Tech League Trade Talk

Written by JimmyDee on April 18 2021

A Tech League or Tech beleaguered?

Thinking there will be more trading this week?

From the starting line up coaches have had little chance to upgrade as we are trying to survive the long term out carnage of Dangerfield, Prestia, Caldwell, Witts, May and now Howe. And that’s not counting those who snuck Ridley and others in early.

Add to that the non selection until this week of Witherden, and the stymied chances of rookies building cash such as Hunter, Highmore and Sharp to name a few, along with GWS selecting grunt over youth in the ruck.

The leaders are riding the early luck and selections but I’m tipping they have chewed into the trade count.  Chart shows the top ten.

This round saw seven coaches eke out a 2000 + score, with Phil Gilbert Allstars topping the list at 2054. Others in the list were Goopstars, Jumper Punchers, Glenboys, Snipers, Technicoolz and 2 Ezy@SCT rounding out the first seven.

If you would like to share some of your secrets for trading this week, feel free, and if you’d like to hint at how many trades you’ve chewed up, that might make for interesting reading as well.


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5 thoughts on “Tech League Trade Talk”

  1. Trades have been haphazard, eg forgot to trade Prestia to Ziebell because of the Thursday night thing combined with Alzheimers so had to sacrifice Jordan along with May to make it happen.

    Next round will see the removal of Higgins (I think) or maybe Phillips. Anyhow one plus Howe has to make way for another premo and chew into my trade count keeping it one above twenty. (That was my hint)

    Glad I held Danger for three weeks !! Sarcastic rumblings!


  2. Ok….my plan for tomorrow, keep Ridley as Capt (yep, serious, hear me out), have McRae as Vc, (see told you, not bad huh?), then work around trading out Howe, and maybe/probably Campbell or Hunter or just anyone else.
    As far as trades go, yep, used ‘em all, but if I hadn’t been a dork and made those last minute Capt changes I’d be leading or close to it, and you would maybe be getting players I already have because of the injuries.
    I was hoping to sit back and not trade for awhile after this week.
    Anyone have thoughts on whether Koschitzke and Highmore will be playing this week?


  3. Held Danger, for this? Argh! Still holding him though.

    Most likely bring in Gawn and Neale. Flynn putting up a huge score could put Gawn off a week, in which case I upgrade someone else but being sure to have Gawn money left over.

    Happy with the cash and points from the early Neale trade out. Had hoped for a few more weeks of him doing badly, but this was still enough.

    Have used every trade possible. The constant injuries added to the normal tech league issues needed fixed has been a challenge. Like, bringing in Hickey last week, that was frustrating


  4. 8 trades used already with 15 ‘keepers’. May and Caldwell on the bench and I will hold Howe if 3 weeks or less (fingers crossed). Rookie to Jones and Rookie to Sholl my trades at this stage.
    Goody said in his presser he hopes May will be back this week but I’m not so confident



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