Round 10 Review

Written by Dane on May 22 2023

Yartapuulti/Port Adelaide (11.14.80) defeated Narrm/Melbourne (11.10.76)

  1. Zak Butters (184). By all reports one of the best indivual performances in recent memory, Butters smashed out a career high from 41 touches (18 contested), 10 clearances, 6 marks, 2 goals and 581 metres gained while running at 78% DE with just 2 clangers. Even better considering it was in the wet, and even better again if he had the VC attached!
  2. Connor Rozee (140). Great game for Rozee too, didn’t see any of this Friday night contest but the highlights showed me that his 1 major was the game winner, boosting his score. Paired it with 31 touches, 5 tackles and 756 metres gained.
  3. Dan Houston (128). Great POD in the backline during this first half of the season, dropping his fifth ton from 33 disposals, 1 goal and 815 metres gained.
  4. Jason Horne-Francis (123). I’d imagine he was in and under as he usually is. In a solid vein of form, he finished with 23 touches (12 contested) and 1 goal. 
  5. Clayton Oliver (120). About what you’d expect. Popular VC pick on Friday and my new personal rule is take anything 110+, so happy with that. 30 touches, 16 contested, 8 clearances, 9 tackles, 569 metres gained and reportedly, a hamstring which I’ll cover down below.

Other 100+ scores: Scott Lycett (117), Steven May (114), Ollie Wines (110), Christian Petracca (103)

Disappointment: Gawn might be forward status eligible soon with a new round of DPP, so here’s hoping he can avoid games of 74 with 8 clangers. Admittedly, not suited conditions.

Rookies: Personally, I had to hold Chandler with midfield injuries and I’m more than happy with his 86 despite it losing him 9k. Van Rooyen (59) and McVee (50) both made money but ideally should only be bench cover/looped, I’d say all three are worth keeping until their bye as they’re clearly best 22. Wouldn’t make the same comment for Evans (29) or Lord (54) though.

Injuries: Alright let’s cover Clayton Oliver first. News broke on Sunday that he had scans on a hamstring injury that came in the third qaurter, but I do believe he played out the game. Another update on Sunday said potentially a month of footy. CT updated the coaches box around 8 last night saying club is still assessing (thanks to CT for all the updates as usual too). Overall, let’s not panic until offical word is given. Not to take away from other injuries in the game, but the original subs were Bowey and Boak with a calf and rib injury respectively, wishing all a speedy recovery.


North Melbourne (14.6.90) defeated by Sydney (14.9.93)

  1. Chad Warner (137). Great stat line from Warner who is now averaging 115 over the past month. 31 disposals, 11 contested, 7 clearances, 1 goal, team best 644 metres gained.
  2. Luke Parker (136). Triple M down in Melbourne were applauding his game in this one, and I can understand why as he found 28 touches (18 contested) with 6 clearances, 5 tackles and 1 goal to help drag the Swans over the line.
  3. Bailey Scott (130). Had the tagging job on Gulden which sourced him some powers as he set career high marks in disposals (33), kicks (23), clearances (7) and inside 50’s (12), coupled with 821 metres gained and obviously, a career high score.
  4. Jy Simpkin (121). Great game in the middle by Simpkin, netting 2 goals from his 28 touches (14 contested) plus 8 clearances and 5 tackles for his second ton of the year.
  5. Harry Sheezel (112). No point trading this kid, essentially a premium until luxury upgrades come along. Averaging 100 across his first 10 career games with 8 tons, this one coming from 25 disposals and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Todd Goldstein (111), Lance Franklin (104), Robbie Fox/Eddie Ford (102), Callum Coleman-Jones (100)

Disappointment: A hot start to the season for SuperCoach favourite Jake Lloyd saw an ownership spike but a season worst return of 72 gives him the nod here.

Rookies: McAndrew (53) debuted here and may see some games come his way with so may injuries to talls at the Swans. Tough first assignment against Goldstein but he had 9 touches, 20 hitouts and 5 tackles. Sheldrick (9) was subbed on, Gould scored 33 while Francis (54) will get games due to the injuries but scoring potential is flaky. Drury (12) was subbed out after 6 touches, while Phillips (70) made his way back into the side for 16 touches. Spicer (50) is on the bubble this week but I’d pass and go for either Ford (102) or Wardlaw (85) instead. Ford played a few games over the past two seasons but is still a 123k forward and had a great game here of 21 touches and 1 goal, while Wardlaw, pick 4 last year, found 16 touches and 9 tackles on debut. Bergman (54) has added 112K so far this year, a nice increase.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report for the Roos, with Drury being the sub. Ladhams though unfortunately suffered an ankle injury and was the sub for the Swans.


Western Bulldogs (11.19.85) defeated Adelaide (5.10.40)

  1. Rory Laird/Jack Macrae (145). Sub 600K leading into round 10 for Rory but he met his breakeven thanks to 34 touches (16 contested) plus 10 tackles and 10 clearances for a triple double, while Macrae pumped out his best score of the year 26 touches @ 88% DE with 2 goals, 7 tackles and no clangers, his sixth ton of the year.
  2. Caleb Daniel (144). Best score of the year for Daniel too, he had 30 touches (14 contested) with 6 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and solid 80% DE. 
  3. Bailey Dale (141). A very up and down first half of the year for Dale, his scoring so dependent on role. Found 36 touches here plus 9 marks, only had 2 clangers and ran at 88% DE.
  4. Tom Liberatore (126). Just another Libba ton. 33 disposals (16 contested), 7 clearances, 5 tackles, 4th highest average SuperCoach score (behind Bont, English and Oliver).
  5. Bailey Smith (121). Cheap for his potential currently and will probably see a spike in ownership after this 37 touch, 7 tackle effort that had 560 metres gained attached to it.

Other 100+ scores: Tim English (118), Nic Murray (113), Marcus Bontempelli (112), Aaron Naughton (108), Bailey Williams (107), Anthony Scott (105)

Disappointment: Tough one to hand out here with the majority of highly owned players exceeding, hence it will go to Dawson (92) for the second week running.

Rookies: Nothing spectacular here. Baker (61) just hit his BE but similar to Michalanney (45) and Pedlar (55), he might be worth sticking around until his bye round as they all seem stuck in the best 22. O’Donnell is on the bubble this week but his scoring potential just isn’t there yet, just 15 from 4 touches here. Jones (27) was quiet, while Gollant is slightly above rookie price and played his third game, he scored 47.

Injuries: Johannisen and Hinge the players subbed out here, the former due to a hamstring and latter due to concussion.


Walyalup/Fremantle (16.10.106) defeated Geelong (11.11.77)

  1. Caleb Serong (135). Another great score to add to Serong’s 2023 campaign. 28 disposals (14 contested) plus 10 clearances, 9 tackles and 1 goal.
  2. Andrew Brayshaw (134). Neck and neck with Serong most of the way, Brayshaw and his price tag become even more enticing after this 33 disposal, 10 tackle, 1 goal game.
  3. Jordan Clark/Lachie Schultz (112). Clark didnt waste any of his 17 touches against his former side, running at 100% DE, while Schultz was well rounded with 20 touches, 8 marks, 8 tackles and 1 goal.
  4. Jeager O’Meara (97). Strange scoring spread in this one. O’Meara takes out 4th place thanks to 26 touches, 6 tackles and 9 clearances.
  5. Zach Touhy/Isaac Smith (95). 5th spot is shared by a couple of Cat veterans. Tuohy had 19 touches and no clangers, while Smith had 18 disposals, 2 goals and 526 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Fremantle defender Ryan is still one of the highest averaging players in the league, but a couple of scores in the 80’s (84 this week) will see his price drop and is an entcing pickup once his bye is out of the way (round 12).

Rookies: Still running with Ratugolea myself as F/R ruck cover so loving his form, another 20K increase thanks to his 77 and will be prime to trade once his bye comes up. Simpson (20) made some cash despite being subbed out, but Dempsey (8) lost some after being subbed in. Knevitt (59) found 13 touches (9 contested). Treacy was quiet but still made almost 30K from his 49, while Johnson (37) returned from suspension for 9 touches after being subbed on.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report out of this one, with Fyfe and the semi popular pick Simpson the players subbed out.


Brisbane (16.11.107) defeated Gold Coast (9.10.64)

  1. Josh Dunkley (153). Just 1 sub ton out of ten games for Dunkley, this a season high score from 29 disposals (16 contested) paired with 7 clearances, 7 marks and 8 tackles.
  2. Hugh McCluggage (134). Best score of the season for Hugh, criminally underpriced for his potential currently. Had 30 disposals, 7 tackles and 1 goal in this one.
  3. Lachie Neale (128). Won B.O.G honours for his elite performance that included 35 possessions (17 contested) with 10 clearances and 8 marks.
  4. Will Ashcroft (124). Career high for Ashcroft in his young career. 30 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal. Like Sheezel, a luxury trade at this point.
  5. Jarrod Witts (118). Sixth ton of the year for Witts, this one on the back of 7 touches, 4 tackles but a massive 51 hitouts which would’ve been right into the pocket of his rovers.

Other 100+ scores: Nick Holman (107), Rory Atkins (102), Bailey Humphrey (101)

Disappointment: Anderson exploded with a 189 a few weeks back but his following fortnight reads 88 and now 73.

Rookies: Same deal as some of the guys above, McKenna (53) and Wilmot (83) seem firmly entrenched in the best 22 and can be used, even through the bye rounds if it works for your team. Sharp was heavily traded in this week and was ticking along nicely before being red vested for 47. Couple of great scores from the Gold Coast rookies. Atkins (102) didnt have a clanger from his 20 touches and ran at 90% DE, while Humphrey (101) was probably the most traded in player this week and found a team best 26 touches and 617 metres gained. Berry was also on the bubble this week but was the sub and only scored 5. 

Injuries: The smooth moving Coleman has had a disappointing year and that was added to hear with a glute injury, while Lemmens was subbed off with a hamstring for the Suns.


Essendon (10.11.71) defeated Richmond (10.10.70)

  1. Zach Merrett (162). With just about none of Essendon’s starting centre circle midfielder’s left, Merrett shoulderd the load and took home B.O.G honours for his 39 touch, 8 mark, 7 tackle game that had 679 metres gained next to it.
  2. Shai Bolton (139). Another big score from Shai who is averaging 120 over the past month. 28 touches (13 contested), 7 tackles, 2 goals for him.
  3. Jordan Ridley (122). Returning from concussion and seemingly didn’t miss a beat, finding 32 touches and nearly 500 metres gained, plus 14 marks down back.
  4. Tim Taranto/Andrew McGrath (118). Timmy T kept his awesome season rolling with another 33 touch, 1 goal game, while McGrath had his third ton of the year from 29 disposals @ 89% DE with 12 marks.
  5. Sam Durham/Daniel Rioli (107). Durham kicked the game winner which obviously increased his score, but he contributed all around with 21 disposals and 9 marks, while Rioli provided his usual drive off half-back, gaining 612 metres from his 26 touches and 8 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Mason Redman (101)

Disappointment: A usually quiet game from Liam Baker who ran as a POD for some teams this year. Just 16 touches and 45 points for him. Riewoldt (4) played 88% game time for 7 clangers, the worst score of his career taking away the injury impacted scores of 0 and 3, interestingly both against St Kilda.

Rookies: Rookie forwards Davey Jnr (41) and Menzie (66) did their job and kicked goals up forward, but the former lost cash due to his sub score from last week. Baldwin (60) took 9 marks and had 14 touches, on the bubble this week. Clarke (19) keeps copping the sub vest, while Ryan (58) shared the ruck duties with a returning Nankervis. Mansell (59) had 9 touches and 2 goals but has very low ownership.

Injuries: Popular rookie pick Davey suffered a shoulder injury in this one but I think played through it. Phillips and Dow the tactical subs here.


Hawthorn (22.10.142) defeated West Coast (4.2.26)

  1. Conor Nash (148). Credit to the man, Nash has been in great form with 4 tons in his past 6 games but this was a career best thanks to 30 disposals (14 contested) with 8 marks, 8 tackles, 8 clearances and 521 metres gained.
  2. James Sicily (134). Another great score from Sicily. Had plenty of it, finding 30 touches and 11 marks plus 600 metres gained for the game
  3. Mitch Lewis (129). Banged home 6 goals down in Tassie from 24 touches and 8 marks, all of those stats and score being career highs.
  4. Dom Sheed (126). Surprised an Eagle made it out with a decent score from this game. Sheed was super , finding 30 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals.
  5. Jai Newcombe (118). Sixth ton of the year for Newcombe, joining in on the Hawks party with 24 disposals (12 contested), 7 clearances, 1 goal and 9 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Weddle/Alex Witherden (114), Tyler Brockman (102)

Disappointment: Despite the absolute smacking, Will Day (74) couldn’t get through a tag.

Rookies: Firstly let’s cover Weddle who had an elite game. Scored 114 from 28 touches, 7 marks, 2 goals and 495 metres gained. 230K now so a tough price to work with. Very nice game from Brockman (102) too, he found 15 touches, 2 goals and ran @ 93% DE for his first career ton. It kept going for the Hawks with Butler (87) providing a great third up score for anyone who jumped on, while Mitchell (82) was on a lot of fields. Mackenzie (87) kept the good scores rolling with his 22 touch, 5 tackle, 2 goal game. Now for the Eagles, they’re rookies doing the complete opposite. Ginbey (35) had 4 frees against, the returning Long (37) and Chesser (23) weren’t much better.

Injuries: Hawks big man Reeves was subbed off due to an ankle in this one, while the Eagles suffered new injuries to Jones with an ankle and Duggan with a neck concern.


Carlton (7.15.57) defeated by Collingwood (13.7.85)

  1. Darcy Moore (151). Can confirm he set an AFL record with 11 intercept marks in this one, meaning he only had 1 mark from a teammate. 25 touches, 12 marks, 84% DE, career best score.
  2. Sam Docherty (135). This is the Doc we all know. Would be in contention for plenty of trade in’s this week after another strong showing on return from injury, finishing with 34 touches and 661 metres gained.
  3. Josh Daicos (123). Game best 680 metres gained from the older Daicos, he ran the wings hard all day for 27 touches, 9 marks and 1 goal.
  4. Charlie Curnow (109). Had to work high up the ground but was very good all game, finding 16 disposals, 7 marks, 3 goals and 597 metres gained.
  5. Adam Cerra (108). Had the ball on a string with 33 touches but just 4 contested possessions held him back. 6 tackles too. Averaging 106.

Other 100+ scores: Scott Pendlebury/Blake Acres (107), Brody Mihocek (106), Nick Daicos (100)

Disappointment: Going to a couple of lefties from the Carlton backline. Saad (60) and Newman (78) down on what we’ve come to expect in 2023.

Rookies: Just one player to cover here, Hollands (37). He was subbed off, suffering his first price drop of the year.

Injuries: Doesn’t seem like there was any from this Sunday afternoon fixture. Hollands and Johnson those subbed out, while I’ll mention that Darcy Cameron was a late in for those who missed it. He scored 61 in limited time on ground.


GWS (12.8.80) defeated by St Kilda (13.14.92)

  1. Jack Sinclair (160). Capped off the round with a monster effort of 37 touches @ 83% DE. Also kicked 2 goals and had a game best 733 metres gained for a career high score.
  2. Jack Steele (135). Classic Steele game. 25 touches (13 contested), 11 tackles and just super in the midfield in what was a good contest
  3. Rowan Marshall (126). Popular C choice to finish the round and nothing wrong with his score. Actually had a good contest with the inexperienced Briggs but still collected 24 touches (14 contested) plus 30 hitouts.
  4. Tom Green (119). Another good game in Green’s 2023 campaign. 29 touches (18 contested), 9 clearances and 9 tackles for him.
  5. Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (113). Career best game from NWM, finding 29 touches across half-back plus 10 marks. Drove St Kilda forward plenty of times and ran at a very nice 79% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Kieran Briggs/Callum Wilkie (109), Stephen Coniglio (108), Josh Kelly (106), Brent Daniels (105), Lachie Whitfield (103)

Disappointment: Final game of the round sees Callaghan (68) take the chocolates, think I haven’t forgiven him for his early season form.

Rookies: Sounding like a broken record here but Caminiti (59) and Phillipou (63) seem locked into the 22 so worth keeping for that extra score over the byes if it works for your team with injuries etc, just something to consider. Daniels (105) was probably close to best on for the Giants, scoring 2 goals and finding 24 touches for his career high score. Buckley (62) is losing money now but has been a great pick, while Angwin and Cadman only scored 21 and 18 respectively. O’Halloran (62) lost some cash, while Fleeton (44) is on the bubble this week and found 11 touches in the backline.

Injuries: Carnage in the final game of the round. Owens got knocked out clean from a knee to the head, while the Giants lost two of their pillars in Haynes and Himmelberg to injury before halftime.


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  1. Another solid write up!
    It would be absolute chaos if Oliver ends up being injured! It would be a positive for me since I don’t own him.
    I am questioning Ford after what Drury did. Is that just a 1 game wonder? Plus all the players that went out on injury, how many return in the next couple of weeks for his JS?



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