Round 11 Review

Written by Dane on May 27 2024

Western Bulldogs (12.16.88) defeated by Sydney (16.6.102)

  1. Chad Warner (144). Form player of the competition currently, Chad dominated on Thursday night with 25 touches (11 contested) plus 4 goals  to be the difference in the game.
  2. Marcus Bontempelli (135). Smashing VC score from Bont. 26 touches with 19 of those being contested along with 6 tackles and 5 clearances.
  3. Errol Gulden (131). Great score from Errol, his first ton since round 7 thanks to 25 touches with 502 metres gained, 7 tackles and 1 goal.
  4. Nick Blakey (120). Didn’t waste a touch, running at 100% DE from his 20 touches and near on team best, 523 metres gained.
  5. Adam Treloar (105).  Copped a slight tag from Jordon but still found a game best 30 touches (15 contested) with 6 clearances for his eighth ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Tim English (100)

Disappointment: Macrae and some of his early season tons are in the background, just 60 this week.

Rookies: Nice third up game from Freijah (76), finding 14 touches and 6 marks, while Garcia (83) was busy with 18 touches and 2 goals. Sanders was back in the lineup for 20 touches and 5 tackles, totalling 73, while Gallagher (51) led Darcy (42) to round out the Dogs rookies. Just the returning Roberts (27) for the Swans, he was used as the sub.

Injuries: Adding to the loss was head knocks to both Scott and Richards as well as knee injury to Naughton. Seemingly all clear for the Swans, Francis the player subbed out.


Fremantle (11.9.75) drew with Collingwood (10.15.75)

  1. Jordan Clark (134). How good is this guy going? Averaging 106 so far and dropped another great score from 35 touches and 8 marks with near on 500 metres gained and solid 80% DE.
  2. Luke Ryan (132). Right around his average. Another monster game of 31 disposals and 11 marks plus 687 metres gained for the night.
  3. Nick Daicos (130). Another great score, VC worthy as usual. 35 touches (19 contested) with 10 clearances, 7 tackles and a team best, 582 metres gained.
  4. Darcy Cameron (128). Did really well against the tandem Fremantle duo, finishing with 21 touches (12 contested), 7 clearances and 35 hitouts.
  5. Sean Darcy (113). Rounded out the top five with 13 touches, 10 contested, 8 clearances, 31 hitouts, 1 goal and no clangers.

Other 100+ scores: Hayden Young (105), Joe Richards/Patrick Lipinski (100)

Disappointment: Back to the poor scores for Luke Jackson, just 67 this week with Darcy back in the side.

Rookies: Lots of love here for Collingwood rookies. Richards (100) was great, finding 22 touches, 7 marks and 1 goal for another ton, while Harrison (99) was so close for his 13 touch, 3 goal, 9 tackle game. Sullivan (88) was solid as well, he had 24 touches (14 contested) plus 5 clearances, while Dean (44) returned to the lineup for his first game since round 2. Debutants Parker (30) and Allan (26) rounded out the Pies. Sharp (82) led the Freo crop again, coming in ahead of Draper (41) and Emmett (36).

Injuries: All clean for Fremantle, Draper subbed out. Hamstring though for Mihocek and leg/concussion to Cox.


North Melbourne (7.6.48) defeated by Port Adelaide (16.11.107)

  1. Travis Boak (133). Wound back the clock with a vintage performance on Saturday, finding 25 touches, nearly 500 metres gained and 12 marks.
  2. Darcy Tucker (132). Stellar game from Tucker, a career best actually. 29 disposals, just 1 clanger, 12 marks, 560 metres gained and 82% DE.
  3. Ollie Wines (126). Heart palpitations one week, near best on ground the week after. 26 touches, 2 goals and 6 tackles for him.
  4. Harry Sheezel/Tristan Xerri (119). Another nice game from Sheezel, predominantly in the middle of the ground, finding 25 touches (12 contested) with 7 clearances and 1 goal, while Xerri gave him silver service with 22 touches, 13 contested, 6 tackles and 34 hitouts.
  5. Luke Davies-Uniacke (117). Another monster game from LDU who is in awesome form. 35 disposals (18 contested) with 9 clearances and 1 goal for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Zac Fisher/Zak Butters (113), Todd Marshall (112), Jase Burgoyne (108), Jason Horne-Francis (100)

Disappointment: Feel bad giving it to Rozee (39) who probably shouldn’t have played anyway, Houston (77) also well down from last weekends season best.

Rookies: Sweet was back into the side and finished on 74 from 27 hitouts and 8 touches, overall well beaten by Xerri, while Mead (93) has quietly reached his peak price of the season, sitting at 309K. Dawson (79) looks an option down back after this 11 touch, 90% DE game, while Pink (43) had 10 touches. Archer (19), Lazzaro (4) and Duursma (0) mighty quiet. 

Injuries: Duursma subbed out for North, tactically, Rioli suffered a calf injury and was gone by quarter time for Port.


Carlton (15.12.102) defeated Gold Coast (11.7.73)

  1. Patrick Cripps/Tom De Koning (131). Cripps was a star on Saturday, posting his eighth ton of the year from 31 touches (16 contested) plus 13 clearances and 1 goal. TDK was equally as good as solo ruck, posting 25 touches (15 contested) with 10 clearances and 27 hitouts
  2. Jarrod Witts (127). The only Sun in triple figures, Witts was strong all game, finishing up with 14 touches (13 contested) plus 7 clearances, 1 goal and 46 hitouts.
  3. Sam Walsh (114). 32 touches for Walsh, interestingly just 4 contested but used it well enough @ 78% DE and also led the game with 517 metres gained.
  4. Mitch McGovern (107).  Just the second ton of the year for MM, his 20 touch, 8 mark game enough for fourth spot. 
  5. Nic Newman (104). Rounds out the top five thanks to a 22 touch, 10 mark game that went at 100% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Brodie Kemp (102)

Disappointment: Well Witts was the only Sun to score triple figures, so take your pick from there. Anderson (55) the worst of them, a heavy tag from Hewett.

Rookies: Fantasia (43) had his best score from 9 games this year, 10 touches and 3 marks for the definition of a slow burn, while Carroll (6) was the sub yet again. Sexton (86) was once again very useful, especially with Flanders being a late out, finding 19 touches across half-back. Uwland (62) was good while Berry (53) had 11 touches and 5 tackles. Johnston (48) led Rogers (15) who was subbed on for Walter (0).

Injuries: Clean sheet, but Flanders was a late out if anyone missed that. Owies and Walter the players subbed out.


Geelong (11.8.74) defeated by GWS (11.12.78)

  1. Max Holmes (134). Holmes just keeps getting better and better, a career in fact. His 32 touches (14 contested) with 5 clearances, 1 goal and a team best 553 metres gained led this contest.
  2. Tom Stewart (110). Finally back into triple figures (actually only been since round 8) thanks to 20 touches, 8 marks and 85% DE.
  3. Leek Aleer (104). Took the game saving mark which really boosted his score but was overall really solid, finishing with 15 touches and 7 marks.
  4. Harry Himmelberg (100). Another ton for Harry, his second on the trot. Strong in the air with 11 marks and strong DE of 88% from his 18 touches.
  5. Jake Riccardi (99). One of those rare occasions where a game has such levelled scores. 4 goals from 11 touches and 5 marks to round out the five and be the difference in this contest.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Green (78) and Whitfield (69) well held back due to DE%.

Rookies: Aleer has had his time, so next best was McMullin for the Giants, who was subbed on and had 9 disposals plus 9 tackles for his 65, leading the usual stalwarts Wehr (49), Thomas (44) and Cadman (23). For the Cats, Clark (85) had his best game yet with 15 disposals and 4 tackles @ 93% DE, leading Conway (76), Neale (48), Mullin (37) and Dempsey (28).

Injuries: Nothing for the Cats, just Conway being subbed out. Coniglio (shoulder) and Perryman (hamstring) went down in the Giants win.


Richmond (10.14.74) defeated by Essendon (12.14.86)

  1. Jordan Ridley (162). So classy on return, dropping a career high score plus a B.O.G medal from 31 touches, 12 marks, 1 goal, 87% DE and a game best 759 metres gained.
  2. Toby Nankervis (127). The only Tiger to get into triple figures, the skipper had 17 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances and 44 hitouts.
  3. Kyle Langford (123). Stuffed the stat sheet with 16 disposals, 9 marks, 5 tackles and 3 majors up forward.
  4. Sam Durham (122). Loves this game. 25 disposals (14 contested) plus 5 clearances for a career best return.
  5. Zach Merrett (119). Another fine performance from the skipper, 31 touches wth 1 goal and 611 metres gained rounding out the top five. 

Other 100+ scores: Nick Hind (113), Mason Redman (105), Jayden Laverde (101)

Disappointment: Rioli (57) and Short (50) take it here.

Rookies: The Bombers had a debut in Caddy (51) who had 10 touches (7 contested) and 3 tackles, while Davey Jnr (29) slotted 1 goal from 8 disposals. The Tigers had their usual plethora of rookies, this week led by McAuliffe (75) who finished with 16 touches (8 contested) with 81% DE. Ralphsmith (69) slotted 1 goal from 17 touches while Campbell (69 aswell) didnt have a clanger from his 14 touches. Lefau (55), Brown (54), Cumberland (39), Sonsie (35) and Green (16) rounded out the rest.

Injuries: Bolton (concussion) and Cox (hamstring) the casualties in Dreamtime at the G.


Hawthorn (15.10.100) defeated Brisbane (10.15.75)

  1. Karl Amon/Will Day (117). Third ton in a row for Amon, he found 29 touches and 11 marks plus 633 metres gained, while Day made it two in a row from 26 touches and 1 major plus 6 tackles.
  2. James Sicily (115). Back in the side for his fourth ton in a row. 26 touches, 8 marks, 88% DE and 578 metres gained.
  3. Oscar McInerney (113). Second ton in a row for the Big O. He was massive with 16 touches (14 contested), 11 clearances, 4 tackles and 41 hitouts.
  4. Lachie Neale/Jarrod Berry (110). Another ton for Neale, his 29 touches was an eqaul game best, while Berry dropped his fourth ton of the year thanks to 21 touches, 7 marks, 7 clearances and 8 tackles.
  5. Massimo D’Ambrosio (107). Back to back tons after I finally dropped him (sigh). 27 touches, 588 metres gained and clean use got him into fifth position.

Other 100+ scores: Kai Lohmann (104)

Disappointment: Zorko (66) well down from his recent form.

Rookies: Lohmann (104) was great again and has proved to be a great starting selection, this week finishing with 18 touches, 8 marks and 2 majors from 5 shots on goal. Reville (64) didn’t have a clanger from his 10 touches, while just behind him was Answerth on 63. Morris (67) kicked 2 majors and continues a nice rise, while Ryan also kicked 1 goal before being subbed off on 23. Dear (50) the only rookie for the Hawks, 2 goals and 5 disposals for him.

Injuries: An ankle injury is listed for Meek, but it was Dear subbed for the Hawks. Ryan subbed out for the Lions.


Melbourne (14.16.100) defeated St Kilda (9.8.62)

  1. Max Gawn (180). Monstered his way to a massive score, his fourth of 160+. 27 touches (18 contested) with 1 goal, 10 clearances, 88% DE and 34 hitouts.
  2. Christian Salem (121). Best score of the year for Salem, he had 32 touches and 14 marks across half-back while leading the team with 572 metres gained.
  3. Jack Viney (119). Filled the stat sheet with 18 touches, 7 marks and 6 tackles plus 2 majors slots him into third spot.
  4. Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (118). Fourth ton in a row and seventh overall in what has been a great pre-bye run.  Led the game with 730 metres gained from his 30 touches that didnt have a single clanger.
  5. Tom McDonald (117). Rouned out the top five with a safe performance across the backline. 16 disposals with 9 marks and 92% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Christian Petracca (116), Mason Wood (113), Adam Tomlinson (110), Steven May (106), Jack Steele (101)

Disappointment: After a couple of monster weeks, Marshall couldn’t keep up with Gawn in this one, posting just 73.

Rookies:  Great stuff again from Wilson, his 18 touch, 1 goal game went @ 88% DE and hence a score of 81. Nothing else really bar that, with Windsor (25) leading the subbed off Collard (6) and subbed on Woewodin (5).

Injuries: Petty listed on the report with a foot injury, while it was Collard tactically subbed out for the Saints.


Adelaide (21.11.137) defeated West Coast (5.8.38)

  1. Jordan Dawson (158). Dominated from the get go and smashed out a massive score from 32 touches, 9 marks, 2 goals and a game best 673 metres gained.
  2. Lachlan Sholl (129). Second ton of the year for Sholl, running all day to find 34 touches and 9 marks plus 1 major.
  3. Matt Crouch (118). Another ton for Crouch, part of a dominant midfield group. 30 touches, 8 marks, nice DE%.
  4. Darcy Fogarty/Rory Laird (117). Fogarty looked sore early but played on, eventually finding 20 touches, 8 marks, 507 metres gained plus 2 goals, while Laird bounced back from a bad week with 31 touches (13 contested) plus 10 clearances.
  5. Jeremy McGovern (114). Led the Eagles with 655 metres gained which paired with his 25 touches, 8 marks and 88% DE led to his ninth ton of 2024. 

Other 100+ scores: Chayce Jones (110), Mark Keane (104)

Disappointment: Quiet game from Yeo (61), maybe he’ll be affordable after his bye after a ripping start to the year.

Rookies: Not many in the last game. Reid (73) was quiet but had a decent score from 14 touches and 1 goal, while Chesser (86) had a career best from 15 touches and 3 tackles. Dewar (10) was subbed on.

Injuries: Nothing on the reports for either club but might’ve been too early when checking. Anyway, Soligo and Witherden the subs.


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