Round 16 Review

Written by Dane on July 5 2021

Gold Coast (10.17.77) defeated Richmond (10.7.67)

1. Touk Miller (153). Another great game for Touk as he tied up his career best score from just a few weeks ago. Collected 36 touches of the ball (15 contested) with 7 tackles, 9 clearances and 7 marks to go with it. Will be interesting to see if he can crack the All-Aus midfield this year.

2. Tom Lynch/Ben Ainsworth (126). Returning from injury, Lynch looked like he hadn’t missed a beat against his old club, kicking 5 goals from 13 touches and 6 marks. Ainsworth himself could’ve kicked 5 (1.4 in the end), but he was instrumental in the win, having 3 goal assists to go along with 20 disposals and 8 marks.

3. Ben King (114). Was the main man up forward for the Suns, kicking 4 goals (the final one the game winner) from 13 touches and 7 marks.

4. Bachar Houli (112). Classy as ever off half-back, Houli launched plenty of attacks with his 24 touches of the footy that gained 499 metres. Unfortunately though he is done for the season, picking up an ankle injury that requires surgery late in the game.

5. David Swallow (104). Having his best scoring season since 2014, Swallow posted his seventh ton thanks to 21 touches, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Charlie Ballard (102)

Disappointment: The usually consistent Jayden Short turned in his second worst score of the year on Thursday, only registering 65 points from 17 touches.

Rookies: The promising news from this game was the scoring of Jeremy Sharp, who registered 79 points from 15 touches and 1 goal. Even though his price is a tad increased, he looks like the best downgrade option this week. After that though, there were a host of disappointing scores from bargain based/cash cows in this game. Flanders had 9 touches and 5 tackles for his score of 53, while 10 points above him was Patrick Naish who collected 12 touches and kicked 1 goal in his first game since round 10. Thomson Dow played his first game of the year to score 13 from 5 touches as the sub, while the guy he was subbed off for was..

Injuries: Callum Coleman-Jones, who registered a shocking score of 5 before he picked up a calf injury, which will surely hurt many a coach and their trade plans. Houli has already been mentioned, so all that leaves is Corbett, who was subbed off with concussion.

Geelong (15.8.98) defeated Essendon (8.9.57)

1. Darcy Parish (190). Took home the Tom Wills medal for B.O.G, adding to his other two from earlier this year. Broke the Bombers record and sits tied third all time for contested possessions in a game with 28 of them amongst his 43 disposals, while also contributing 13 clearances, 15 inside 50’s, 908 metres gained and 1 goal to his statline. Just insane numbers.

2. Patrick Dangerfield (184). At sub 500K, he was such a popular choice this week and proved why with an outstanding statline of 37 touches (18 contested), 11 marks, 11 clearances, 685 metres gained and 1 goal.

3. Tom Atkins (121). Had a pretty decent start to the year but has dropped off in Supercoach scoring since round 7, not going above 75 since this career best output. Collected 29 touches (13 contested) and layed 6 tackles on Friday night.

4. Jake Stringer (110). I personally brought Stringer in this week to get Weightman off (thanks for making me look like a fool Cody) my ground, as I thought his value at 414K with a -20 breakeven was the best option with the money I had, and after a 3 goal, 25 touch game, I was pretty happy. Fingers crossed it pays off!

5. Jordan Ridley (109). Only had 17 touches on the night but 11 of those were intercept possessions and he ran at a very good DE of 94% which boosted his score.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Hawkins (108), Zach Merrett/Tom Stewart (107), Will Snelling (104), Joel Selwood (103)

Disappointment: Rough night for owners of Cam Guthrie, the usually dependable midfielder only gathered 16 touches (5 clangers, 56% DE) to score just 40 points.

 Rookies: Not much to mention in the rookie stakes here. Geelong first round pick Max Holmes played his third game and scored 33 points after coming on as the sub, but he’s shown no consistency in playing (so far he’s played rounds 3, 11 and 16) so don’t consider him. All the Essendon guys in Perkins, Waterman, Cox and Jones scored below 45.

Injuries: Geelong forward Jeremy Cameron looked dangerous with the forward 50 all to himself, kicking 3 goals before his hamstring forced him to put on the red vest.

Melbourne (7.13.55) defeated by GWS (9.10.64)

1. Steven May (131). Copped some heavy hits during the game but soldiered on to finish the game with 21 touches at 95% DE, his fourth ton in a row and sixth overall.

2. Christian Petracca (123). Played a ripping game for the Dees in his usual hybrid role, finishing with 30 touches (18 contested) with 10 marks, 6 tackles and 658 metres gained.

3. Josh Kelly (118). The classy Kelly ran hard all day to collect 29 touches of the sherrin, which resulted in 1 goal and a game high 705 metres gained.

4. Christian Salem (117). Was clean all day with his disposal at half-back, using his 31 touches at a respectable 84%. Snuck forward for 1 goal and took 9 marks as well.

5. Callan Ward (114). Kept his good scoring season going with his sixth ton. Led the inside midfield to gather 24 touches (11 contested), also laying 4 tackles and kicking 1 goal to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Tom McDonald (106), Tim Taranto (105), Ed Langdon (104), Max Gawn (100)

 Disappointment: Barometer Toby Greene was very important in the win but unfortunately his score of 57 wasn’t important in our Supercoach teams!

Rookies: A couple of rough scores from Flynn (51) and Idun (22) for any coaches who may have been counting on them for some reason this week. Jordan was once again serviceable with 20 touches and 67 points and he could almost be considered a keeper as cover on the bench with his consistency.

Injuries: A pretty bad looking knee injury took Jack Buckley out of the game very early on in the game.

Adelaide (8.11.59) defeated by Brisbane (17.9.111)

1. Marcus Adams (135). Tied up his career best score in this one mainly thanks to a huge 14 intercept possessions out of his total 18 disposals. Had 8 marks which looked like they all came from the opposition as well as 4 tackles as well.

2. Rory Laird (129). Typically gathered plenty of the football even while being closely watched by Brisbane. 37 touches (16 contested) with 9 clearances allowed him to outscore the next best Crow by 41 points.

3. Zac Bailey (124). Looked dangerous whenever he had the ball on Saturday afternoon, winning 26 touches (15 contested) of the sherrin to go along with 9 clearances and 3 goals.

4. Jarryd Lyons (123). Don’t really think I need to elaborate too much on this one, did what he’s been doing all year with another 31 touches and 10 tackles.

5. Lincoln McCarthy (120). Was probably best on ground for how clean he was all day, even though he only had the 16 touches. Kicked 4 goals too.

Other 100+ scores: Oscar McInerney (114), Daniel McStay (102)

Disappointment: Midfielder Hugh McCluggage was flying in the early part of the year, but this weeks 23 touch game that resulted in 83 points which marked his fifth in a row without reaching triple figures.

Rookies: The usual suspects all suited up for the Crows and all returned respectable scores that wont see their price drastically increase/decrease, with all of Berry (73), Rowe/Butts (60) and Thilthorpe (59) playing alright in this game, although the same can’t be said for Murray (37), who only had 5 touches. Debutant Pedlar (39) had the locks flowing as he collected 13 touches between the middle and up forward, while in the same role Robertson (68) snuck over his breakeven thanks to 15 touches and 8 tackles.

Injuries: Taylor Walker was flying on 57 points midway through the second quarter before a nasty looking collision took him out of the contest. If you’re late on the news Lachie Neale was a late out.

Hawthorn (7.11.53) defeated by Port Adelaide (13.9.87)

1. Charlie Dixon (137). Notched up his seventh ton of the year on the back of 14 touches, 4 tackles and 4 goals. Averaging 94 now.

2. Karl Amon (126). If you read this often then you know I love the way this guy plays, and Saturday night was no different as he had a game high 619 metres gained from a classy 26 touches.

3. Scott Lycett (116). Hasn’t missed a beat since returning from suspension, putting up two out of three tons in that time. Only had the 8 touches of the footy but 8 tackles and 38 hitouts helped boost his score.

4. Jonathon Ceglar (113). Might well be playing the best football of his career over the past month, which as a Reeves owner, is frustrating, but credit where credits due, Ceglar has been great. Capped off his month of good footy by leading the Hawks scores thanks to 19 touches, 19 hitouts and 4 tackles.

5. Tom Mitchell (110). Just another Titch game really as he picked up 29 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances and 6 tackles running through the middle of the ground.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Byrne-Jones/Ollie Wines/Ben McEvoy (109)

Disappointment: A couple of semi-popular defenders couldn’t crack the 70 point mark in this one, with all of Jiath (66), Scrimshaw (62) and Houston (67) falling short.

Rookies: The midfield rookies in Bramble (80) and Newcombe (67) did their bit for the Hawks, as they collected 16 touches and 11 touches respectively, while Newcombe also layed 7 tackles. Martin Frederick came on as the sub, kicking a nice goal from 8 touches to score 43, with fellow first-year player Bergman snagging 2 goals himself to finish on 52. Koschitzke kicked 1 goal from 7 touches for 49 points if anyone is still running with him.

Injuries: Port Adelaide may have lost the booming left foot of Kane Farrell for some time as he was subbed off very early with a knee injury.

Fremantle (8.16.64) defeated by Carlton (12.8.80)

1. Sean Darcy (193). Looked well on track for the elusive double ton but fell just short. Had 20 disposals (13 contested) with 1 goal, 8 marks and 40 hitouts, so you assume his presence on the game must’ve been huge to score this, maybe someone can elaborate in the comments?

2. Sam Walsh (138). Kicked the match sealer very late in the contest to cap off his 25 touch, 8 mark, 8 tackle game.

3. Andrew Brayshaw (135). Kept Fremantle in the game with two goals in the third quarter apparently, which combined with 28 touches and 5 tackles gave him hundred number nine this year.

4. Luke Ryan (124). A solid game from Ryan across half-back as he collected 25 touches and 9 marks, while also contributing a team high 526 metres gained. Used it typically well at 88%.

5. Adam Saad/Jacob Weitering/Matthew Kennedy (116). All three of these guys had big contributions to the Blues win. Saad ran at 89% DE from his 19 touches off half-back, Weitering had 20 touches and clunked 10 marks, while Kennedy rotated between the middle and up forward to have 22 touches, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Adam Cerra (111), Nic Newman (106), Jack Silvagni (101)

Disappointment: Can’t go past Nat Fyfe on this one, who went missing after half-time to finish with just 20 touches and 72 points.

 Rookies: Big forward Josh Treacy is back to his old tricks with a 6 touch game that resulted in just 30 points, while Henry wasn’t much better with 48 points himself. Third-gamer Walker scored 50 to start his cash generation, while the cash generation of Dow continues to take off after his score of 84 from 22 touches (13 contested), with 8 clearances and 1 goal (although he had most of that score at half-time). Usually reliable forward Owies only slotted 1 goal this week, scoring 43.

Injuries: No subs used in this Saturday night fixture.

Sydney (18.10.118) defeated West Coast (3.8.26)

1. Callum Mills (121). The games highest scoring defender notched another great score from 35 touches, 4 tackles, 7 clearances and a game best 659 metres gained

2. Lance Franklin (113). Another ton for Buddy as he and the rest of the Swans forwards did as they pleased. Kicked 3 goals from 16 disposals and 4 tackles.

3. Tom Hickey (112). Up against his old club, Hickey did what he’s been doing all year, scoring tons from spread stat lines that include plenty of touches (22) and hitouts (21).

4. Elliot Yeo (107). The midfield bull’s first ton of the year came courtesy of 26 touches (11 contested), 1 goal, 512 metres gained and 8 tackles to round it all out.

5. Jordan Dawson (105). Another ton for Dawson rounded out the top 5, he kicked 2 goals from 25 touches off the half-back flank.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Darling/Nic Naitanui (101)

 Disappointment: Not incredibly Supercoach relevant but a score of 75 from 37 touches is close to unheard of, this was Dom Sheed’s score as he committed 11 clangers and had a DE of 45%

Rookies: A couple of pretty bad scores from Eagles rookies Foley (27) and Edwards (39) who only had 10 and 12 touches respectively. Better news though for any owners of Amartey, who picked up 98 points from 12 touches (all contested), with 2 goals and 4 tackles to go with it.

Injuries: Midfielder Jack Redden was subbed off during the second term.

Collingwood (8.13.61) defeated by St Kilda (10.10.70)

1. Jack Steele (154). Another ripping score from the Saints as he led from the front to collect 36 touches (15 contested) with a ripping 14 tackles and 8 clearances to go with it.

2. Brodie Grundy (126). Had a tough battle coming up against Ryder and Marshall but being one of the best ruckman in the league, he didn’t struggled, still collecting 19 touches, 5 tackles and 33 hitouts.

3. Luke Dunstan (118). His amazing comeback season continued with another 27 touches (13 contested) with 9 tackles and 10 clearances.

4. Jordan De Goey (114). Another guy who looked value this week was De Goey and he delivered, as he collected 32 touches, led the team in metres gained and snagged 1 goal for the afternoon.

5. Bradley Hill (113). Grabbed 30 touches of the footy on the outside, which resulted in a game high 710 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Taylor Adams (112), Scott Pendlebury (107), Tim Membrey (105), Jack Crisp/Rowan Marshall (100)

Disappointment: Defender Brayden Maynard looked value at his price and had reason to after his previous form, so that’s why his score of 56 was disappointing. Steele Sidebottom pretty horrid too with just 33.

Rookies: Not much to write about here in the rookie section, with many rookies failing to meet any outstanding scores. Bianco was the best of them for his 58 touches that came from 12 touches and 6 tackles, while below him were the other Collingwood rookies in Poulter (34), Murphy (26) and the subbed on Macrae (6). Midfielder Ryan Byrnes (54) was the best of the Saints for his 21 touch game, with Highmore (49) and second gamer Connolly (35) bringing up the rear. 

Injuries: The 50 game milestone of Josh Daicos (95) ended early with a finger injury.

Western Bulldogs (16.12.108) defeated North Melbourne (11.13.79)

1. Jack Macrae (138). In the same boat as Lyons, you probably already know what he did. 31 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances and no clangers.

2. Jack Ziebell (121). Had plenty of the ball across half-back with 28 touches (78% DE) that he used to gain 464 metres for his club.

3. Todd Goldstein (120). Three out of four tons now for Goldy as he continues to show he isn’t done yet. Had 30 hitouts, 7 marks, 14 touches and snagged 2 goals on the day.

4. Aaron Hall (118). Led the game for metres gained 656 of them coming from his 31 touches of the ball. Also claimed 13 marks.

5. Cody Weightman (115). Was in danger of not hitting his breakeven this week but pretty much got there in the first half with 4 goals. Ended up with that same amount but also had 13 touches and 7 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Ben Cunnington (113), Bailey Dale (111), Tom Liberatore (107), Robbie Tarrant (106)

Disappointment: He’s been on a super hot streak of late so Simpkin gets this one for his 73, just ahead of popular defender Daniel (68).

Rookies: Forward rookie Scott has hit a wall and that is evident by his 34 point return, while another rookie Garcia (74) presented us with his best score thus far thanks to 13 touches and 1 goal. Pretty much the only rookie to play for North was Phillips, and his 8 touch, 32 point game wasn’t great.

Injuries: Big man Aaron Naughton has been in the wars recently and this week his game ended early due to concussion.


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10 thoughts on “Round 16 Review”

  1. If I should choose between:
    TU Walsh or
    TD Dangerfield,

    Who would you pick for the reminder of the season


  2. Thanks Dane .

    My points taken here..

    Touk Miller will be in my starting side in 2022. I like his Bye too 😉

    On Darcy.. The 23 yr olds a brute, a very solid mark, with a great left foot and eye for goals. I’m so happy he re signed 🙂

    He smoked a very lean/young De Koning and Casboult this week.
    I don’t know his exact numbers but maybe two thirds of his hit outs would of been to advantage maybe 24-26.
    Also most of his marks were contested, a few from the oppo too.

    Gawn is looking over his shoulder at Big Darcy for my R2 spot next year.

    Thanks again Dane..

    You do a tower of work to get these out.

    Legend !


    1. Nearly dislocated my neck nodding in agreement, FT.

      Always liked Miller, grabbed him a few weeks ago, will definitely start him next year. He’s doing 120 av. in an ass side, imagine once the Suns start winning!

      The more Jackson eats away at Gawn’s economy, the more appealing Darcy becomes next year – although there might not be much between them in price.

      Hats off to Dane, as always.


  3. Hey GD

    I dare to dream starting Darcy.

    I don’t think I can at his likely $600k plus price. Then you add to this his injury history, and likely same bye as Grundy, and it has to be a pass.

    R2 will be all the preseason talk next year for sure.

    Touk a lock .
    His huge tank gives him the ability to get from contest to contest. Add to this his tackling centre bounce work. He is a complete SC midfielder.

    Thank god for SC because…

    Didn’t we both have Sh*t Hou$e weekends footy wise 🙁


  4. Hi could someone please calculate or project for me what score would Walsh need to score this week if his value was to end up at 576k after this week .

    I want to get him from round 18 and need him to remain below this 576k figure


  5. Hi could someone please calculate for me what price would Dev Robertson be after this week if he scores only a 30 or 40
    this week .



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