Round 21 Review

Written by Dane on August 9 2021

Geelong (8.17.65) defeated by GWS (13.6.84)

  1. Sam Taylor (140). Had a massive game down back for this career best score. Had something like 13 intercepts possessions with 8 intercept marks from his 12 grabs, while also grabbing 21 touches that ran at 85%. Kept Hawkins to 1 goal too.
  2. Isaac Cumming (135). I can’t remember writing about him yet this year but he’s had a brilliant year, averaging 93 with seven tons and a low score of just 75. This career best score came as he posted career bests of 34 disposals (26 kicks) and 18 rebounds from 50. Also had 984 metres gained, the biggest I remember so far this year.
  3. Tim Taranto (118). Bounced back from a bad month with more midfield time this week, picking up 34 touches with 9 tackles, 9 clearances and 2 goals. Still had 10 clangers apparently.
  4. Rhys Stanley (111). Geelong’s ruckman put up his fourth ton of the year thanks to his 20 touches (11 contested) to partner with 7 marks, 5 clearances and 31 hit outs.
  5. Tom Stewart/Lachie Whitfield (107). A couple of premium defenders brought up the rear here. Stewart started slow but played into the game well to finish with 22 touches and 10 marks with 492 metres gained, as did Whitfield, as he finished with 34 touches and 726 metres gained himself.

Other 100+ scores: Toby Greene (104), Jed Bews (102)

Disappointment: Nothing crazy bad from this game, a couple of scores in the 70s from semi popular picks Blicavs and Haynes being the worst.

Rookies: A couple of second game defenders didn’t set the world on fire with scores of just 45 from Krueger and 34 from Peatling, but better news for owners of Briggs (85) who shouldered the ruck load with 20 hit outs, 9 touches, 9 tackles and 5 clearances. Highly doubt anyone owns any of Sproule (93), Bruhn (88), Idun (66), Callum M.Brown (56) or Stein (18) or is fielding them,  but those were their scores. The same could probably be said for Zach Guthrie (64) or Holmes (75) but their scores were pretty good.

Injuries: Huge night for the Cats in the injury department, with the biggest SuperCoach news being Patrick Dangerfield suffering a throat injury early on that will see him in doubt for preliminary finals week. There was also Gary Rohan who had some out of leg injury, as well as Zach Tuohy who had a hamstring. For GWS, speedy Brett Daniels also suffered a hamstring that saw him subbed out.

Carlton (8.9.57) defeated by Gold Coast (11.10.76)

1. Touk Miller (155). Career best for Touk, also his fourteenth ton in a row. Was best on ground if not close for his 34 touch, 4 tackle, 7 clearance, 2 goal game. Will be very interesting to see how he polls on Brownlow night even while being ineligible.

2. Will Powell (153). Another career best score here as Powell continued his mini breakout season (has jumped his average up almost 20 points). His fifth ton of the year was courtesy of 28 touches, 8 marks, 7 tackles, 1 goal, 598 metres gained and 89% DE. One to consider next year IMO.

3. Noah Anderson (137). Another career best score in this one. The former number 2 pick had 30 touches (10 contested) with 8 clearances, 8 marks, 546 metres gained and a solid DE of 83%.

4. Nic Newman/Brayden Fiorini (126). The Blues distributor had 25 touches off half-back to compliment his 8 marks and 5 tackles, while Fiorini continued his stellar form with 23 touches (13 contested), 1 goal and 11 tackles.

5. Ed Curnow/Zac Smith (103). Another tie here. Curnow ran hard all day as per usual to collect 25 touches, 8 marks and 1 goal, while Smith had his first ton of the year thanks to 10 touches, 31 hitouts and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Jacob Weitering (102)

Disappointment: With a DE of 52% and a 6 clangers to pair with it, it was no surprise that Sam Walsh (86) didn’t provide a good VC score this week.

Rookies: A couple of the Blues first round picks from yesteryear have been pretty good over the previous couple of rounds, with O’Brien (52) and Stocker (78) providing good ball use all over the ground. Dow (42) had a down week by his recent standards, but it wasn’t as bad a score as second game Sun Jeffrey (33). Jy Farrar had some decent ownership in the middle of the year and may have helped the few coaches hanging onto him with a 62 this week, while hard running midfielder Sharp was good enough to pick up 19 touches and 9 marks for a respectable score of 71.

Injuries: Big Blue and Coleman leader Harry McKay went down with an AC joint injury but played on, but the same can’t be said for Brandon Ellis, who suffered another hamstring injury in the second quarter. Sam Walsh also came off the field in the last minute of the game with an apparent ankle concern, keep an eye on the news for this one!

Richmond (13.11.89) defeated North Melbourne (8.8.56)

1. Jack Graham (154). Had a career best game in this one in terms of disposals (36), kicks (23) and marks (8) to pair with his usual 8 tackles and team high 472 metres gained. Only had 2 clangers for the game and ran at a very good 83% DE for his seventh ton of the year.

2. Nick Vlastuin (123). Back from injury and straight into his third ton of the year. Controlled the backline to register 30 touches and 14 marks that ran at a fantastic 86% DE.

3. Liam Baker (122). Has been swung back and forth this year and has had decent games at both ends, this week patrolling the forward half of the ground to snag 2 goals from 26 touches and 7 marks.

4. Dion Prestia (120). Second ton of the trot for Dion who was great in the midfield, collecting 29 touches of the ball and running at 82% DE, also kicked 1 goal.

5. Luke Davies-Uniacke (119). Grabbed a career best 38 touches of the footy with 5 clearances for his fifth ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Aaron Hall (116), Todd Goldstein (115), Jy Simpkin (107), Jack Mahoney (104)

Disappointment: Sorry Shai Bolton owners, but he’s done it again. 67 wasn’t as bad as previous weeks but 7 clangers held him back from a better score.

Rookies: Young Tiger midfielder Thomson Dow had his best career game so far with a solid display of 22 touches (10 contested) that resulted in 71 points, while a little under him was Mansell who scored 58 from 13 touches and 92% DE. The long awaited debut of Maurice Rioli Jnr ended with 6 touches, 2 tackles, 1 goal and 24 points. For North, Campbell returned to the lineup to score just 29 points, which was a little worse than Eddie Ford’s score of 33.

Injuries: No subs used in this one so fingers crossed there’s no mystery injuries!.

St Kilda (14.9.93) defeated Sydney (10.4.64)

1. Jack Steele (155). Here he is again. Might well hit 700K leading into round 22, not due to super big scores, but around his consistency. Has averaged 142 for the past 10 weeks which is just insane. Another 34 touches (14 contested) on Saturday night to pair with 7 tackles, 6 clearances and 1 goal.

2. Rowan Marshal (123). Had solo ruck for the Saints again and dominated, picking up 25 touches (18 contested) with 6 marks, 8 clearances and 29 hitouts up against Hickey who is usually pretty restrictive of opposition rucks.

3. Jake Lloyd (112). Has fourteen tons this year but not to the level that we’ve seen in the past, with only six of them being above 110. Played very well on Saturday, recording 30 touches and 453 metres gained at 100% DE.

4. Luke Parker (108). Kept his good form going with a valiant battle in the middle of the ground, finishing up with 30 touches (18 contested) to pair with 12 clearances and 4 tackles.

5. Daniel McKenzie (104). Pretty clueless as to what McKenzie looks like if I’m honest but he had a good game, scoring his first ton of the year from 20 touches and 7 marks while running at 85% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Harry Cunningham/Jack Sinclair/Dean Kent (102), Jack Higgins (100)

Disappointment: The score of 67 was the worst since round 15 for Isaac Heeney.

Rookies: Cooper Sharman has been pretty good for the Saints up forward the past couple of weeks, this time slotting 2 goals from 11 touches to record 73 Supercoach points, but even better than that was the game from Highmore, who scored 93 from 21 touches and 9 marks. Elsewhere there was nothing good from Joyce (40), Byrnes (31) or Connolly (27), while the Swans really only had Gulden (63).

Injuries: Big forward Max King had an abductor concern and was subbed out very late in the game.

Adelaide (7.9.51) defeated by Port Adelaide (7.13.55)

1. Aliir Aliir/Williem Drew (123). Adelaide couldn’t get anything past Aliir, as he patrolled the backline to grab 11 marks to pair with his 21 touches, while Drew continues to develop brilliantly, as he put together another solid game of 23 touches (15 contested), 11 tackles, 7 clearances and no clangers.

2. Paul Seedsman (120). Eighth ton of the year for Seedsman and his first since round 15 thanks to 31 touches that gave him a team high 658 metres gained.

3. Rory Laird (119). One of the game’s more consistent scorers at the moment did it again with his usual 31 touches (18 contested) that was paired with 8 tackles and 6 clearances.

4. Dan Houston (116). Houston’s long suffering owners were repaid with this score after a previous month that included 48, 52 and 51. Had 24 touches and 483 metres gained off half-back while also laying 7 tackles.

5. Tom Doedee (111). Three tons in a row for the future Crows captain rounds out the top five. Had 18 touches and 9 tackles while patrolling the backline. 

Other 100+ scores: Travis Boak (109), Ryan Burton (105), Ollie Wines (103)

Disappointment: Nothing really horrible here so I’ll have to go against my own rules and give it to a rookie in Riley Thilthorpe, who I dearly hope no one is still feilding as he scored just 18.

Rookies: Port Adelaide cash cow Miles Bergman continues to provide some pretty decent scores, this week pumping out 23 touches and 80 points playing a variety of roles across the ground. For the Crows, backline duo Murray (90) and Butts (83) were pretty good all night, collecting 14 and 16 disposals respectively. First gamer Brayden Cook got to some good positions during the game to have 17 touches by the end of it, which only resulted in 42 points, with Ben Davis bringing up the rear after he was subbed on, scoring 27.

Injuries: The long kicking ability of Brodie Smith will be missed next week for the Crows as he suffered a concussion, the same reason Will Hamill will be missing next week too after his sickening collision.

Hawthorn (15.7.97) defeated Collingwood (12.6.78)

1. Tom Mitchell (150). Did his usual and dominated the Magpies, collecting 44 touches (12 contested) with 10 marks, 8 clearances, 3 tackles and 1 goal while running at 84% DE. Shocked he didn’t score more to be honest.

2. Jack Scrimshaw (127). Was running hot in the middle of the season, then slowed after a concussion from memory, this week scoring his first ton since round 15 here as he had 26 touches, 10 marks, 1 goal and a great DE of 88%.

3. Blake Hardwick (125). Ton number six for the year for Hardwick as he continues his improvement in the scoring department. Gained 467 metres from his 28 touches which ran at 89%, while also grabbing 10 marks.

4. Dylan Moore (112). Talking about improvement, this guy is scoring tons for fun at the moment it seems, this week getting there thanks to 20 touches and 2 goals.

5. Brodie Grundy (107). Rounding out the top five was the Pies ruckman, who contended all day against McEvoy and Ceglar to finish with 16 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles, 31 hitouts and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Crisp (103)

Disappointment: Silky Hawk Jaeger O’Meara has had a solid couple of weeks but he was another player who was hurt by poor disposal this week, his 7 clangers from 27 touches reduced his score to just 63.

Rookies: Oliver Henry has produced some decent scores in the second half of the season, providing another good one this week with 65 points coming from his 11 touches, 7 marks and 1 goal, which was two points below the improved Macrae, who had 20 touches and 1 goal. Ginnivan snagged 3 majors from his 6 touches to score 48, while below him were the returning McCreery (40) and rebounding defender Ruscoe (38). Koschitzke also snagged 3 goals for the game for 56 points, his best score since round 14, with Brockman scoring 14 after starting as the sub. 

Injuries: Only casualty from this contest was Worpel, who was subbed off due to a sore left foot in the third term. 

Western Bulldogs (12.12.84) defeated by Essendon (15.7.97)

1. Jack Macrae (154). Best score of the year for Macrae who hardly put a foot wrong all day to collect 38 touches (17 contested) which ran at 78% DE. Also had 10 clearances and 5 tackles for the afternoon.

2. Peter Wright (146). Just a point off his career best this week as he kicked 7 of the best from just 10 touches of the ball. Also had 7 marks and 9 hitouts but it really was his goals (including 3 in the last) that boosted his score.

3. Marcus Bontempelli/Zach Merrett/Tim English (123). Three way tie between three guys with fairly large ownership. Bont ran around to get 34 touches, 551 metres gained and 9 clearances, while Merrett did much of the same with 30 touches and 4 tackles. English had a solid battle in the ruck and came out on top in the scoring thanks to 13 touches, 24 hitouts and 1 goal.

4. Sam Draper (109). Not to be outdone, Draper played pretty well himself with 11 touches, 1 goal, 4 clearances and 39 hitouts to be important in the Bombers win.

5. Bailey Williams (100). Third ton of the year for the rebounding Bulldog, who had 24 touches at 83% DE while gaining 400 metres for his club.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Nothing great from a couple of guys in pretty decent form, with Stringer (69), Dale (72) and Daniel (55) not supplying their usual outputs.  

Rookies: I don’t think anyone would be relying on Garcia (36), Scott (27) and Ugle-Hagan (34) but if they were, those are some rough scores to swallow. Sam Durham was on my field this week to cover Heppell so I was fairly pleased with his score of 68 if I’m completely honest, because it was the best of the Bombers with Waterman (56) and Cox (52) bringing up the rear.

Injuries: No subs but Josh Bruce had a knee injury very late in the game apparently!

Fremantle (8.6.54) defeated by Brisbane (18.10.118)

1. Dayne Zorko (139). Huge game for the Lions skipper after a couple of down weeks which saw him bottom out in price. Had 34 touches (17 contested) to pair with 7 clearances, 10 tackles, 816 metres gained and 1 goal.

2. Harris Andrews (123). Fourth ton on the trot now for Harris as he has 20 touches of the footy with 9 marks at a very good 90% DE.

3. Daniel Rich (122). Another great score from Rich as he brought up his fifth ton in a row from 28 touches at 92% DE that gained 643 metres. Also had 11 marks.

4. Sean Darcy\Oscar McInerney (120). The ruckman couldn’t be split here. Both had 17 touches with 11 contested possessions each, while McInerney led the clearances 7 to 5. He also had the lead with 2 goals to 1, but Darcy took the hit out advantage with 29-23.

5. Caleb Serong (115). Solid game from Serong to round out the top 5, as he grabbed 30 touches (12 contested) with 7 marks, 5 tackles and 5 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Daniel McStay (106)

Disappointment: Luke Ryan hasn’t gone above 100 since round 16 and this week wasn’t great as he only grabbed 17 touches for 72 points.

Rookies: Since returning to the team, Tom Fullarton has been super, this week grabbing 14 touches (10 contested) and a couple of tackles for 84 points, which was just above Cockatoo (77), who had 8 touches, 6 tackles and 2 goals. Treacy scored 64 which was the best of the Dockers, slightly above Henry (54), Walker (48), Meek (41) and a long way above Western (4). Oh and Prior returned to the team to have 7 touches and 41 points.

Injuries: Both Wilson and Robinson were subbed off in this one.


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