Rookie Review Rd11

Written by Chillo on June 4 2019

A couple of old favourites made a case for a permanent position in your team, while a Bombers rookie made an outstanding season debut by quelling one the bulliest bulls in the competition.

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd11AvgBE
Rozee (FWD)PTA$412,400 (+$10.2k)8181.499
Duursma (MID)PTA$362,100 (+$24.3k)9274.316
ClarkGEE$286,800 (+$12.1k)7361.013
CummingGWS$206,500 (+$32.8k)9059.0-17
Answerth (MID)BRI$220,600 (+$17.9k)7158.5-3
JoyceSTK$164,600 (+$40.7k)3855.00
Lockhart (MID)MEL$259,500 DNP53.171
YoungWBD$188,300 (+$7.7k)5344.817
Gardner (FWD)WBD$102,4004141-


Cumming could well be dropped this week if Zac Williams returns, but he made hay while the sun shone in the Giants’ blowout victory over the Suns, recording 87% efficiency for his 15 touches to go with 5 tackles. Edit: if Lachie Whitfield really is out for a month, then Cumming might actually be a decent downgrade option, even at that elevated price tag!
Answerth gets a special mention, as many coaches were relying on him to provide cover for Marty Hore in the backline. The Lions youngster responded with 14 touches (including 5 intercepts) at 93% efficiency, and a very handy 71 points.
Finally, Duursma backed up his ton last week with 92 points in Shanghai against the Saints. Playing mostly on the wing, Xavier recorded 23 disposals, ten score involvements, and a goal of his own.

With his break-even now down at 16, Duursma has been one of the best cash cows of the year and is still in 50% of teams. However, he has the bye this week, and there are a number of premium defenders with inviting price tags. Time for a sneaky vote!

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Gardner was playing for Footscray a little while ago, but this week he was lining up in a very different Bulldogs uniform. He managed 9 possessions and a goal, but overall it was a tough day for a full-forward in a team well beaten. Hopefully he can hold his spot after the bye this weekend.

Goodbye for now: Petty.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd11AvgBE
WalshCAR$417,800 (-$5.7k)6788.789
StackRIC$352,300 (+$16.3k)10779.036
B.SmithWBD$399,600 (+$5.7k)5674.595
AtkinsGEE$294,800 (+$11.0k)6760.4-6
BakerMEL$165,500 (+$41.6k)6955.7-27
ScottNTH$172,800 DNP5412
StockerCAR$210,000 (+$27.3k)6149.60


It’s quite incredible that Stack had to take such a convoluted path to get to the AFL. He was amongst the Tigers best with 24 possessions off the halfback flank, including a game-high 9 intercepts. The round 14 bye should give him at least two more games in your team!
No one doubts that Butters is a talent, but his scoring has been very erratic in his rookie year. You probably moved him on weeks ago, but those who have held on to him (for whatever reason) would have been overjoyed with his 19 possession, two goal effort against Saints.
Baker of the Oskar variety popped his bubble in his best game yet, in the heartbreaking loss to the Crows. Still has to clean up his disposal (57% efficiency for 21 touches), but IMO his leg speed is something the Dees desperately need on the wings. Hopefully Goodwin shares that opinion!


Not entirely his fault, but we were probably hoping for a bit more from Bewley in his second game. 62% time on ground didn’t help his cause, but Ross has a history of gradually phasing in his rookies (ask Andrew Brayshaw). He still managed 13 disposals and six tackles, and hopefully we’ll see more of him after Freo’s bye this weekend.


Clarke was playing the second game of his AFL career, and Woosha asked him to tag the monster that is Patrick Cripps. Talk about your big assignments! But the kid was quite incredible, keeping Cripps uncharacteristically quiet while also managing 23 possessions, ten tackles, and just missing the Supercoach ton. Job security is very suspect with Dylan Shiel set to return after the bye, but keep your fingers crossed! His VFL form alone suggests he could be that late-season cash cow we’re all looking for – if he can get some game time.

Goodbye for now: Hayes, Jones, Rowbottom.


O'BrienADE$397,900 (-$4.1k)5285.295
Coleman-Jones (FWD)RIC$123,900DNP60-

As expected, O’Brien struggled against the monolithic Gawn, and lost you some cash. With Sauce Jacobs lighting up the SANFL on his return to footy, it might be just about time to wave goodbye to Reilly. What a cow he’s been!
Smith finally earned a start at the Lions, and showed signs of improvement for his nine disposals and 23 hitouts. Not sure about his job security moving forward, but keep an eye on him over the next couple of weeks. Maybe a downgrade option for O’Brien if he can hold his spot?


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd11AvgBE
BakerRIC$362,400 (+$16.9k)8582.926
Drew (MID)PTA$321,800DNP73.164
MiersGEE$321,400 (-$29.3k)5067.1108
BoltonRIC$286,600 (-$25.0k)3463.992
LarkeyNTH$263,800 (+$19.2k)5863.522
LewisHAW$222,400 (+$15.4k)7254.514
CorbettGCS$228,700 (+$5.2k)3853.052
Setterfield (MID)CAR$235,400 (+$12.0k)6452.947
BaltaRIC$327,000 (+$21.8k)4751.565
BegleyESS$188,600 (+$21.0k)4449.010
YoungSTK$139,200 (+$21.9k)3339.733


Baker of the Liam variety continues to get the job done, despite the Tigers’ surprise loss to the Roos on Friday night. He also looks to be a good hold until his bye, and is probably a safe choice at F6 until then.


Hopefully 47,000 coaches are not relying on Young to be much more than an F8 for the remainder of the season. Playing as a small forward in a struggling team is a tough gig, and Robbie had to rely on 3 free kicks to get to his 33 points against the Power.
Balta and Bolton look to have hit the rookie wall, and tough decisions now have to made whether you keep them for a couple more weeks, or cash in now.

Goodbye for now: Miers and Bolton are officially cooked, and Drew still couldn’t earn a recall despite Rocky’s withdrawal. Time to move on.


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd11”

  1. Great stuff as always Chillo. Thanks for covering for me the last 3 weeks and making sure my onfield rookies constantly knocked out 75+, I’ve climbed from 16.5k to 3k while I’ve been away.

    Last night on honeymoon and I’m still in denial as once I go to sleep, I have to wake up and pack.

    I’ll be back for good soon!


    1. Thanks Hutta! I think writing three articles a week might have been a case of biting off more than I can chew. But I definitely have a great appreciation for all the work you put into the Rookie Review every week.

      Glad to hear the honeymoon went well. See ya back here soon


  2. Will Hold Atkins & Balta till their byes. Duursma probably till round 14/15 and likely to cash out Rob & Hore this or next week. Walsh will probably go during his bye also.


  3. Great stuff Chillo!
    Both Brayshaw and Cerra ave’d 60-62% TOG over the entire 2018 season. Does this mean we can expect this from Bewley for the remainder of this one? It won’t help his scoring.
    ESS have been crying out for a ‘run-with’ type in the middle doing a ‘job’. Surely Clarke will be a permanent fixture, at least long enough to make decent $$s?!
    Gardner is clearly the taller/bigger body the Doggies FWD line has been missing all year. A warm body is just what we need but has ave’d just 10 possessions and 0.5 goals this year in the VFL. Don’t think we should expect more than a 45 average on those stats, but that’ll be enough to make $100k if he plays every week.
    Reckon all three are therefore viable options, just don’t think we should expect too much of any of them and Clarke [licking my lips now] likely has the weakest JS of the three. Woosha last year tended to drop rookies after decent games and on occasion they wouldn’t reappear for weeks! Might just wait for his bubble.


    1. PS will dump ROB if Sauce is back this week. Thanks for the awesome cash injection. Balta may go too. That would allow me to complete my upgrades for onfield premos over the two remaining byes and have 10 trades left.
      Still, after last week’s fu3k up, am too far behind now to make a run for overall.
      Thanks again Chillo. Great stuff.



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