The Fallen Premiums – Rd 12, 2021

Written by Chillo on June 2 2021

In a pleasant change of pace, most of the focus in the world of Fallen Premiums is on the ruck department this week. Usually it’s a futile effort to find an alternative to the goliath that is BroMax, but with Grundy suffering a nasty whiplash injury on the weekend the question must be asked – do you trade or hold? And if you trade, who to?

All these questions and more to follow. Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


Shannon HURN (WCE), $409 100 (-$68.7K), avg 90, BE 56 – Bunga ain’t getting any younger, but fortunately for him his right foot doesn’t wear a watch. Hurn can still boot the absolute bejesus out of the footy and as the Eagles’ designated kicker-innerer, he will always get plenty of opportunities to do just that. Incredibly cheap for someone of his scoring ability and the injury-curtailed 6 point game against Saints drops out of his cycle this week. If you’re prepared to risk Heeney (and plenty are), then Hurn is in a similar wheelhouse – take out the injury-affected effort and he’s averaging 106 this year…

Bunga prepares to launch another missile into the Eagles forward line

Jake LLOYD (SYD), $548 000 (-$108.4K), avg 109, BE 88 – Unpopular opinion: yes he’s still a seagull, but Lloyd is actually playing above himself this year. His contested footy numbers are never going to be high, but it’s his one percenter efforts that have lifted. He played a very good game against the Blues on Sunday especially when the Swans were under siege throughout the middle part of the game, and he is now at a very gettable price. Extremely consistent and just does not miss games!

Backing it up…
Sam Docherty, $532K, BE 156
Christian Salem, $532K, BE 147


Patrick CRIPPS (CAR), $449 600 (-$74.1K), avg 89, BE 41 – Ahhh Crippa, you are an enigma. Patty has stumbled and stammered his way though the opening stages of 2021, infuriating and frustrating his owners and causing many to jump ship. Just when you thought it was all over, he rolls out a 27 possession, three goal effort against the Swans and suddenly he seems shiny and new again. False dawn? Or must-get Fallen Premium?

Zach MERRETT (ESS), $541 800 (-$79.1K), avg 109, BE 89 – Solid rather than brilliant for most of this year, Zach probably bottoms out this week when his season-low 64 against the Dockers drops out of the cycle. Parish is getting most of the accolades in the Bombers midfield this season, which leaves the proven Merrett to grind away and churn out tons in the shadows. The Round 13 bye is a bit troublesome but otherwise this is a very safe selection on a bonafide premium performer.

Jack STEELE (STK), $576 900 (-$81.1K), avg 116, BE 93 – The quiet weeks are over for Jack, who smashed out a stellar 154 against the Roos and his price tag may now start the uphill path again. The lynchpin of the Saints midfield, the side’s recent indifferent form may have flowed through to Steele’s scoring but his application and ability can never be doubted. Averages over 7 tackles a game to go with 27 possessions – that’s generally going to add up to big Supercoach scores!

Just quickly….Lachie HUNTER ($492 200, avg 91, BE 58) now has three tons on the trot, and this is your last chance to get him in for less than $500K.

Limbo land…
Jarryd Lyons, $629K, BE 166
Hugh McCluggage, $584K, BE 160
Mitch Duncan, $581K, BE 154


What to do with Grundy? If you believe the word coming out of the Pies camp, he will miss three weeks at most, which equates to two games in the bye rounds with the benefits of best 18 scoring. Is that worth a trade? And if you do trade, are you planning to get him back in at some stage? Do you have enough trades to do that? So many questions, where are the answers?

NicNat: jumping over the top of opposition rucks since 2009.

Nic NAITANUI (WCE), $585 200 (-$8.5K), avg 112, BE 68 – NicNat has conveniently just piled up a phenomenal 163 against the Bombers to shove himself into the spotlight this week. Arguably the best tap ruckman in the game, Naitanui also managed 20 possessions and six tackles in that effort in 70% game time (above his usual level). Always near the pointy end of the league in terms of points per minute, if you have the trades to manage it then Nic is a perfectly viable option to replace a fallen Grundy this week. His bye round probably suits your rucks also.

Brodie Grundy, $628K, BE 162


Isaac HEENEY (SYD), $398 000 (-$56.5K), avg 82, BE 25 – Heeney trolled all those who doubted him this week – again. He’s already suffered through a broken hand, broken thumb and post-surgery ankle soreness this year, and yet he still managed to take 14 marks and kick three goals in a BOG effort against the Blues last weekend. Can you imagine what will happen if he’s ever fully fit? Still ridiculously cheap for someone so talented, it’s just a question of whether you’re prepared to abide the inevitable injury layoffs that he will have throughout the remainder of the season.


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  1. I think the Cripps argument is similar to Titch’s. They are both guns with huge ceilings however this season, for some reason, seems to have gone past them. I’m not sure whether it’s the new rules has exposed their speed with the opening up of the game and or their injured. I I jumped on Titch and I can’t say that I’m 100% happy with the decision, he would be my M8. I don’t think I can afford another M8.



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