Rookie Review – Round 14

Written by Alza on June 18 2024

Another week of the byes is over with just 1 more to go. It was a low scoring week for the rookies with just the 1 score over 85.

The options are still limited with Dowling, Strachan and Kreuger having their bye this week although 2 of them were traded in heavily last week. If you don’t have them I would not be bringing them in this week unless desperate. I also wouldn’t bring in Schoenmaker yet either, he has a week off and still only played 1 game. The best options this week are not all that enticing but may turn out to be decent selections. Worner, Laurie and Carroll seem to be the best.

Worner could be a great option but he may end up coming straight out although he did play well, if he can keep his spot he will be a good scorer. Laurie and Carroll are both big sub risks as they have been already this year but are cheap enough that if they get to string some full games together they may be handy cover.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk*


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Karl WORNER*FRE$134,10078 (71)-63
Arie SCHOENMAKERSTK$117,30083 (83)-36
Bodhi UWLANDGCS$388,100BYE (72)-13
Will DAWSON (FWD)NTH$137,900DNP (38)1
Jackson ARCHERNTH$183,700 (+$9.8k)32 (38)3
Joshua DRAPERFRE$216,100 (+$19.8k)48 (42)9
Will HAMILLADE$249,300 (+$35.8k)68 (53)10
Oisin MULLINGEE$215,200BYE (46)17
Toby PINKNTH$193,900 (+$16.1k)49 (40)17
Tew JIATHCOL$117,30024 (24)23
Harry EDWARDSWCE$230,200BYE (63)28
Charlie DEANCOL$262,200 (+$29.3k)54 (59)28
Leek ALEERGWS$279,000 (+$39.3k)67 (68)41
Kallan DAWSONNTH$255,400 (+$21.8k)56 (54)41
Daniel TURNERMEL$164,400BYE (39)49
Alex SEXTON (FWD)GCS$406,300BYE (82)50
Tom BROWNRIC$314,100 (+$8.5k)52 (62)56
Will GRAHAM (MID)GCS$290,400BYE (68)60
Blake HOWESMEL$273,600BYE (57)75
Buku KHAMIS (FWD)WBD$231,200 (-$13k)59 (53)75
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$278,100 (-$5.1k)59 (57)78
Sam CLOHESY (MID)GCS$313,900BYE (74)88
Matt ROBERTS (MID)SYD$269,300 (-$41.6k)5 (67)94
Jase BURGOYNE (MID)PTA$412,900 (+$3.3k)61 (73)103
Noah ANSWERTH (FWD)BRL$239,800 (-$24.8k)27 (55)103

The Good: Schoenmaker made his long awaited debut and looked right at home. His kicking skills were on show with 18 touches at 89% with 6 marks, 4 intercepts and over 450m gained. Worner was a late inclusion to play his 2nd game of the season with his last being round 1. He did as much as he could to keep his spot with a great 1st half to finish with 16 touches at 88%, 6 marks, 3 tackles and 7 intercepts.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jhye CLARKGEE$221,100BYE (42)-22
Jack BYTELCOL$123,500DNP (23)29
Jack CARROLLCAR$127,400BYE (39)39
Jacob WEHRGWS$269,900DNP (55)51
Lachlan SULLIVANCOL$276,600 (+$1k)54 (65)59
Campbell CHESSERWCE$278,500BYE (47)92
Kane MCAULIFFERIC$238,100 (-$17.2k)11 (46)96
Jeremy SHARPFRE$373,500 (-$30.8k)14 (72)132

The Bad: Sharp had his worst game of the year by far which really hurts the coaches that held to get through the byes. He had just 4 touches with 2 clangers in 87% TOG.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Kieran STRACHAN*ADE$123,90072 (69)-66
Nathan KREUGER* (FWD)COL$123,90046 (61)-50
Tom CAMPBELLSTK$123,90065 (65)-15
Ned MOYLEGCS$316,000BYE (89)23

Strachan recovered from a slight groin injury to play his 2nd game, he scored fairly well considering how dominant Grundy was. He had 12 touches, 3 marks, 6 tackles and 16 hitouts. Kreuger didn’t reach the heights of last week but with some better kicking he could have. Kicked 1.2 from 6 touches. Campbell played his 1st game in 2 years to the disapproval of Marshall owners. He really only played in the ruck with a low 49% TOG. He had 9 touches with 7 contested, 3 tackles and 12 hitouts.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Billy DOWLING* (MID)ADE$123,90055 (59)-46
Lachlan MCNEILWBD$191,300DNP (55)-11
Jack HUTCHINSONWCE$102,400DNP (40)2
Calsher DEARHAW$226,800 (+$14.1k)50 (50)15
Bailey LAURIEMEL$111,500DNP (21)19
Oliver DEMPSEY (MID)GEE$334,100BYE (68)23
Logan MORRISBRL$265,500 (+$27.5k)52 (57)23
Bruce REVILLE (MID)BRL$267,400 (+$22.4k)58 (63)28
Harvey THOMAS (MID)GWS$272,800 (+$9.2k)74 (55)29
Jai CULLEY (MID)WCE$193,100BYE (47)31
Nick WATSON (MID)HAW$268,800 (+$24.4k)80 (54)31
Seth CAMPBELLRIC$285,800 (+$17.5k)79 (54)32
Jed WALTERGCS$160,200BYE (35)35
Joel FREIJAH (MID)WBD$271,800 (+$17.6k)68 (65)37
Chris BURGESSADE$239,700DNP (49)41
Tyler SONSIERIC$225,500 (+$2.7k)47 (46)43
Harvey HARRISONCOL$272,800 (-$0.7k)42 (54)43
Aaron CADMANGWS$183,200 (-$13.5k)23 (49)45
Caleb WINDSOR (MID)MEL$265,000BYE (58)46
Toby MCMULLINGWS$169,500 (+$11.8k)3 (38)46
Finlay MACRAE (MID)COL$252,700 (-$3.2k)10 (45)48
Riley GARCIAWBD$321,300DNP (71)53
Shannon NEALEGEE$222,400BYE (49)53
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$365,900 (+$20.3k)53 (60)60
Noah CUMBERLANDRIC$197,000 (-$10.4k)2 (34)60
Quinton NARKLEPTA$199,70014 (14)66
Harvey GALLAGHER (MID)WBD$242,900 (+$1.5k)34 (46)69
Reef MCINNESCOL$189,700 (+$6.4k)16 (40)70
Thomas BERRYGCS$264,300BYE (57)76
Ryley SANDERS (MID)WBD$327,500 (+$12.4k)58 (65)78
Kai LOHMANNBRL$428,700 (+$6.3k)91 (68)94
Darcy WILSON (MID)STK$338,800 (-$30.1k)70 (68)103

The Good: Lohmann continued his great form with 2 goals from 12 touches at 100% and 5 marks. Has increased in price over 275k now and been an excellent rookie that hasn’t even reached 3% ownership this year. Watson is still missing out with his poor goal kicking but returned to the side with a decent game. He kicked 1.4 from 13 touches at just 46%. He also had 3 tackles and 3 marks.

The Bad: Cumberland was subbed out in the last quarter after having 4 touches in 56% TOG. Macrae was subbed out very early with just 36% game time after playing so well last week. Just 6 touches from him but North did control the whole 1st half.

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 14?

  • Arie Schoenmaker (STK) - 83 (62%, 104 Votes)
  • Kai Lohmann (BRL) - 91 (30%, 51 Votes)
  • Karl Worner (FRE) - 78 (5%, 9 Votes)
  • Nick Watson (HAW) - 80 (2%, 4 Votes)
  • Seth Campbell (RIC) - 79 (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 169

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Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Leaderboard After Round 13
H. Reid – 9
O. Dempsey – 8
S. Clohesy – 7


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14 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 14”

    1. Yes – Mannagh or Cooper Simpson (possibly in for Michael Walters) would be nice this week

      But both have questionable JS

      Hopefully Worner holds his spot – and then we can get Kreuger next week & Schoenmaker the week after as downgrades (if they also hold their spots)

      Kreuger may lose his position to Mihacek in round 16 ?

      But I would be surprised if Ross Lyon doesn’t play Schoenmaker for the rest of the year – especially now that St Kilda don’t look likely to play finals

      Great article again !!


      1. PS I already hold Dowling, and he looked like a very good footballer / very solid rookie

        Runs hard, strong in the contest, uses the ball well – and he clearly wants to be involved in the play as much as possible

        Think Nicks need to keep playing him


    2. I don’t see Mannagh coming in and if he does it will be short term. Danger and Guthrie should be back this week as well as pretty much a full list to pick from


  1. Great rookie article again Alza. Thank you and all the writers here for the great info you put together for us.


  2. Reckon Krueger keeps his spot for a while. I think he has taken the McStay role. Johnson and McInnes were both tried, but neither could nail it. This week McInnes was sub and no Johnson. Even if I am wrong and it is the Cox role, he still should have 4-6 weeks. Warm body, late season cash at best, but even they are in short supply. Thinking F8 if you are running with a decent F7 like Reville, Freijah or Dowling). Good of you are cashing in a Garcia type.
    Schoenmaker looked good. I think many of us will have 2 dead bench rookies at the moment. Not concerned if one of them is Dawson and you can swing Fisher or Sexton back and use F7 (Dowling, Reville, Freijah). Will need to decide whether it is worth a trade from a Hore, Reid or Coffield. At least I can wait a couple of weeks to see. Might be ok if you have 8 or more trades. Not so sure if you have 6 or less and a F7 you like.


    1. I agree Phil. Kreuger should stay in to play Cox’s role as back up ruck, he could even keep him out if he plays well. If you have another R/F at R3 like Livingstone it’s even better to be able to swing to cover both lines.

      Something that is worth mentioning is that any player brought in now probably won’t be traded out so cash gen with rookies doesn’t matter so much with players brought in over the next few weeks. It’s job security that we are after to have at least 1 player covering on all lines.


  3. Tried to post about Schoenmaker during the game chat on the weekend but comments were glitching:
    People may or may not know that he was actually very highly rated at draft time (fox footy had him a top 20 pick I think), issue was he had some ‘indiscretions’ on an U18 preseason camp and was suspended for 10 matches or so.

    Really turned clubs off on the night of the draft was my understanding but commentary on the night talked him up as one of the best, if not the best kick in the draft.

    Hopefully Ross has straightened him up and he is fully focused on his footy – if so should be a great pick in back end of the year, especially when DEF rookies have been a disaster all year!


  4. Thanks for write up. My point on Comment 1 was that Mannagh didn’t feature in the lists on the post. Slim consideration if he returns …


    1. Fair enough Lee, after 2 missed games players are hidden from the table for ease of viewing and relevance. Geelong tricked everyone with him playing the 1st 2 games


  5. Thanks Alza! Lohmann is the best example this year of why the sub rule truly sucks. He’s been a great cash cow after all those vests in the early rounds. Has made almost $300K but his ownership has never even reached 3%


    1. Absolutely!
      Last year it is was Dylan Williams in almost exactly the same situation and value increase. Fingers crossed the sub is gone next year



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