Rookie Review – Round 2 2023

Written by Alza on March 28 2023

Round 2 is done and we have 1 week to make some trades before price changes. There were 45 rookie priced players so there is definitely no shortage of options currently.

This is the week where if you don’t have a rookie it is time to trade them in. There are a couple that are pretty much ‘must haves’ but if you have a full bench of decent rookies I wouldn’t be using trades for the sake of trading. With the extra trades this year everyone is keen to start trading hard which is fine and can definitely be a good strategy but there always comes that time around SuperCoach Finals where you just wish you had 1 more trade up your sleeve.

In saying this, here are the rookies that you should be targeting if you don’t have them. Majority of teams do have these players but there is usually 1 that people miss, in this case it was probably Chandler.
DEF – McKenna, Ginbey
MID – Ashcroft, Mackenzie
FWD – Sheezel, Chandler, Phillipou

Players that are considered rookies for this review are players priced under the Cadman Line of $207,300.

Players marked with an asterisk* are on the bubble.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Conor MCKENNA*BRL$167,50078 (86)-76
Reuben GINBEY* (MID)WCE$171,30076 (81)-64
Jack BUCKLEY*GWS$205,00099 (88)-59
Charlie CONSTABLE* (MID)GCS$123,90067 (62)-53
Darcy WILMOT*BRL$123,90068 (60)-49
Miller BERGMAN*NTH$123,90055 (54)-37
Max MICHALANNEY*ADE$135,30048 (55)-33
Tom COLE*WCE$182,30052 (65)-27
Lachie COWAN*CAR$117,30051 (45)-23
Bodhi UWLAND* (MID)GCS$123,90032 (46)-21
Aiden BONARNTH$203,700DNP (82)-4
Josh GOATER* (MID)NTH$192,70055 (56)-3
Judd MCVEE* (MID)MEL$123,90023 (37)-3
Tylar YOUNGRIC$102,40034 (34)5
Darragh JOYCEBRL$179,20058 (58)11
Campbell CHESSER* (MID)WCE$123,90027 (24)23
Rhyan MANSELL*RIC$188,80031 (30)47

The Good: Buckley isn’t in many teams but he’s had a great start. On the weekend he had 21 touches with 5 marks and 2 tackles. He had 8 intercepts and 8 one percenters to give his score a nice boost. McKenna had 15 touches at 80% with 3 marks and 3 tackles. Seems to have earnt his spot for the time being with 2 solid performances. Ginbey had another good game with 17 touches with 10 contested at 65% with 2 marks and 6 tackles. He had 18 CBA’s which is a great sign for his role and scoring potential.

The Bad: McVee played down back and had 8 touches and 2 marks, might not hold his spot when May returns. Chesser only had 55% TOG for his 6 touch and 2 tackle game. Not what we want to see with 2 low scores now.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Will ASHCROFT*BRL$202,800105 (80)-45
Cam MACKENZIE*HAW$180,30052 (73)-43
Oliver HOLLANDS*CAR$162,30071 (64)-35
Oskar BAKER*WBD$123,90055 (49)-28
Jack BYTELSTK$158,600DNP (71)-10
Will PHILLIPSNTH$158,300DNP (65)-4
Harry ROWSTONGWS$139,80048 (48)6
Matt ROBERTS*SYD$123,90010 (19)33
James TUNSTILLBRL$187,900DNP (37)36
Elijah HEWETTWCE$148,8002 (2)55

The Good: Ashcroft had his first SuperCoach 100 on the back of 31 touches with 15 contested at 58% with 1.1 and 9 clearances but didn’t take a mark and only laid 1 tackle. Great game from the young gun after some doubters after Round 1. Hollands played on the wing and had 20 touches with 5 marks in a great game. 5 clangers hurt his score but he should have done enough to keep his spot for a while.

The Bad: Matt Roberts was the sub again and had 5 touches at 40% from 26% TOG. Hewett made his debut as the sub and from 23% TOG he had 3 touches with 2 clangers.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Samson RYAN (FWD)RIC$123,90072 (72)-25
Esava RATUGOLEA* (FWD)GEE$174,00031 (43)13

Ratugolea only had the 6 touches with 3 marks this week. 2 contested marks and 8 one percenters even help to save his score somewhat. Samson Ryan played his 2nd career game and kicked 3 goals from 6 touches, 4 marks and 6 hitouts from 14 ruck contests. A decent game by him but will be more of a key forward and will have his ups and downs but at least he is playing R3/F7.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Harry SHEEZEL*NTH$198,300114 (114)-116
Kade CHANDLER*MEL$123,90071 (82)-94
Noah LONG* (MID)WCE$117,30062 (63)-59
Anthony CAMINITI*STK$102,40073 (54)-49
Mattaes PHILLIPOU* (MID)STK$166,80059 (68)-40
Jye MENZIE*ESS$154,20058 (63)-39
Alwyn DAVEY* (MID)ESS$117,30045 (52)-37
Josh BRUCE*WBD$161,20074 (62)-33
Brent DANIELS*GWS$191,30056 (67)-26
Charlie COMBEN*NTH$123,90012 (48)-25
Liam HENRY* (MID)FRE$202,30054 (69)-22
Luke PEDLAR*ADE$173,40036 (60)-21
Fergus GREENE*HAW$123,90049 (41)-12
Ben KING*GCS$176,30070 (45)11
Toby MCLEAN* (MID)WBD$178,90062 (42)18
Bailey LAURIE (MID)MEL$123,900DNP (21)26
Conor STONEGWS$123,90021 (21)26
Reef MCINNES*COL$176,20012 (37)27
Orazio FANTASIA*PTA$203,30053 (43)29
Cooper WHYTE (MID)GEE$123,9002 (2)45
Francis EVANSPTA$136,500DNP (6)46
Josh TREACYFRE$200,400DNP (17)61
Sam BUTLERHAW$197,6007 (7)69

The Good: Harry Sheezel did it again! This week he had 30 touches, 8 marks and 6 tackles to have back to back 114s, find a way to trade him in this week. Caminiti kicked 2.1 from 13 touches and 9 marks in the Saints win, basement price and should keep his spot for the next month.

The Bad: Comben didn’t back up his Round 1 efforts, he had 6 touches with 1 mark and 2 tackles but gave away 5 frees from his 9 clangers. Whyte was the sub for only 17% TOG to register 1 kick and 1 mark to ruin his early cash generation.

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Harry Sheezel
2 – Will Ashcroft
1 – Jack Buckley

Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award After Round 2:
6 – Harry Sheezel
2 – Cam Mackenzie
2 – Will Ashcroft


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9 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 2 2023”

  1. Another solid write up Alza!

    Comben was only in 5 ruck contests with all 5 CBAs. Looks to be only a key forward so very likley up and down scoring. So he is out of the team for me, so is Chesser.

    Chandler comes in but I’m then stuck on choosing Phillipou or Hollands. Phillipou only had 7 disposals but kicked 3 goals. He is a DPP though, but having Davey and Long I can still do rotations.
    Likely going towards Hollands as I think Carlton have a better run


    1. Thanks Natopotato.

      Comben as a key forward will not score well, he gives too many frees away and won’t kick enough goals. If he had a decent chunk of ruck time he would go well. He was in my initial team when SC opened.

      That is a tough one. Hollands is probably the better option for scoring but Phillipou should have rock solid JS.
      Hollands should keep his spot as he has performed well so I would choose him but only just.


      1. I feel Hollands JS isn’t too bad. Carlton have a few TBC injuries for their midfielders like Cottrell and Walsh so should be another 2-3 weeks. Hewett should return this week but he plays on ball where Hollands hasn’t had a CBA, so I doubt much would effect him.

        Hollands also had 89% TOG against the Cats so it seems they have the want to play him.

        Only need him to be playing for a few weeks to get cash out of him, plus more trades means they don’t need to gain as much value as previous seasons.


        1. Agree with you there, his role is different to those not in the side currently and he has definitely played well enough to keep his spot.
          Also with the money making side it is true with extra trades that the $150k we used to aim for has reduced but if you are trading him in and then out in a few weeks you would like him to be making $150k which he should


  2. TU – Trade Phillipou to Chandler
    TD – Keep Phillipou

    This trade is as close as I can get to “suitable” to get Chandler in


  3. Awesome write up . Very informative as always.
    What do you think of Jack Bowes? Looks to have a SuperCoach friendly role playing as a high back . Coach seems to like his game


    1. Sorry Scott I didn’t see the game but his stats look great for his price. I would want to see him back it up though before bringing him in though


  4. Can only get one of Chandler or Long, scoring potential looks similar (Chandler probably better), but who’s got better JS?

    TU: Chandler
    TD: Long



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