Round 13 Review

Written by Dane on June 10 2024

Adelaide (11.11.71) defeated by Richmond (12.7.79)

  1. Toby Nankervis (144). Fourth ton in a row and a season high for Nank, he was important with 13 touches (10 contested) plus 7 tackles and 43 hitouts as the Tigers took an upset win.
  2. Jordan Dawson/Luke Nankervis (117). Plenty of ball for Dawson, leading the game with 32 touches plus 8 tackles and 502 metres gained, while Nankervis registered a career high score from 28 touches and 11 marks down back.
  3. Tim Taranto (105). First game back and didnt miss a beat. 26 touches (14 contested) with 6 clearances and 8 tackles.
  4. Jayden Short/Liam Baker (103). Short led the game for metres gained, registering 704 of them from his 31 touches, while Baker was busy in the middle, collecting 24 touches, 8 marks and 1 goal.
  5. Lachlan Sholl (99). Rounds out the top five thanks to 23 touches and 7 marks with nice DE of 82%.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Hinge (79), Bolton (84) and Laird (86) not at their potential best.

Rookies: First off let’s cover Dowling on debut. He was impressive, slotting 1 goal from 17 touches and 9 marks plus a solid 437 metres gained, resulting in 63 points, one to look at. Strachan (66) was subbed off but not before recording 10 touches, 13 hitouts and 1 goal, while Hamill (67) had his best return of the season from 15 touches and 7 marks. Burgess (34) rounds out the Crows. Brown (75) was the best of the Tigers, having 16 touches (10 contested) with just 1 clanger. After him was Campbell (56), Cumberland (53), Sonsie (41), McAuliffe (32, who was subbed on late for 7 touches in just 12% game time) and finally, Ralphsmith (25).

Injuries: Strachan (groin) and Prestia (tight calf) listed on the report, but it was Sonsie who was subbed out.


Western Bulldogs (10.11.71) defeated by Brisbane (17.12.114)

  1. Eric Hipwood (140). Dominate up front with 6 majors from his 20 touches and 13 marks, ending in a career high score.
  2. Lachie Neale (134). Allowed the run freely all night, Neale showed his class with 38 touches (14 contested) plus 10 clearances, 6 marks and 2 goals.
  3. Oscar McInerney (131). Season best for the Big O, and his third ton in a row. 18 touches (16 contested) with 7 clearances and 30 hitouts to go with it.
  4. Bailey Williams (119). The best of the Dogs thanks to 24 touches @ 87% DE plus 12 marks and a team best 491 metres gained for the game.
  5. Liam Jones (115). Did what he could against a plethora of inside 50’s, finishing with 19 touches and 10 marks plus just 1 clanger. 

Other 100+ scores: Cam Rayner (111), Tom Liberatore/Josh Dunkley (104)

Disappointment: Nothing horrible, heaps of premiums in the 90’s. Actually it goes to English (88), well beaten by the Big O.

Rookies: Respectable scores from the Lions rookies. Morris (80) had 12 touches and 5 marks plus 1 goal, while Reville (70) had 13 touches and 5 tackles. Lohmann (65) has made heaps of cash while Answerth (10) was subbed on. Garcia the best for the Dogs, having 23 touches (11 contested) plus 1 goal, leading Sanders (55), Freijah (53), McNeil (43), Gallagher (39) and the subbed on Khamis (1).

Injuries: Injuries to key position players Lobb and Keath soured the loss for the Dogs. Brisbane came away clean and subbed out McKenna during the fourth.


Hawthorn (12.13.85) defeated GWS (12.7.79)

  1. Will Day (137). Another ton for Day, leading the Hawks midfield again with 26 touches (12 contested) with 6 marks and 10 tackles. 
  2. Kieran Briggs (124). Around this time last year Briggs was making his mark, maybe it can happen again? First ton since round 3 thanks to 21 touches (12 contested) with 11 clearances and 38 hitouts. 
  3. Josh Weddle (115). Little bit of everything in this game for Weddle. He had 17 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and even 5 hitouts to be an important part of the win.
  4. James Worpel (112). Shut down Green going the other way but was ultra solid, collecting 20 touches (12 contested) plus 5 clearances and 8 tackles.
  5. James Peatling (111). Rounds out the top five with an 18 touch, 1 goal, 10 tackle effort.

Other 100+ scores: Lachie Whitfield/Xavier O’Halloran (108), Harry Himmelberg/Brent Daniels (105), Finn Callaghan (101)

Disappointment: Goes to Tom Green again, just 79 this week and realistically, lost plenty of points for a late free against.

Rookies: Firstly, McMullin, in just 24% game time, went and scored 50 from 5 touches and 5 tackles, a worthy mention. Wehr (57) led Thomas (56) and Aleer (55) while Cadman (39) was the last of the Giants. Just Dear (67) for the Hawks, a solid game of 8 touches, 5 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Injuries: Reeves is listed for the Hawks with a back injury while Brown came off at 3QT for the Giants.


West Coast (8.17.65) defeated by North Melbourne (11.8.74)

  1. Nick Larkey/Tristan Xerri (131). Both ultra important in the Roos first win of 2024. Lackey was the difference with 5 goals from 15 touches that went at 100% DE, while Xerri dominated the middle, collecting 19 touches (14 contested) with 9 clearances, 10 tackles and 32 hitouts.
  2. Harry Sheezel/Jy Simpkin (129). Another two that were dominant. Sheezel had 30 touches with 5 tackles and 1 goal, while Simpkin showed his class, collecting 28 touches with 7 tackles and 2 goals, one of them being the match winner.
  3. Elliot Yeo (127). Best of the Eagles, he did his work in the contest as per usual, finishing with 23 touches (16 contested) with 13 tackles, 1 goal and 8 clearances.
  4. Alex Witherden (124). Didn’t have a clanger from any of his 20 touches and ran @ 95% DE while also adding 1 goal for the game.
  5. Zac Fisher (120). Led the game with 36 disposals in his new role off half-back, also recording a game best 758 metres gained for another ton.

Other 100+ scores: Jamie Cripps (116), Luke Davies-Uniacke/George Wardlaw (114), Jake Waterman (112)

Disappointment: First sub ton for McGovern (88) in a hot minute.

Rookies: A double dose of Dawson for the Roos. Kallan Dawson was alright with 8 touches and 52 points, while Will Dawson was subbed off early on 0. Archer was actually the best for the Roos with 72 from 12 touches and 5 tackles, while Pink (47) finished off their rookies. Debut for mid-season draftee Hutchinson here, he had 40 from 4 touches and 3 tackles, while Culley (47) played his first game since an ACL injury. Chesser (47) and Edwards (35) rounding out the rest.

Injuries: Clean sheet on both accounts, Maric and Dawson subbed out.


St Kilda (7.9.51) defeated Gold Coast (7.6.48)

  1. Bodhi Uwland (157). A career high for Uwland, as all the Suns defenders chalked up big scores with plenty of marks. 23 touches and 15 marks for him as well as 100% DE.
  2. Sam Flanders (152). Plenty of the ball, 42 touches in fact plus 13 marks aswell, just 3 clangers and 516 metres gained for the game.
  3. Jack Sinclair (147). Led the Saints with a big 31 touches and 7 marks, plus a game high 703 metres gained.
  4. Sam Collins (126). Similar to the other Suns above him, Collins had 17 touches and 12 marks @ 88% DE without a clanger.
  5. Joel Jeffrey (121). And rounding it off, Jeffrey had a nice role down back that allowed him to join in on the action, finishing with 29 touches, 12 marks and 558 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Rowan Marshall (117), Jack Higgins (106), Noah Anderson (105)

Disappointment: Miller (58) had a really tight tag from Windhager, while his fellow midfielder Rowell (82) was pretty quiet.

Rookies: Bar Uwland, there was also Sexton (89) who had 29 touches and 16 marks, while the next best was Moyle who solo rucked again, finishing on 84 from 9 touches and 32 hitouts. Graham (64) was after that, followed by Berry (62), Clohesy (48) and Walter (22). Wilson (25) didn’t have a single stat to half-time.

Injuries: Howard came off with a hamstring during the first quarter, while Fiorini was subbed off later in the game as the Suns had a clean injury sheet.


Sydney (16.16.112) defeated Geelong (12.10.82)

  1. Errol Gulden (157). Massive performance from Gulden. 37 touches and a game best 733 metres gained, plus 5 clearances, 5 tackles, 8 marks and 1 goal.
  2. Brodie Grundy (153). Enjoyed his time against the Cats, recording 24 touches (21 contested) with 34 hitouts for another ton.
  3. Tom Papley/Isaac Heeney (116). Papley had 4 goals to be the most dangerous forward on the ground, pairing it with 15 touches and 6 marks, while Heeney produced his usual stats: 26 touches, 5 tackles, 2 goals.
  4. Tom Atkins (108). The only Cat to reach triple figures, Atkins enjoyed time in the middle to record 20 touches (11 contested) with 7 tackles.
  5. Justin McInerney (107). Rounding out the top five, McInerney had 24 touches (11 contested) with 1 goal and used the ball well @ 83% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Thought Stewart was in for a good score but then a tag came, meaning it was just 76 this weekend.

Rookies: Only rookies from the Cattery here bar Roberts (58). Mullin (71) the best of them, he had 15 touches (9 contested) @ 80% DE, while Clark (66) had 16 touches of the ball. Dempsey (50) was quiet compared to last week, while Neale (28) was subbed off.

Injuries: Another clean sheet here, Blakey and Neale the subs.


Essendon (9.16.70) defeated by Carlton (15.6.96)

  1. Tom De Koning (146). In stellar form. TDK produced a career best again this week, finishing with 24 touches (17 contested) plus 11 clearances, 5 marks, 19 hitouts and 471 metres gained.
  2. Zach Merrett (125). Despite a run with role applied to him, Merrett produced with 21 touches (14 contested) plus 6 clearances and 11 tackles. 
  3. George Hewett (118). Nice game in the middle of the ground from Hewett, finishing with 23 touches and 7 tackles plus 1 major.
  4. Elijah Hollands (115). Ran all game long and was rewarded, finishing with 3 goals from 19 touches and 7 marks.
  5. Jordan Ridley (112). Three tons on the trot for Ridley, looking like a safe option to finish our back lines with. 22 touches, 9 marks, no clangers.

Other 100+ scores: Will Setterfield (111), Todd Goldstein (108), Adam Saad (100)

Disappointment: Newman has been on a hot streak but came crashing back with this weeks 57.

Rookies: Carroll (29) was subbed off, thats all.

Injuries: Setterfield is listed with a knee injury, while the Blues subbed off Carroll.


Collingwood (14.5.89) defeated Melbourne (6.15.51)

1. Max Gawn (132). Did everything he could to get the win for the Dees. 25 touches (14 contested) with 9 marks, 6 clearances and 45 hitouts.

2. Jeremy Howe (117). Clean across the backline, finishing with 24 touches and 8 marks plus 554 metres gained.

3. Brayden Maynard (115). Patrolled the backline, collecting 21 touches and having 8 marks plus 6 tackles to pair with his 564 metres gained.

4. Christian Salem/Trent Rivers (111). Tied up Demons here. Salem is D7 for numerous teams and this 22 touch, 5 tackle performance was perfect, while Rivers  found 24 touches and 8 marks in the middle, plus a team best 591 metres gained.

5. Patrick Lipinski (110). Little bit of everything for Lipinski, he finished with 24 touches, 5 marks, 7 tackles and 1 major for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Crisp (104), Steele Sidebottom (102)

Disappointment: Viney (52) has had a very underrated year, but this week poor DE and clangers held him back.

Rookies: Windsor (75) was solid as the Dees lost heavily, collecting 21 touches and 7 marks running loose. Laurie (43) saw some midfield time but Turner (38) and Howes (32) weren’t really cited. Some solid scores for the Pies with Macrae (89) leading Krueger (76), Harrison (74) and Dean (71) all scoring well. Sullivan (48) and the subbed on Bytel (2) finish it all off.

Injuries: Big news to finish the round with Nick Daicos and Christian Petracca being subbed off in this contest, the latter taken in an ambulance with a rib injury.


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