Rookie Review – Round 15

Written by Alza on June 27 2023

Only a handful of good scores by the rookies this week but some fairly big ones from popular players like Johnson and Sheldrick at a perfect time. Rookies become slightly less relevant now with teams about to be ‘complete’ over the next 2 weeks. Although this is true there is still 9 weeks remaining and it is just about a guarantee we will have to rely on a rookie to cover for a week or two in that time.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Seamus MITCHELL (FWD)HAW$347,400 (+$24.7k)98 (71)29
Conor MCKENNABRL$283,700 (+$9.3k)57 (61)30
Campbell CHESSER (MID)WCE$145,400 (-$5.5k)11 (27)32
Alex CINCOTTA (MID)CAR$256,100Bye (62)35
Lewis MELICANSYD$227,200 (+$6k)21 (57)42
Tylar YOUNGRIC$223,500Bye (47)47
Judd MCVEE (MID)MEL$297,400 (+$8.7k)66 (57)57
Reuben GINBEY (MID)WCE$347,300 (+$0.2k)48 (67)59
Darcy WILMOT (MID)BRL$341,100 (+$17.2k)60 (62)62
Dylan WILLIAMS (FWD)PTA$347,900Bye (68)64
Harry SHEEZEL (FWD)NTH$460,400Bye (97)65
Max MICHALANNEYADE$271,900 (-$5k)51 (58)74
Aaron FRANCIS (FWD)SYD$278,300 (-$1.1k)36 (51)74
Josh WEDDLEHAW$345,500 (+$5.7k)51 (68)81
Jack BUCKLEYGWS$350,600Bye (77)83
Rory ATKINS (MID)GCS$298,900 (-$8.4k)21 (64)86
Miller BERGMANNTH$236,500Bye (48)116

The Good: Mitchell had an excellent game with Sicily out. He had 24 touches, 6 marks, 3 tackles and 8 intercepts in the Hawks heavy loss.

The Bad: Melican had a quiet game as he played deep in defence in their huge win. He had 8 touches, 2 marks and 5 one percenters.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jaspa FLETCHER*BRL$157,80053 (58)-25
Elijah HEWETTWCE$140,200 (+$2.5k)38 (24)20
George WARDLAWNTH$285,900Bye (67)25
Matthew JOHNSONFRE$307,600 (+$30.2k)99 (53)47
Oskar BAKERWBD$264,400Bye (56)75
Will ASHCROFTBRL$408,600 (-$4.9k)62 (79)87

The Good: Johnson was everywhere as he had another great game. He had 16 touches at 94% with 8 marks, 7 tackles and a goal even with finishing his game early with a slight injury.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Nick BRYAN* (FWD)ESS$200,00059 (50)16
Jack WILLIAMS (FWD)WCE$123,90021 (21)28
Samson RYAN (FWD)RIC$263,800Bye (56)115

Bryan was a late in and then subbed out after 34% game time. He had 7 touches and 12 hitouts. Williams played his first game of the year and was subbed out early after just 21% TOG and 2 touches and a tackle.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Angus SHELDRICK (MID)SYD$251,400 (+$61k)93 (53)-39
Liam HENRY (MID)FRE$269,900 (+$41.7k)103 (61)-27
Harvey HARRISONCOL$164,300 (+$40.4k)52 (54)-16
Kai LOHMANN*BRL$146,50029 (46)-6
Ryan MARIC*WCE$102,40016 (33)-6
Hawego Paul OEAGCS$205,000 (+$16.8k)44 (49)14
Lachie FOGARTY (MID)CAR$167,400Bye (51)16
Jack BULLERSYD$102,400DNP (17)23
David CUNNINGHAM (MID)CAR$163,800Bye (42)23
Josh SINN (MID)PTA$121,100Bye (22)25
Phoenix SPICERNTH$180,700Bye (36)28
Aaron CADMANGWS$125,300Bye (23)28
Eddie FORDNTH$252,400Bye (69)32
Sam STURTFRE$170,400 (+$3.5k)4 (35)40
Anthony CAMINITISTK$227,600 (-$3.9k)55 (50)43
Thomas BERRYGCS$151,000DNP (33)46
Mattaes PHILLIPOU (MID)STK$270,400 (+$1.2k)40 (53)49
Luke EDWARDS (MID)WCE$176,900 (-$25.7k)24 (43)50
Xavier O'HALLORAN (MID)GWS$316,400Bye (61)52
Judson CLARKERIC$197,000Bye (43)62
Kade CHANDLERMEL$313,200 (+$2.5k)61 (69)63
Cam MACKENZIE (MID)HAW$252,100 (-$14.5k)37 (55)63
Ryan ANGWIN (MID)GWS$190,200Bye (39)66
Luke PEDLARADE$303,000 (-$10.9k)47 (60)71
Jacob VAN ROOYENMEL$348,600 (+$20.6k)64 (65)72
Josh TREACYFRE$296,900 (-$3.3k)37 (55)73
Tyler BROCKMANHAW$289,000 (-$6.6k)23 (56)79
Jye MENZIEESS$249,300 (-$15.8k)13 (48)81
Noah LONG (MID)WCE$231,600 (-$0.5k)34 (50)86
Will PHILLIPS (FWD)NTH$409,900Bye (76)87
Ben KINGGCS$368,200 (+$7k)77 (65)88
Sam BUTLERHAW$250,500 (-$22.3k)12 (46)98
Bailey HUMPHREY (MID)GCS$394,400 (-$12.7k)34 (63)120

The Good: Henry played his best game out on a wing. He finished with 32 touches and 8 marks with over 500 metres gained. Sheldrick had another great game rolling through the middle to get his 29 touches with 12 contested, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 4 clearances, 12 score involvements and kicked 1.3 and must have cemented his spot in the side now.

The Bad: Maric struggled as did a lot of Eagles. He had 6 touches, a mark and 2 tackles.

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Liam Henry
2 – Matthew Johnson
1 – Seamus Mitchell

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award After Round 15:
28 – Harry Sheezel
6 – Ben King
6 – Will Ashcroft


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8 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 15”

  1. Sorry Mitchell but the now is the time for you to leave my team even though you should make more cash.
    Thank you for your cash gen and I now hope Bont will make good use of your contribution


    1. If you can use him to get the bont then go for it!

      Ive decided he will be my d7 / f7 cover for the rest of the year. His dpp is valuable and dont think he is a sub risk anymore


      1. Would have traded Johnson but Mitchell to a 102k player gives me Bont and 5.7k itb.
        Will still have 200k cash to use if I downgrade Johnson


  2. With Campbell Chesser averaging 27, there is a chance that he is rookie priced again next year. I just know I will be tempted again.


    1. Hewett for me, Eagles will get games into him he has just had some issues staying on the park. Think he did a hammy earlier in the year and then the concussion from De Goey.
      Fletcher is probably in the team for another couple of weeks until Zorko, Rich and Gunston return, not the same positions but I would think it would see him drop out still. The Lions with Sharp is what I’m imagining happening again.



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