Rookie Review – Round 9

Written by Alza on May 14 2024

Another great week of rookie scoring for the most part with a number of Collingwood rookies making the most of their chance against the Eagles. Still plenty of cash generation happening with some fattened rookies ready to go and some nice ones on the horizon.

Reville and Sullivan are the best options this week but both come with some risk. They have been very good in their 2 games so far but they have come into the side with significant changes made with injuries. I don’t see either being dropped in the next couple of weeks but can they last until their bye. Reville might have better job security and is probably just ahead at this stage.

Players like Reid and Roberts don’t necessarily need to be traded out this week but they are at their max value and can easily be turned into a fallen premium. They very well could bounce back like McKercher has but at the end of the day they are rookies and will likely drop away slightly as the season goes on.

Players on the bubble are marked with an asterisk*


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Colby MCKERCHER (MID)NTH$379,400 (+$69.6k)91 (75)-10
Alex SEXTON (FWD)GCS$223,200 (+$40.4k)82 (66)-2
Oisin MULLINGEE$172,100 (+$18.7k)40 (43)-1
Riley HARDEMANNTH$147,700 (+$30.4k)46 (44)1
Joshua DRAPERFRE$191,900 (+$1.7k)52 (42)8
Will GRAHAM (MID)GCS$277,800DNP (73)12
Jackson ARCHER*NTH$143,10057 (35)12
Angus HASTIESTK$121,000 (+$8.8k)12 (20)12
Tom BROWNRIC$288,500 (+$24.2k)76 (64)16
Jai SERONGHAW$184,600 (+$10.5k)67 (41)22
Lloyd JOHNSTONGCS$164,30042 (42)22
Taj WOEWODIN (FWD)MEL$196,400 (+$18.9k)37 (31)27
Sam CLOHESY (MID)GCS$313,100 (+$21.7k)105 (87)30
Bodhi UWLANDGCS$272,900 (+$30.2k)109 (59)31
Hugo RALPHSMITHRIC$271,500 (+$29.5k)52 (62)34
Luke CLEARYWBD$191,70041 (41)34
Jase BURGOYNEPTA$353,900DNP (66)35
Jaxon PRIORBRL$173,50031 (31)37
Daniel CURTIN* (MID)ADE$175,8009 (26)48
Buku KHAMIS (FWD)WBD$271,100DNP (58)55
Darcy GARDINER (FWD)BRL$250,900DNP (50)55
Toby PINKNTH$148,000DNP (33)56
Blake HOWESMEL$293,600 (+$13.6k)54 (61)65
Daniel TURNERMEL$209,100 (+$17.4k)26 (49)73
Noah ANSWERTH (FWD)BRL$337,700DNP (64)117
Matt ROBERTS (MID)SYD$388,600 (-$27.4k)47 (79)124

The Good: Uwland returned to the side nicely with 20 touches, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 562m gained, 7 intercepts and 9 one percenters.  Clohesy bounced back with his 3rd 100 in his 6 games. He had 23 touches, 6 marks, 6 score involvements, 634m gained and 2 goals.

The Bad: Curtin was subbed out again in his 2nd game around half time with 5 touches. Hastie had 9 touches at 44% with 2 marks.

Time To Trade: Roberts, Howes


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Lachlan SULLIVAN*COL$102,40075 (75)-92
Jhye CLARKGEE$172,200 (+$16.7k)36 (37)-16
Josh SINNPTA$123,90050 (50)-2
Jeremy SHARPFRE$343,900 (+$16.3k)98 (75)18
Campbell CHESSERWCE$236,700 (+$7.7k)61 (44)20
Jack BYTELCOL$125,70026 (26)24
Jake ROGERSGCS$215,100 (+$37.7k)64 (53)37
Jacob WEHRGWS$272,800DNP (57)45

The Good: Sharp had an excellent game thanks to 28 touches, 10 marks, 540m gained, 9 score involvements and 2 goals. Sullivan was good in his 2nd game and is a great target this week if he holds his spot. He had 18 touches, 3 marks and a goal.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Jordon SWEETPTA$244,800DNP (93)-71
Dante VISENTINIPTA$143,10075 (75)-20
Sam NAISMITHRIC$175,100DNP (61)11
Ethan READGCS$187,700DNP (39)48

Visentini came in for Sweet this week and held his own with 10 touches, 4 tackles and 31 hitouts.


PlayerClubPrice (Change)Score (Ave)BE
Joe RICHARDSCOL$123,900107 (107)-59
Bruce REVILLE* (MID)BRL$102,40055 (57)-56
Finlay MACRAE (MID)COL$168,900 (+$24.2k)93 (41)-27
Calsher DEAR*HAW$117,30031 (44)-20
Joel FREIJAH (MID)WBD$117,30063 (63)-17
Patrick VOSS*FRE$123,90027 (43)-16
Riley GARCIAWBD$238,400 (+$48.6k)84 (74)-14
Tyler SONSIERIC$222,600 (+$28.8k)57 (50)-11
Darcy JONESGWS$175,600 (+$51.7k)38 (61)-8
Cooper SIMPSON* (MID)FRE$117,300DNP (37)-7
Logan MORRIS*BRL$117,30030 (34)0
Hugo GARCIA (MID)STK$215,100 (+$24k)65 (54)1
Caleb WINDSOR (MID)MEL$338,900 (+$41.7k)73 (65)2
Darcy WILSON (MID)STK$385,500 (+$52.6k)90 (71)3
Reef MCINNESCOL$177,000 (+$21.9k)80 (47)10
Shadeau BRAINBRL$123,90036 (36)12
Conor STONEGWS$123,90034 (34)14
Zane DUURSMA (MID)NTH$218,000DNP (46)15
Harvey GALLAGHER (MID)WBD$213,100 (+$6.7k)61 (47)15
Jackson MEAD (MID)PTA$238,400 (+$17k)105 (52)21
Tyrell DEWARWCE$123,90026 (26)22
Harvey HARRISONCOL$195,400 (+$15.4k)5 (45)23
Kai LOHMANNBRL$311,100 (+$12.3k)53 (55)26
Orazio FANTASIACAR$173,800 DNP (33)34
Sam DARCYWBD$347,400 (+$32.5k)113 (79)36
Harvey JOHNSTON* (MID)WCE$117,30019 (15)37
Oliver DEMPSEY (MID)GEE$302,600 (+$4.9k)65 (68)41
Bailey LAURIEMEL$111,800DNP (14)42
Nick WATSON (MID)HAW$244,000 (+$18k)70 (50)43
Jed WALTERGCS$216,100 (-$0.6k)49 (42)43
Seth CAMPBELLRIC$219,600 (-$5k)52 (49)46
Charlie CLARKEWBD$123,900DNP (0)48
Blake DRURYNTH$181,100 (+$0.6k)20 (44)49
Noah CUMBERLANDRIC$190,00016 (16)58
Thomas BERRYGCS$279,200 (-$9.3k)64 (60)60
Tom EMMETTFRE$213,200 (-$16.9k)17 (39)61
Mykelti LEFAURIC$278,000 (-$2.6k)32 (54)67
Charlie LAZZARO (MID)NTH$217,500 (-$21k)15 (45)67
Aaron CADMANGWS$277,100 (-$17.2k)12 (58)81
Harvey THOMAS (MID)GWS$255,200 (-$11.3k)8 (50)94
Maurice RIOLIRIC$281,900 (-$4k)33 (55)102
Harley REID (MID)WCE$443,200 (+$8k)59 (82)134

The Good: Darcy had a massive game as he continues his great season. 14 touches (8 contested) at 100%, 7 marks with 4 contested, 8 hitouts, 10 score involvements and 4 goals. Richards made his debut and played very well. He had 18 touches, 3 marks, 6 tackles, a goal and 8 score involvements. Ball use of 56% with 4 clangers but still managed a ton. Mead had a fair chunk of mid time this week and made the most of it with his best career score. He had 22 touches at 86% and 7 tackles.

The Bad: Harrison was unfortunately injured very early on after 1 touch. Cadman struggled in this game with just 5 touches and 3 tackles. Drury was subbed out with 6 touches in 55% TOG.

Time To Trade: Reid, Thomas, Cadman, Lefau

Trade Targets
Players you should be looking to bring in this week:
Sullivan – role, scoring, job security
Reville – scoring potential, job security

Who gets your vote as the Rookie Of The Week for Round 9?

  • Sam Darcy (WBD) - 113 (69%, 170 Votes)
  • Sam Clohesy (GCS) - 105 (17%, 42 Votes)
  • Joe Richards (COL) - 107 (10%, 24 Votes)
  • Bodhi Uwland (GCS) - 109 (2%, 4 Votes)
  • Jackson Mead (PTA) - 105 (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Other (In Comments) (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 245

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Nick Daicos Rookie of the Year Award:

Leaderboard After Round 8
H. Reid – 6
O. Dempsey – 5
S. Clohesy – 5
M. Roberts – 5
C. McKercher – 5


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10 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 9”

  1. Another great write up.
    Rising Star still up in the air. Harley Reid seemed to have his rest at an in opportune time and with Yeo out, both his scoring and Wet Toasts has dried up.


  2. I suspect that Richards or Harrison will fill Elliott’s spot, if he is out for a while. Harrison’s injury plus Richards’ good form might put Richards a little ahead. We get another look this week against better opposition, plus we will hear more on the injury front, but I think Richards might be a viable option.


    1. DeGoey, Mitchell, McCreery all to come back outs big ???s next to job security question. Reville the one for me on the pine


      1. Just my opinion, but I see it as

        Mitchell = Macrae
        McReery = Harrison
        McStay = McInnes
        Elliott = Richards
        DeGoey = Sullivan
        Howe = Mihocek = Markov/Noble. (Got away with playing small)

        Possibly got this all wrong but that’s what I am hanging my hat on for Richards


  3. Reville only had 53% ToG this week, surely that is of concern?

    TU Yes
    TD You’re over thinking it


    1. TOG is a concern for sure, he only had 60% against the Suns when they all had really high game time with all their injuries.
      That being said, the players that Reville seems to be replacing are longer term prospects at this stage


  4. Anyone have thoughts on Jackson Archer’s JS and scoring? A defensive rookie would be helpful for unlocking funds and I’ve held Reid this whole time so can’t use him if he comes back.


    1. “Jackson Archer, having just recovered from a sprained ankle suffered in Round 8, came out of Round 9 with a foot complaint.”

      Keep an eye out for today’s injury list and/or team sheets.



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