Round 1 Review

Written by Dane on March 20 2023


Round 1

Richmond (8.10.58) drew with Carlton (8.10.58)

  1. Daniel Rioli (126). Classy and smooth off half back, Rioli netted a game high score on the back of 27 touches that ran at a sweet 92% DE. Also had a game high 681 metres gained, plus 7 marks and few tackles in an all round performance.
  2. Patrick Cripps (121). Big second half from the Brownlow medallist, finishing the night with 25 touches (16 contested), 6 tackles and 7 clearances. A nice POD at around 12% ownership.
  3. Jacob Weitering (120). Key defenders have these games, and Weitering has a history of decent scoring, so it’s not surprising to see his name around these lists. 20 touches and 11 marks, plus a solid battle against Lynch at CHB for the former number 1 pick.
  4. Adam Saad (115). Similar to Rioli, was just clean with the ball and looked in great touch. Only had 18 touches but used it freshly, 94% DE. Several great defensive efforts too.
  5. Toby Nankervis (112). Slightly forgotten about this pre-season in the ruck conversation but stamped his foot early against TDK (88 for him in a solid outing), having 14 touches (11 contested), 5 clearances, 11 tackles and 37 hit outs.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Docherty (108), Mitch McGovern (106), Tim Taranto (103), Adam Cerra (100)

Disappointment: Since he’s in about half the teams in the league, it goes to Hopper for a first up 67, but they’ll be better scores to come.

Rookies: Couple debuts for the Blues here. Ollie Hollands is a running machine and it showed as he finished the game with the most km’s covered, finding 11 touches to score 56, while Cowan netted a first up 38 from 7 touches before being subbed off for non medical reasons. Hopefully it’s not a trend, didn’t look out of place and did some nice things over the first three quarters. 

Injuries: Don’t think there were any injuries in the season opener! Both subs used but not for medical reasons. Jack Graham did have a calf re-strapped but played on.


Geelong (16.7.103) defeated by Collingwood (19.11.125)

1. Jordan De Goey (130). Great showing on Friday, would be in the mix for 3 votes depending on how the umpires saw it. 3 majors plus 25 touches and 8 marks in a hybrid role in the forward half. 

2. Nick Daicos/Scott Pendlebury (129). The second year superstar rewarded the 35% of coaches that picked him with an elite game, using his 35 touches at a classy 91% DE, and will surely see his ownership rise over the next month. Pendles, well I’m sure not many are surprised, is still elite. Finished with 27 touches, 8 tackles and 1 major. 

3. Josh Daicos (121). Not to be outdone, the elder Daicos started of 2023 in pure form as well, having 27 touches, 469 metres gained and no clangers next to his name.

4. Tom Mitchell (109). Semi-popular option worked out well in round 1, finding 21 touches (14 contested) plus 10 clearances and 2 majors, equaling out to a great debut at his 3rd club.

5. Beau McCreery (108). Set multiple career highs here, including disposals (20), kicks (13), marks (5) and inside 50’s (5) plus his usual high pressure in the forward line.

Other 100+ scores: Isaac Smith/John Noble (105), Darcy Cameron (103)

Disappointment: Tough one to give out here, but it’ll go to Bruhn (58) who faded as the Pies got on a run, finishing with 17 touches and running only at 47% DE for the game.

Rookies: 176K forward Reef McInnes was important after being subbed on, kicking 2 goals from 4 touches for a very nice score of 61 considering he only had 38% game time. Esava Ratugolea (55) had 6 touches and 4 marks, and did some nice defensive things, youd think he’s got some money to make.

Injuries: Big news out of this one was the knee injury that ended Tom Stewarts (18) night before it really began, with the news on Sunday being that it’s 3-4 weeks. The guys a star so the Cats won’t want to risk him, so consider that it may be towards the longer end of that timeframe. There was also a horrific arm injury to Jeremy Howe, which is less Supercoach relevant but he’s a super player, so we wish a speedy recovery to him!


North Melbourne (12.15.87) defeated West Coast (12.10.82)

1. Luke Davies-Uniacke (143). Massive first up effort from the breakout candidate. Lost some ownership after a less than impressive pre-season but was BOG here, finishing with 32 touches (19 contested), 10 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 major.

2. Harry Sheezel (114). If anyone else would take BOG honours in this one, it would have to be Sheezel who racked up 34 touches and 9 marks on debut which also equated to over 600 metres gained. Already in 50% of teams, it’s only going to increase.

3. Luke Shuey (112). Led the Eagles midfield, finding 27 touches, laying 8 tackles and slotting 1 major for the day while also gaining nearly 600 metres. Will have a few tons across the season.

4. Luke McDonald/Shannon Hurn (110). Norths co-captain was solid at halfback, having an all round game of 22 touches, 5 marks and 6 tackles. Hurn, the former skipper, will probably be close to the top defenders again this year. Collected 25 touches, 598 metres gained and ran at 88% DE.

5. Jeremy McGovern (108). Another Eagles defender who does score well (not the worst for draft) due to the ball consistently being down there/chipped around. Had 22 touches, 10 marks and 86% DE. 

Other 100+ scores: Tom Barrass (103), Jack Ziebell (102), Andrew Gaff (101)

Disappointment: A slight POD at around 7%, Ben Cunnington was well below expectations in round 1, scoring just 58 from 16 touches. Hopefully, there’s only improvement from here. 

Rookies: Strap in, plenty here. Sheezel has already copped a mention, so next best was Ginbey (85), who was great in his first game, having a game high 12 tackles while also finding the pill with 15 touches, can comfortably have him on field each and every week with performances like that. Charlie Comben (83) had increased opportunity in the ruck, finishing with 13 touches, 12 hitouts, 1 goal and 6 tackles. Not a rookie but rookie priced, Tom Cole was solid for 20 touches, 8 marks and 78 points, Noah Long (117K F/M) scored 63 in a nice display, 10 touches and 1 goal for him. Other scores from rookie based priced players were: Goater (57), Bergman (52) and the popular pick of Chesser (20). Oscar Allen is slightly above “rookie priced” but was nice from 2 goals and 64 points. Phillips (65) was the sub and had 17 touches in round three quarters of footy. 

Injuries: He was looking like a stud out there, scoring 35 well before the first quarter ended, but Tristan Xerri was subbed out not long after with a rough looking ankle tweak. Don’t think there was anything else serious bar that!


Port Adelaide (18.18.126) defeated Brisbane (11.7.72)

1. Jason Horne-Francis (136). Stellar club debut from JHF, leading the second half rampage with his clearance work against a strong Lions midfield group. 25 touches, team high 532 metres gained, 1 goal and 7 clearances for the best score of his young career.

2. Junior Rioli (126). Finished a solitary point off his career best, Rioli also starred in his club debut, smashing out 3 goals from 16 touches and 4 tackles to top off the day.

3. Todd Marshall (123). Has had a few of these throughout his career and started off 2023 in solid fashion with a team high 4 goals from 11 touches and 8 marks playing solely forward.

4. Daniel Rich (112). Similar to Hurn in the game before, will probably be in the top echelon of defenders with his killer left foot. Had 26 touches, 1 goal and gained 1010 metres for the game.

5. Aliir Aliir (110). Super all day down back with plenty of intercept touches, finishing with 15 touches, 7 marks and very nice disposal efficiency of 86%.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Dunkley (108), Ryan Burton/Darcy Byrne-Jones (102), Zak Butters (101), Kane Farrell (100)

Disappointment: Purely for being the price he is, 95 for Lachie Neale was a rough start. Wines, who had very minimal ownership, butchered the ball and scored only 73 from 29 touches.

Rookies: Every man and his dog owns Ashcroft which means that his slightly underwhelming score of 55 doesn’t hurt. He’ll be better for the experience and the Lions won’t be dominated every round so better scoring days are on the way. Similarly, Wilmot is in plenty of teams, he finished on 51 from 11 touches, could’ve been a nice sixty piece if he didn’t have an atrocious miss in the 3rd quarter. McKenna was superb and scored 93 from 20 touches that ran at 80% DE and included one major, a nice score for someone under 200K. Francis Evans was the sub and scored 6, while Tunstill (37) and Fantasia (33) were others who one may consider rookie priced to play.

Injuries: Don’t think any injuries here, with Tunstill and Fantasia being subbed out but for no apparent reason. Coleman had a head clash that saw him leave the ground late so keep an eye on concussion protocols there. 


Melbourne (17.13.115) defeated Western Bulldogs (9.11.65)

1. Kysaiah Pickett (146). Would’ve been the perfect night if it wasn’t for a massive bump that’ll cost him two weeks of footy. Career high score here though, coming courtesy of 19 touches, 4 goals, 7 marks and 8 tackles in an elite display.

2. Max Gawn (140). Maybe the ruck play was just to get this guy and not worry about it? Didn’t watch much of the game but seemed to have the majority of the ruck split, ultimately having 21 touches (15 contested), 6 marks, 21 hitouts and 2 goals. 

3. Tim English (134). Massive game against the Gawndy combo: 24 touches (15 contested), 6 marks, 4 tackles and 22 hitouts, nothing wrong with him and the guy above as the starting R1 and R2.

4. Adam Treloar (132). Tip-toed his way through the middle most of the night, grabbing 32 touches at 75% DE to pair with 1 goal and 6 tackles.

5. Tim Liberatore (118). Did exactly what you’d expect: 32 touches, 12 contested, 7 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Clayton Oliver (113), Ben Brown (111), Marcus Bontempelli (107), Jack Macrae/Ed Richards (106), Jake Lever (105), Adam Tomlinson (101)

Disappointment: Nothing like when you’re POD stinks it up, so Bailey Dale (54) takes it for that reason.

Rookies: Nothing spectacular here for the Dogs. Bruce looks so similar to Bont from a far, he finished with 14 touches down back plus 50 points, while highly owned midfielders in Baker (43) and McLean (16, subbed on) had limited opportunities. The Dees debutants were in the same boat, with Laurie (21) being subbed out and McVee (50), finding 14 touches at half-back.

Injuries: Absolutely adding the the carnage this week was the highly owned Liam Jones going down with what ended up being a nerve issue (I think thats what I heard) and being subbed out on just 5 points. Seems like he is a chance for next week though. No other major injury concerns in this one.


Gold Coast (9.7.61) defeated by Sydney (16.14.110)

1. Dane Rampe (150). Career best score here from Rampe who, back in the day, used to post solid 140’s somewhat randomly. 25 touches and 7 marks with 9 contested touches in greasy conditions was super impressive, even better with no clangers.

2. Jarrod Witts (140). Monster game from Witts, making plenty of coaches wish they just paid the big bucks. Had 25 touches (16 contested), 10 clearances and 51 hitouts.

3. Matt Rowell (119). Used the dominance of Witts to find 28 touches with a massive 21 contested possessions within that. Paired that with 9 clearances and 8 tackles for a fantastic effort in round 1.

4. Errol Gulden (115). Little bit of a worry with his calf in the 3rd term but one of the pre-season favourites performed strongly with a 24 touch (13 contested), 5 tackle, 1 goal game.

5. Chad Warner (114). Super with his run and carry which saw a game high 713 metres gained from his 30 touches. 8 tackles as well and could’ve been a monster score if he’d slotted 3 goals rather than 3 behinds.

Other 100+ scores: Touk Miller (113), Dylan Stephens (111), Jake Lloyd (100)

Disappointment: Hard to make a case here as I try to avoid rookies, so the premium Sydney duo of Mills (94) and Heeney (71) can share the honours.

Rookies: Starting with one of the most popular picks in Constable here, who finished with just 56 points from 26 touches (23 kicks) and 676 metres gained. Absolutely butchered the ball with 6 clangers and 46% DE but surely won’t be dropped and will be better for the run. Uwland was impressive with 20 touches at 70% DE for 59 points, while the subbed on Roberts (27) outscored the rookie-priced Ben King (19) in just 12% game time.

Injuries: Think both subs were used tactically again, so no injuries, although I’m fairly certain Collins had a concussion test from a bump that will see Franklin miss a week, so surely he’ll be out round 2.


GWS (15.16.106) defeated Adelaide (12.18.90)

1. Stephen Coniglio (143). Clean the whole day and smashed anyone for metres gained with 810 of them coming from his 32 touches. Primed to be a top 6 forward this year.

2. Tom Green (134). The breakout predicted year started with a bang for Green who, bar some poor disposal early, was super all day, eventually capturing 37 touches (15 contested) with 8 clearances, 524 metres gained and 1 goal for the day.

3. Callan Ward (124). Great game from Ward with 31 touches (12 contested) playing the majority of time in the midfield with some stints up forward which allowed him to have 3 shots on goal.

4. Tom Doedee (118). A bit of a wall down back for multiple Giant attacks but had his hands full with Greene. Solid game though, his score helped along by his 20 touches running at 100% DE.

5. Josh Rachele (116). Loves round 1 by the looks of things (remember his debut last year?) playing a ripping game in a hybrid role, snagging 3 goals from his 18 touches in a dangerous performance.

Other 100+ scores: Toby Greene (104), Ben Keays/Reilly O’Brien (102), Finn Callaghan (101)

Disappointment: Rory Laird (50) posted his lowest score in nearly a decade of football.

Rookies: Not given much love in the pre-season, Pedlar was solid with his booming left foot, finishing with 83 points on the back of 13 touches, 6 marks and 1 goal in a high HF role. Another player in that same situation was Brent Daniels, who posted a well rounded 78 up forward where he had 9 touches, 5 tackles and 2 goals. Debutant Max Michalanney (63) also impressed here thanks to 12 touches at 91% DE down back, keeping Riccardi quiet on the scoreboard.

Injuries: Deadset carnage here. Perryman pinged a hammy about 2 minutes into the game and was the initial sub, while Murray had a quad strain and was the sub for Adelaide. From then on, smooth movers Whitfield and Kelly were subbed of with this weeks buzz word “HIA”, better known as concussion, which will see them miss next week against the Eagles where they would’ve posted 150 each. Haynes and Lloyd also spent extended time on the bench, and I have no idea how Wehr got back onto the ground after a bump that should see McAdam miss a few weeks.


Hawthorn (9.11.65) defeated by Essendon (19.10.124)

1. Mason Redman (118). Flagged him as a feeling lucky pick in the pre-season Essendon write up and top scored here. Played seagull role but theres no issue with that, with just 3 of his 24 touches being contested. Used it well (79% DE) and bombed home 2 nice long range shots.

2. Archie Perkins (114). Career score for Perkins, playing an elite hybrid role and finishing with 3 goals form his 20 touches and 7 marks to pair with 510 metres gained.

3. James Sicily (111). One of the premium defenders leading into the season and didn’t disappoint leading the Hawks scoring thanks to 30 touches and 15 marks playing his customary role down back.

4. Darcy Parish (109). Thought a stronger tag would come his way, but with no close attention the midfield jet found 37 touches (18 contested) with a huge 13 clearances and team best, 575 metres gained.

5. Sam Durham (108). Another guy to pop off with a career best on Sunday. The mid-season draft special found 19 touches (10 contested) that ran with no clangers and 89% DE, plus 1 goal and 6 marks as the Bombers dominated at the G.

Other 100+ scores: Jordan Ridley (107), Blake Hardwick (102), Josh Ward/Brandon Zerk-Thatchar (100)

Disappointment: Slight POD Moore was quiet with just 73 points, while popular Yeo replacement Day had 22 touches but just 60 points due to low contested touches.

Rookies: Splendid effort from MacKenzie on debut with his 18 touches including 9 contested possessions with no clangers next to his name, finishing on a great score of 93. Greene kicked a ripping goal but not much else, finishing with 33 from 6 touches. Davey Jnr was solid on debut up the other end with 58 points, with Menzie (68) also being serviceable thanks to 2 goals and 12 touches. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, who is slightly above rookie price, was the sub and slotted one goal. If he can stay out of the sub vest, he has the potential to make some cash once this 18 leaves his cycle.

Injuries: Just tactical subs used in this one. Shiel came to the bench at one point looking grim but think he got back out there? Will have to keep an eye on the injury report.


St Kilda (10.7.67) defeated Fremantle (7.10.52)

1. Luke Ryan (171). Highest score of the round went to this man. Had a ridiculous 30 kicks in his 37 touches, plus 13 marks, 775 metres gained, just 2 clangers and elite DE of 91%, insane numbers. Career high.

2. Brennan Cox (154). Not to be outdone, Cox was also insane with 30 touches (just 1 clanger), 90% DE and a massive 20 marks. Career high too.

3. Hayden Young (137). Another one! Didn’t watch this game but did this guy and the two above just chip it around the whole time? The breakout contender had 30 touches, over 500 metres gained, 13 marks and 96% DE. Not a career high, but close.

4. Mason Wood (108). Nice game from Wood playing a high HF role to lead the Saints scoring. Had 20 touches, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals and solid 85% DE for the game.

5. Jack Sinclair (104). The highest priced defender in the game rounded out the top 5 with 26 typically clean touches at half back, gaining over 540 metres in the process.

Other 100+ scores: Jordan Clark (100)

Disappointment: Take your pick out of Marshall (80), Brodie (74), Brayshaw (70) and Fyfe (26).

Rookies: Really nice game from Phillipou with 16 touches and 70 points, you take that score on field. Snagged 1 goal from 16 touches on debut. Another one on debut was Caminiti (34) who had 9 touches and is bargain priced, but we’ll need to see more in round 2. Once again they’re slightly above rookie price but I’ll give some credit to Stocker (74) who had 20 touches and 9 marks while running at 85% DE, as well as Henry (83) who was speedy and clean with 21 touches.

Injuries: Tactical subs used again here but some notes on Webster and Marshall are that they had knocks late in the game.



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15 thoughts on “Round 1 Review”

  1. Great write up, Dane. Is not easy getting those up early on a Monday.

    My early SC concerns are:
    – Sean Darcy seemed to play forward a lot more than expected.
    – Marshall struggled with multiple opponents and might get a buddy soon.
    – I didn’t watch Adelaide but is Laird injured or just didn’t like the heat?
    – Chandler looked good even before kicking a goal with heaps of tackles. So we need him?


    1. There has been talks of Tom Campbell helping in the ruck. Where Marshall scored poorly in the only game they played together last year.

      Laird started well but then just hit a brick wall in scoring. He had 22/31 CBA and should have done better in that final quarter when GWS had no bench due to so many HIAs.
      He had only 2 tackles which was his lowest since Rd 18 2020. He was averaging 8 a game last season.
      Only 15 pressure acts which was his equal lowest last season. Just applied no pressure and no want to get the ball


    2. Thanks Thommo!

      Darcy and Marshall was my ruck combo, so with questions over both, I’ll be watching very closely this weekend

      Laird an off day, he’s 700K for a reason, surely he’ll bounce back at home this weekend

      Completely missed Chandler in the review, great shout out! Looked at home in the forward line and one to consider before price changes.


  2. Always the highlight of Monday’s on SCT, excellent work.
    Now to try not to panic and trust the premos I picked and be thankful I swerved Laird.
    Chickening out on LDU may hurt long term.


  3. Hi have a unrelated question when trading if you have example a mid /fwd in mid and want trade a fwd a move your existing player fwd from mid ,does the new player have to be dpp as well


    1. If you trade a player from the forward position, you can move/substitute your MID/FWD player into that forward position. This allows you to bring in a midfielder player.

      They do not have to be a DPP player. They just have to be a midfielder. So it could be a MID or MID/DEF, MID/FWD or MID/RUC


      1. Hey mate I can’t work it out example i have Toranto in mid i want trade green (fwd ) when I press trade for him can’t find how to move Toranto


        1. I assume you are wanting to trade Fergus or Toby Greene.

          I am on my phone using the app

          You click trade on Greene. It takes you to a screen that gives you options to trade in.
          Click the’Trade out’ button on the bottom of the screen, it will take you to your current squad.
          This is where you will see a T button and S button next to each player.
          Click the grey S on Taranto and he will move to the forward line.
          Go back to the ‘Trade in’ section from the bottom of your screen and this will now give you a selection of all midfielders you can bring in.


  4. When do price changes kick in – is it after a 2 matches or 3?

    Eg. is this the last opportunity to get in rookies that we missed out on.


    1. Prices changes occur once a player has played 3 games, they will then continue on after each game.
      Price changes will start at the end of the 3rd round for the majority of players.
      A player such as Tom Stewart will not have his priced changed at the end of Rd 3 as he will have not played 3 matches.


    1. Head to head games will vary on when they start due to leagues being structured in different ways.
      Some have already started in round 1.
      Most will start in round 2 or 3, but I also have one starting in round 4


  5. I’d be wary of bringing in those Freo defenders if you didn’t start them. They’re coming under huge heat for their game plan, so expect changes real soon!


    1. Ryan did it last year scoring 156 in round 2, to then only score above 80 twice in his next 7 rounds



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