Round 10 Review

Written by Dane on May 24 2021

Brisbane (15.12.102) defeated Richmond (11.8.74)

1. Jarryd Lyons (129). Another week and another ton for Lyons who just continues to dominate games. Had 26 touches (21 kicks), with 15 of those being contested possessions. Throw in 1 goal, 6 tackles, 8 clearances and 495 metres gained and it was a good night. Will be interesting to see how he polls on Brownlow night, reminds me of Priddis with his contested, no-nonsense approach, and we all know what Priddis did in 2014.

2. Bachar Houli/Kamdyn McIntosh (118). A pair of Tigers had plenty to do in the second half and that showed in their scores. Houli found plenty of it in the back half to have 27 touches at 81%, while McIntosh had a team high 533 metres gained from his 19 touches.

3. Dayne Zorko (117). Seems to be loving his time back in the middle, finishing the game with 28 touches (13 contested), 6 clearances, 1 goal and 650 metres gained.

4. Hugh McCluggage (116)
. Played an outstanding first half to set a great foundation for this score, ultimately finishing with 27 touches (16 contested) with 7 clearances and over 500 metres gained.

5. Noah Balta (115). Marked plenty of Brisbane’s attacks while being opposed to Daniher for some of the night. Finished up with 17 touches and 7 marks.

Other 100+ scores:
Daniel Rich (113), Harris Andrews (109), Eric Hipwood (105)

Disappointment: It might be worth sending out a search party for Jayden Short, who was hardly seen at all after halftime, ultimately finishing on 77 points.

Rookies: A couple of money-makers in Collier-Dawkins (50) and Robertson (66) collected 18 and 16 touches respectively to continue their cash growth. A pair of second gamers in Ralphsmith and Madden also played in this game, with the Brisbane product pushing a much better case as a downgrade option with a 13 touch, 1 goal, 78 point game opposed to a 8 touch, 23 point effort. A couple of other young kids in Prior (25) and Naish (45) also played but didn’t return great scores.

Injuries: Nothing to report on seemingly but of course that isn’t always the case, keep an eye on the news all the same.

Carlton (13.8.86) defeated Hawthorn (9.9.63)

1. Tom Mitchell (142). Was at his ball winning best, collecting 44 touches of the ball (16 contested) to go along with 8 clearances and over 600 metres gained. 

2. Zac Williams (124). Finally pulled out a big score despite having a calf concern early on, finishing with 26 disposals, 1 goal and a game high 764 metres gained.

3. Sam Walsh/Adam Saad (116). Walsh was incredible in the first half, scoring 99 of his points up until that point. He finished with 30 touches (17 contested), 1 goal and 6 tackles, while Saad continued his up and down season with a 26 touch game that included 658 metres gained.

4. Jack Scrimshaw (105). Thats now three hundreds in the last 4 weeks for Scrimshaw as he continues to grow his game. Had 24 touches and 7 marks this week across half-back.

5. Marc Pittonet (99). There were plenty of players in the 90’s but the Carlton ruckman was the best of them, his stats read along the lines of: 13 touches, 1 goal, 30 hitouts and 4 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Early season bolter Jiath (55) has been down over the past fortnight, this week finishing with his second worst score of the year from just 16 touches.

Rookies: Jacob Koschitzke had 10 touches and 1 goal for 52 points, which will stunt his cash generation, although he seems entrenched in the best 22 now so maybe it’s not crazy to leave him as cover? Matthew Owies (59) continues to hit the scoreboard, this week kicking 2 goals from 9 touches, while first-gamer Ned Reeves (82) was pretty impressive, having 21 hitouts, 4 tackles and 13 disposals, he’s a 123K ruck.

Injuries: Once again no injuries from the game day but something might come up.

Geelong (14.7.91) defeated Gold Coast (8.9.57)

1. Touk Miller (133). A week out of the game didn’t do anything to Miller’s form. This was his fourth over 130 for the season and might well push him over 600K, as he finished with 30 touches (15 contested), 5 tackles, 7 clearances and 1 goal.

2. Joel Selwood (131). Selwood was a number of Geelong players to step up after injuries unsettled their midfield flow, as he compiled 39 touches (17 contested), 10 clearances and 7 tackles.

3. Mark Blicavs (119). Played a lot of ruck in this game and ran the returning Smith off his feet to gather 18 touches (10 contested), lay 7 tackles, kick 1 goal and have 34 hitouts.

4. Quinton Narkle (115). Another Cat midfielder who stepped up was Narkle, as he had a career high tally in touches (34), marks (8) and inside 50’s (6).

5. Shaun Higgins (112). Scored his first ton for his third club thanks to 25 touches, 1 goal and 8 tackles.

Other 100+ scores:
Lachie Henderson (109), Hugh Greenwood/Wil Powell (102), Jack Henry/Tom Hawkins/Brandan Parfitt (101)

Disappointment: Midfielder Sam Menegola doesn’t have the same appeal to be picked as he did in the past when he had forward status, and with games that only muster 63 points from 31 touches, maybe thats a good thing.

Rookies: No real rookies in this game because Flanders (54) has now left that category and is now sitting around 240K. An interesting option might be Zac Smith as a 216K ruckman who will get plenty of game time with Witts out, he scored 76 from 1 goal, 9 disposals and 22 hitouts.

Injuries: The big news on the injury front was smooth mover Mitch Duncan (who was flying with 15 touches, 2 goals and 73 points) being subbed out at half-time. Another Cat midfielder in Guthrie spent extended time on the bench with separate head and shoulder concerns, but played out the game.

Adelaide (15.6.96) defeated Melbourne (14.11.95)

1. Clayton Oliver (204). The biggest score of the season thus far. Clarry played a simply incredible game, securing 38 touches of the footy with 27 of those being contested. Throw into that 3 goals, 13 clearances, 9 tackles and 626 metres gained and its a lock for 3 Brownlow votes.

2. Paul Seedsman (143). Had a career high 35 touches in this game to gol song with 1 goal and 657 metres gained. If he was listed as a defender, his 97 point average would be much more tempting to jump on, but since he’s listed as a midfielder, it’s a pass.

3. Max Gawn (124). Big Max had a quiet second half (only 35 points or so), but still finished with a solid VC or C score. Had 20 touches and 10 marks with 1 goal and 32 hitouts.

4. Rory Laird (123). One of the competitions most consistent ball winners had another 35 touches of the sherrin (17 contested), while also recording 7 tackles and 6 clearances.

5. Christian Petracca (116). Along with Oliver, he really set the tone in the second half which led to an extremely entertaining game of footy. Had 32 touches (16 contested), with 1 goal and 11 clearances.

Other 100+ scores:
Ben Keays (115), Jake Lever (104), Ed Langdon (103), Taylor Walker (101), Angus Brayshaw (100)

Disappointment: Big Reilly O’Brien once again failed to post a big score, only recording 24 hitouts and 10 handballs for his score of 77.

Rookies: James Jordon had 9 tackles and 11 touches, but did commit 5 clangers which held his score to 47, which was only a couple of points less than Thilthorpe’s 10 touch, 1 goal game of 49. The other youngsters for the Crows in Rowe (71), Berry (51) and Butts (48) don’t seem in any danger of losing their spot, and with performances such as keeping Fritsch to 1 goal, the JS of Murray (60) looks alright too. 

Injuries: No subs used in this game once again.

Western Bulldogs (21.18.144) defeated St Kilda (5.3.33)

1. Marcus Bontempelli (159). Bont was super dangerous all night and could’ve had a bigger score of he didnt kick 3 behinds from his seven scoring shots. Take away that and his 4 goal, 26 touch, 6 tackle, no clanger game was pretty much perfect.

2. Bailey Dale (152). After not really being able to cement his place in the best 22 over the first part of his career, Dale has found his home running off the half-back flank this year. Posted career bests in Supercoach score, disposals (34) and inside 50’s (5) in this game, while also kicking 2 goals and gaining 761 metres.

3. Jack Macrae (149). The outrageous form of Macrae continued with another 41 touches (13 contested), 9 clearances, 9 tackles and 539 metres gained. His best of the year so far.

4. Tom Liberatore (145). Another guy having a great year is this guy, who posted his best score so far from 31 touches (14 contested), 8 clearances, 1 goal while running at a great DE of 93%.

5. Jack Sinclair (117). Another guy who seems to have found a new home at half-back, Sinclair had plenty to deal with on Saturday night and performed pretty well, using his 28 touches pretty well (no clangers) and gaining 584 metres for his club.

Other 100+ scores:
Lachie Hunter (111), Caleb Daniel (105), Alex Keath (102)

Disappointment: Future superstar Hunter Clark was been about as consistent as the Saints this year, having five games above 95 and having the remaining five games below 75. This was his worst thus far though, only scrapping together 58 points. 

Rookies: Midifielder Ryan Byrnes was very good for the Saints and probably deserved more than 72 from his 24 touch (9 contested), 12 mark, 3 tackle game that only had 3 clangers and ran at 79% DE. Bar that there was the usual suspects for the Dogs in McNeil (44), who had more tackles (7) than touches (6), and Scott (18) who finished up early with what seemed like concussion. The silver lining to that injury is that it gives Cody Weightman (98) a solid opportunity to stay in the senior team and he looks a good downgrade option at 173K after his 2 goal, 14 touch game. Ruckman Sweet (75) played well to grab 14 touches, lay 6 tackles and have 16 hitouts.

Injuries: If the games before this round lacked injuries, this game made up for it. Scott was mentioned above and seems destined to miss a week, while Treloar was the initial Dog subbed off at half-time. For the Saints, no one finished their night on the pine but all of Clark, Geary, Hill and Frawley spent extended time of the bench only to continue playing, which was good because it meant Highmore wasn’t subbed on which could’ve potential killed his cash generation (say if he came on late and only scored 15 or so).

Fremantle (12.14.86) defeated Sydney (13.6.84)

1. Jordan Dawson (145). The long kicking Swan collected career highs in Supercoach score, disposals (31), kicks (24) and rebound 50’s (17). Throw in 5 tackles, a DE of 83% and 711 metres gained, it was a good night to be an owner of Dawson.

2. Lance Franklin (130). Was always going to have a couple of big scores as he continues to kick big bags of goals. Had 6 of them Saturday night from 18 touches and 10 marks as the magical 1000 goal mark comes closer.

3. Nat Fyfe (124). Was pretty quiet initially but turned it one when the game was on the line to finish with 27 touches (19 contested), 13 clearances, 5 tackles and the match winning goal.

4. Callum Mills (122). Slowed down as the game went on but still finished with a great score from 26 touches (17 contested) with 8 tackles and 7 clearances, further cementing himself as a must have defender.

5. Rory Lobb (119). Was the focal point up forward, clunking everything to finish with 9 marks, 4 goals, 18 touches and a season best score.

Other 100+ scores:
Sean Darcy (112), Luke Ryan (106), Luke Parker/Adam Cerra/David Mundy (102), Josh Kennedy (100)

Disappointment: It looked like his night was over early with a knee knock, but Hickey played out the game, finishing on 84 points, his second worst of the season.

Rookies: The usual suspect Warner (59) continues to stay around the 60 point mark (last four weeks read 61, 61, 58, 59) which sees his cash deplete little by little. Young Fremantle forward Henry was lively early but faded, recording 10 touches for 43 points, while Josh Treacy would probably have lost money from his 108K price tag if it wasn’t for a massive goal that got him to 33 points.

Injuries: Important forward Taberner was subbed off in the third with an ankle knock, while Fox only made it to the second quarter after an errant finger caught his eye.

GWS (13.15.93) defeated West Coast (11.11.77)

1. Tom Green (123). Dominated in the middle of the ground, finishing with 27 touches (13 contested) with 6 clearances, while also pushing forward to be a threat up forward, slotting 2 goals.

2. Nic Naitanui (120). Had 34 hitouts against the tandem ruck team of Flynn and Mumford, while also finding 15 touches (13 contested), laying 6 tackles and having 8 clearances.

3. Callan Ward/Lachie Whitfield (110). Ward was hard at it as per usual, finishing with 29 touches at 82% DE while also laying 8 tackles, but the good news for Supercoaches was Whitfield worked his way to his first ton of the year with 29 touches, 10 marks and 1 goal.

4. Jacob Hopper (108). Another giant who dominated in the middle was Hopper, who had 6 clearances, 6 tackles and 28 touches (11 contested) to be one of the stars of the day.

5. Tim Kelly (103). Kept his good run going with a 22 touch display (15 contested), using Naitanui’s ruck work to collect 8 clearances as well as slotting 1 goal to top of his day.

Other 100+ scores:
Tim Taranto/Josh Kelly (102)

Disappointment: The up and down season of Andrew Gaff continued. He found plenty of it (28 touches), but with only 3 contested touches he only scored 72 points.

Rookies: Ruckman Matt Flynn proved that he and Shane Mumford can work together, this week having about a 40/60 split between forward and ruck duties which resulted in 2 goals, 13 disposals, 6 marks, 10 hitouts and 94 points. Cheap forward Sproule (69) slotted 2 goals from 11 touches, while the young talls in Edwards (61) and Williams (52) weren’t the worst of the Eagles.

Injuries: There were plenty of players who were banged up here, with all of Buckley, Hopper, Sheppard and Taylor spending time on the bench, but in the end no one was subbed out.

Collingwood (8.10.58) defeated by Port Adelaide (8.11.59)

1. Darcy Moore (142). In the backline where he plays his best, attacking footy, Moore was fantastic, collecting a career high 20 kicks (25 touches), as well as hauling in 15 marks while also running at 88% DE. All of these factors led to career best score.

2. Brodie Grundy (138). Was super as per usual, collecting 23 touches around the ground (14 contested), to go along with 9 clearances, 5 tackles, 33 hitouts and 2 goals.

3. Robbie Gray (118). Sparked his team up forward with 3 goals but also did some important things around the ground, ultimately finishing with 18 touches, 6 marks and a couple of tackles too.

4. Jordan Roughead (116). Blanketed Dixon for much of the game while hauling in 15 marks of his own to go along with 21 touches of the football.

5. Jack Crisp (113). The games most durable player made it three tons on the trot with this 26 disposal, 7 tackle effort. Has pushed his season average to 99 now.

Other 100+ scores:
Chris Mayne (112), Sam Powell-Pepper (107), Will Hoskin-Elliott (105), Ollie Wines (100)

Disappointment: With 18 disposals at 61% DE and 5 clangers, the score of 43 was the worst score from Scott Pendlebury (and first under 50) since the first qualifying final on September 6th, 2009.

Rookies: The return of Lachie Jones was somewhat surprising as he came straight back into the senior team, and it resulted in a 12 touch, 48 point game before his first price rise. Second gamer Tom Wilson (45) looked a touch better this week as he collected 17 touches at 88% DE, while up forward McCreery kicked 3 of the Pies goals to finish with 56 points. Young Caleb Poulter looks set to make some decent cash after another impressive display that included 22 touches, 12 marks, 1 goal and 80 points.

Injuries: No injuries to report on here, which was a blessing in two ways because it meant rookies Bergman and Murphy didn’t take the field, so there cash growth wont be affected the same way Martin Frederick’s was.

Essendon (22.9.141) defeated North Melbourne (10.9.69)

1. Darcy Parish (152). One of Supercoach’s hottest players continued his outstanding from, notching his fifth ton in a row from 36 touches (13 contested), 11 clearances, 4 tackles and 12 marks. Also ran at 88% DE and gained over 550 metres.

2. Ben Cunnington (142). Did what he has done for many seasons now and played hard all day at the coalface. Had 34 touches (18 contested), with 9 clearances and 1 goal.

3. Andrew McGrath (123). Another midfielder here, with the former NAB rising star player incredibly well through the middle of the ground, finishing with 31 touches at 100% DE.

4. Zach Merrett (117). Found plenty of ball (31 touches) as per usual and used it well (87% DE) for his eighth triple figure score of the year.

5. Tarryn Thomas (114). Rounding out the top five was Thomas, who achieved career high totals in disposals (21), clearances (5), insides 50’s (9) and Supercoach score.

Other 100+ scores:
Will Snelling (108), Jordan Ridley (105), Aaron Hall (104), Dyson Heppell/Kyle Langford (101)

Disappointment: Midfielder Jy Simpkin couldn’t back up his monster score from last week, only finishing with 20 touches and 54 points.

Rookies: Plenty to get through here so lets rattle them off nice and quick. Essendon had all of Cox (89), Jones (52), Perkins (49) and Waterman (48) contribute well to their win, while for North, their rookies/cash cows were Campbell (73), Mendadue (66), Powell (49), Lazzaro (47) and Young (37). No crazy good scores from that bunch bar Cox.

Injuries: Another game with no subs used! Six for the round if anyone was wondering, which would have to be some sort of record for the season.


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