Rookie Review – Round 8 2022

Written by Alza on May 10 2022

We had a new crop of rookies debut this week and we even got some defenders in that mix. We have some great options on the bubble or that will hopefully be on the bubble over the next few weeks. Coaches got a reminder why going early on a rookie is frowned upon with Greg Clark missing over the weekend. Sometimes it is necessary to make the crucial trade you want, he will be back this week so it has still worked out alright.

Players on the bubble are shown with an asterisk.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Declan MOUNTFORD* (MID)WCE$102,40016 (37)-13
Zach REID*ESS$173,10040 (50)1
Jordan BOYDCAR$161,200 (+$22.4k)62 (42)2
Sam DE KONING (FWD)GEE$283,500 (+$36.1k)82 (60)6
Nasiah WANGANEEN-MILERA (MID)STK$241,700 (+$11.6k)35 (50)21
Flynn PEREZNTH$198,200 (+$17.1k)53 (43)24
Patrick MCCARTIN (FWD)SYD$290,800 (+$22.1k)94 (67)32
Joshua GIBCUSRIC$327,200 (+$33.9k)66 (66)46
Denver GRAINGER-BARRASHAW$236,200 (-$6.5k)28 (49)46
Nathan O'DRISCOLL (MID)FRE$296,100 (-$7k)61 (62)55
Nick DAICOS (MID)COL$381,600 (+$2k)80 (83)68
Mitchell HINGEADE$278,500 (+$11.8k)54 (63)71
Buku KHAMISWBD$127,40041 (41)-
Rory THOMPSONGCS$123,90038 (38)-

The Good: Paddy McCartin returned from concussion and played a great game. He was probably on ground for a lot of coaches for his 19 touches including 12 intercept possessions and he took 10 marks with nearly 500m gained. He had 5 clangers that stopped him from hitting the ton. De Koning was another great option for us down back with 17 touches at 82% with 7 intercepts, 8 marks and 7 one percenters. He also spent some time in the ruck and got 2 hitouts from 3 contests. Nick Daicos bounced back after being ill during the week. He ended the day with 25 touches at 72% with 6 marks and 10 score involvements.

The Bad: Grainger-Barras only managed the 6 touches from a lowly 60% TOG in their disappointing loss, if you don’t need the money he may be a long term hold if he keeps his job.

Time to Trade: Hinge, O’Driscoll


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jack CARROLL*CAR$123,90059 (77)-82
Robbie MCCOMBWBD$153,100 (+$50.7k)73 (58)-47
Ben HOBBSESS$183,500 (+$19.9k)93 (51)1
Jackson HATELYADE$198,500 (+$9.8k)67 (44)16
Neil ERASMUSFRE$189,900 (+$23.1k)21 (50)20
Josh WARDHAW$248,400 (+$11.6k)53 (50)46
Finn CALLAGHANGWS$247,200 (+$16.8k)33 (55)48
Jason HORNE-FRANCISNTH$314,300 (+$3.4k)66 (70)59
Greg CLARKWCE$117,300DNP (104)-
Cooper STEPHENSGEE$123,90066 (66)-
Mitchell KNEVITTGEE$117,30049 (49)-

The Good: Hobbs bounced back very well with a 93. He had 19 touches, kicked 1.2 with 7 marks and laid 4 tackles. Good timing to boost his cash gen. McComb was on the bubble and many coaches jumped on board. He finished with 16 touches with 7 contested including 3 goal assists. 6 clangers held his score back but he did spent a lot of time in the forward line so he could be a potential DPP inclusion after Rd 11.

The Bad: Erasmus was the sub and came on in the last quarter for his 8 touches at 75% with 4 marks. Callaghan had a poor day thanks to his poor use, he had 15 touches at 53% with 6 clangers. No contested possessions either didn’t help his score.

Time to Trade: Ward


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Luke STRNADICA*WCE$102,400DNP (66)-72
Aiden BEGG*COL$123,90037 (59)-46
Callum JAMIESON*WCE$123,90072 (50)-27
Sam HAYESPTA$250,700 (+$59.7k)98 (80)-5
Braydon PREUSSGWS$418,900 (+$51.2k)103 (108)32
Hugh DIXON (FWD)WCE$246,000DNP (59)47
Nick BRYANESS$166,60050 (50)-

Preuss had another great game with 17 touches at 76% with 10 contested to go with his 31 hitouts. Not a rookie anymore, he is a keeper. Sam Hayes had 37 hitouts against Stef Martin as well as 7 touches at 100% boosting him to a great score. Jamieson played his 2nd game and stepped up. He had 12 touches at 75% with 8 contested, he also took 4 marks and had 13 hitouts. Begg failed to back up his great debut with only 60% TOG. He had 13 touches at 62% but only managed the 2 hitouts as Cameron took more of the ruck work this week. Dixon didn’t make the cut for the Eagles even with their huge amount of players out so he should be traded.

Time to Trade: Dixon


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Maurice RIOLI* (MID)RIC$123,90072 (82)-92
Cooper HAMILTON* (MID)GWS$102,40055 (62)-63
Toby BEDFORD*MEL$123,900DNP (49)-26
Oliver DEMPSEY*GEE$102,400DNP (39)-17
Kaine BALDWINESS$157,100 (+$22k)60 (39)-12
Paul CURTISNTH$154,300 (+$37k)35 (50)-3
Corey DURDINCAR$208,800 (+$5k)59 (49)6
Jackson CALLOW*HAW$123,90041 (33)6
Francis EVANS*GEE$123,90035 (29)15
Sam WEIDEMANMEL$245,200 (+$15.5k)67 (57)17
Finn MAGINNESS (MID)HAW$205,200 (+$26.2k)75 (46)19
Connor MACDONALD (MID)HAW$203,400 (+$5.6k)43 (45)21
Nic MARTIN (MID)ESS$383,900 (+$39.4k)88 (91)30
Marcus WINDHAGER (MID)STK$179,900 (+$7.3k)12 (39)39
Alex DAVIES (MID)GCS$192,700 (+$1.6k)37 (44)43
Malcolm ROSASGCS$198,100 (+$14.2k)18 (53)50
Lachlan GOLLANTADE$183,800 (-$11.1k)23 (42)56
Jack GINNIVANCOL$333,000 (+$13.7k)44 (72)57
Joshua RACHELE (MID)ADE$256,200 (-$17.1k)40 (61)63
Patrick NAISH (MID)WCE$330,000 (-$11.2k)46 (71)74
Ben RONKESYD$297,800 (-$0.4k)47 (59)78
Jye AMISSFRE$175,80075 (75)-
Isiah WINDER (MID)WCE$123,90040 (40)-
Thomas BERRYBRL$171,50037 (37)-

The Good: Nic Martin had a massive 2nd half to help lift his side over the line. He ended up with 22 touches at 77% with 9 marks and he kicked 2.2. He is definitely someone you can hold until your last upgrade or even as a season keeper. Maginness had his best game all over the ground for his 18 touch game at 78% including 1.1, 5 marks and 4 tackles. Amiss made his debut and played well kicking 2 goals from his 9 touches including 4 contested.

The Bad: Windhager was the sub and only had 2 touches with a goal which will hurt his cash gen for a while. Rosas had a poor game only getting 7 touches at 29% with 3 clangers. He only managed 56% TOG to make things worse but as a small forward this is always possible. Gollant is a key forward and has had a few poor scores in a row now as the Crows face some tougher opponents, he had 9 touches with 3 marks but failed to kick a goal.

Time to Trade: Ronke, Naish, Rachele, Gollant, Windhager

Rookie of the Year Award:
3 – Paddy McCartin
2 – Sam Hayes
1 – Braydon Preuss

Rookie of the Year Award at Round 8:
10 – Braydon Preuss
6 – Nic Martin
5 – Jack Hayes


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14 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 8 2022”

    1. Thank you, there probably is some left in them but will take about a month at their current scoring for that


    2. Yes perhaps but with 5 good rookies coming through in the next couple of weeks I know what I’ll be doing .


    1. Hamilton has elite tank which is one of the big sticking points for young guys.

      Hopefully he stays around.


    2. Should both have decent js, Carroll’s role will be impacted by the return of Hewett but he should still play and Hamilton has looked comfortable so far in the Giants backline.


  1. The biggest issue from my perspective is that each of Rioli, Hamilton and Carroll have the Round 12 bye


    1. Yeah I would think so, $153k isn’t that much for a rookie either really. Hobbs was about $143k and a lot of people jumped on, it’s just that fact he has risen it scares people off a bit including myself. I say he’s a good buy this week and he feels safer than Carroll


  2. Surely Gould has to make an appearance soon…..?? For cash generation i’m thinking Hinge to Gould. Still leaves me Gibcus & Dekoning at D6/7


    1. I wouldn’t Simo, may as well use a basement price player or someone that has played this year like Skinner, Khamis. Horse mentioned that Heath Grundy was on the list 5 years before making his debut when he was asked about Gould. So I wouldn’t say Gould will be debuting before the byes.



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