Rookie Review – Round 5

Written by Alza on April 16 2024

What a week of up and down scoring from everyone including the rookies. We had injuries, sub affected scores, poor games and some excellent games.

There’s 2 perfect downgrade options this week in Clohesy and Graham, get them in if you haven’t already. Apart from these 2 the options on the bubble drop off. Nyuon had a great game but may be inconsistent in his role also his job security is unknown at this stage. One to keep an eye on is Garcia who made his debut as the sub and played really well. Could mean he makes his way into the starting 22 or that he stays the sub as he did it so well.

Trading in Clohesy and Graham early worked but this next batch of rookies doesn’t seem as safe. With normal rounds of 22 back next week be sure to have cover across all lines, this will help keep your cash gen ticking also.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk*


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Sam CLOHESY*GCS$102,400124 (116)-174
Will GRAHAM* (MID)GCS$117,30091 (79)-91
Jase BURGOYNEPTA$208,600 (+$21.9k)93 (53)-3
Bodhi UWLANDGCS$240,600 (+$33.7k)80 (58)10
Kallan DAWSONNTH$217,500DNP (54)13
Tom BROWNRIC$242,400 (+$28.6k)29 (62)14
Connor O'SULLIVANGEE$162,30046 (46)17
Darcy GARDINERBRL$216,100 (+$13.7k)63 (51)18
Will HAMILLADE$144,10036 (36)20
Blake HOWESMEL$226,600 (+$3.3k)62 (60)21
Joshua DRAPERFRE$169,700 (+$21.4k)42 (42)33
Hugo RALPHSMITHRIC$206,40045 (45)35
Patrick PARNELLADE$175,300DNP (27)42
Caleb MITCHELL* (MID)SYD$123,900BYE (14)42
Angus HASTIE*STK$117,300DNP (10)48

The Good: Clohesy backed up last week with another excellent performance. He had 18 touches at 89%, 8 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goals and is now a must have. Burgoyne played his best game avoiding the subs vest. He had 21 touches at 90%, 5 marks and 5 intercepts. Graham laid a massive 14 tackles in a role with some nice midfield time to go with 14 touches, 3 marks and 4 clearances.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Campbell CHESSERWCE$194,700 (+$15.1k)73 (41)-7
Kane MCAULIFFE*RIC$117,30058 (37)-7
Jeremy SHARPFRE$304,100 (+$48.5k)54 (77)-7
Jacob WEHRGWS$245,200 (+$37.1k)60 (59)10
Matt ROBERTSSYD$335,900BYE (83)13
Jack CARROLLCAR$242,300 (+$11.9k)26 (59)46
Ryley SANDERSWBD$310,600 (+$17.7k)46 (69)49
Henry HUSTWAITEHAW$173,100 (-$11.3k)30 (27)64
Jhye CLARKGEE$183,000 (-$3.7k)2 (34)74
Colby MCKERCHERNTH$282,900 (-$16.6k)6 (63)101

The Good: Chesser was the best of the rookie mids with 73 which isn’t a great sign, although he did have a solid game. He had 13 touches, 3 tackles and a goal.

The Bad: Clark was the sub and couldn’t get going. He played 28 minutes for just 1 handball even with 7 CBA’s. McKercher suffered a rib injury early on and was subbed out after 11% TOG with just 1 handball.

Time To Trade: McKercher


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Ethan READ*GCS$171,30054 (49)-1

Read kicked 2 goals from just 5 touches, did well to reach 54 in the end. Ruck cover but too expensive to be a real target.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Mykelti LEFAURIC$184,500 (+$56.6k)108 (56)-52
Kai LOHMANNBRL$205,200 (+$43.7k)81 (47)-52
Bigoa NYUONNTH$123,90089 (89)-41
Blake DRURYNTH$123,90078 (78)-30
Max RAMSDEN*HAW$123,90025 (48)-26
Sam DARCYWBD$252,300 (+$47.6k)82 (82)-23
Harley REID (MID)WCE$318,700 (+$44.6k)108 (79)-18
Shannon NEALEGEE$201,20088 (88)-10
Noah ANSWERTHBRL$237,500 (+$25.5k)77 (64)-4
Darcy WILSON (MID)STK$204,300 (+$17.3k)61 (54)-3
Hugo GARCIA (MID)STK$117,30043 (43)3
Thomas BERRYGCS$241,200 (+$10k)88 (64)8
Tom EMMETTFRE$187,800 (+$5.1k)42 (38)10
Callum JAMIESONWCE$245,500DNP (59)13
Tyler SONSIERIC$162,900 (+$12k)35 (37)14
Reef MCINNESCOL$158,000BYE (48)17
Chris BURGESSADE$189,000DNP (44)20
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$240,000 (+$27.7k)51 (56)21
Orazio FANTASIACAR$168,800 (-$3.1k)32 (33)23
Koltyn THOLSTRUPMEL$153,30034 (34)26
James TUNSTILLBRL$123,900DNP (21)27
Loch RAWLINSON (MID)WCE$102,400DNP (11)29
Buku KHAMISWBD$258,400 (+$32.4k)64 (63)30
Taj WOEWODINMEL$136,600 (-$7.2k)43 (19)31
Oliver DEMPSEYGEE$298,000 (+$32.6k)56 (75)33
Seth CAMPBELLRIC$235,500 (+$5.7k)43 (54)34
Jed WALTERGCS$200,300 (+$2k)38 (39)34
Tyler SELLERSNTH$102,4003 (3)37
Harvey THOMAS (MID)GWS$249,900 (+$42.8k)86 (59)38
Aaron CADMANGWS$271,400 (+$30.9k)64 (66)40
Zane DUURSMA (MID)NTH$206,400 (-$8.2k)32 (45)42
Caleb WINDSOR (MID)MEL$251,500 (+$7.5k)38 (54)44
Maurice RIOLIRIC$266,300 (+$19.1k)39 (57)48
Matt TABERNERFRE$184,300 (-$4.2k)16 (38)60
Harvey GALLAGHERWBD$223,700 (+$16.6k)19 (48)62
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$251,600 (-$6.2k)19 (51)69

The Good: Like all other Eagles fans I was that excited seeing Harley Reid play the way he did. A huge game from him with 27 touches, 12 contested, 3 marks, 7 clearances and a goal. Lefau matched him score wise thanks to kicking 3.2 from 12 touches with 8 marks and 5 tackles. Great pick up to those that did as he looked good.

The Bad: Sellers made his debut and struggled as did North. Just 1 mark, 1 tackle and 1 ineffective kick. Taberner had a quiet game with 3 touches and a goal with 4 clangers. Gallagher had 10 touches but also 6 clangers to give him a poor score.

Time To Trade: Mead, Gallagher, Windsor

Trade Targets
Players you should be looking to bring in this week:
Clohesy – scoring, job security, value
Graham – scoring, job security, value

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 5?

  • Sam Clohesy (GCS) - 124 (75%, 235 Votes)
  • Harley Reid (WCE) - 108 (22%, 70 Votes)
  • Mykelti Lefau (RIC) - 108 (1%, 4 Votes)
  • Jase Burgoyne (PTA) - 93 (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Will Graham (GCS) - 91 (1%, 2 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 314

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Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Leaderboard After Round 4
O. Dempsey – 5
S. Darcy – 3
M. Roberts – 3
J. Sharp – 3


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16 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 5”

  1. If McKercher is right to go, is he a potential hold until his byes? One bad score should be long gone out of his average by then.

    With an average of 77 for the first 4 weeks and 6 games until his bye I was always going to be happy with him as the second last or last midfield upgrade, no LTI shouldn’t change this thinking. I was happy with his on field scoring.

    Does he lose (or not gain) too much the next 2 weeks to not make this viable?


    1. Perfectly fine to hold Peter but seeing as he is 280k he has enough value to warrant trading. After this low score drops out of his price cycle he will make money again.

      His role has changed though, he was playing through the middle last week and didn’t score as well and even this round he was in the middle but injured early so hard to know how we would’ve gone. I will be trading him because of his value, he will make more money in a couple of weeks but I can use the money to upgrade now so I will.


      1. Role change makes a big difference.

        My easy math had 80 average = $400k value so he was still a fair bit undervalued. If role change means he has a 60 average ($300k) he is an immediate sell.


    2. BE = 101. With sore ribs, I’d suggest getting anywhere near that is a stretch, if he even plays, time to move him on, he’s made us cash


    3. Midfield role last week he didn’t score well, played half of the first quarter this week in same role barley touching the ball.


    4. You are right. He’s either a sell now, or keep for the mid term.
      If you need to bring in the GC boys this week, he does seem a reasonable choice. If you went early on the GC boys, then maybe less need. This next wave of rookies – Nyoun, Drury , McAuliffe and Garcia don’t fill me with hope. It feels a better option to ride McKercher than bring one of them in.
      So, it’s potentially weighing up the risk of a quick sugar hit upgrade now and take the risk on questionable rookies, or a longer term cash gen strategy. Many teams are going head early for the quickest possible upgrades – and are certainly getting the short term benefit. Who knows if that is the right long term strategy.


      1. Exactly right Phil. You either cash him out now or you hold him for 4-8 or so weeks until his bye and hope he has a couple of nice 80+ scores to boost his cash gen.


      1. Trade out Pink.
        On current form Draper should earn at least a h’penny a week for the byes, which is probably way more than Clark is earning in the midfield…….


  2. Is Nyuon worth going early on with Dawson out for 2-3 weeks and Pink not looking likely to return?
    JS looks good enough right now and playing down back should let him see a good amount of the ball


    1. Garcia would be my pick with Nyuon 2nd at the moment but they are a lot riskier then Clohesy and Graham. As long as you are happy with the reality they could get dropped or injured and not play for 6 weeks then it’s a risk worth taking if you can get to the premium or 2 you want.
      He’s not playing this week but McAuliffe from the Tigers should be a good option next week and maybe Woewodin if he could find a way into the 22 so maybe going early is a good play.


      1. I brought in Clohesy last week and Graham is in this week.
        I’m needing to downgrade Campbell to 123k or lower to get Miller in for Carroll.
        I’m finding Nyuon is better over Drury due to the positions they are playing.
        I was hoping Ramsden would score better to make the choice easier

        The other risk with this is that I want Sanders to hold his spot and gain DPP so I can move him into my forward line and have Wilson/Lazzaro on the midfield bench.

        If he doesn’t get games I’d at least have a loophole in the forward line with North being relatively good for that.



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