Round 9 Review

Written by Dane on August 3 2020

Round 9

Western Bulldogs (7.7.49) defeated by Richmond (13.12.90)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Western Bulldogs: Wallis (3), Bruce, Vandermeer (2)

Richmond: Aarts, Martin (3), Lynch, Catagna (2)


  • Dustin Martin (184). A career high Supercoach score for the Tigers champ, coming on the back of a dominant performance with 3 goals, 26 disposals (14 contested), 4 clearances and 3 tackles.
  • Jack Macrae (162). The Bulldogs ball magnet seems to be loving life at Metricon Stadium, posting back-to-back 160’s. He had a huge 37 disposals (which I’m pretty sure is the highest tally this season for anyone), while also doing the hard work, laying 4 tackles and having 14 contested touches.
  • Noah Balta (107). A career best score for the 20 year old who I genuinely thought was a 25 year old-mature aged recruit until I looked up his career stats. He had 15 touches playing as a key defender on the night, while also laying 3 tackles. 
  • Trent Cotchin/Marlion Pickett (106). First game back for the Tigers skipper yielded 17 touches and 6 tackles in just 65% game time, while Pickett’s score was a career best due to 14 touches and a goal, making it his second ton in three games.
  • Caleb Daniel (100). Hundred number 6 for the year for the biggest little man in the comp. Another great game of 22 touches, including 10 contested ones, to take his season average to 105. 


Other notable scorers: Obviously no one else in the hundreds here but there were a plethora of players in the 90’s, including Castagna, Short, Grimes, Broad and Lynch for the Tigers, while for the Bulldogs it was Wallis, Liberatore, Bontempelli and Johanissen. Jake Aarts (75) continues to play well, this week finishing with 3 goals, 4 tackles and 7 disposals, as does Egglemose-Smith (66) which will allow them to continue to make more money, but unfortunately Vandermeer (65) didn’t reach his breakeven and will now lose cash. Matt Suckling injured his hamstring in Q1 and did not return to the game, but I doubt he has much ownership so not much harm done. 

Disappointment: While English (50), Smith (76) and Lambert (70) didn’t return great scores, this games disappointment goes to Billy Gowers (-2), who provided the first score below zero for the year, finishing with 3 frees against, 5 clangers and 7 disposals.

Melbourne (4.8.32) defeated by Port Adelaide (12.11.83)

Multiple Goal Kickers:

Melbourne: Weideman (2)

Port Adelaide: Georgiades (3), Westhoff, Rozee (2)


  • Ollie Wines (143). A huge score for the Port Adelaide bull, making it three tons in a row. He picked up 25 touches (11 contested), 4 clearances, 3 tackles and 1 goal in just 64% game time. 
  • Karl Amon (139). Unsurprisingly a career best score here for the classy left footer, overtaking his previous best of 133 which came in his 6th career game. He finished the game with 25 touches at 84% DE while also gaining 367 metres for his club.
  • Sam Mayes (124). This has been a pretty good start to his career at Port, he’s going to make some very good money with scores like these. Had a solid statline of 19 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal, while also being a driving force with 465 metres gained.
  • Justin Westhoff (115). Still producing good scores at nearly 34 years old and 270ish games in (sidenote I hope he gets to 300 games, has been a very good player for a long time), this week contributing 2 goals, 10 touches, 5 marks, 3 tackles and a couple of hitouts. 
  • Jake Lever (106). Best score of the season for the Dee’s defender, who used his 12 touches very well (91% DE), while also having 6 contested touches and 6 marks. 


Other notable scorers: A couple of other Demons hit the ton in this game. Christian Salem (102) had a season best score from 22 touches, while Clayton Oliver (105) made it his fourth in a row with 23 touches and 8 tackles, but was also reported due to a high elbow. For Port, a couple of midfielders by the names of Boak (104) and Rockliff (103) also cracked the ton for their respective games (Boak 25 touches, 1 goal, Rockliff 21 touches, 10 tackles), while Dan Houston continued his good scoring, finishing on 95. Steven May and Christian Petracca both played well to finish in the 90’s but from there on in, scores dropped off. Georgiades (55) played a ripping game with 3 goals and 11 touches, which probably deserved more but many of those stats came in junk time, while it was only Ladhams (45) and Jonas (49) going 50 or below for the Power, showing their overall dominance of the game. In contrast, 7 Demons didn’t hit 50, the most disappointing being money makers Pickett (44), Hannan (19) and Jackson (26). 

Disappointment: After producing four scores in a row of 150+, Max Gawn (87) finally came back down the earth. Even though his stats weren’t the worst (11 touches, 5 marks, 40 hitouts), the lack of Melbourne scoring probably held him back as many of his possessions start their scoring chains. 

Carlton (9.4.58) defeated by Hawthorn (14.5.89)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Carlton: Casboult (3), Newnes, Martin (2)

Hawthorn: Gunston (3), Bruest, Smith, Shiels (2)


  • Tom Mitchell (164). By far Titch’s best score of the season, the 2018 Brownlow medallist racked up 28 touches (10 contested), 8 marks, 5 clearances and a solid 459 metres gained. 
  • Patrick Cripps (149). Cripps is back and in a big way, lets just hope he can keep it up. The Blues skipper had a great game, racking up 27 touches (19 contested), 5 tackles, 8 clearances and 1 goal on the night. 
  • James Worpel (117). His second ton of the year, Worpel played a central role in the Hawks win, playing a solid game through the middle with 20 touches (13 contested) and 5 tackles. 
  • Chad Wingard (112). Wingard was back in the hundred club this week for the first time since round 4, ultimately finishing with 13 touches, 4 tackles and 1 goal, rotating in the middle and in attack. 
  • Liam Shiels (107). Back to back tons for the veteran Hawks mid, this one due to an all around game of 15 touches, 3 tackles, 5 clearances and 2 goals.


Other notable scorers: He’s having a really good year is Jacob Weitering (106), this was his second ton but from a football perspective, he’d be on the All-Aus team at this “halfway point” of the season. Other players over triple figures included gun midfielder Jaeger O’Meara (102), who had 18 touches and a goal, and recent 200-gamer Jack Gunston (104), who kicked 3 goals amongst 16 touches and 7 marks. A number of players in the 90’s including Martin, Curnow, Docherty and Hardwick. A very even scorecard from there for both teams, with not many injuries to report on, Pittonet (eye) was the only one with any concerns but he finished the game well. 

Disappointment: After a couple of really good games, Sam Walsh couldn’t make it three ton’s in a row, only racking up 12 touches and 52 points. 

Essendon (3.10.28) defeated by Brisbane (14.7.91)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Essendon: Smith (2)

Brisbane: Cameron (4), Neale (2)


  • Alex Witherden (170).  How’s that for a return to AFL football? Witherden hasn’t played since round 1 but returned in grand fashion, racking up 25 touches (10 contested), including 20 kicks and 432 metres gained for his side. He’s around 400K and could be an option. A career best score.
  • Lachie Neale (157). Back to back 150’s for the games current best scoring mid. Neale kicked 2 goals in the first and finished up with 33 touches (14 contested) and 4 clearances for the game. 
  • Jarrod Berry (124). His first hundred since round 5 and fourth overall, Berry gathered 19 touches with 9 contested possessions on the night to bring home the third best score.
  • Lincoln McCarthy (116). Easily a season best score for McCarthy who looked lively playing across the half-forward flank. Kicked the first goal of the game and finished up with 14 touches, 5 marks and 6 tackles.
  • Jarryd Lyons (115). Looked set for his worst score of the year at half-time but played a huge second half to round out the top 5. Finished up with 22 possessions, half of them contested, along with 3 tackles and a goal.


Other notable scorers: Other Lions in triple figures included the 4 goal game of Charlie Cameron (107), taking him to an equal lead in the Coleman, as well as young gun Zac Bailey (104), who made it back-to-back tons and finally, big bodied midfielder Ellis-Yolman (100). Two of the Lions big men in Andrews and McInerney were in the 90’s, while the only Lion who didn’t crack 50 was first-gamer Ballenden (48), who had a goal and 6 touches on debut. For Essendon, they had a dismal Supercoach scoring night, with their best score coming from Darcy Parish (92) for his 15 disposal game. The next best after those were the ever improving McGrath (89), premium defender Ridley (88) and a triple treat of 87’s from Merrett, Hurley and Snelling. First gamer Draper looked very promising on debut and finished up with 9 touches, 21 hitouts and 73 points.

Disappointment: You could probably pick any Essendon player you own and chuck him in this section, but I’ll choose Devon Smith again, who was looking very good up until halftime, but slowed right down with a 12 point half to finish on 73.

North Melbourne (19.5.119) defeated Adelaide (7.8.50)

Multiple Goal Kickers

North Melbourne: Zurhaar (3), Larkey, Hall, Higgins, Davies-Uniacke, Pittard, Mahony (2)

Adelaide: McAdam (2)


  • Jed Anderson (144). One of North Melbourne’s best in a dominant display, Anderson was fantastic in the middle of the ground and finished the night with a great statline of 28 touches (13 contested), 8 tackles, 8 clearances and 1 goal, which all boosted him to a career best score
  • Todd Goldstein (140). After a down week of just 69 points, big Todd responded in a great way, finishing with 19 hitouts, 19 touches (12 contested), 8 clearances and 4 tackles in, surprisingly, only 80% game time, well down on his season average.
  • Luke McDonald (136). Another career best score here. McDonald wasn’t in his tagging role and instead played across half-back, racking up a huge 35 disposals (25 kicks), 8 marks and 505 metres gained for his side.
  • Aaron Hall (134). North long-kicking wingman notched his third ton of the year on the back of 4 tackles, 20 disposals, 2 goals and 9 marks to be one of North’s best.
  • Trent Dumont (126). The bloke is on a hot streak at the moment, making it three 120+ scores in a row and pushing his season average to 105. Without Cunnington and Polec, he seems to have increased midfield time and scoring opportunities, this week gathering 24 touches, 6 tackles and 7 clearances. 


Other notable scorers: In his 100th game for North, Shaun Higgins (109) brought up his 4th ton of the year on the back of 18 touches and 2 goals, while the only player to hit triple figures for the Crows was Paul Seedsman (107), who had 20 touches, 1 goal and 500+ metres gained for his third ton in a row. Across the teams, the players in the 90’s were Laird, O’Brien, Atley and Mahony. Unfortunately this game was quite full of injuries, with Murphy and Smith having issues throughout the game for the Crows, but played on valianty, while for the Roo’s, they weren’t as lucky, with Taylor, Larkey and Hayden all sustaining some more serious looking issues throughout. Although I think the most important part of this game was the welcome return of Majak Daw, who played a solid game, contributing 8 touches, 8 hitouts, 4 tackles and one of the more uplifting moments in recent memory with his goal early in the 4th quarter. Some things are bigger than football, and his return was one of those.

Disappointment: Three sub 60 scores in a row now for Jy Simpkin (56). He’ll come good soon, the kid is only 22 and has plenty of time to continue his growth. Brodie Smith (52) scoring over the past 6 games looks like a chart of the Himalayas.

St Kilda (15.11.101) defeated Sydney (6.12.48)

Multiple Goal Kickers

St Kilda: Hind, King (3), Gresham, Butler, Battle (2)

Sydney: McCartin (3)


  • Jack Steele/Nick Hind (129). A tie here for the best score of the game. Steele continued his brilliant season with another great game in the middle of the ground, finishing with 23 touches and 6 tackles, while Hind had a career best score, kicking 3 goals and having 16 touches.
  • Jake Lloyd (126). Another great score from one of the most reliable scorers in the game, this week compiling 25 touches with 404 metres gained.
  • Zak Jones (123). One of his better games for the Saints, Jones notched his 4th ton of the year on the back of 21 touches (13 contested), 6 contested, 5 tackles and 1 goal playing in the middle of the ground.
  • Robbie Fox (112). A career best score from Fox, who, while playing in defence, racked up 16 touches (9 contested) while running at a solid 75% DE.
  • Jade Gresham (110). His 3rd son of the season, Gresham was as dangerous as ever splitting his time between up forward and in the middle, ultimately finishing with 2 goals and 23 touches.


Other notable scorers: Luke Parker (107) scored another one, making it 8/9 tons for 2020, The guy is a lock to return a good score every week, and take out his 45, this is his worst score of the season. Another 27 touches, 4 tackles and 6 clearances this week, and his only around 540K, should be considered. Only one other player hit the threshold, and that belonged to Jack Sinclair, who returned a statline of 15 disposals (10 contested), 7 tackles and 7 clearances. Marshall, Billings, King, Rowbottom and Cunningham were all in the 90’s for their respective games, but unfortunate news for the Saints was the injury to Paddy Ryder, who ended the match with a hand injury. Silver lining in that situation though is that Marshall may increase his scoring as a solo ruck, but hopefully Ryder isn’t hampered by it for too long, the Saints seem more complete when he plays. James Bell (68) had a good second game with 15 touches and 4 tackles, while Shane Savage (81) played his first game of the season and finished with 14 disposals.

Disappointment: Jordan Dawson (67) had a fair few coaches talking about him in pre-season, but unfortunately his 2020 has been a step backwards in terms of Supercoach scoring, only having the one ton and a season average of 74, down 12 points on 2019.

West Coast (11.7.73) defeated Geelong (10.4.64)

Multiple Goal Kickers

West Coast: Kennedy (4), Sheed, Darling (2)

Geelong: Hawkins, Tuohy (2)


  • Nic Natanui (146). He’s pushed his season average into the 100’s with this score, a season best. The influential Eagles ruckman had some great plays throughout the game to really help the Eagles get the win, ultimately finishing with 10 disposals, 7 inside 50’s and 34 hitouts.
  • Tom Stewart (145). I don’t think I recall him missing a target with any of his 22 disposals (he did go at 86% DE in the end), he was looking extremely good with the ball in hand. Along with 10 marks and 10 contested possessions, it resulted in a career high score. 
  • Dom Sheed (135). Probably the Eagles best for the majority of the night, Sheed kicked 2 goals, had 24 touches (15 contested) and 6 clearances on the night to return a season best score.
  • Mitch Duncan (134). Take away his score of 13 and Duncan’s season average is 125, and his price is around 530K, an absolute steal. He had another great game through the middle for Geelong, having 21 touches, 11 marks, 1 goal and all at 90% DE.
  • Patrick Dangerfield/Cam Guthrie (121). A couple of Cat’s midfielders tied it up here to round out the top 5. Danger had 18 touches (11 contested), 7 clearances, 1 goal and 563 metres gained, while Guthrie had 23 touches (10 contested), 5 clearances and 6 marks.


Other notable scorers: The only other Cat in triple figures was Menegola (105), who scored his 6th ton of the year on the back of 19 touches and 1 goal. Over on the Eagles side, skipper Luke Shuey (116) was important with his ball use through the middle, notching 23 touches and 428 metres gained on the night. Defender Liam Duggan scored his first ton of the year and was extremely important down back with 17 touches, while up forward, Kennedy (105), kicked 4 to take a solo lead in the Coleman. Blicavs, Kelly and Darling were all in the 90’s, while Cripps and Yeo were the next best after that with 87. Injuries went to Simpson with an eye issue, Constable with a concussion, and first-gamer Edwards, who also had a concussion. Second gamer Close was good with 11 touches and 53 points and will make some good cash as a rookie during the middle of the season.

Disappointment: A season worst score in this game for Andrew Gaff (66), who only had 14 touches in 100% game time. 

Gold Coast (4.11.35) defeated by GWS (9.7.61)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Gold Coast: Zilch

GWS: Cameron, Himmelberg (2)


  • Lachie Whitfield (148). A season best score here for the hard runner from the Giants, who ran all day to eventually pick up 29 touches, 13 marks and 433 metres gained while running at 82% DE.
  • Jacob Hopper (134). Surprisingly this was a career high score for Hopper, who played inside midfield to finish with 27 touches (12 contested), 5 clearances and 1 goal. 
  • Tim Taranto (126). This score pushed Taranto’s average into triple figures three games into 2020. Playing inside midfield, he gained 21 touches, 1 goal, 6 tackles and 4 clearances in a solid display.
  • Stephen Coniglio (121). Three tons in a row now for the Giants skipper, this week on the back of 20 touches, 5 tackles and 1 goal. Hopefully he can keep this form up and become a keeper for the rest of the season. 
  • Zac Williams (112). In his first game since round 4, Williams returned in grand fashion to round out the top 5, scoring his first ton of the season. He finished up with 26 touches, 6 marks and over 450 metres gained. 


Other notable scorers: All Australian hopeful Nick Haynes (110) had another great game across halfback, having 18 disposals at 83%, while also hauling 8 marks. He was joined in the hundred club by big-man Jacobs (104), forward Himmelberg (107), who had 18 touches and 2 goals, and finally midfielder Kelly (106), who had 28 touches and kicked 1 goal. For the Suns, it was only key defender Collins (110), who notched his third ton in the past four weeks due to his game of 11 touches at 100% DE, along with 7 tackles. Finlayson, De Boer and Bowes were all in the 90’s, while overall only five Suns went 80 or above, those being the above mentioned Bowes and Collins, as well as Miller (80), Ellis (87) and Lukosius (84). Rankine (34) just couldn’t get into it, only having 9 touches, while bad news for the Giants came in the form of a hamstring injury to star forward Toby Greene (41), who was playing extremely well in the early goings. 

Disappointment: Jarrod Witts (73) had a couple of 140’s earlier in the season and got some considerable ownership from it, but has since struggled, only scoring the one ton in the next 5 rounds.

Collingwood (7.7.49) defeated by Fremantle (10.1.61)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Collingwood: Sidebottom (2)

Fremantle: Taberner (4), Crowden, Schulz (2)


  • Steele Sidebottom (141). In his first game back since suspension, Steele was probably close to BOG, finishing the night with 2 goals, 25 touches and 3 tackles. 
  • Luke Ryan (131). A season best score, and his fifth ton in a row, pushing his average into triple figures, Ryan played a great game across half-back, finishing with 25 touches and over 500 metres gained.
  • Brodie Grundy (118). After a disappointing score last week, Grundy bounced back in typical fashion, racking up 11 touches, 1 goal, 5 marks and 43 hitouts.
  • Brayden Maynard (116). Back in the hundred club for the first time since round 5, Maynard had over 450 metres gained off half-back due to his 24 disposal, 8 mark game.
  • Caleb Serong (114). Back-to-back tons for the Freo young gun. He played a strong game in the middle of the ground, finishing with 24 disposals (14 contested), 6 tackles and 9 clearances, could be a smokey for the rising star if this form keeps up.


Other notable scorers: Heaps of other players in the hundred club here, but the biggest Supercoach one was the return of Nat Fyfe, who, after missing a couple of games with a hamstring, came back strongly with 24 touches (18 contested), 8 clearances and 1 goal. Joining him from Fremantle was Rory Lobb (100), Taberner (103), who kicked 4 goals, Mundy (110), who finished with 23 touches (15 contested), 10 clearances and 1 goal, and finally Brayshaw (106), who’s scoring wasn’t affected by the return of Fyfe. For the Pies, it was a career best score for John Noble (102), who had 25 touches, while joining him on that exact score was Darcy Moore. A solitary point above them was the 30 disposal game of Treloar, while those falling just below 100 were Crisp (99), Wilson (93) and Schulz (92). Second gamer Tobe Watson (73) was very good with 12 touches and 5 tackles, while in his first game for the year, Connor Blakely notched up 23 touches in just 61% game time. First-gamer for the Pies, Keane, finished up with 7 touches and 42 points while playing down back.

Disappointment: After scoring 7 tons in a row and dropping to a 94 last week, Taylor Adams (67) recorded by far his worst score of the season. He did have a good statline of 18 touches (10 contested), 7 clearances and 6 tackles, but also had 5 clangers and ran at 38% DE.


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