Round 5 Review

Written by Dane on April 8 2024

Adelaide (8.15.63) defeated by Melbourne (10.18.78)

1. Christian Petracca (140). Second time reaching 140 in the past three weeks, he led the Demons midfield with 29 touches (15 contested) plus 8 clearances, 5 tackles, 1 goal and a team best 487 metres gained.

2. Max Gawn (129). Semi-popular VC early on and not a score worth passing up, he had 15 touches (13 contested) with 5 clearances, 6 marks and 39 hitouts.

3. Jake Soligo (128). Plenty of midfield time on Thursday, collecting 27 touches with 14 contested touches, 8 tackles and 6 clearances, everything but the disposals being a team high.

4. Mitch Hinge/Judd McVee (119). Hinge has a decent history of scoring and did a bit of everything on Thursday with 24 touches, 5 marks and 5 tackles, while it was a career high for McVee as he found 20 touches but importantly no clangers and 95% DE.

5. Rory Laird (116). Great consistency from Laird, his four scores so far being 124, 120, 111 and now this one thanks to 24 touches, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Brodie Smith (107)

Disappointment: This week it has to go to Clayton Oliver (62) who usually dominates the Crows at Adelaide Oval, just 16 touches and 2 tackles on Thursday night.

Rookies: Quickly cover the Crows rookies, with only Burgess (15) and Parnell (27) being eligible here, they were the subs out and in respectively. For the Demons, it was Howes (46) and Windsor (61) who were culled from a few teams this week but still hit their BE. Woewodin (4) came on as the sub.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report, just the subs in this game being Brown and Burgess.

Brisbane (16.16.112) defeated North Melbourne (6.6.42)

  1. Joe Daniher (148). Feasted up forward with 5.4 from 20 touches and 12 marks, helping the Lions get on the board in 2024.
  2. Charlie Comben (129). Best career score for Comben, an impressive 25 touches that ran at 80% DE across half-back.
  3. Lachie Neale/Hugh McCluggage (125). Neale was subbed out but still did more than enough damage with his 27 touches (14 contested), while Hugh had a game best 36 touches and 545 metres gained for his club.
  4. Harry Sheezel (124). Typical Sheezel game, which is weird to say in his second season. 35 touches, 6 marks, 616 metres gained.
  5. Josh Dunkley (122). Rounded out the top five with his 31 touch , 7 clearance, 8 tackle performance.

Other 100+ scores: Tristan Xerri (115), Eric Hipwood (107), Lincoln McCarthy (100).

Disappointment: Both Fisher (75) and Powell (73) taking this one out.

Rookies: Answerth (62) and Gardiner (42) both got game three into their system here, but aren’t currently highly owned. Lohmann had his best game of the season with an 88. For the Roos, there were the standard three of Dawson (76), McKercher (54) and Duursma (43), who all enjoyed price rises.

Injuries: Couple of injuries here with Neale and Stephens being subbed out of the game. Bailey was also listed on the injury report.

Port Adelaide (17.9.111) defeated Essendon (6.6.42)

  1. Connor Rozee (152). Completely out classed the rest on Friday night, slotting 3 goals from his 36 touches (16 contested) to pair with a massive 657 metres gained on the night.
  2. Zach Merrett (136). Having just an outstanding start to the season. Another 36 touches (13 contested) on Friday with 7 clearances, 5 tackles and 721 metres gained.
  3. Nic Martin (133). Back to back monster scores, Martin had free will in the back half to find 35 touches.
  4. Jason Horne-Francis (132). Career high 31 touches for the former number 1 pick (13 contested), 10 of those being clearances and over 600 metres gained for the game.
  5. Zak Butters (119). Rounds out the top five after overcoming a slow start, ending up with 26 touches, 5 clearances, 7 tackles and 6 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Xavier Duursma (116), Dan Houston (106), William Drew (104)

Disappointment: Parish is still on the return from injury but we’ll have to see much more than 72.

Rookies: Mead continues to make some coin after another score of 55, while it was Burgoyne’s third contest but he was sub again for 29. Nothing to cover for the Bombers.

Injuries: Menzie and Boak the intial subs, the later due to a back concern. The Bombers also listed Perkins with a hamstring.

West Coast (11.12.78) defeated by Sydney (15.14.104)

  1. Isaac Heeney (165). Another monster performance from Isaac with 26 touches (17 contested) to go along with 2 goals, 6 tackles, 7 clearances and elite DE of 92%.
  2. Nick Blakey (138). 25 damaging touches off half-back, it was once again the DE of 96% that really boosted his score.
  3. Liam Duggan (134). Solid game down back from Duggan, leading the game with 12 marks and 30 touches that gained over 600 metres for his club.
  4. Elliot Yeo (130). Another outing injury free, the Eagles midfielder had 28 touches (13 contested) 6 clearances, 8 tackles and 595 metres gained.
  5. Errol Gulden (129). Feasted on the Eagles with 25 touches, 2 goals, 5 marks and 6 tackles plus a game best 719 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Jeremy McGovern (113)

Disappointment: James Jordon for his score of 57, which will really halt his cash generation.

Rookies: Roberts (80) is trucking along very nicely in this Swans side and theres no point trading him just yet, even with their bye. Mitchell the only other Swan to cover, but he was subbed on again and failed to register anything, finishing on 0. Harley Reid (91) had his best game at senior level as the Eagles challenged the Swans, while Jamieson (65) led Chesser (45) and debutant Rawlinson (11).

Injuries: Adams was subbed of tactically in his Swans debut, while the Eagles had Maric and Edwards listed on their injury report.

Fremantle (9.9.63) defeated by Carlton (10.13.73)

  1. Jeremy Sharp (126). An outstanding game from Sharp, ensuring a solid price rise for the next fortnight. 29 touches and 7 marks plus 1 goal, 655 metres gained and 90% DE was a great return.
  2. Andrew Brayshaw (124). Best game of the season for Andy, his 38 touches (13 contested) plus 7 marks, 7 tackles and 533 metres gained leading the Dockers midfield.
  3. Hayden Young (119). Back to back tons now for Young who is finding his feet in 2024. 25 touches and paired that with a game high 9 tackles.
  4. Luke Ryan (111). Another week and another ton. Smaller numbers of 22 touches and 589 metres gained but ran at 96% DE.
  5. Adam Saad (108). The solitary Blue to make it, Saad bounced off half-back with 25 touches @ 84 % DE.

Other 100+ scores: James Aish (105), George Hewett (103), Nat Fyfe (102), Patrick Cripps (101), Tom De Koning (100)

Disappointment: Some iffy scores in the 90’s for both Serong and Jackson.

Rookies: Sharp has had his time in the sun but Draper did not against Carltons twin towers, finishing on just 21. Taberner (29) not that much better either, while Emmett (55) had his best score yet. Just Fantasia (41) and Carroll (66) for the Blues, the latter trucking along nicely with his cash generation.

Injuries: Frederick suffered a hamstring concern for the Dockers, while Elijah Hollands was subbed out for the Blues. Zac Williams looked like he had a lower leg injury. Keep an eye on the Injury List this week.

Western Bulldogs (14.7.91) defeated by Geelong (14.11.95)

  1. Tom Liberatore (155). Ridiculous numbers from Libba. 35 touches (28 contested) plus 9 tackles and 19 clearance’s. Just abreast at the contest.
  2. Marcus Bontempelli (141). Slight ankle concern leading into the game apparently, but you wouldn’t know it from 35 touches (14 contested), 638 metres gained, 1 goal and 10 tackles on Saturday night.
  3. Tim English (117). Very English sort of game. 17 touches, 4 marks and 38 hitouts. Didn’t completely dominate but very good as per usual.
  4. Adam Treloar (113). Found the ball at complete will with a game high 37 touches for 561 metres gained and 1 major to round out a strong top four scores from the Dogs.
  5. Zach Guthrie (106). Best score in a winning side from the younger Guthrie thanks to 21 clean touches plus 1 major for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Gryan Miers (105), Rhys Stanley (103), Jeremy Cameron (101), Tyson Stengle (100)

Disappointment: Tom Stewart wasn’t up to his usual standards, only finishing on 77.

Rookies: With a dominant Dogs midfield, Sanders found plenty of the ball himself, finishing on a nice 82 points, but two above him on 84 was Sam Darcy. Khamis did some nice things for his 53, while Gallagher hit the scoreboard and finished on 46. The Cats had Clark (28) and Dempsey (80) who is making some quick cash.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report for either club, Clark and Daniel those subbed out.

Gold Coast (13.11.89) defeated by GWS (18.9.117)

  1. Matt Rowell (129). 26 touches and 1 goal led Rowell to the best score in this one, but it was the 19 contested touches and 88% DE that really stood out.
  2. Sam Flanders (124). Seemed to have a role across half-back, finding 29 touches and 7 marks. Firmly in the top 6 forwards.
  3. Stephen Coniglio (111). Scooted his way around to find 27 touches and a massive 625 metres gained. Paired it with 2 majors and 6 tackles.
  4. Tom Green (109). Slightly down on weeks previous, but still did enough with his 23 touches and 8 tackles to make it into fourth spot.
  5. Sam Clohsey (108). What a debut. 22 touches, near on 500 metres gained plus 1 goal and 8 marks. A real target and an even better option now that his bye is done.

Other 100+ scores: Mac Andrew (101), Toby Greene (100)

Disappointment: The usual high scoring duo of Miller and Anderson both finished on meh scores of 89.

Rookies: Clohesy has had his time in the Sun, so the next debutant to cover is Graham as a 117K M/D, he had 67 on debut, while ruckman Read scored 44 in his debut. Walter played game two for and snagged his first goal amongst his score of 42, while the other regulars were Uwland (47) and Berry (41). Wehr (69) led the Giants rookies, above Cadman (50) and the subbed out Thomas (18).

Injuries: Nothing on the report, just Humphreys and Thomas subbed out tactically.

Richmond (9.6.60) defeated by St Kilda (9.13.67)

  1. Rowan Marshall (147). Massive in a big ruck battle, finishing with the best score of the game from 23 touches that ran at 83 % DE to pair with 1 goal, 7 tackles, 7 marks and 24 hitouts.
  2. Jack Steele (142). 33 touches (18 contested) for the Saints skipper plus 10 tackles and 5 marks to lead the comeback on Sunday.
  3. Shai Bolton/Toby Nankervis (133). Tied up Tigers here. Bolton snagged 4 goals from 19 touches and 9 marks to be the dominant forward on the day, while Nankervis had 21 touches, 5 marks, 7 tackles and 35 hitouts.
  4. Jack Sinclair (124). 29 clean touches for Sinclair, falling just short of 500 metres gained for the game and his best score so far this year.
  5. Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (114). Rounded out the top 5 thanks to 27 touches, 11 marks and 517 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Callum Wilkie (102), Jack Ross (101)

Disappointment: Short (66) can just not crack into the triple figure scores, his DE and low contested possession rate being a real issue.

Rookies: Tom Brown (95) was super down back and will make some nice cash, while Rioli Jnr and Campbell scored 64 and 57 respectively for more price rises. Sonsie is on the bubble this week and had 44, while Lefau played his third game for 49. McAuliffe (19) was on debut but suffered an injury. Another debut here was Hastie, but he got subbed on for just 1. Wilson (58) is creeping towards 200k.

Injuries: The injury report has Dow with an ankle and McAuliffe with an ankle as well on debut, while it was Jones subbed out for the Saints.

Collingwood (11.11.77) defeated Hawthorn (11.6.72)

  1. Jordan De Goey (138). Finally a good game from JDG, 31 touches (11 contested) with 791 metres plus 7 tackles and 6 mars to go along with 1 major.
  2. Lloyd Meek (130). One of the better games of Meek’s career, he compiled 18 touches, 4 tackles and 30 hitouts for the game.
  3. Tom Mitchell (119). Old style Mitchell game with 30 touches (18 contested) plus 10 tackles boosting his score.
  4. Karl Amon (112). Ran around at half back freely to find 28 touches (26 kicks) plus a huge 903 metres gained.
  5. Darcy Cameron/Jai Newcombe (110). Wasn’t completely beaten by Meek, as Cameron also found 19 touches and 32 hitouts, while Newcombe led the Hawks midfield with 26 touches, 1 goal and 7 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Daicos/Nick Daicos (102), Jack Crisp (101)

Disappointment: Not much to cover bar Sicily and another sub ton with just 95.

Rookies: Just a score of 4 for Hustwaite in game number two, but Ramsden (71) is worth a mention for his first game of the year up forward, one to keep an eye on. Just the usual McInnes (45) for the reigning premiers.

Injuries: Just Pendlebury on the report due to a knock to the ribs, while it was Butler subbed off tactically for the Hawks.



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