Lewis struggled to impact among all the tall timber in the Hawk’s forward line, only seeing the pill four times for a solitary goal.


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13 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 7, 2021”

    1. Most people will say yes given his break even. But then there’s the fallen premium defenders like May and Daniel who are both super cheap. Up or down, it’s a tough decision this week!


      1. Agree. I’m going for premium upgrades this week and will miss Frederick. I’ll aim for Jones return instead.


  1. Defence is the trickiest for me this week. If I bring in Frederick, I’ll have to bench either Jordan or Powell, and have no bench in defence


      1. Heath Chapman needs a shoulder reconstruction and expected to miss 3 months.
        Surgery was booked for today.


  2. Fowards looking grim this year, thoughts on stringer if he continues to play out of the middle?

    TU yes
    TD no


  3. Have 430K cash in bank. Am proposing the following trades to use some of this cash:

    TU May and Shai Bolton in for Rowe& Chapman. 27k left over
    TD Frederick (PA) and one of Walsh/Oliver/Fyfe in for Gulden& Chapman. 240k left

    Comment for which one of the three premium mids should I take


    1. Either of Walsh or Oliver. I’d go with Oliver, but I’m the touch of Death this year, so be warned.


  4. Double downgrade for me this week to save cash for Ridley + dusty next 2 weeks

    TU Murray
    TD Murphy




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