Round 6 Review (Part 1)

Written by Dane on April 25 2022

GWS (8.12.60) defeated by St Kilda (10.17.77)

1. Jack Steele (140). Has improved every week so far this season and is pretty much back at that 120 average (119.2). Had 29 touches (16 contested) with 8 tackles and 501 metres gained to lead this games scoring.

2. Jack Higgins (129). Dangerous up forward all night to finish with 4 goals and could’ve had 7-8. Overall had 18 touches and 9 marks for his third ton of the year.


3. Callan Ward (123). Couple of massive performances from Ward over the past two weeks, as he led the Giants scoring thanks to 21 touches (90% DE), 9 tackles and 2 goals.

4. Matt Flynn (122). Along with Pruess, dominated the hitouts (77-19 for the match), with Flynn contributing 30 of them. Also had 9 touches, 10 contested possessions, 4 tackles and 2 goals.


5. Seb Ross/Braydon Pruess (117). Third ton on the trot for Ross who we know can be a reliable scorer. Had 24 touches (12 contested), 7 clearances and 5 tackles, while Pruess worked in tandem with Flynn very well to have 13 disposals (12 contested) with 6 marks and 47 hitouts, but did run at 38% DE.


Other 100+ scorers: Jack Sinclair (112), Tom Green (108), Nick Haynes (104), Adam Kennedy (103), Josh Battle (100)

 Disappointment: A 35 point final term was the only saving grace for Whitifield, who ended up scoring 65 on Friday night. Didn’t have a bad stat line with 20 touches and 6 tackles, but limited contested touches and a combination of clangers and poor DE% hurt him. Taranto (63) will see a price drop.

Rookies: Promising game again from Finn Callaghan, who scored 76 from 18 touches that rant at 83% DE with no clangers in his game. Stein was the only other Giant but his 28 probably wasn’t part of many teams. For the Saints, Wanganeen-Milera (40) and Windhanger (51) did enough to meet their breakevens, as did big man…

Injuries: Jack Hayes (18), but as I’m sure many of us have heard, his ACL injury will see him out until 2023. The pain didn’t stop there for the Saints big men though with Rowan Marshall finishing the game on the bench due to a corkie.

Western Bulldogs (9.8.62) defeated by Adelaide (8.15.63)

1. Josh Dunkley (142). Great score from Dunkley who chalks up game 100 next week. Has limped to triple figures the past three weeks but with a lowest score of 97 so far this year is a great return as a starting pick. 28 touches (16 contested), 10 tackles, 1 goal and 6 clearances. 

2. Tom Liberatore (137). Brought himself into calculations with that FWD/MID DPP now, as he was probably the best of the Bulldogs with 33 touches (19 contested), 9 clearances, 10 tackles and 522 metres gained.

3. Reilly O’Brien (133). Been a great season so far for ROB, his fourth ton so far came from 17 touches (14 contested), 6 clearances, 5 tackles and 49 hitouts.

4. Ben Keays (129). Talking about great seasons, Keays needs to be considered a must-have midfielder at this point. Had another 33 touches (16 contested), with 8 clearances and a team high 624 metres gained. Only if he’d kicked 4 goals instead of 4 behinds!


5. Billy Frampton (124). About to make some quick money after producing this career best score. Had 26 touches and 9 marks while running at 88% DE. Started at 242K and has scored 70, 71, 82 and now this in a new role down back.

Other 100+ scorers: Rory Laird (123), Bailey Dale (121), Adam Treloar (104), Taylor Walker (103)

Disappointment: Nothing crazy bad here but there were some underwhelming scores from Macrae (96), Bontempelli (88), Dawson (81), Smith (80) and Daniel (67) who were all below their expected output.

Rookies: Not a bad debut by Robbie McComb (37) who had 11 touches and 4 tackles rotating a half-forward, hopefully he can piece together a few games and improve that DE (36%). Cook (42) and Gollant (38) I think hit their breakeven but wont see massive price rises, which is the same for Rachele (35) but he has shown some elite scoring potential. One of note though might be Hately (32) who is at 188K in the midfield and while his first up score isn’t great, he surely gets some time in the middle with Sloane not returning this year.

Injuries: No subs used here!

Port Adelaide (18.9.117) defeated West Coast (4.9.33)

1. Connor Rozee (153). Best score of the young guns career on Saturday, who played pure midfield to find 31 touches (15 contested), 8 clearances, 7 marks and 5 tackles while running at 83% DE.

2. Alex Witherden (152). In the same boat as Keays in that he’s playing that well he needs to be considered for our backlines. Averaging 116 through 5 games with this score coming from 34 touches that ran at 82% DE and gained a game-best 702 metres.

3. Todd Marshall (141). Another career best score from this game belonged to Marshall who kicked 5 goals from 14 touches and 11 marks while also laying 7 tackles.

4. Jeremy Finlayson (138). You guessed it, another career best score this time from the man with the tightest jumper numbers in the AFL. 5 goals for him as well from 19 touches and 6 marks up forward with a little bit of ruck work when required.

5. Dan Houston (124). Really good start to the year for Houston who is averaging 108 thus far. Had 33 touches with 6 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scorers: Williem Drew (121), Travis Boak (118), Luke Shuey (102)

Disappointment: For the domination that Port had, it was a shock to see Zak Butters (58) miss out on the action, he was one of only 4 Port players (2 of them being the subs) who didn’t crack 60.

Rookies: Patrick Naish continues to find a good amount of ball, this week having 20 touches, but this 56 was his worst of the year thus far. Luke Strnadica is probably a name youre familiar with if you’ve played Supercoach in the past, well he finally made his debut this weekend and performed well, scoring 56 from 11 touches, 3 tackles and 9 hitouts, while his opposing ruckman Hayes will be heavily traded in this week after he produced a second up 94 from 11 touches and 47 hitouts. 

Injuries: Midfielder Elliot Yeo had a head clash that ended his day in the 2nd quarter, while veteran Robbie Gray also found himself red vested with ice on his knee.

Fremantle (14.13.97) defeated Carlton (9.8.62)

1. Patrick Cripps (139). After a week out Cripps returned in glorious fashion, registering 32 touches (19 contested), 5 tackles, 8 clearances and 3 goals, a huge effort in a losing side.

2. Adam Cerra (132). Up against his old club, Cerra found 32 touches (17 contested), 5 tackles and 7 clearances while running at 81% DE.

3. Sam Docherty (122). After dipping below triple figures last week Docherty returned right back to bring his six round average to 118. Had 32 touches and 7 marks while running at 84% DE.

4. Rory Lobb (120). Third ton of the year for Lobb who is averaging 104 if you take out his score of 57. Did a bit of everything with 14 touches, 5 marks, 3 goals and 26 hitouts. 

5. Jacob Weitering (119). Another Blue who returned a great score on the back of some very good DE. Ran at 95% with his 21 disposals as well as hauling in 13 marks. 

Other 100+ scorers: George Hewett (114), Lachlan Schultz/Luke Ryan (109), Adam Saad (107), Sam Walsh (106), Andrew Brayshaw (104), Will Brodie (103), Lewis Young (102)

Disappointment: The predicted breakout of Serong (70) hasn’t eventuated so far this year, with poor scores and some injuries contributing to that.

Rookies: Maybe just skip over this is you were relying on lower-priced players here. More than likely O’Driscoll (42) was one of those who had 13 touches and 5 marks but not a single contested touch which held him back. Durdin (14) had a tough day of it in the forward pocket, while Boyd (30) and Parks (52) don’t have massive ownership anyway. 

Injuries: Bad news for bigman Pittonet who had a knee injury, the same that held McKay back slightly throughout the day. Another big man in Darcy also had issues in this game as he was subbed out with concussion.

North Melbourne (9.7.61) defeated by Geelong (17.19.121)

1. Jeremy Cameron (131). Massive game from Jez who snagged 7.3 from 16 touches and 9 marks of the footy, expect a couple of these games per season from him. 

2. Zach Tuohy (130). The best score of his 232 game career as Tuohy ran around freely to find 32 touches of the ball as well as 9 marks. Ran at 81% with just 2 clangers.

3. Rhys Stanley (121). Supplies a few of these every year as he had a solid game against the tandem duo of Goldy and Xerri. Had 37 hitouts and 14 touches.

4. Tom Hawkins (119). Cameron had a massive game but Hawkins was just as solid up forward, kicking 4 goals himself from 17 touches and 5 marks. Third ton of the year.

5. Tom Atkins (106). Clean game off half-back for Atkins who found 23 touches (12 contested) but importantly ran at 78% DE which boosted his score. 

Other 100+ scorers: Luke McDonald (102), Tyson Stengle (101)

Disappointment: Not many good scores from North, but Ziebell (68) will cop it since he’s probably the most relevant Supercoach wise of them.

Rookies: Even though he only scored 66, the game from De Koning here was very impressive as he found 15 touches of the footy and looked very composed. Going to be handy to just have on the bench as cover because he seems pretty set in the best 22. Horne-Francis (65) hit his breakeven from 19 touches (13 contested), 4 tackles and 8 clearances, while Perez was solid for 11 touches and 52 points. First gamers Curtis (58) and Dempsey (65) both kicked a goal on debut as well as having 11 and 16 touches respectively. 

Injuries: No subs used once again in this one!

Gold Coast (11.14.80) defeated by Brisbane (21.6.132)

1. Jarrod Witts (143). Third massive score so far this year for Witts, as he won the battle agains the tandem duo of McInerney and Fort, eventually finishing with 48 hitouts, 9 disposals and 6 tackles.

2. Zac Bailey (135). Pretty much had a ton at half-time and finished with a career high 6 goals from 17 touches of the football. Third ton of the year so far as his average increases to 95.

3. Ben Ainsworth (115). Best score of the year thus far for the former number 4 pick as he had a well rounded statline of 22 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

4. Hugh McLuggage (113). Fourth ton for Hugh this season who was clean in difficult conditions, running at 77% DE from his 22 touches, of which 11 were contested. Also had 9 tackles.

5. Jarryd Lyons (110). Huge game from Lyons who recorded 30 touches (13 contested), 13 clearances, 10 tackles and 1 goal, for what I’m pretty sure is the first, what I consider to be the AFL equivalent “triple-double” of the season. Was held back by 8 clangers. Also had 873 metres gained.

Other 100+ scorers: Charlie Cameron/Lachie Neale (108), Daniel Rich (106), Matt Rowell/Lincoln McCarthy (103), Noah Anderson (100)

Disappointment: With his new DPP eligibility, Dayne Zorko almost came into my team this week, but thankfully I ended up avoiding this score of 73.

Rookies: Very limited rookies in this game, with the only one actually below 200K being Lohmann (32) who was looking good before a bad looking ankle injury. Davies (46) got a reprieve as Rosas was a late out (which would’ve hurt tens of thousands of coaches), but I will mention Coleman (76) here who was super popular at 263K DEF/FWD in the pre-season until a hamstring pushed back his season debut to this game. Had 15 touches and 8 marks and looms as a potential sideways trade for someone like McCartin or Gibcus for that better scoring potential. 

Injuries: As mentioned, second gamer Lohmann had a nasty looking ankle injury in a second quarter tackle that may well see him out of action for a while.

Richmond (8.6.54) defeated by Melbourne (9.22.76)

1. Clayton Oliver (168). Just a massive game from Satan as he found 41 touches of the pill (22 contested) as well as recording 13 clearances and a team-high 684 metres gained. 

2. Nick Vlastuin (155). Huge game from Vlastuin who had 13 intercept possessions within his 30 touch game. Also hauled in 12 marks, gained 544 metres and ran at a very good 76% DE.

3. Ed Langdon (130). Ran all day and hit 100% TOG again to collect 30 touches, 7 marks, 1 goal and 599 metres gained on the wings of the MCG. 

4. Nathan Broad/Max Gawn (123). Broad has been scoring premium like numbers so far this year, averaging 103 through 6 games. He had 22 disposals (21 kicks) and 10 marks for the game, while Gawn was great again with 19 touches, 8 marks and 30 hitouts.

5. Jayden Short (111). Led the game with 763 metres gained from his 30 touches off half-back, with 23 kicks within that. Also had 9 marks and 4 tackles to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scorers: Toby Nankervis (107), Jake Bowey (106), Dion Prestia (105), Angus Brayshaw (104), Josh Gibcus (102)

Disappointment: He’s had a super year so far but Daniel Rioli cops it here for his score of 72.

Rookies: First career ton in this game to Josh Gibcus (102) which will see him make some quick growth while this stays in his cycle. Had 18 touches at 88% DE and took 12 marks down back as Melbourne launched attack after attack. Not much bar that except for Joel Smith (47) who came back into the side, and Thomson Dow

Injuries: Who was subbed off after managing just 12 points which will see his cash take a real dip after making close to 100K.



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  1. Thanks Dane, your review has become required Monday morning reading for me.
    New to the site, hello all


    1. Simon L,
      Welcome to the site.
      I hope that you find all the articles informative and helpful.
      Good luck with your team.


    2. Welcome Simon!

      Glad you’re finding them informative, but this is just Monday morning, there’s plenty of stuff through the week to look forward to!

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  2. Great read as always Dane, so informative. Unfortunately I was one of the Supercoachers who was lazing around yesterday afternoon and caught sight of Rosas being a late out, so I reversed trade to Lohmann, thinking I was a genius at 1/4 time only to see his score stall mid way through the second. Any news on the lad, did he manage to escape serious injury?


    1. Kai Lohmann (ankle)
      “It doesn’t look great. It looks like a decent ankle injury. I haven’t spoken to the medical people, I wouldn’t think he’d be available next week.”
      Chris Fagan.

      I will update in the Coaches box ASAP.


    2. Was going to say CT would be the one with an update on that and he’s right on cue!

      The injury itself looked very uncomfortable, I’m no doctor but if he’s back pre-bye I’d be surprised.



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