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Written by Chillo on May 28 2019

With the likes of Zac Williams, Matt Crouch, Darcy Moore and Patrick Dangerfield missing from the majority of teams this weekend, plenty of coaches were relying on bench rookies to help them avoid the dreaded donut. And didn’t the rookies deliver! Four of them recorded their maiden Supercoach ton, and there were plenty of other useful scores scattered right throughout the fixture.

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd10AvgBE
HoreMEL$396,500 (+$27.1k)11686.845
Rozee (FWD)PTA$402,200 (+$12.1k)6681.457
Duursma (MID)PTA$337,800 (+$14.9k)10872.537
ClarkGEE$274,700 (+$21.9k)8559.745
MarshStK$196,700 (+$33.6k)5957.31
Answerth (MID)BRI$202,700 (+$11.3k)635630
Lockhart (MID)MEL$259,500 (+$2.3k)3253.170
YoungWBD$180,600 (+$k)DNP43.235


The X-Man Duursma rewarded those patient coaches who held him (or those that were forced to hold due to injuries). He piled up 108 in Tassie, courtesy of 22 possessions (82% efficiency), 5 marks, 4 frees for, a goal and only one turnover. That score knocks his BE right down, and owners now have to decide whether to hold Duursma past his round 12 bye.
The Clark rollercoaster was on a peak this week, with a huge second half netting the young Cat 85 points from his 18 touches and a goal.
And of course, the phenomenon that is Hore shows no signs of slowing down. Marty was clearly among the Dees’ best, and his 116 (including 6 intercepts and 6 one percenters) will push his price in the right direction right up until his round 13 bye – and perhaps beyond?
Just quickly: Hinge is now on the bubble, and acquitted himself very well in his second game, kicking his first goal in the AFL and generally using the ball extremely well off a raking left foot. He is the standout choice if you’re looking for a downgrade in defence this week (or on any line, really).


The Dees were pretty woeful at the G, and unfortunately Lockhart was no exception, only really getting into the game well into junk time. His 32 points came from only 8 possessions, and will completely short-circuit any price growth in the near future. Teammate Petty also struggled; he’s on the bubble this week, but his role and price tag mean that for now, he isn’t Supercoach relevant in the slightest.

Goodbye for now: Williamson, Keilty, Macreadie.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd10AvgBE
WalshCAR$423,500 (-$5.3k)9390.979
B.SmithWBD$393,000 (+$12.7k)8876.342
StackRIC$336,000 (+$0.8k)6775.570
RossRIC$252,000 DNP63.466
WillsCOL$203,500 (+$37.4k)6660.7-25
AtkinsGEE$283,800 (+$27.7k)11559.742
ScottNTH$172,800 DNP5412
StockerCAR$182,700 (+$35.0k)6446.80
JonesADE$193,900 (+$8.5k)5244.5-5


Atkins is actually a midfielder who has been forced to bide his time in the forward pocket for most of this season, but in the absence of Dangerfield it was Tom’s time to shine. 15 touches and a goal was nice, but it was his trademark manic tackling (he managed 11 against the Suns) that got him to 115.
Smith continues to build a very solid rookie season, his latest effort including 21 possessions at 90% and a goal. Hold for one more round, and then say thank you and send him on his way.
Quick shoutout to Walsh, who started the game against Saints in ice cold form, but really brought it home in the last quarter to manage 93. His price has levelled out now and he could be traded…but perhaps with his scoring consistency you could make him your last upgrade, or even an M9?


The mids were very well behaved this week!


Bewley started like a house on fire on debut, but cooled off as the game went on. He looks a composed and skilful sort though, compiling 11 touches at 91%. Should be a very good downgrade target in Round 13 – if he can keep his job. Bubble boy Baker showed a bit of spark for the Dees in a lacklustre team performance, his two goals and 16 disposals hopefully a sign of things to come.

Goodbye for now: Ross has suffered a long term injury, and should be traded if you haven’t already done so.


O'BrienADE$402,000 (+$3.6k)9189.460
Coleman-Jones (FWD)RIC$123,9006060-

Fort and Frampton were both far less effective in their respective second-up performances, managing just 76 points between them. However, each are on the bubble this week and may be a downgrade option for some looking to move O’Brien on. That will be in spite of Reilly’s form though, as he managed another 90+ score against the Eagles. Ladhams and Coleman-Jones each debuted and posted very respectable scores, although both players have very suspect job security, and should not be considered until selected for their third games.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd10AvgBE
BakerRIC$345,500 (+$15.7k)10582.646
MiersGEE$350,700 (-$21.0k)3476.4114
Drew (MID)PTA$321,800DNP73.163
BoltonRIC$311,600 (+$22.5k)4568.889
LarkeyNTH$244,600 (+$38.2k)7764.614
CorbettGCS$223,500 (+$20.3k)475626
BaltaRIC$305,200 (+$51.7k)8352-3
Setterfield (MID)CAR$223,300DNP5137
LewisHAW$00 (+$k)DNP5137
Taylor (MID)NTH$117,300DNP31-


Those Tiger rookies just keep on kicking goals, and Baker and Balta turned it on again for a soggy Dreamtime at the ‘G. Baker owned the half-forward line with 24 disposals, nine tackles and a goal for his ton, while Balta again pinch-hit in the ruck to absolute perfection, more than holding his own against a vastly more experienced opponent and amassing an impressive 16 contested possessions along the way. It now looks like owners are going to be able to hold both of these players until their Round 14 bye!
Larkey has been a pleasant surprise (for me anyway). I wouldn’t have expected a key position player in a struggling team to score so well, but he has, and in doing so has established his place in the Roos’ best 22. Three goals helped boost him to 77 points, and he should be ripe to trade in round 14.


Miers has been the surprise packet of this year’s rookie class, but he finally hit the wall against the Suns. Gryan could only manage 12 disposals (1 contested) and turned it over four times on his way to 34. He will bleed more cash in the coming weeks, and must be traded by the 7% of coaches who have enjoyed his time in their teams.
struggled in the wet conditions against the Bombers, as some small forwards tend to do. Just the 11 touches at 54% has shot his BE into the stratosphere, and he is also a trade out this week.
And speaking of struggling small forwards, Young was one of the most popular trade-ins of the year last week, but he completely spudded it up on his second outing. His meagre five touches included one forgettable kick into the second tier of the grandstand, and coaches who were relying on him on their fields this week would have been nauseous at the sight of that 17 in their forward lines. Hopefully Young can hold his spot, but cash gen will be slow for a couple of weeks with that low score in his cycle.

Goodbye for now: King will be a good player, but probably not ever SC relevant. Moore is unfortunately injured, and Taylor and Ham don’t look like getting another game any time soon.


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18 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd10”

  1. Great write up Chillo, hoping Young gets another chance, they must be jumping on a plane to China soon, do we know if he’s on it? What to do with Hore? His looking like a keeper at D6 or D7 at worst. And finally when can we expect players from the mid season draft to appear in our players list? They’d all be priced at $102,900 surely. Could be some good downgrade options there and possibly one or two ready to jump into the action.


    1. Based on nothing other than what I’ve read, Deluca, Dunkley and Snelling will be worth a look. Who knows if they’ll get a game or not though, it’s a brave new world for mid season rookies!


      1. What’s the deal with the mid season drafted players? Do they get added to the Supercoach lists?


        1. Should happen soon Matty. Expect those without AFL experience to be basement price; all others will be prices based on previous scoring, with usual discounts


          1. Josh Deluca 154k MID
            Mitch Riordan 102k MID
            Kyle Dunkley 102k MID
            Michael Knoll 102k RUCK
            Lachlan Hosie 102k FWD
            Ryan Gardner 102k FWD
            Will Snelling 117k MID
            Jack Mayo 102k FWD
            Cam Sutcliffe 199k MID
            Dillon O’Reilly 102k MID/FWD
            Marlion Pickett 102k MID
            John Noble 102k MID
            Cody Hirst 102k MID


            1. The amateurs have O’Reilly as DEF/FWD and they are usually the same as us, until they add the extras.
              Any chance of an error somewhere???


              1. Yeah, looking at his player profile, I think he is a def/fwd. Not sure about his chances of getting a game anyway, but apologies for that error.


  2. Great stuff Chillo.
    I fear if Webster is fit, Long will go FWD and Young will be dropped. Paton and Geary will be back soon too.


    1. Agree AS. Young really looked a bit lost out there last weekend, it’ll take a huge show of faith from Richo for him to stay in the team.


  3. Want to do a double downgrade this week although, outside of Hinge, not sure who the next best option is out of Fort, Begley, Baker and Young


    1. All things considered, I like Baker out of that lot, but it really depends on your structure.


    1. Only if Clark is your weakest link down back.

      If you have Answerth or Duursma, you could trade a mid rookie out instead, opening your DPP.


      1. Have Answerth def. Setterfield &; Hayes mids
        Look at it again Thursday night

        Thanks for your help



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