Round 19 Review

Written by Dane on July 26 2021

Port Adelaide (14.13.97) defeated Collingwood (10.9.69)

1. Jack Crisp (140). Did everything well as per usual running around all over the ground. Had 30 touches at 83% DE as well as 13 marks and 6 tackles.

2. Ollie Wines (122). Built into the game to finish with 30 touches (13 contested) with 1 goal, 7 clearances and 572 metres gained.

3. Williem Drew (117). Has shown some solid scoring potential this year, scoring his sixth ton thanks to 32 touches (17 contested) with 8 clearances and 5 tackles.

4. Braydan Maynard (115). Ran at a solid 80% DE from his 26 touches off half-back.

5. Steele Sidebottom (109). After a couple of down weeks Sidebottom bounced back with a classy 26 touch (13 contested), 6 clearance display.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Madgen (108), Charlie Dixon (105), Travis Boak (102)

Disappointment: A couple of fairly popular Collingwood picks in Grundy (85), De Goey (80) and Adams (77) had far too many clangers between them (24).

Rookies: Alright let’s get Port out of the way first, they only had Bergman (55) who was serviceable with 8 touches and 3 tackles. Collingwood on the other hand had about half their team being rookies/cash cows. There were a couple of first gamers in Tohill (39) and Ginnivan (34), then there was the mullet rocking Poulter (63) who had 16 touches at 93% DE with 8 marks. In the similar scoring range as Poulter was Bianco (62) who had 1 goal from 12 touches, and Ruscoe (66) who had 20 touches out of the backline. Finlay Macrae showed some of his family’s known ball winning ability with 21 of them for 51 points, while a couple of points above him was defender Murphy (53). Finally there was Oliver Henry who scored 63 from 15 touches, 7 marks and 2 goals.

Injuries: Collingwood champion Scott Pendlebury was subbed off super early with a suspected broken leg.

Carlton (11.11.77) defeated by North Melbourne (18.8.116)

  1. Tarryn Thomas (135). One of the popular picks for the injured Martin was the ever improving Thomas, who rewarded his coaches with a 23 touch (12 contested), 4 goal game that also included 509 metres gained.

  2. Nick Larkey (131). Had a career high in pretty much every major statistical category this week with his 8 marks, 20 touches, 12 kicks, 7 goals and Supercoach score all being career bests.

  3. Aaron Hall (124). Picked up plenty of ball across half-back and gained a team best 511 metres from those 25 touches. Also had 9 marks and 4 tackles to further cement himself as a must have forward.

  4. Todd Goldstein (122). Keeps pumping out big scores and this week was no exception as he had 15 touches, 30 hitouts and 1 goal for his fifth ton in a row.

  5. Jaidyn Stephenson (112). Ran around freely between the arcs on Saturday afternoon to grab 24 touches and 8 marks of the footy, topping it off with 3 majors.

Other 100+ scores: Jacob Weitering (102), Bailey Scott (101)

Disappointment: Unfortunately the hot form of Sam Walsh was cooled off due to a tag from Simpkin. The Blues midfielder only managed 81 but it would’ve been higher if he didn’t give away 5 free kicks.

Rookies: Forward Owies (44) finally broke his goal-drought with 1 goal amongst his 6 touches, while just above his score was Stocker (49), who had just 8 touches off half-back. Paddy Dow continued his impressive run of form with a career best score of 89 from 24 touches (10 contested), with Bosenvulagi (82) also scoring a career best from his 16 touches at 93% DE off half-back. Unfortunately third-pick Will Phillips broke his nose but not before he could score 52 from 13 touches.

Injuries: Bar Phillips, it was only prized recruit Zac Williams who succumbed to an injury on Saturday afternoon, his hamstring ending his day before halftime.

Brisbane (17.18.120) defeated Gold Coast (10.11.71)

  1. Oscar McInerney (148). Four out of five tons now for the Big O as he posted a career best score from 18 touches (16 contested) with 12 clearances and 39 hitouts. Maybe a 2022 breakout contender?

  2. Brayden Fiorini (139). I thought this guy was a breakout contender in 2019 and then he spent about two years in and out of the reserves, but now I’m starting to believe again. Had this career best score from a huge 41 touches and 4 tackles.

  3. Daniel Rich (132). Has been a super pick this year with an average of 107 with a low of 72 (in round 1). Typically brilliant with ball in hand from his 29 touches that gained 671 metres.

  4. Touk Miller (115). What you’d expect from Touk. 32 touches (12 contested) with 9 tackles and 6 clearances.

  5. Josh Corbett (110). Career best effort from Corbett in multiple categories here. 16 touches and 4 inside 50’s as well as 7 marks and 3 goals gave him his best career score.

Other 100+ scores: Hugh McCluggage (108), Will Powell (104), Jarryd Lyons/Harris Andrews (100)

Disappointment: A second premium who couldn’t shake a tag this week was Lachie Neale, as he only scored 64 from 19 touches.

Rookies: How good has Sharp been? Had another 31 touches this week with 9 marks, 1 goal and 466 metres gained for the Suns on Saturday afternoon to score 96 in the M8 position for many teams. Fullarton wasn’t bad either, scoring 79 from 14 touches, 6 hitouts and 2 tackles, nor was Madden who had 66 from 12 touches. On the other hand, Robertson has slowed and this week only scored 40 from 10 touches.

Injuries: Speedy backman Oleg Markov was subbed off super early with a hamstring injury.

West Coast (14.10.94) defeated St Kilda (13.8.86)

1. Zak Jones (140). Jones drove the Saints forward on many occasions on Saturday afternoon, grabbing 32 touches of the ball to gain 604 metres. Also had 7 clearances and no clangers all day.

2. Max King (124). An imposing game from King as he hauled in 9 marks (8 contested) to be the dominant forward on the ground. Kicked a career best 6 goals and had 13 touches for the best score of his young career.

3. Dom Sheed (116). Kicked his two goals in the last quarter to get the Eagles home, which, combined with his 32 touches, 6 marks and 446 metres, netted him a good score.

4. Tim Kelly (114). Had a little bit of talk about him with his heavily discounted current price and delivered with 26 touches, 592 metres gained and 1 goal for the game.

5. Nic Naitanui (112). Looking at his scores this year, you’d be pumped if you own Nic Nat, as he hasn’t dropped below under triple figures since round 6 with a low score of just 83 with no games missed at all! Kept up his run by scoring his average thanks to 12 touches (13 contested possessions) with 8 clearances, 1 goal and 24 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Steele (109), Daniel Butler (107), Josh Kennedy (106), Elliot Yeo (104), Andrew Gaff (102)

Disappointment: Brad Crouch has shown some decent value this year with very good scoring potential, which makes his score of 32 even worse.

Rookies: An interesting pick at this time in the season might be Mark Hutching (36) at 157K, as he played his first game of the season this weekend and may stick around as a stopper for the Eagles. A more likely scenario is that Connor West comes into a lot of teams this week at 102K as he had a solid second up effort of 55 from 11 touches. The Saints had a couple of rookies return this week with Hunter (57) and Clavarino (54) playing decent enough games to potentially hold their spot. Byrnes is still running around in the Saints midfield and had 18 touches for 37 points, while defender Connolly had 11 touches for 28 points.

Injuries: Exciting forward Liam Ryan also pulled his hamstring this weekend, adding another injury to important components of the Eagles side.

Melbourne (9.11.65) defeated by Western Bulldogs (13.7.85)

  1. Jack Macrae (148). A great captaincy score from Macrae who even nursed a knee issue during the game. Finished with 38 touches (16 contested), with 7 tackles, 5 clearances and 532 metres gained.

  2. Caleb Daniel (145). Was super clean in slippery conditions early on in this game, finishing with 34 touches (16 contested), 5 clearances, 4 tackles and 1 goal. Best score of the season for him.

  3. Clayton Oliver (144). Had a ridiculous first quarter with 11 contested possessions and 15 touches, so from that point of view one could say he slowed down from then on. Finished up with 38 touches (25 contested) with 5 tackles and 8 clearances for another great score.

  4. Bailey Smith (141). Third ton on the trot for Baz as he collected 26 touches of the ball to pair with his 9 tackles, 1 goal and 592 metres gained.

  5. Marcus Bontempelli (136). Rounded out the big scores with a great statline of his own that had 31 touches (13 contested), 10 clearances, 2 goals, 6 tackles and 755 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Max Gawn (125), Tom Liberatore (115), Jake Lever (114), Lachie Hunter (102)

Disappointment: A rough night for owners of Christian Salem, with the usually reliable backman only registering 64 points, with his fellow defender Steven May (62) not faring much better.

Rookies: Nothing really fantastic to talk about here. Garcia was the best of a bad bunch of scores with 53 points thanks to 11 touches and 5 tackles. Weightman is losing money quick now after another 50 from 8 touches, 1 goal and 1 mark of the year contender. Ugle-Hagan and Scott scored 42 and 31 apiece, while the score of 41 was the second-worst return of Jordon’s season.

Injuries: Defender Alex Keath went down this week as well with, you guessed it, a hamstring injury. Ed Richards joined him on the bench later on with a concussion from a heavy collison.

Adelaide (16.6.102) defeated Hawthorn (13.5.83)

  1. Rory Laird (178). The Desk was his unstoppable self on Saturday night, leading the Crows midfield to the win with 36 touches (20 contested), 10 clearances, 5 tackles, 2 goals and a team high 518 metres gained.

  2. Dylan Moore (115). Quietly going about his business with four tons since round 11 as he establishes himself as an integral part of the Hawks rebuild. This score came courtesy of 25 touches, 3 tackles and 1 goal.

  3. Reilly O’Brien (112). Clunked pretty much everything in the last quarter of the game to finish with 7 marks, 22 touches (17 contested) and 5 clearances.

  4. Tom Doedee/Tom Mitchell/Ben McEvoy (111). Coming back from concussion, Doedee patrolled the backline to have 22 touches and 6 marks, while Mitchell had 29 touches with 9 tackles and 1 goal. McEvoy now has six tons in eight games, the latest due to 14 disposals, 6 marks, 1 goal and 19 hitouts.

  5. Jaeger O’Meara (102). Jaegers first ton since round 14 came from 24 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances and 8 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Chad Wingard (101)

Disappointment: Tom Phillips is back in my bad books after his 2 goal, 15 touch game only produced 52 points.

Rookies: Ruckman rookie Greaves will continue to make some good cash after he notched 79 points from 8 touches and 24 hitouts, as will Bramble after he scored 83 from 25 touches and 611 metres gained. Hamill from the Crows isn’t in many teams but those who do have him would’ve been pleased with his score of 71 from 12 touches, but after that there’s grim reading for anyone who may still be rolling with Butts (33) or Berry (29). The same can be said for Koschitzke (42), Granger-Barras (36) and Brockman (27), the latter excused due to his eye injury though.

Injuries: There were a few more injuries to join Brockman, with Murphy being subbed off for the Crows with an ankle injury, while Cousins was also subbed off late in the game.

Sydney (14.14.98) defeated Fremantle (8.10.58)

  1. Josh Kennedy (154). Ah this takes me back to 2012-16. The Swans champ had 34 touches (16 contested) with 7 tackles and 7 clearances. Still good for a couple of these games a year.

  2. Isaac Heeney (128). After a good couple of weeks Heeney put it all together this week, slotting 5 goals from 22 touches of the footy. Also clunked 11 marks including a complete hanger.

  3. Errol Gulden (127). Ah this takes me back to round one and two. The Swans youngster had 23 touches with no clangers as well as 5 tackles and 1 goal for his third ton.

  4. Luke Parker (122). Third 120+ score in a row for Parker as he continues to find plenty of the pill (30 touches) and slots goals (2).

  5. Jordan Dawson (111). Another ton for Dawson rounded out the top 5. Had 23 touches at 95% DE off half-back to pair with his 7 marks.

    Other 100+ scores: Andrew Brayshaw (109), Dane Rampe (107), Tom Hickey/Adam Cerra/Caleb Serong (103), Nathan Wilson (102), Jake Lloyd (100)

Disappointment: Usually reliable defender Luke Ryan has had a few bad weeks and it was made worse with this season worst score of 62.

Rookies: Just a few rookies played here for Fremantle. Meek came back into the side for 9 touches, 17 hitouts and 52 Supercoach points, while just above him was Walker who had 9 touches for 55 points off half-back. Liam Henry (34) hasn’t scored much this year but at least he’s played every game since round 8 so at least one knows there’s cover if it’s ever needed.

Injuries: Remember a couple of weeks ago when Fyfe hurt his shoulder? Well he dislocated it again this week and that may well mean his season is over if it’s considered serious enough for surgery. Furthermore, Walters hurt his hamstring and Pearce his quad to make the Dockers day worse.

Geelong (15.5.95) defeated Richmond (8.9.57)

  1. Patrick Dangerfield (165). Had well over 100 by halftime, eventually finishing on this score from 28 touches (18 contested), 518 metres gained, 7 tackles, 6 marks and 1 goal.

  2. Cameron Guthrie (120). Ran around by himself again in the middle to grab 34 touches of the football. Also threw in 7 clearances, 7 marks and 3 tackles for the day.

  3. Tom Stewart (118). Played loose across the backline to haul in 9 marks and record 25 touches of the sherrin, which ran at a very good 92% DE.

  4. Tom Hawkins (112). Another popular option for Dusty this week was Hawkins who delivered with a 4 goal, 6 mark, 13 touch display for his ninth ton of the year.

  5. Daniel Rioli (111). A role change to half-back has worked wonders for Rioli who scored his first ton of the year with his 19 touch, 7 tackle game off the half-back flank.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: What was that from Shai Bolton? On debut for many a team this week and he throws out a 14 touch, 42 point game.

Rookies: Defender Mansell continued his good form from last week with a 17 touch game off half-back that netted his owners 81 points. Apart from that it was only Garthwaite who scored 65 from 10 touches that ran at 90% DE.

Injuries: It was only Geelong captain Joel Selwood who finished on the bench with an injury from this game, a corked quad was iced up in the third quarter.

Essendon (7.11.53) defeated by GWS (9.12.66)

  1. Lachie Whitfield (146). Returned in magnificent fashion with 35 touches of the football all over the ground. Pair that with 10 marks and a solid DE of 82% and thats a good day.

  2. Tom Green (119). He’s had some really good games this year but this might be the best of them so far as he picked up 29 touches (11 contested) with 6 clearances and 7 marks to be pivotal in the win.

  3. Jordan Ridley (115). Solid as always down back to collect 25 touches and run at 92% DE. Also grabbed 6 marks and had a game high 536 metres gained.

  4. Sam Taylor (111). Career best game for Taylo who had career bests in disposals (21), kicks (15) and marks (11).

  5. Will Snelling (104). Rounding out the top 5 was the former mid season draft pick who has been brilliant for the Bombers. Had 20 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles and no clangers on Sunday.

Other 100+ scores: Dyson Heppell (102)

Disappointment: Stiff gig for anyone who put the C on Parish (49) or Merrett (71) to finish the round. Pretty rough for Taranto who only grabbed 53 for his 21 touch game.

Rookies: GWS rookie Tanner Bruhn scored 52 from just 6 possessions of the ball, while Idun was decent for anyone who is still running with him on the bench, scoring 82 from 16 touches and 9 marks. Durham looks the goods for a downgrade after his second up effort of 15 touches and 73 points, while even better was Cox who scored 96 from 15 touches and 1 goal. Perkins only grabbed 45.

Injuries: Nothing to end the round!


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