Macca’s Final 2021 Bye Planner

Written by Motts on June 2 2021

OK folks, this is your final version of the bye planner files for this year.

They will still be functional over the three bye weeks, but just remember after the completion of round 12 this week, the player prices, BE’s averages and so on won’t change … but you can still see who you have playing and not playing.

As always, the Planner Tab is your key tab to select your team and planned trades. – Refer to the enclosed word document for more details on how to use the files if you haven’t used them before.

The Player data tabs (or the key position tabs) shows you all the current information on the players as of the end of round 11.

Final Thoughts:

  • If you’ve planned well thus far, the ideal solution is to not have to trade going into round 12. Trades are gold remember, and anyone you trade in this week, will miss one of the following two weeks and, particularly with rookies, may also be dropped. So, consider any trades wisely this week.
  • Don’t make any trades until you see the teams this round (as normal – DUH!!)
  • Use these planners to plan out your moves for each of the next two weeks – save different versions with each of your planned trades (after this week though, prices won’t be current)
  • Don’t panic if the numbers look bad on any 1 week – get as many as you can on field and as many playing ‘premos’ in round 14  – quality is often better than quantity, especially if burning trades on rookies that may not play
  • don’t panic trade in bad choices just to get 18 on the field if that player won’t play more games / generate cash later.
  • DPP players are great! Hold someone like Scott (if you haven’t traded him already) or Poulter as long as you can (even if they lose a little cash), as they allow you to move players around.

So, get to it! Leave a comment on the thread about your thoughts on the Byes and your plans – generate the discussion!!

Cheers all


SCT 2021 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd 12 – Average = Gun

SCT 2021 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd 12 – Dollar$ = Gun



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4 thoughts on “Macca’s Final 2021 Bye Planner”

    1. Cheers Baz! As long as we can help everyone to a better experience, then that is all we can hope for!

      Grundy almost having his head pulled off hasn’t helped my bye planning, and no doubt many of you! I had 21-22 possible playing in round 12 with my moves thus far this year … and Grundy has impacted that now, though still a little breathing room, without trading for Rnd12.

      Though it may present a slightly harder hurdle for Rnd13 and I am now going to have to reconsider my trades and timing of a little more I think.

      Fingers crossed that the real coaches play those rookies we are relying on and that the SC Gods are kind to us all!!


  1. Thanks Maccas. Every year your planner is our best friend during the byes. Thank you for continuing to share



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