Rookie Review – Rd 11, 2021

Written by Chillo on June 1 2021

Traditional Supercoach lore says you don’t trade at all this week. Pocket those three trades that are offered, and resist bringing in anyone who is going to miss a game over the next couple of weeks. The real world is not always so friendly of course and if there is a must-have player with a super-low break even, then pulling the trigger now could save you a lot of dosh and bank you a few points into the bargain, too.

As far as rookies are concerned, all the bubble boys this week seem to be enjoying the week off. Are you prepared to take a chance on them being named next week?

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 11. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
James MADDEN (FWD)BRL$176 100 (+$52.2K)68 (64)-40
Harry EDWARDSWCE$164 100 DNP (55)-6
Nicholas MURRAYADE$181 000 (+$35K)48 (52)0
Lachlan JONESPTA$220 300 (+$38.8K)80 (65)4
Nathan MURPHYCOL$185 500 (+$26.1K)48 (51)11
Liam STOCKERCAR$224 400 (+$14.6K)50 (46)28
Nik COX (FWD)ESS$263 300 (+$0.7K)40 (56)29
Thomas HIGHMORESTK$193 700 (+$26.2K)36 (55)33
Connor MENADUENTH$283 800 (-$10.2K)52 (63)52
Jaxon PRIORBRL$246 600 (+$1.4K)59 (51)69
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$270 600 (-$6.7K)29 (53)81
Louis BUTLERWBD$191 80030 (30)N/A
Trent BIANCO (MID)COL$123 90083 (83)N/A
Oscar CLAVARINOSTK$123 90037 (37)N/A

Goodbye for now: Briggs, Butts, Keane.

THE GOOD: From team mascot to toast of the Pies, Bianco could hardly have been more impressive on his league debut. Despite limited game time (63%), Trent still managed 19 touches at 78% and should be the most traded in player for Round 13. Jones was sensational for those who played him on field, racking up 18 touches at a stellar 94% efficiency off the halfback flank. And Madden was solid again for those who took a chance on the Irish bubble boy, with 15 disposals at 80% and plenty of cash earned.

THE BAD: Cox was great last week but reverted to previous form this week. 9 possessions means it’s well past due to bid him farewell from your team.

THE UGLY: Rookie roulette can be a dangerous game, and those who wagered on the likes of Highmore and Koschitzke were well and truly burned this week. The popular rookies could manage only 65 points combined, and they should be traded/benched as soon as possible!

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Ryan BYRNESSTK$225 200 (+$30.5K)73 (60)-10
Patrick NAISHRIC$155 600 DNP (24)2
Charlie LAZZARONTH$188 500DNP (36)38
Riley COLLIER-DAWKINSRIC$243 100 (+$28.8K)56 (63)40
Sam BERRYADE$240 000 (+$7.2K)42 (51)51
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$239 900 (-$13.6K)31 (47)69
James JORDONMEL$369 900 (+$3.8K)85 (72)90
Tom POWELLNTH$322 000 (-$28.6K)51 (69)93
Riley GARCIAWBD$123 9007 (7)N/A

Goodbye for now: Bruhn

THE GOOD: After a quietish game last week, Jordon bounced back with 14 touches, 6 tackles and a handy snap for goal. He will likely lose cash this week but should get most of it back prior to his Round 14 bye – ideal for a trade! Byrnes continues to quietly impress, and playing in a victorious lineup is going to do his job security no harm at all. 12 touches and a maiden goal for the Saints mid this week.

THE BAD: Collier-Dawkins is playing a nice role for the Tigers, with lots of centre bounce attendances and finding plenty of the footy, but overall his scoring hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. Still, his price tag continues to creep up and he might nearly be worth a trade in Round 13.

THE UGLY: Garcia made his debut – that’s good! Garcia was concussed in the first quarter and played no further part – that’s bad. The recovered Scott probably replaces him this week.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Ned REEVES*HAW$123 90090 (86)-98
Josh TREACY (FWD)FRE$123 400 (+$12.5K)40 (29)1
Jordon SWEETWBD$226 000 (+$20.7K)39 (59)21
Bailey J. WILLIAMS (FWD)WCE$217 200 (+$7.1K)45 (50)33
Riley THILTHORPE (FWD)ADE$263 600 (+$9K)62 (62)47
Matt FLYNNGWS$367 700 (+$16.6K)51 (89)75
Tom CAMPBELL (FWD)NTH$333 100 (+$1.4K)41 (61)86
Callum COLEMAN-JONES (FWD)RIC$161 200112 (112)N/A

Once again there was plenty to see in the rookie ruck stocks, with Hawks big man Reeves at the centre of it. An impressive 35 hitouts leaves Ned with a highly attractive break-even, but keep an ear out for injury news as he left the field late with a shoulder complaint. Hopefully the bye this week is enough time for him to recover for a Round 13 trade in. Coleman-Jones managed to be even more outstanding in his first game for the year, bagging 4 majors and helping the Tigers to what could be a season-defining comeback win. He’s been carving it up in the VFL and comes with extremely handy forward status too – pencil him in for Round 14. Flynn was well down on recent efforts and may have maxed out now. On the bye this week, so the decision on trade or hold is now up to you. 

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Max HOLMES* (MID)GEE$121 80060 (57)-40
Cody WEIGHTMANWBD$227 300 (+$53.6K)53 (75)-15
Tom WILSONCOL$136 100 (+$12.2K)38 (34)-1
Malcolm ROSAS*GCS$123 90048 (35)5
Alec WATERMANESS$179 900 (+$12.7K)54 (53)6
Zach SPROULEGWS$185 300 (+$25.7K)32 (47)10
Caleb POULTER (MID)COL$261 400 (+$33K)66 (69)11
Hugo RALPHSMITH (MID)RIC$134 300 (+$10.4K)42 (33)15
Matthew OWIESCAR$216 200 (+$19.3K)45 (56)26
Sam FLANDERSGCS$260 300 (+$22.6K)76 (53)26
Harrison JONESESS$263 100 (+$12.7K)78 (49)28
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$309 800 (+$19.9K)85 (68)35
Archie PERKINS (MID)ESS$252 800 (-$4.4K)65 (53)38
Mitchell LEWISHAW$265 100 (-$7.8K)49 (61)54
James ROWEADE$307 100 (+$12.5K)54 (60)59
Chad WARNERSYD$311 800 (-$4.1K)63 (72)65
Jy FARRARGCS$236 900 (-$6.5K)14 (53)77
Miles BERGMANPTA$259 300 (-$12.8K)14 (52)88
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$281 700DNP (52)94
Jamaine JONESWCE$308 500 (-$4.8K)35 (57)96
Josh MORRISHAW$145 10021 (21)N/A

THE GOOD: Robertson still leaves a little to be desired with his disposal of the footy, but there’s no denying his ability to find it and 19 touches in a big Lions win was an encouraging effort for his owners. The effort of the week goes to Harry Jones, who only got a run after Two Metre Peter was a late out with calf soreness. Ten possessions at 100% efficiency and a goal was a nice surprise for those who held.

THE BAD: Small forwards typically struggle in a loss, and Weightman was no exception. By no means a disastrous effort, but you should expect him to improve on that ten touch effort this week when the Dogs come up against the Dockers.  

THE UGLY: The sub rule has been a throwback to the bad old days of vests and donuts, and Bergman owners were the victim this week. A very late entry into the Freo game caused him to lose value right before his bye, not ideal!. Farrar on the other hand had a regulation shocker, and 14 points in 77% game time is just not good enough. Abandon ship!


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5 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 11, 2021”

  1. Great stuff as always, Chillo.

    Bianco indeed looked great but had his knee iced up post-game. JS is there, will just need confirmation that he’s good to go before I jump on


      1. Yeah, before they cut to the Saints Roos game they were showing the Pies and Cats rooms post game.

        Right knee, big ol’ pack of ice.



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