Rookie Review – Round 2 2022

Written by Alza on March 29 2022

So after 2 weeks of footy we now get ready for price rises, in most cases anyway. It’s time to bring in the rookies that you may have missed before they jump in price significantly. This week we saw over 10 rookies play their first games of the year with the Eagles bringing in a number of top up players. Although the top up players may not hang around long we now have plenty of cheap options to pick from.

Players with no break even listed have only played the 1 game.


PlayerClubPriceScore (Ave)BE
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$157,80080 (75)-58
Mitchell HINGEADE$180,90084 (67)-28
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$171,30048 (52)-4
Joel SMITHMEL$177,20052 (50)4
Danver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$206,70052 (49)24
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$123,900DNP (38)-
Declan MOUNTFORD (MID)WCE$102,40057 (57)-
Darragh JOYCESTK$206,70053 (53)-
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA (MID)STK$162,30053 (53)-
Nathan KREUGERCOL$198,10048 (48)-
Ben MILLERRIC$160,00046 (46)-
Sam SKINNER (FWD)PTA$123,90045 (45)-
Josh SINN (MID)PTA$157,80024 (24)-
Nathan O'DRISCOLL (MID)FRE$123,90018 (18)-

The Good: Hinge had a great game in a well beaten side with 16 touches at 87% with 5 tackles. McCartin dominated the 1st quarter reeling in intercept marks at will although he did fade through the middle part of the game but he finished pretty strong and finished with 9 marks. The key backs (Gibcus, Smith and DGB) held their own but do not necessarily warrant using a trade to bring them in.

The Bad: Sinn made what seems a long awaited debut and had 11 touches but only at 54% held his score back in a heavy defeat, will be better for the run and will definitely increase his scoring. O’Driscoll made his debut as the sub which should be banned by the way in the last quarter and had the 2 touches including a goal.


PlayerClubPriceScore (Ave)BE
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$167,80095 (77)-56
Jason HORNE-FRANCISNTH$207,30098 (87)-52
Alex DAVIESGCS$202,50066 (78)-38
Nick DAICOSCOL$193,80053 (76)-38
Connor MACDONALDHAW$117,30055 (52)-34
Jackson MEADPTA$123,90018 (35)2
Josh WARDHAW$180,30053 (45)16
Jake SOLIGOADE$117,3007 (18)33
Harry SHARPBRL$193,20024 (24)66
Brady HOUGHWCE$117,300DNP (47)-
Angus SHELDRICKSYD$130,800DNP (43)-
Mitch OWENSSTK$117,300DNP (2)-
Aaron BLACKWCE$102,40074 (74)-
Stefan GIROWCE$102,40037 (37)-

The Good: JHF did what he does best and had 13 contested possessions out of his 20 along with 4 tackles. Stephens had his career best score on a wing with 21 touches with surprisingly 8 contested to go with 9 marks. Aaron Black (not the former Roo and Cat) made his debut after dominating WAFL for years and had 15 touches and a goal. Davies wasn’t as good this week but still a decent score thanks to his 5 contested possessions and good ball use of 90%

The Bad: Ward gets a mention here purely for what could have been. 20 touches but using it at 40% with 5 clangers is a killer, not ideal but a positive that he can find the pill. Daicos was similar with 22 touches but had 6 clangers. Mead and Soligo were subs as Motts cruelly found out when it was too late, at least he didn’t have the C on him. Sharp played the full game but could only manage the 5 touches.


Jack HAYES (FWD)STK$102,40068 (98)-135
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$102,400DNP (42)-
Callum JAMIESONWCE$123,90027 (27)-

Hayes started where he left off in a dominant 1st quarter but dropped off a bit after that but still had 12 touches at 83% with 7 contested. Jamieson made his debut but it will likely be 1 and done for him.


Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$184,80058 (88)-68
Jack GINNIVANCOL$199,900119 (92)-66
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$189,60090 (77)-42
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$143,70040 (52)-19
Corey DURDINCAR$143,70024 (48)-11
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$206,70083 (60)2
Oscar MCDONALDCAR$201,90041 (56)7
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$201,40038 (31)56
Nic MARTINESS$102,400DNP (114)-
Toby BEDFORDMEL$123,900DNP (46)-
Kaine BALDWINESS$123,900DNP (29)-
Francis EVANSGEE$123,900DNP (22)-
Thomson DOW (MID)RIC$198,90049 (49)-
Luke PEDLAR (MID)ADE$123,90045 (45)-
Lachlan GOLLANTADE$123,90042 (42)-

The Good: I hope Kane Cornes saw Ginnivan this weekend as he racked it up with 21 touches at 66% with 10 contested possessions along with 5 marks and 1.2, pat on the back to the 1% of coaches that have him. Naish had a great all round game with 21 touches and 8 marks. Ralphsmith got a full game and delivered at halfback with 19 touches at 89% with a goal and 6 marks.

The Bad: Bit harsh but Rachele had 6 clangers to hold his score back after having 20 touches and a goal. Durdin couldn’t match his round 1 score with only the 6 touches and no goals. He will rely on goals obviously but you get that with small forwards.

The players that I would suggest you make sure you have in your side at the end of Rd 3:
McCartin, Hinge
JHF, Stephens, Daicos

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Jack Ginnivan
2 – Dylan Stephens
1 – Jason Horne-Francis


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23 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 2 2022”

  1. Great write up Alza, always very informative, would you trade Gibcus for Hinge or is it too sideways? same question with Stephens.


    1. Thanks Joestar, I probably wouldn’t as Gibcus should stay in the side and hopefully a decent score is around the corner. He just needs a couple of intercepts and some one percenters and he could get an 80 to boost his cash growth.


  2. Not listed but how do we feel about Xerri, in particular any idea if he’ll get ruck/forward status in round 6?

    Seems to have good JS and if he can get the duel status might be very handy as we head into the colder months and inevitable Covid issues.


    1. I didn’t start him but he is the 1 I’ll be looking to bring in I think. Will definitely get DPP round 6. Seems like they have faith in him as he’s attending more contests than Goldy currently


      1. Thanks Alza,

        I’m leaning towards bringing him in too, looking at the following trades right now:

        Cripps, Hall & Xerri in – J.McInerney, Berry & Rowan Marshall out (concerns about Ryder back earlier than hoped).

        Xerri gives me more confidence if he gets ruck status because I’d be Grundy, Hayes (gulp, surely he stays in the team) and Preuss (gulp, surely he comes in this weekend) in the ruck. I’ll be riding my luck until rd 6 until I get the Xerri flexibility, but the rest of my team looks so good if I do it!


        1. Bit too risky for me BBB but it does sound like the rest of your side would look great. Would be in a similar position to starting Flynn at R2 last year, good until an injury or Leon Cameron changes his mind again. In this case Noble.

          If you think Ryder will impact Marshall then what are your thoughts on Hayes. Surely Hayes stays in but his role could start to suck with Ryder back. Do you have Dixon to swap with Hayes to play Hayes on field if required?


          1. Oh, it’ll be very team dependent this weekend and I may very well have to change my thinking. Hayes can become the VC loop if needed, at $102k that’s fine instead of Marshall’s price. But I’m fully aware it’s all dependent on Preuss’s JS, which is clearly the big risk, however if he gets named this week then it’s only a risk for 3 more weeks until Xerri gets ruck status and solves that issue (unless he gets dropped of course).

            Definitely high risk, but I’ve always played it safe early before and left too much ground to cover for overall rankings late, so trying to be more risky this season. Extra trades help here I feel, even with Covid outs.


  3. Nice one Alza.

    What’s thoughts on Skinner? I know it would be better to wait another week but his JS seems good with Allir out and bringing him in now would allow me to grab Cripps and Hewett in other trades.

    eg. Whitfield/Chapman/Ward out for Hewett/Skinner/Cripps

    TU – good trades, go for it
    TD – bad trades, too many doubts on Skinner


    1. Just realised I can do Wanganeen-Milera (STK) or Miller (RICH) instead of Skinner if people think they’re better prospects


      1. I think he should get a decent run but if he only gets the 4 or so games then it wouldn’t be the worst due to his dpp flexibility. I wouldn’t go early on Wanganeen-Milera due to his elevated price. Wouldn’t go Miller either, didn’t play pre season and an elevated price.


    1. Only if you really need the cash and it can better your team in other areas. Ward had plenty of it just used it poorly. If he cleans that up then he can easily score into the 80s


  4. Do we see Caldwell’s scoring and price gain potential increasing in Zerret’s absence? Thinking of upgrading from Ward to him.

    TU: Worth getting Caldwell in
    TD: Stick with Ward


        1. I agree with AJ here Pumba, I woud hold Ward. I don’t see Caldwell gaining heaps more points, maybe 10-15 max but I think it will be similar output as Shiel will come back and players like McGrath, Heppell and Stringer will share that extra mid time.

          I have Whitfield also but I would suggest to hold. What is the likely hood that Young is a top 10 Defender at the end of the year, I would say less than Whitfield even after his poor start. I am considering trading him to Hewett but I feel that I will want Whitfield in my team later in the year.

          It doesn’t matter if they lose cash if you plan on holding them all season, it only matters if you plan to trade them or if they get injured like Neale did last year after losing a lot of value.


    1. It’s a bit of both. Would be good to have both Hinge and Brodie for their scoring and cash growth but Ward should be similar and Baldwin will come back in the near future. I would definitely try to hold Ward if you can but maybe use 1 trade for Baldwin to Hinge/Brodie depending on your bank


  5. So, if you don’t have JHF or Xerri and you can only get one….which one? Noting that both players are likely to get DPP before round 6 (Xerri ruck, JHF fwd):

    TU JHF
    TD Xerri


    1. Tough one Chillo, I haven’t seen North play yet but I would say Xerri. Picking the main ruckman for $209k in the forward line that’s averaging 100 is too good to pass up. JHF is still a great option though and will keep getting better every week.


  6. Want to bring in one of Davies or naish

    TU – Davies
    Td – naish (WC)

    Does naish hold his spot ?
    Is there any other rookie below 200k that’s more worth other than ward, jhf, Stephens, Rachele, mcsrtin, hinge, ginnivan ??



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