Rookie Review – Rd 9, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 3 2020

Super rapid turnaround between rounds this week, so please excuse the brevity of this review. The 10-second version: find a way to get Draper into your team, and trade out anyone who’s not making money for you. Here’s a recap of the Round 9 rookie performances.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tobe WATSONFRE$155 400 (+$32K)73 (61)-29
Andrew MCPHERSONADE$245 600 (+$33K)59 (69)-2
Matthew LINGSYD$136 700 (+$13K)33 (40)2
Ben MCKAYNTH$238 000 (+$47K)64 (73)8
Mark KEANECOL$123 90042 (42)9
Will HAMILLADE$215 400 (-$1K)18 (44)15
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$195 200 (+$6K)43 (46)25
Will DAYHAW$256 100 (+$18K)57 (69)33
Harry EDWARDSWCE$123 90010 (10)41
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$277 500 (+$15K)74 (55)45
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$249 000 (+$2K)53 (56)48
Tom WILLIAMSONCAR$227 000 (-$3K)60 (52)48
Fischer MCASEYADE$199 500 (n/a)DNP (38)58
Derek EGGMOLESSE-SMITHRIC$310 000 (+$27K)66 (74)74

JEERS: A week after almost tonning up, Hamill completely ghosted his way through the clash with the Roos, barely sighted until he ate up some junk towards the end of the game. Mystifying performance in the absence of Doedee, and no doubt his frustrated owners will be madly trading him out this week. Extra jeers for Champion Data, who somehow decided McKay‘s performance was only worth 64 points this week despite 15 possessions at 73% and seven tackles. I thought he played great!

TRADE TARGETS: Watson was very impressive and assured in defence for the Dockers. He’s on the bye this week, but if he holds his spot he may just be worth paying that bit extra for.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Caleb SERONGFRE$330 100 (+$46K)114 (78)-35
Kyron HAYDENNTH$248 300 (+$16K)60 (52)-19
Oleg MARKOVRIC$184 40078 (78)-2
Mitchell HIBBERDESS$219 100 (n/a)DNP (60)4
Callum PORTERWBD$123 900DNP (39)12
Harley BENNELLMEL$215 700 (n/a)DNP (56)17
Sam SIMPSONGEE$270 000 (+$28K)80 (80)32
Marlion PICKETTRIC$333 400 (+$43K)106 (74)33
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$208 000 (n/a)DNP (47)34
Jye CALDWELLGWS$291 200 (+$16K)70 (68)42
Brayden AINSWORTHWCE$210 600 (-$8K)40 (43)65
Noah ANDERSONGCS$345 000 (+$13K)71 (67)72

CHEERS: Hard to believe Pickett was left out of the Tigers’ 22 earlier this season, as he raised the bat for the second time in his past three games. 14 possessions and a goal and you can almost feel safe in playing him on the field right now. Serong has burst into calculations for the Rising Star in the past fortnight, posting back-to-back tons and essentially forcing his owners to hold onto him through his bye. 24 possessions (14 contested) in the Dockers’ upset win made him one of the best on ground.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Sam DRAPERESS$123 90073 (73)-22
Darcy CAMERON (FWD)COL$219 500 (+$25K)53 (62)-14
Keegan BROOKSBYHAW$117 300DNP (55)-7
Luke JACKSONMEL$239 000 (+$11K)26 (48)61

Draper is the name on everyone’s mind for downgrade targets this week. His outstanding VFL record translated very nicely to senior footy, showing plenty of energy in his 9 possessions and 21 hitouts.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Bradley CLOSE (MID)GEE$146 100 (+$36K) 53 (64)-40
James BELL (MID)SYD$159 900 (+$30K)68 (61)-27
Darren MINCHINGTONHAW$141 500 (n/a)DNP (52)-19
Sam SKINNERBRL$111 40063 (63)-17
Jack MAHONY (MID)NTH$221 400 (+$29K)95 (54)-14
Mitchell GEORGIADESPTA$229 100 (+$50K)55 (73)-4
Elijah TAYLOR (MID)SYD$156 500 (+$19K)31 (42)2
Tyson STENGLEADE$232 700 (+$21K)53 (51)3
Connor BALLENDENBRL$123 90048 (48)3
Shane MCADAMADE$250 100 (+$41K)77 (55)4
Jake AARTSRIC$215 200 (+$28K)75 (56)7
Tom SPARROWMEL$182 50064 (64)11
Cody WEIGHTMANWBD$152 000 (n/a)DNP (39)14
Josh MORRISHAW$131 000 (n/a)DNP (29)16
Ned CAHILL (MID)ESS$136 100 (+$5K)11 (30)26
Max KINGSTK$297 500 (+$14K)94 (62)32
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$237 300 (+$6K)50 (52)33
Atu BOSENVULAGICOL$146 000 (n/a)DNP (33)44
Minairo FREDERICKFRE$123 600 (+$1K)14 (25)46
Thomas BERRYBRL$195 700 (n/a)DNP (44)46
Callum MOORECAR$177 900 (-$9K)38 (29)49
Kysaiah KROPINYERI-PICKETTMEL$223 600 (-$9K)44 (48)68
Izak RANKINEGCS$278 800 (+$16K)34 (76)76
Curtis TAYLORNTH$266 400 (-$2K)43 (59)79
Laitham VANDERMEER (MID)WBD$290 800 (-$6K)65 (61)79
Mitch HANNANMEL$289 000 (-$27K)19 (58)131

CHEERS: Lots of solid performances in the front half this week highlighted by King, who made the most of his opportunities by slotting three majors and generally posing a threat every time the pill went in his direction. He’s a safe hold for at least two more weeks now and should gather you a bit more cash if you still have him. Aarts and Mahony both made strong contributions in winning sides, kicking five goals straight between them and rewarding their patient owners. Bell won the battle of the Swans DPP rookies, compiling 15 possessions and four tackles.

JEERS: Plenty of coaches took the chance in playing Rankine on field, but he was visibly frustrated during the Suns’ loss and went goalless from nine possessions. He’ll now need another decent score to push his cash gen along again. ETaylor turned out to be the wrong choice for a Swans rookie this week, looking threatening at times without actually getting hold of the footy. His namesake CTaylor seems to have avoided a serious knee injury which is great news, but he is officially done in cash earning terms after flaming out against the cellar-dwelling Crows.

TRADE TARGETS: Lions newcomers Skinner and Ballenden both showed good signs at times in Brisbane’s big win. Skinner took seven marks and kicked a goal, while Ballenden also hit the scoreboard and helped out the Big O in the ruck. Hard to choose between the two for a trade in, but I think it’s possibly Skinner purely for his minor price discount.


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14 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 9, 2020”

    1. Move Cameron forward if you can to get Draper, Simo. Darcy has a negative break even and a nice fixture coming up


    1. Great question. Woodcock comes in for Ebert, but I can’t see him staying out for too long. Maybe Woodcock’s best chance is if Port are going to rotate their older players during the next couple of weeks.

      His SANFL numbers were very encouraging last year – 17 possessions and a goal per game. I’ll be interested to see how he goes tonight.


  1. Anyone got a read on Mark Keane ? JS and scoring potential. Key position I know but need warm bodies in defence during this bye round. 42 this round not encouraging but seemed to score most of these points in 2nd half.


    1. As a Collingwood supporter, I would be surprised if Roughead doesn’t make a return next game.

      Keane is a likely omission as a result.


  2. Usually go for League wins and bragging rights but I am not ranked 971st, which will be obviously hard to maintain. Without giving away any personal tactics you don’t want to, how do you usually go about going for overall rank? I’d say obviously go for low owned PODs? Also trade hard in the bye rounds?
    Thanks for any thoughts!


    1. Hi Dave
      I came 71st overall last year and it was through a combination of good luck and good management. I’ve been playing Super Coach for probably 11 or 12 years and each year I seem to improve through experience and the sharing of ideas and knowledge through this website primarily.
      I think one of the keys though is to back your own judgement and instincts on the players you trade in and out of the team. Sometimes, it’s really easy to be influenced by popular picks on any given week even though they may not be the best selection for your team. Tom Stewart is a good example this week. Yes, he’s great value at his price right now, but is he the best fit for your team? If you already have a strong backline but are missing any one of Lloyd, Daniel, Haynes or Ridley for example, you should probably find the extra cash to get one of them, because they’re just so damn reliable. Don’t get me wrong, Stewart’s a solid backline choice but I don’t think he’s as good a pick long-term than some of the others, if you don’t already have them. So back yourself in and pick players who you like and are convinced will give you solid, reliable point-scoring each week.
      So it gets me to my next point – making the cash to get the premos. If you’re going for overall, sometimes you have to ‘sacrifice’ a week or two of league games to bank cash and get warm bodies on the field. For example, this week I’m trading out Trent Rivers and Tom Green because I’ve held on to them too long as I had other priorities, but I need some new rookies to at least make me some cash. I may have to take a loss this week because I’m not improving my team, but next week I’ll make two upgrades and bounce back strong.
      My final advice is to make sure you get good at loop-holing. I’ve got much better at it over the years and always make sure I have a few non-playing DPPs in various spots so I can always take a good score from a bench player. The captain loophole is another one that it is important to get right most weeks. Often there are years where it’s made easy for a coach to have the utmost confidence in a perma-captain (eg Ablett back in the day, Dangerfield a few years ago etc) but this year is a bit trickier. Grundy, Neale, Gawn and Macrae have all had some purple patches and thrown up monster scores but have also stunk it up a bit on occasion. I have flip-flopped between Gawn, Grundy and Neale this year and more often than not have pulled the wrong rein 🙁 Gawn cost me big last week after I passed on a 130 VC score! Often the wrong choice only costs you 30 – 50 points a week, but if you make the wrong choice too often, it can be the difference between top 100 and top 1000.
      Hope this is of some interest for you, keeping in mind it’s just my opinion. And opinions can’t be wrong!!!!


      1. Oh, and yes, trade hard during the bye rounds. And all the time really. Especially this year, as there’s no point keeping your powder dry!!



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