Rookie Review – Round 1 2024

Written by Alza on March 19 2024

I know Footy was back last week but it really feels like it now with SuperCoach starting and our teams now locked into our initial starting squads. What a relief! 47 rookie priced players got a game this week which is up by 3 on last year’s Rd 1 number, 31 with forward status and only 12 with defender status.

Players that are considered rookies for this review are players priced under the Reid Line of $207,300.

Our rookie defenders were already thin but now with Gibcus out for the year (ACL), Reid out for a few (Hammy) and McDonald also out (Knee) it’s even worse. Apart from Howes, Uwland and Dean we can wait a week before trading any rookies in especially with best 18 rules applying. I currently own both Reid and Gibcus along with Coffield and Howes. Now I haven’t given it a heap of thought yet but I’m sure you’ve seen in the ‘Trade Talk – Round 2’ thread plenty of discussion regarding this, so have a read and gather some information.

The rookies on the bubble that look like the real deal and should be targeted this week are Windsor, Berry, Roberts, Sexton, Howes and Cadman. We can’t have them all and it’s not worth using too many trades to chase these guys but this is prime cash generation time so you need to have all your rookies playing apart from 1 loop maybe.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Blake HOWES*MEL$123,90064 (78)-86
Charlie DEAN*COL$123,90057 (56)-43
Bodhi UWLAND*GCS$137,10057 (49)-22
Karl WORNERFRE$134,10063 (63)-13
Marty HOREMEL$123,90060 (60)-13
Josh GIBCUS*RIC$150,70019 (48)-11
Nick COFFIELDWBD$123,90049 (49)-2
Toby PINKNTH$123,90044 (44)3
Kallan DAWSONNTH$183,30064 (64)5
Darcy GARDINER*BRL$187,80040 (49)7
Oscar MCDONALDFRE$123,90027 (27)20
Zach REIDESS$123,90015 (15)32

The Good: Howes had another solid game proving he is one of our best defender rookies. He had 16 touches at 88% with 7 marks. Dawson isn’t very popular due to his price but had a good game as a key defender. He had 15 touches at 87% with 7 marks and 6 intercepts.

The Bad: Reid injured his hamstring in the 2nd half and looks to be out for a few weeks, not a must trade with the limited options available. Gibcus was also injured suffering another unfortunate ACL injury.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jack CARROLL*CAR$123,90074 (70)-70
Matt ROBERTS*SYD$156,80069 (73)-58
Jacob WEHR*GWS$123,90046 (47)-25
Jeremy SHARPFRE$123,90070 (70)-23
Colby MCKERCHERNTH$202,80088 (88)-12
Ryley SANDERSWBD$184,80043 (43)26
Jhye CLARKGEE$123,90013 (13)34
Campbell CHESSERWCE$199,60038 (38)37

The Good: McKercher was excellent in his debut with 22 touches at 86% with 8 marks and close to 500m gained mostly from 2 quarters. Carroll avoided the subs vest this week and had a nice role in the middle. He had 20 touches, 4 marks and 3 clearances, has a bye this week so can wait a week to bring him in. Sharp played on the wing in Freo’s big win with 18 touches and 8 marks and will be highly sought after in 2 weeks.

The Bad: Clark had 13 touches but used it poorly at 31% to go with 7 clangers. He spent a chunk of time in the middle so it wasn’t the role just execution. He wasn’t subbed out but he did have low time on ground.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Sam NAISMITHRIC$123,900DNP (93)-46

Just the 1 ruck to mention in Naismith, didn’t play this week with Nank back. In 29% of teams’ hopeful that he can get another crack which I’m sure he will.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Thomas BERRY*GCS$163,500104 (83)-75
Alex SEXTON*GCS$133,40063 (68)-62
Aaron CADMAN*GWS$127,60072 (64)-56
Oliver DEMPSEYGEE$148,40096 (96)-41
Seth CAMPBELL*RIC$123,90031 (51)-32
Caleb WINDSOR* (MID)MEL$180,30072 (65)-30
Harvey THOMAS* (MID)GWS$117,30045 (43)-20
Darcy WILSON (MID)STK$130,80066 (66)-17
Noah ANSWERTHBRL$176,00080 (80)-13
Maurice RIOLI*RIC$175,50055 (51)-4
Buku KHAMISWBD$123,90051 (51)-4
Harvey GALLAGHERWBD$123,90049 (49)-2
Harley REID (MID)WCE$207,30078 (78)0
Zane DUURSMA (MID)NTH$193,80071 (71)1
Callum JAMIESONWCE$199,00063 (63)11
Toby MCMULLINGWS$123,900DNP (32)15
Chris BURGESSADE$129,10034 (34)15
Shaun MANNAGH (MID)GEE$117,30029 (29)15
Lachlan MCNEILWBD$159,10041 (41)19
Josh SCHACHEMEL$123,900DNP (27)20
Orazio FANTASIA*CAR$175,90039 (37)23
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$181,10042 (42)26
Bailey LAURIEMEL$152,200DNP (20)27
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$199,80048 (48)27
Tom EMMETTFRE$182,20038 (38)30
Finlay MACRAECOL$152,60028 (28)30
Kai LOHMANN*BRL$150,90017 (25)34
Lance COLLARDSTK$117,3004 (4)40
Nick WATSON (MID)HAW$189,30026 (26)45
Taj WOEWODINMEL$175,5008 (8)58

The Good: Berry had a career best game with 17 touches, 7 tackles and a goal with good contested numbers. On the bubble this week and will increase by roughly $60k with a score in the 50s. Dempsey had a great game on the back of 3 goals, 7 marks, 15 touches and 2 goal assists and 9 score involvements. Reid finally got to make his debut and started in the guts, where he played the majority. Started hot before having his game time managed. Ended with 16 touches with 9 contested and 5 clearances.

The Bad: Watson is playing as a small forward and scored accordingly. 5 touches at 40% but he did manage to kick 3 points which is both a good and bad sign.

I’m going to leave the Rookie of the Year voting to you guys this year. Thank you for reading and please get your votes in.

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 1 2024?

  • Oliver Dempsey (GEE) - 96 (38%, 114 Votes)
  • Thomas Berry (GCS) - 104 (35%, 104 Votes)
  • Colby McKercher (NTH) - 88 (25%, 75 Votes)
  • Harley Reid (WCE) - 78 (2%, 5 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Noah Answerth (BRL) - 80 (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 299

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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 1 2024”

  1. 3 votes – Coen Livingstone (162 points, via Gawn VC loophole).
    -3 votes – Me, for swapping Clark on field for Windsor.

    In seriousness though, Windsor looked great on Sunday, he’s my Rd1 rookie of the week.


    1. I wouldn’t. Lazzaro had 18 CBA’s so had a nice role just couldn’t get enough of it with the Giants strong midfield


  2. Such great info Azla, thanks man! I also have Gibcus & Reid and am seriously thinking not trading either this week and having another look at Hore & passing on Dean. (already have Coffield & Howes)



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