Round 11 Review

Written by Dane on May 31 2021

Western Bulldogs 8.11.59 defeated by Melbourne 13.9.87

1. Jack Macrae (145). The usual. 36 touches (11 contested), 6 clearances, 7 marks, 9 tackles, 488 metres gained.

2. Clayton Oliver (139). The usual as well. 33 touches (12 contested), 5 clearances, 5 marks, 5 tackles, 365 metres gained.

3. Lachie Hunter (126). Ran alone all over the wing on Friday night, collecting 27 touches and using it very well at 88%. Seems to have an increased role with Treloar out.


4. Marcus Bontempelli (125). Used a huge last term to really boost his score, ultimately finishing with 30 touches, 8 tackles, 5 clearances and 6 marks.

5. Max Gawn (120). Started slow but finished with plenty of it, collecting 21 touches (13 contested), 4 tackles, 1 goal and 27 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Hayden Crozier (118), James Harmes (116), Christian Petracca (105), Jake Lever (103), Bailey Dale (102), Tim English (100)

Disappointment: A couple of premium defenders had stinkers here, with Salem (56) only recording 18 touches at 66%, while Daniel was a little hard done by to only score 61 from 26 touches and 1 goal.

Rookies: One of the more popular traded in players this week was Weightman, who started well with a goal early on, but faded. Still he scored 53 from 10 touches so his cash generation will be great. McNeil is still in the team but only gathered 9 touches for 31 points, while on the other side of the spectrum it was Jordon who once again turned in a great score of 85 from 14 touches, 6 tackles and 1 goal. Jordan Sweet stuck in the side even with English back but only scored 39, while Butler was subbed on for 10 touches and 30 points, he’s at 191K after a couple of games in 2020. 

Injuries: Ed Langdon was subbed off super late which allowed Tom Sparrow to play 85 seconds of game time, which was a similar amount of time that debutant Riley Garcia (19) played before being subbed off with a head knock.

Collingwood (6.15.51) defeated by Geelong (8.13.61)

1. Chris Mayne (142). The veteran has compiled a very nice month of football, averaging 116 over that timeframe which has led to an average of 96 across the season, a career best. Had 32 touches and 11 marks but importantly ran at 96% DE.

2. Tom Hawkins/Zach Tuohy/Brandon Parfitt (126). Hawkins was super up-forward, taking 5 shots on goal, ultimately finishing with 3 of them to go with 21 touches and 7 marks, while Tuohy had 27 disposals (25 kicks) and 616 metres gained for what was surprisingly a career high score. Parfitt continued his increased role in the midifield, collecting 30 touches (12 contested) with 5 clearances.


3. Tom Stewart (119). Patrolled the backline extremely well to finish with 23 touches at 87% DE, as well as 11 marks.

4. Darcy Cameron (107). Enjoyed some time solo rucking in this game for his second ton of the year, finishing up with 19 touches (10 contested), 5 clearances, 8 marks, 4 tackles and 9 hitouts.

5. Jack Crisp (106). Has pushed his average back into triple figures after his fourth ton in a row, courtesy of 26 touches and 6 tackles.

Other 100+ scores:
Joel Selwood/Darcy Moore (103), Rhys Stanley (101)

Rookies: Collingwood wingman Poulter continues to impress, as he collected another 15 touches and 5 marks for his score of 66, with the recalled Murphy (48) also playing a decent game, he had 10 touches and 4 tackles. Down in the backline with him was Wilson, who scored 38 from 11 touches, while Finlay Macrae saw some game time, coming on as the sub for 2 kicks and 2 marks for 6 points. The biggest news on the rookie side though for Collingwood was the debut of Trent Bianco, who was a very popular rookie selection in the pre-season. He started on fire with 9 touches in the first quarter to ultimately finish with 19 for the game and 83 points, a great downgrade option through the bye rounds. Another option is Max Holmes (60), who played his second game (first in round 3) for 15 touches, but his issue will be job security with a host of Geelong midfielders missing.  

Disappointment: He’s been super this year so far, but Atkins (66) last month of scores have an average of 64 which has let down his owners.

Injuries: The obvious one from this game is Grundy, who was subbed off in the third. I read multiple different reports about it, initially I saw a wrist injury, then shoulder, then neck, then nerve damage, then off to hospital. Ultimately, it seems like the big guy is out of hospital after being cleared of major damage, but I’m sure there’ll be more news to come as Supercoache’s anxiously wait to see if a move is required. The other news from this game was the late withdrawals of Guthrie and Blicavs.

Brisbane (19.15.129) defeated GWS (10.5.65)

1. Dayne Zorko (164). The magician pushed his season average up to 108 to make him a lock for a must-have forward. Had 35 touches (15 contested), 6 clearances, 2 goals  and a huge 584 metres gained.

2. Mitch Robinson (140). The other Lion to stand out in this game was Robinson, as he kicked 4 goals, had 30 touches, took 12 marks and gained nearly 700 metres.


3. Callan Ward (125). Averaging 94 so far, but his last three scores have read 120, 110 and this one which came from 32 touches (12 contested), with 8 marks, 2 goals and 5 clearances.

4. Josh Kelly (122). Five tons in a row now, this one coming from 26 disposals, 2 goals, 6 clearances and 6 tackles. If you picked him up at 500K in round 8, it’s reaping some rewards.

5. Lachie Whitfield (120). Even with this score, he slipped under 500K which is super cheap for a guy of his talents. Had 30 touches at 86% with 11 marks this week to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Isaac Cumming (117), Jacob Hopper (100)

Disappointment: A couple of the games hottest players in Lyons (82) and McCluggage (74) turned in their worst game’s in recent memory. Another one was Taranto (87), who had 10 clangers and 44% DE in his 36 touches.

Rookies: Forward money maker Robertson was superb with a 19 touch, 4 tackle effort that equated to 85 points, while Madden, in his bubble game, scored 68 from 15 touches across the back half. On the GWS side, both Sproule (32) and Flynn (51) disappointed, but Idun was serviceable with 68.

Injuries: No subs used in this game but Mumford did tweak his hamstring in the fourth term only to return to the ground, keep an eye on the teams to see how it affects Flynn’s role.

St Kilda (12.16.88) defeated North Melbourne (10.8.68)

1. Jack Steele (154). The best score of the year for the Saints captain came courtesy of a huge effort at the coalface, as he collected 24 touches (15 contested), with 7 clearances and 12 tackles

2. Tim Membrey (132). Pulled off this career best score on the back of 17 touches (10 contested), 5 marks, 2 goals and a very decent DE of 88%.


3. Luke Dunstan (131). He had been tearing it up in the VFL and translated it to the big time on Saturday, as he had 26 touches (22 kicks), with 7 clearances and a huge 13 tackles.

4. Brad Crouch (126). The third Saint to have double digit tackle numbers was Crouch, as he layed 10 of them to go with his 26 touches and 1 goal.

5. Aaron Hall (121). Another huge score for Hall as he was once again the distributor out of defence, gaining 852 metres from his 33 touches (25 kicks).

Other 100+ scores: Ben Cunnington/Mason Wood (113), Jack Billings (110), Jy Simpkin (108), Jack Ziebell (104)

Disappointment: I try my best not to give this to rookies as we usually expect them to have a couple of games with unsatisfying scores, but, Tom Powell has now gone 45, 49 and 51 and that’s hard to look past.

Rookies: North Melbourne’s other trio of previously bargain based players in Campbell (41), Menadue (52) and Lachie Young (41) weren’t great on the night, with only Campbell reaching his breakeven. The Saints youngsters on the other hand, fared a little better. Highmore got a full game of footy in, and although he only scored 36, he looked good for his 11 touches and 6 marks. First-gamer Clavarino (37) had 7 touches in the backline, while Byrnes (73) turned in his best score yet from 12 touches, 4 tackles and 1 goal as he continues to grow in price.

Injuries: A very late hamstring injury occured to Ben McKay, not sure on the extent yet but it happened late enough that Lazzaro wasn’t subbed on.

Gold Coast (17.11.113) defeated Hawthorn (11.10.76)

1. Touk Miller (153). This guy is an absolute star and he continued to show that with a career performance on Saturday night. This score was the best of his 127 game career, as he collected 37 touches (10 contested), with 9 marks, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 568 metres gained. Averaging 118, good for 9th overall in the competition.

2. Brandon Ellis (137). Another solid game for the Suns wingman, as he collected 28 touches, 10 marks and 518 metres gained, as well as slotting 1 goal. Almost averaging triple figures.


3. Jack Lukosius (128). He’s been a bit of a poster boy for disappointing scores this year but showed us all what he is capable of with a 27 touch, 14 mark, 1 goal, 737 metres gained performance. Still rate him as one of the best field kicks in the game.

4. Ben King (117). Moved into third in the Coleman medal after he snagged 4 goals from 14 touches in this game. Also hauled down 8 marks.

5. Dylan Moore (107). Rounding out the top five is Moore, who scored his second ever career ton (both against Gold Coast) from 18 touches and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Oleg Markov (103), Ben McEvoy/Izak Rankine (102), David Swallow (100)

Disappointment: Plenty of scores to pick from here, with Impey (62), Jiath (66), Greenwood (69), Hardwick (74), Phillips (72) and finally Mitchell (88) all struggling.

Rookies: I couldn’t give the disappointment to any rookie again but wow, I really don’t think anyone was pleased with Farrar (14) or Koschitzke’s (29) scores from Saturday night. A couple of other scores of note were the second game of Rosas (48), Smith (68) and budget Hawks ruckman Reeves (90), although…

Injuries: He was the only player to get injured in this game. Shoulder soreness ruled him out super late in the contest which hurts anyone who was considering bringing him in.

West Coast (11.5.71) defeated by Essendon (12.15.87)

1. Nic Naitanui (163). If Grundy is a forced trade, this guy would be a viable option. Averaging 112 with 8 tons and a low of 86, he pulled out his best score of the year here with a 20 touch (17 contested), 6 tackle, 7 clearance, 40 hitout performance.

2. Darcy Parish (136). Another ridiculously good game from Parish as he collected 36 touches (17 contested) with 11 clearances and over 500 metres gained.


3. Dyson Heppell (134). Averaging 97 with a low of 85 after starting at 319K, Heppell has been super for his owners in 2021, with this 22 touch, 9 mark, 6 tackle performance being his best yet.

4. Kyle Langford (125). Was superb in the Bombers fightback win, winning 28 touches of the ball and kicking 1 goal for the best score of his 92 game career.

5. Zach Merrett (119). Once again ran around by himself to gather 37 touches (only 4 contested), ultimately gaining 565 metres for his team on the night.

Other 100+ scores: Dom Sheed/Josh Rotham (107), Shannon Hurn (105), Jayden Laverde (104)

Disappointment: Surprisingly this one goes to Jordan Ridley, who just couldn’t get involved in the rebound play for the Bombers and only finished with 16 touches and 64 points.

Rookies: The usual suspects for the Bombers all played here, with the best of them being the late inclusion of Jones, who kicked 1 goal from 10 touches for 78 points. Next best was Perkins, who played a lively game splitting his time between midfield and forward, collecting 16 touches himself for 65 points, putting him ahead of Waterman (54) and Cox (40). Eagles money-maker Jones couldn’t get involved in the game and only scored 35.

Injuries: The Eagles welcomed back Yeo for this game (he had 14 touches and 49 points), but their injury curse to important players continued as Kelly (33), hurt his knee, and Allen (34), had a head knock.

Richmond (17.9.111) defeated Adelaide (12.11.83)

1. Reilly O’Brien (147). Another option for Grundy (if need be) could be the big guy from Adelaide. He’s had some down weeks this year but reminded us all he is capable with a 14 touch, 1 goal, 34 hitout performance on Sunday.

2. Jack Riewoldt (140). Had a bit of a throwback Riewoldt game here with 5 goals, 20 touches and 14 marks, while also leading his team in metres gained with 547 of them.


3. Trent Cotchin (113). The Tigers skipper kicked the first goal and the game and led from the front from then on, collecting 20 touches (12 contested), 6 clearances, 10 tackles and 1 goal for the day.

4. Callum Coleman-Jones (112). In his first game since 2019, the 161K forward produced a stellar score, kicking 4 goals from 10 touches and 4 marks.

5. Jayden Short (106). Returned to the good scores with this 23 touch effort that ran at 91%, while also taking 12 marks roaming across the backline.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Caddy/Rory Sloane/Jack Graham (103), Shai Bolton (102), Nathan Broad (101)

Disappointment: Lachlan Sholl has proven to be of some value this year, even rising to 477K at one point, but this effort of 11 touches and 54 points wasn’t great.

Rookies: For the Tigers, Ralphsmith (42) only collected 7 touches but did kick 2 goals, which made him the only Tiger to finish below 50 points, while just above him was Collier-Dawkins (56), who had 18 touches in the middle of the ground. There was plenty of money-makers for the Crows running around, but none of them were overly impressive, their scores were 62 for Thilthorpe, 54 for Rowe, 48 for Murray and finally 7 for Hamill, who was subbed on.

Injuries: I omitted Berry (42) from the rookies section because he was the one subbed off for Hamill with concussion in the third quarter.

Sydney (15.10.100) defeated Carlton (11.12.78)

1. Jake Lloyd (142). Has a season low of 95 and averages 108 so it seems crazy to say that he hasn’t fully lived up to our expectations so far in 2021, but this score was his first above 125, something he did 9 times in 18 games last year. Had 29 touches at a very good 89% DE on Sunday in what is hopefully a sign of things to come.

2. Patrick Cripps (133). Talking about not meeting expectations so far this year, Cripps has been well down, only going above 100 once before this. Hopefully his 27 touch (18 contested), 7 clearance, 6 tackle, 3 goal game is a sign he’s about to turn it around.


3. Josh Kennedy (131). Still incredibly consistent at almost 33, this was Kennedy’s fourth ton of the year, as he finished with 19 touches (13 contested), 10 tackles and 2 goals.

4. Isaac Heeney (128). The value that Heeney presents at under 400K is ridiculous, especially if he can turn in 22 touch, 14 mark, 3 goal games a couple more times this year.

5. Harry Cunningham (124). The Swans back-flanker rounds out the top five with his 27 touch, 10 mark performance that ran at 88%.

Other 100+ scores: Callum Mills (117), Luke Parker (112), Tom Papley (102)

Disappointment: He’s had an incredible consistent season thus far but Docherty’s effort on Sunday only yielded 67 points from 21 touches.

Rookies: The ever consistent Warner scored 63 from 15 touches, making the range between his last five weeks only 5 points (58-63), while Carlton forward Owies turned in his worst score of the year so far with only 45 points from 9 touches and 5 tackles. Budget defender Stocker scored 50 from 11 touches as he continues his slow rise in cash generation.

Injuries: Creative forward Gibbons was subbed off in the third quarter.

Port Adelaide (18.7.115) defeated Fremantle (9.15.69)

1. Charlie Dixon (138). Big Charlie scored his third ton in four games here, as he had a well rounded stat line of 18 touches (14 contested), 5 marks, 4 tackles, 5 hitouts and 3 goals.

2. Ollie Wines (134). The third ton in a row for the Powers midfield wrecking ball, as he put himself in the Brownlow votes with a 35 touch (17 contested), 7 tackle, 8 clearance game.

3. Peter Ladhams/Sam Powell-Pepper (130).
Ladhams looks like he finds the ball as easily as a midfielder, he had a ripping game of 20 touches, 2 goals and 21 hitouts, while Powell-Pepper scored 99 in the first half, finishing with 3 goals, 20 touches and 5 tackles.

4. Robbie Gray (104). Robbie scored his second ton in as many weeks with a 23 disposal, 2 goal game between the forward line and the middle.

5. Trent McKenzie (103). The cannon was the wall in this game, marking a lot of the Dockers forwards thrusts to finish with 10 marks, 17 touches and 524 metres gained for his first ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Luke Ryan/James Aish (100)

Disappointment: A number of popular Fremantle picks didn’t turn it up to finish the weekend, with Brayshaw (81), Cerra (83), Darcy (83) and Walters (55) all being under their usual standard.

Rookies: The Power used their sub very late which allowed Bergman to score 14 points from 2 disposals and 1 goal, while the other youngster in the team in Jones played a very impressive game at half-back, using his 18 touches at 94% DE for a score of 80. Young Fremantle pair Treacy (40) and Henry (42) both beat their breakevens.

Injuries: Pressure forward Sam Switkowski didn’t appear after half-time with a hamstring issue, while the ever injured Ryan Burton was subbed off late for Bergman with ice on his knee.


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    I have to say even as a Power fan watching Treacy Sunday evening the way made a contest on multiple occasions he could be worth sticking with from a Freo perspective. Hopefully he brings it together at some point. (Not against the power mind you )


    1. Agree on that one! Even if his scores aren’t spectacular, the R/F dpp is super valuable to have in your team.



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