Rookie Review – Round 18 2022

Written by Alza on July 19 2022

We had 3 rookie debutants this week with another 3 playing their 2nd games. Decent timing as coaches use these players for final upgrades or luxury moves. As we saw this round with players needing to cover Oliver, bench cover is going to be needed in the next few weeks and if you can loophole your bench it will be very valuable.

Players on the bubble are shown with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jase BURGOYNE* (MID)PTA$117,300DNP (67)-64
Callum BROWN* (FWD)GWS$182,900DNP (64)-21
Buku KHAMISWBD$176,200 (+$21.1k)58 (43)-9
Massimo D'AMBROSIOESS$195,000DNP (56)-5
James BLANCKHAW$170,500 (+$28.6k)42 (48)-5
Ben MILLERRIC$242,200 (+$29.8k)79 (59)-4
Rhett BAZZO (FWD)WCE$153,900 (+$12.1k)50 (37)6
Patrick PARNELLADE$200,800 (+$22.2k)56 (47)11
Flynn PEREZNTH$213,800 (-$0.6k)55 (44)14
Darragh JOYCE*STK$206,700DNP (47)28
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$378,300 (+$10.9k)59 (72)54
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$245,600 (-$5.1k)50 (49)54
Mitchell HINGEADE$339,300 (+$4.1k)75 (66)55
Nick DAICOS (MID)COL$555,200 (+$48.7k)163 (93)63
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA (MID)STK$298,100 (-$0.8k)50 (54)64
Jacob WEHRGWS$306,900 (+$13.7k)77 (64)66
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$221,100 (-$32.7k)20 (54)67
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$377,700 (+$13.4k)71 (68)78
Brady HOUGH (MID)WCE$256,700 (-$4.9k)28 (47)79
Carter MICHAELBRL$123,900DNP (57)-

The Good: Seems like Daicos is getting better every week, this week he had a huge 40 touches at a good 82% efficiency while also laying 5 tackles, 747 metres gained and kicking 3 goals. A score of 163 in his 1st season shows a ceiling that some players never reach. Miller had his best game thanks to 12 touches at 83% with 3 marks and 3 tackles, 6 one percenters and a goal to top it off. Wehr played well at a great time as he was a lot of coach’s bench cover. He had 15 touches at a great 93% and took 4 marks.

The Bad: Gibcus has been struggling since his role has been up in the air and that continued this week as he spent some time in the ruck and only had 52% TOG. He had 3 touches with 2 marks and 2 tackles. Hough was probably needed this round and he didn’t provide the score that was needed. He had 10 touches at 50% and took 4 marks.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Zane TREW*WCE$123,900DNP (46)-19
James TUNSTILLBRL$144,000DNP (43)-6
Josh WARDHAW$280,000 (+$26.9k)99 (56)9
Harry SHARPBRL$158,700 (-$17.4k)13 (22)53
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$264,700 (-$4.7k)46 (58)65
Jake SOLIGOADE$300,000 (-$8.6k)62 (57)85
Greg CLARKWCE$233,600DNP (56)91
Jackson HATELYADE$372,900DNP (71)139
Tyler SONSIERIC$117,30059 (59)-

The Good: Ward played his best game and showed us all why we started the year with him. He had 34 touches at 71%, took 7 marks and laid 5 tackles to go with 8 score involvements. He did have 6 clangers to stop him hitting the magical 100.

The Bad: Sharp had 10 touches in this game but his poor use cost him, he went at 50% and had 6 clangers to ruin his score.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Callum JAMIESONWCE$210,300 (-$10.8k)64 (46)63

Jamieson only played 49% game time but made the most of his time. He had 10 touches at 80% with no clangers and had 4 hitouts.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Noah CUMBERLAND (MID)RIC$123,900101 (82)-91
Josh CARMICHAEL* (MID)COL$102,40056 (55)-50
Will HAYES* (MID)CAR$123,90074 (43)-13
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$235,400 (+$8.7k)66 (48)2
Dominic BEDENDO*WBD$123,900DNP (31)11
Jesse MOTLOPCAR$222,500 (+$28.3k)59 (46)11
Josh MORRISHAW$118,300 (-$5.6k)23 (20)11
Hewago Paul OEA (MID)GCS$143,300 (+$19.4k)31 (39)17
Phoenix SPICERNTH$124,600 (+$0.7k)36 (25)18
Connor MACDONALD (MID)HAW$259,400 (+$13k)71 (48)25
Paul CURTISNTH$277,700 (+$2.9k)83 (53)41
Corey DURDINCAR$252,700 (+$6.8k)15 (49)51
Jack GINNIVANCOL$278,300 (+$0.8k)58 (61)59
Toby BEDFORDMEL$239,700 (-$13.3k)30 (50)59
Maurice RIOLI (MID)RIC$203,100DNP (47)64
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$244,500 (-$0.5k)30 (48)64
Marcus WINDHAGER (MID)STK$241,200DNP (45)65
Nic MARTIN (MID)ESS$375,500 (+$0.3k)97 (80)70
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$317,600 (-$5.8k)45 (62)70
Ben HOBBS (MID)ESS$321,600 (+$2.4k)58 (62)74
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$225,500 (+$0.8k)20 (39)78
Jason HORNE-FRANCIS (MID)NTH$277,100 (-$15.7k)56 (63)80
Rhylee WESTWBD$375,100 (-$8k)62 (75)84
Thomson DOW (MID)RIC$265,500DNP (60)85
Robbie MCCOMB (MID)WBD$244,700DNP (51)93
Malcolm ROSASGCS$240,800DNP (50)100
Jai CULLEY (MID)WCE$102,40090 (90)-
Ashley JOHNSONCOL$123,90067 (67)-

The Good: Cumberland had a great game kicking 3.4 in just his 2nd game. He had 14 touches with 4 marks and 4 tackles. His score could have been better with his ball use only at 57% but he had 11 score involvements to balance it out. Martin is having a great rookie season. He had 25 touches, 5 marks and kicked 2.1. He didn’t use the ball as well as he normally would at 68% but only had 1 clanger and was boosted with 7 score involvements. Culley made a very promising debut on the back of 11 tackles, he won’t do that every week but it’s a great sign. He also had 12 touches with 11 contested all from 66% TOG.

The Bad: Durdin had a poor game after 2 great games thanks to 9 touches with 4 clangers and he failed to kick a goal this week. Morris had 11 touches at 54% with 4 clangers and continued his run of low scoring.

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Nick Daicos
2 – Noah Cumberland
1 – Nic Martin

Rookie of the Year Award After Round 18:
17 – Nick Daicos
12 – Braydon Preuss
9 – Patrick McCartin


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7 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 18 2022”

  1. Thanks for the article Alza 🙂

    I have one downgrade left – that I can do either this week or next week.

    Downgrade target price is not overly important, but I would like the player to have decent job security for the rest of the year.

    Currently struggling to choose between:

    This week either:

    Carmichael – $102,400 MID / FWD, plays mostly MID, contested ball beast, wins plenty of it but ball use has been poor so far as he gets used to the AFL intensity, loves a tackle, has played two pretty easy teams in Nth & Adel, Pies have pretty tough run home

    Cumberland – $123,900 MID / FWD, plays mostly FWD, drafted in 2019 & has had quite a few injuries including a serious ACL, was delisted then relisted last year, has played two pretty easy teams in GC & Nth, looks like a good medium sized forward who can take a grab, had 7 scoring shots on the weekend (for 3.4), Richmond have pretty good run home

    Or next week I could get:

    Already have Jai Culley

    Ash Johnson (Coll) – $123,900 FWD only, mature aged mid sized forward, looked really good for 67 points on the weekend, played quite a bit of senior footy in WAFL & SAFL, looks a serious talent but may be up & down due to his role

    Tyler Sonsie (Rich) $117,300 MID only, looked very composed & a good ball user, probably plays more outside MID but can win his own ball, wouldn’t be surprised if he plays the rest of the games this year with Richmond

    Would appreciate any thoughts you guys / girls might have 🙂


    1. Great points on all of these guys Brett.

      I would probably rank them like this:
      Carmichael – found enough of it just used it poorly in bad conditions but should get a decent run now
      Culley – 11 tackles on debut and on a struggling team so should see good game time but only 1 game so far
      Cumberland – I didn’t see his game but to have 7 shots is a great effort. He was a late in for his debut so when Lynch and Dusty return will he keep his spot
      Johnson – only 1 game and scored well but with Grundy and De Goey to come back in 2 weeks he may not hold his spot and no DPP either
      Sonsie – same as Johnson really, case of last one in first one out


  2. Think Carmichael is more likely to make way than Johnson IMHO, with Adams, DeGoey and Grundy still to come in. I just think that Johnson a more versatile fit. I think you’re spot on Brett with regards to Carmichael’s ability to keep to the pace of the game, improved on last week, but with Essendon, Carlton, Melbourne and Sydney to come they may not have the patience to stick with him this year.


  3. Can someone explain to me what the big deal is about Culley? See everyone suggesting him over Cumberland and Carmichael and not sure why


    1. G’day Harry!!

      Culley was the number 1 pick in the mid season draft.

      He is a very big bodied mid (think Fyfe / Cripps size) who loves a tackle, and he plays a very contested game.

      So he should score very well in SC – if picked for a few more games (which he should), and if played around the middle by Simpson (which he did on the weekend).

      He is relatively inexperienced though – as he is only 19, and for various reasons he hasn’t played much football over the past couple of years.

      So he will improve a lot next year – especially with a full AFL preseason under his belt.

      Hope that helps a little


  4. 6 trades left with Daicos last ‘rookie’ on field. Look at probably 2 luxury trades before years out and a trade or so for injury. So leaves me with possibly 3 downgrades left. Anyone disagree with this
    Cumberland and Carmichael this week
    – thinking Cumberland could make quick 100k that I could downgrade/upgrade F7 for some extra $$$ for last trade
    Culley next week
    Kitty of 400-500k to make final 3 upgrades in finals (playing for cash league and currently 2nd)



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