Rookie Review – Rd 9, 2021

Written by Chillo on May 18 2021

The well is officially dry, people. I hope you’ve all got some valuable dough stashed somewhere, because there’s not much to see in the downgrade space this week. Urgent memo to Lachie Jones: save us!

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 9. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Thomas HIGHMORESTK$167 500 (+$50.2K)47 (61)-24
Nathan MURPHYCOL$159 400DNP (51)-12
Mark KEANECOL$217 200 (+$24.8K)47 (55)18
Jaxon PRIORBRL$242 300 (+$25.9K)66 (54)19
Luke PARKSCAR$181 600 (+$21.3K)27 (44)22
Connor MENADUENTH$275 500 (+$4.4K)35 (65)24
Liam STOCKERCAR$200 800 (+$12K)53 (42)36
Rhyan MANSELLRIC$176 900 (+$3.7K)23 (41)40
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$280 400 (+$4K)70 (57)59
Jordon BUTTSADE$337 000 (+$16K)58 (65)61
Martin FREDERICKPTA$172 600 (+$1.8K)14 (49)71
Kieren BRIGGS (FWD)GWS$123 90042 (42)N/A

Goodbye for now: Lachie Young, Cox, Khamis, Joyce, Murray

THE GOOD: Those who held on to Koschitzke hoping that he could repeat his pre-season heroics were a little disappointed. Two goals in the first quarter was promising, but Kosi was rarely sighted after that. Still, he made his break-even and now is a good time to consider moving him on. Does anyone have Prior? Still truckin’. Possibly the most under-rated cash cow of the year.

THE BAD: Highmore provided most of the pre-round excitement this week, as he earned a recall after an excruciating six weeks on the bubble. Did he do enough to hold his spot in the Saints backline next week? A team-low 66% TOG is worrying.

THE UGLY: If we ignore the unfortunate Frederick‘s second consecutive sub-affected score, the ugly this week came from Mansell who scored -3 in the second half against the Giants despite Richmond’s big comeback win. Pretty gross if you held him this week, worse if played him on field….not mentioning any names…

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Riley COLLIER-DAWKINSRIC$182 500 (+$58.6K)88 (69)-22
Ryan BYRNESSTK$159 500 (+$35.6K)41 (52)-8
Tanner BRUHNGWS$161 600 (+$5.7K)45 (37)-2
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$241 500 (+$19.6K)46 (50)17
Sam BERRYADE$220 700 (+$11.5K)63 (52)24
Charlie LAZZARONTH$180 300 (+$8.6K)28 (34)29
James JORDONMEL$360 200 (+$34K)96 (74)34
Patrick NAISHRIC$156 000 (-$24.5K)46 (17)46
Tom POWELLNTH$375 700 (-$5.6K)45 (74)106
Ronin O'CONNORADE$123 90047 (47)N/A

Goodbye for now: Gulden

THE GOOD: Jordon is on a run of form that has some trade-deprived coaches wondering if he could possibly be an M8 for the season! 13 tackles in slippery conditions is an outstanding effort, and at the very least he seems to be the safest of holds until his bye in round 14. Collier-Dawkins did exactly what most coaches were hoping for this week, a game-high 24 centre bounce attendances propelling him to his best score so far. Hopefully it has bought him a bit more time in the Tigers’ 22 as well!

THE BAD: The rookie ‘wall’ is a strange and random beast, and it can strike suddenly when you least expect it. It seems to have arrived for Powell, who could manage only 10 possessions and a season-low 45 points against the Hawks. His break-even has rocketed into triple digits and you’ll need to show faith to hang on to him this week.

THE UGLY: Nothing in particular to see here, which is ugly in itself. The dearth of downgrade options this week extends to the mids, too. We had high hopes for O’Connor on debut, but he only managed 47 despite recording a stupendous eight tackles.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Tom CAMPBELL (FWD)NTH$293 200 (+$51.9K)88 (62)-14
Jordon SWEETWBD$170 200(+$46.3K)56 (60)-4
Bailey J. WILLIAMS* (FWD)WCE$193 40045 (51)14
Matt FLYNNGWS$316 600 (+$43.6K)103 (96)16
Riley THILTHORPE (FWD)ADE$248 300 (+$11.8K)62 (65)35

Goodbye for now: Bryan.

Flynn continues on his drip-feed of games, however his scoring is anything but. A second Supercoach ton for the Giants big man, who will no doubt be “rested” again this week, giving his 72,000 owners a severe dose of the irrits. Campbell put together another wonderful effort, and weirdly seems to be the Supercoach R/F swingman of choice now that Marshall has returned to the sick bay. 10 possessions and 12 hitouts for the Roo.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Caleb POULTER (MID)COL$174 100 (+$56.8K)66 (66)-43
Zach SPROULE*GWS$123 900DNP (43)-12
Matthew OWIESCAR$167 900 (+$44K)58 (58)-7
James ROWEADE$260 900 (+$24.7K)80 (59)-5
Jy FARRARGCS$243 400 (+$8.8K)51 (60)28
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$286 400 (+$20.4K)57 (56)29
Sam FLANDERSGCS$226 700 (+$11.7K)64 (48)29
Harrison JONESESS$243 300 (+$25.5K)49 (45)36
Miles BERGMANPTA$272 100 (+$20.1K)53 (57)42
Jamaine JONESWCE$313 300 (+$44.2K)54 (60)45
Beau MCCREERYCOL$205 700 (+$6.7K)44 (49)46
Mitchell LEWISHAW$269 100 (-$11.1K)41 (64)48
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$286 700 (+$5.9K)68 (66)59
Chad WARNERSYD$322 000 (-$7.4K)58 (74)73
Archie PERKINS (MID)ESS$271 600 (+$7.1K)30 (52)82
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$123 90033 (33)N/A
Cody WEIGHTMANWBD$173 70075 (75)N/A
Malcolm ROSASGCS$123 90021 (21)N/A
Tom WILSONCOL$123 90019 (19)N/A

Goodbye for now: Bosenavulagi, Jeka, Macrae, Frederick, OHenry

THE GOOD: Rowe. Damn! A career high 22 possessions and a goal for the Crows small forward, who actually revelled in Tex’s absence and added another bundle of cash to your bank account. Speaking of small forwards, Weightman was super lively in his return to the Dogs’ lineup, booting three majors including a memorable over-the-head effort to ice the game against the Power. Expensive and poor job security though, so don’t jump just yet…And Poulter was quite solid in his first game for many Supercoach teams, managing 18 possessions in a losing effort against the Swans.

THE BAD: Perkins battled to make an impact against the Dockers, his 12 touches including 4 clangers and managing only one tackle for the game. Fun to watch, but for how much longer?

THE UGLY: I hate picking on a first gamer, but Wilson will want to forget his debut as soon as possible. Eight touches at 37% and five clangers was painful to watch at times, but hopefully he can come back stronger later in the year as Collingwood look to promote their youth.


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15 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 9, 2021”

  1. Great write up Chillo, and great listening to your dulcet tones, great format. Probably just Powell out for Dusty this week, might have a double downgrade next week and then get to rebuild/ finish the side through the byes..


  2. would you consider trading in RCD or Poulter if you haven’t got them yet

    TU – Yes

    TD – No


  3. Chaos Theory posted this in the Coaches Box yesterday but it’s timely to repost it here.

    Lachie Jones Update: “Lachie Jones will get some extra training under his belt with an 8-day break. He’ll play footy this weekend, be it at AFL or SANFL level.”


    1. Hopefully there are a couple, especially if they’re DEF or FWD eligible in SC however some of the names that are being thrown about in articles about the mid-season draft scream ‘stay away – burn men inside’. Paddy McCartin, Brandon Matera, Matt Parker anyone?


      1. Nathan Freeman please

        He’s far too good to be languishing down at Frankston every weekend


        1. With the way SC scoring works this season he is one player who would probably put up very handy scores if he was given a similar role in an AFL side to what he currently has.


  4. Jordon Sweet :
    “We’ve been really happy with Jordon. It’s only 3 games in and he was unlucky to go out of the team for the Gold Coast game. Last couple weeks he’s performed extremely well.”
    Luke Beveridge.

    Tim English a chance to return from a lengthy concussion Rd 10?

    Veteran ruckman Stefan Martin could miss another four weeks due to Achilles soreness.


    1. Posted in Coaches Box –

      “Both Murph & Rough have passed concussion tests this week… Full training on Friday and be available for selection this week.” Kevin White, HP Manager


  5. Every year, without fail, I trade out a rookie that hasn’t shown much and then proceeds to rack up great SC scores. This year, it’s Rowe.



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