Round 5 Review

Written by Dane on April 19 2021

St Kilda (7.6.48) defeated by Richmond (20.14.134)

1. Shane Edwards (127). Was inventive as ever through the middle of the ground, collecting 29 touches (12 contested), 7 clearances, 1 goal and over 500 metres gained for the game.

2. Jack Graham (123). Kicked the three goals and had 17 touches, but it was his 12 tackles that really boosted his score for the night.

3. Toby Nankervis (121). Nank’s second ton of the year came courtesy of a solid all round performance against the inexperienced Hunter. Had 40 hitouts, 6 tackles, 6 clearances and 22 disposals for the night.

4. Hunter Clark (114). With the ball down back for the Saints for much of the night, Clark was able to gather plenty of it (33) and use it pretty well considering the pressure he was under (75%).

5. Josh Battle (113). Another beneficiary of the Tiger dominance was Battle, who ran at 84% DE from his 19 touches, while also grabbing 8 marks across half-back.

Other 100+ scores:
Shai Bolton (110), Nic Coffield (107), Jack Steele (106)

Disappointment: Jayden Short (74) had some uncharacteristic turnovers during his 20 touches, while the hot start for Jack Billings stopped with a game of 14 touches and 43 points.

Rookies: The basement priced Paul Hunter came in as the late replacement for Marshall and played decently for 1 goal, 6 touches, 18 hitouts and 53 points, while second gamer Mansell had 13 touches and 50 points off half-back.

Injuries: I’m starting to think that the Saints Jimmy Webster is cursed, he was once again subbed out with a groin strain, which is a shame because he’s a decent running defender when he can stay on the park.

Collingwood (11.10.76) defeated by West Coast (16.7.103)

1. Liam Duggan (146). He finally produced a 100+ score this year running around at half-back. Had 36 touches (29 kicks) with 13 marks with only the 1 clanger.

2. Brodie Grundy (134). A huge first quarter with a couple of goals was his launchpad for a big score that eventually included 20 touches (15 contested), 7 tackles and 25 hitouts.

3. Alex Witherden (133). He was always going to score well if he played, it’s what his previous years have shown. With performances like this you’d think he stays in the team as he grabbed 30 touches and 9 marks at 93% DE across half-back.

4. Jeremy McGovern (130). The Eagles intercept man had 9 marks and 20 touches at half-back that was well backed up by his 100% DE.

5. Jack Redden/Jack Darling (128). The first of the Jacks had a career night in an Eagles midfield that was missing some stars, gathering a career high 37 touches, while the second Jack kicked 5 goals from 15 touches.

Other 100+ scores:
Oscar Allen (127), Brayden Maynard (125), Andrew Gaff (109), Dom Sheed (104), Nic Naitanui (100)

Disappointment: The forward experiment of Darcy Moore turned in his worst game of the season with only 9 touches, 8 marks and 3 goals for a season low 65.

Rookies: The debut of Finlay Macrae (41) was promising, with his ball winning knack evident as he grabbed 18 touches in the midfield. Forward McCreery looks a decent downgrade option after a 2 goal, 11 touch, 58 point game.

Injuries: The nights of De Goey (concussion) and Howe (hamstring) ended early, as did Mihocek’s shoulder. Eagles Rotham and Cole had a head clash late but no real harm was done.

Western Bulldogs (17.16.118) defeated Gold Coast (8.8.56)

1. Josh Dunkley (148). His hot start continued with a huge game of 38 touches (17 contested), 8 tackles, 7 clearances and 2 goals. Averaging 128, he’s becoming a solid VC option to consider as well.

2. Jack Macrae (146). Averaging a point more than Dunkley is this guy, who couldn’t do much wrong on Saturday with 35 touches (17 contested) and 7 clearances while running at 85% DE.

3. Marcus Bontempelli (133). Bont was a driving force in the win, gaining almost 800 metres from his 33 touches. He also kicked 3 goals and layed 6 tackles in a dominant display.

4. Bailey Dale (129). With Williams injured for part of the game and Daniel out, Dale became the main distributor off half-back and had 27 touches at 92% for a career high score.

5. Adam Treloar (117). The fourth Bulldog mid in the top five ran hard all day to have 26 touches and 2 goals for his third ton in a row.

Other 100+ scores: Brandon Ellis (113), Oleg Markov (106)

Disappointment: Defender Jack Bowes dropped under 100 for the first time this year with only 73 points, which gets him this game’s disappointment.

Rookies: Scott (61) and McNeil (45) I think hit their breakevens so they’ll continue to make cash, while first-gamer Jordan Sweet (73) had a great debut with 8 touches, 4 tackles and 31 hitouts, but his job security seems less than ideal with Martin in the picture. Gold Coast had 184K forward Jy Farrar play his second game (debuted in 2020) and he was great, scoring 83 from 21 touches.

Injuries: Running backman Williams was subbed off during the third quarter which gave Ben Cavvara some game time.

Sydney (10.9.69) defeated by GWS (9.17.71)

1. Shane Mumford (135). A huge game from Mumford, which is probably the worst possible outcome for owners of Flynn. Was dominant in the midfield again with 15 touches (12 contested), 8 clearances, 6 tackles and 28 hitouts.

2. Lance Franklin (130). Was on point in front of goal to kick 5 goals straight from 14 touches and 8 marks. Won’t play every week but might produce a couple of these scores with big bags of goals.

3. Sam Reid (125). Backed up his 130 from last week with this score, and they might keep coming if he continues in the ruck with Hickey going down. Had 16 touches, 6 clearances, 5 tackles, 15 hitouts and ran at 93% DE.

4. Jake Lloyd (100). Lloyd did his usual across half-back, racking up uncontested ball while driving his team forward for exactly 600 metres gained.

5. Josh Kelly (98). Kicked the game winning goal to boost his score, which thrown in with 26 touches, probably should’ve got him to triple figures.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Toby Greene is in some hot form, but his return of 1.7 in front of the big sticks reduced his score to 76. 

Rookies: The cash might dry up soon for Gulden (66) who has consecutive 60’s and is already over 300K, but almost everyone has him so it isn’t a necessity to move him on as soon as he maxes out. Braeden Campbell (39) and Logan McDonald (15) were disappointing, as was Warner (50). GWS second gamer Conor Stone (59) was good, collecting 13 touches swinging between each end of the ground.

Injuries: Bad news for Sydney ruckman and Supercoach cash cow Hickey (87), who was once again on track for a good score before he was subbed off at 3QT with a likely PCL injury. Sam Reid (of the GWS variety), was also subbed off with a hamstring issue.

Carlton (9.14.68) defeated by Port Adelaide (15.6.96)

1. Sam Walsh (144). He bounced back from his underwhelming 89 last week with a huge score thanks to 29 touches (13 touches), 8 clearances, 1 goal and 6 tackles while committing no clangers for the game.

2. Darcy Byrne-Jones/Todd Marshall (119). Port’s All-Aus backman was superb off half-back with 24 touches and 9 marks, while their promising young forward 19 touches, 9 marks and 1 goal playing a high half-froward role.

3. Scott Lycett/Karl Amon (115). Lycett picked up 12 touches, 28 hitouts and 1 goal for his second ton of the year, while Amon was a driving force all game with 1 goal, 28 touches and 650 metres gained.

4. Mitch Georgiades (107). The gun young forward kicked 3 goals from 15 touches and 5 marks and will make life difficult by tandeming with Marshall for the next decade.

5. Travis Boak (106). Despite copping a tag from Curnow, Boak still gathered 29 touches (17 contested) with 4 clearances for his fourth ton of 2021.

Other 100+ scores: Aliir Aliir (104)

Disappointment: The popular Carlton pairing of Patrick Cripps (83) and Zac Williams (88) haven’t produced what owners would’ve wanted so far this season and will both experience price drops.

Rookies: Bergman returned to the Power lineup with a solid game off half-back to grab 16 touches and 62 points, while fellow rookie Jones overcame a foot issue in the third to score 69 from 17 touches.

Injuries: Popular defender Houston (48) was subbed off before half-time with a shoulder issue and might miss multiple weeks, while all of Motlop, Hartlett and the previously mentioned Jones spent time on the bench throughout the game, but don’t seem in any danger of missing round 6.

Brisbane (15.12.102) defeated Essendon (6.9.45)

1. Lachie Neale (157). After what could only be defined as a horrid start to the year for someone priced at 721K, Neale bounced back with a huge score from 38 touches (17 contested), 2 goals and 8 clearances. That’s more like it.

2. Hugh McLuggage (140). Another Lion who has been underwhelming to start the year is Brisbane’s hard runner, who had his best score of 2021 from 32 touches, 4 tackles and 1 goal.


3. Lincoln McCarthy (134). McCarthy was busy up forward, laying 11 tackles, grabbing 19 touches (12 contested) while also kicking 2 goals for the second best score of his career.

4. Zach Merrett (130). The best score of the season thus far for Merrett came from 35 touches (16 contested), 7 clearances and a couple of tackles.

5. Jarryd Lyons (128). Lyons continued on his merry way in 2021, picking up another 35 touches (21 contested), 9 clearances and 7 tackles. Is yet to drop under triple figures, which puts him in an elite group.

Other 100+ scores: Daniel Rich (123), Joe Daniher (121), Andrew McGrath (117), Harris Andrews (104), Nick Hind (102), Danye Zorko (101) 

Disappointment: With scores of 124 and 86 and high CBA’s at 282K, Jake Stringer was looking value, but with just 9 touches and 27 points, that all changed very quickly.

Rookies: 123K defender Prior played his second game up forward to kick 2 goals and score 65 points to put himself forward as an option for a Highmore/Sharp/Kosi replacement. The Bombers had multiple rookies in this game with Waterman (27), Cox (39), Jones (30) and Perkins (56) all falling below par. First-gamer Zach Reid (53) had 10 touches with 5 tackles.

Injuries: The games hottest scorer in Ridley (30) was concussed very early on and will miss next round with the current 12 day protocol. For Brisbane, McInerney and Jarrod Berry finished the game on the bench.

Adelaide (11.6.72) defeated by Fremantle (12.12.84)

1. David Mundy (145). 35 years old, 111 point average, just insane numbers. He was classy as always through the middle of the ground, picking up 28 touches (13 contested), 6 clearances, 8 tackles and kicking 1 goal.

2. Luke Ryan (134). He’s been solid but not stellar thus far in 2021, with this score being his best by a considerable margin. Had 24 touches and 10 marks with no clangers and a great DE of 83%.

3. Nat Fyfe (125). The skipper turned in another great performance through the middle of the ground to finish with 24 touches (16 contested) and 9 tackles.

4. Brodie Smith/Andrew Brayshaw (117). Adelaide’s highest scorer was their long kicking backman who gained 828 metres from 27 disposals, while Brayshaw bounced back from last weeks tag with 33 touches (17 contested) and 7 clearances.

5. Reilly O’Brien (113). Rounding out the top 5 was the Crows ruckman who notched up his third ton in a row from 17 touches (12 contested), 32 hitouts and 5 clearances.

Other 100+ scores: Paul Seedsman/Lachlan Schultz (108), Sean Darcy (105), Lachlan Sholl (103), Tom Doedee (101)

Disappointment: Micheal Walters start to the year has been less than impressive thus far with scores of just 76, 61 and the latest 57.

Rookies: The trio of Butts (81), Rowe (79) and Chapman (54) all played well and should see price increases for the next couple of weeks. The news wasn’t as good for young ruck/forward Treacy, who could only score 15 in a very disappointing display after I talked him up last week.

Injuries: Young star Adam Cerra (15) had a leg knock in the first quarter and hence got subbed off. Keep an eye out for the injury post on Tuesday for anymore information.

Melbourne (15.14.104) defeated Hawthorn (8.6.54)

1. Max Gawn (172). He joins Josh Bruce on the equal highest score of the season with this performance. He did a bit of everything to finish with 26 disposals (19 contested), 5 clearances, 10 marks, 24 hitouts and 1 goal.

2. Tom McDonald (136). Was a solid player a few years back with a 95+ point average, and as this game showed, he’s still got the potential. Had 22 touches, 10 marks and a couple of goals playing at high half-forward.

3. Jaeger O’Meara (127). The only Hawk over triple figures was the smooth moving O’Meara, who had 27 touches (14 contested), 9 clearances and 6 tackles. Averaging 104 so far, his best ever.

4. Clayton Oliver (115). You can probably guess what his statline was, he just does it week after week by racking up plenty of touches (30), contested ball (18) and tackles (8).

5. Christian Salem/Christian Petracca (108). A tie for the Christians here, with the back flanker collecting 30 touches and gaining 499 metres, while the inside bull had 23 touches and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Jake Lever (107)

Disappointment: Considering the only other Hawk over 90 was Scrimshaw (96), pretty much any Hawk you own returned an underwhelming score.

Rookies: A couple of coaches were relying on Koschitzke, so his score of 62 from 9 touches was quite welcoming considering his previous couple of games. The other one was Jordon, who played much better this week with 20 touches and 4 tackles for 76 points.

Injuries: No subs used here, and no injuries seemingly too!

Geelong (10.17.77) defeated North Melbourne (7.5.47)

1. Tom Stewart/Sam Menegola (152). A couple of star Cats couldn’t be split at the top here. Stewart had a career best score thanks to his 30 touches and 11 marks, while Menegola had 28 touches and 2 goals for his best score of the year.

2. Jack Ziebell (148). Ziebell’s fantastic form continued with a game of ridiculous numbers that included 33 kicks (career best) and 946 metres gained, which has to be close to a record I’d assume.

3. Brandon Parfitt (135). Parfitt produced career highs in this game with 22 handballs and 8 clearances, but also laid 7 tackles to further boost his score.

4. Mitch Duncan (133). He didn’t commit a single turnover from his 27 touches and ran at a very nice 85% DE on Sunday night. He did clash with Hall which left the him concussed, so keep an eye on the MRO.

5. Mark Blicavs (106). Geelong’s Mr Fix it played the majority of the game down back this week, picking up 20 touches and 7 marks for his first ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Zach Tuohy/Aiden Bonar (103)

Disappointment: No one else from North got over 90 so pretty much any of them qualify, but the big one was probably the return of Dangerfield, who only scored 75 from 22 touches, which would’ve put a sour end to the round 5 for the coaches who held.

Rookies: Tom Powell (74) will continue to rise with another solid performance, but Will Phillips wont have a huge rise after his 41 took his three round average to 42 which isn’t helped by his already increased price tag. 123K forward De Koning made his debut here, finishing with 8 touches, 3 marks, 2 behinds and 27 points. Atu Bosenavulagi made his club debut and impressed with 16 touches and 3 tackles for 72 points, his currently priced at 175K. Oh, also Tom Campbell played his second game and scored 41, he is sitting at 154K, while Lachie Young scored 73 and will continue to rise.

Injuries: Another rookie who played here was Lazzaro, who had a hamstring issue to finish his night on 29 points, while the big kicking Hall was concussed early in the contest and will miss next week. 


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