Round 6 Review (thus far)

Written by Dane on April 24 2023

Fremantle (10.9.69) defeated by Western Bulldogs (17.16.118)

  1. Marcus Bontempelli (182). Went mad on Friday night. 31 touches (18 contested) with 8 clearances, while running at 80% DE plus 10 tackles, 2 goals, 528 metres gained and 6 marks in a complete game. Those who VC’d him set themselves apart this weekend.
  2. Tom Liberatore (140). Just as good was Libba with 25 touches (16 contested) plus 7 clearances @ 96% DE plus 8 tackles and 1 goal. Unfortunately did have a concussion which will see him miss next week.
  3. Sean Darcy (137). Coming up against the best ruckman in the comp and more than held his own. Hasn’t been an issue since his round 2 disappointment, this week having 12 touches (13 contested possessions) plus 53 hitouts and 1 goal.
  4. Adam Treloar (135). Quietly just racking up the pill this year, averaging 31 touches a game. Had 35 of them here plus 2 goals.
  5. Jack Macrae/Tim English (131). Another Bulldogs mid who dominated was Macrae, dropping in his best of the year thanks to 29 touches (20 contested) plus 7 tackles and 14 clearances. Of course, none of these midfielders would’ve been as dominant if it wasn’t for English who was elite again, finishing with 20 disposals, 1 goal and 34 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Caleb Serong (130), Luke Ryan (120)

Disappointment: Could’ve been the usual suspects Dale and Brayshaw but I’ll instead throw this one to Ed Richards (57), his worst of the year. 

Rookies: Fourth game here for Johnson (35) but that score won’t see a big increase. Sturt (62) a touch better in game 2, kicking 2 goals from 7 touches, while Wagner (64) was nice with 18 touches and 459 metres gained. Corbett (11) was subbed on. Arthur Jones (35) had 9 touches, while McLean (37) was subbed out after finding 12 disposals. Baker was on a fair few fields this week covering and had 59 from 15 touches and 6 marks. Tough to score in this one with 8+ scores of 120.

Injuries: The previously mentioned Liberatore, plus word is Johannison also had a head clash late in the game. Amiss the sub for Fremantle.


Port Adelaide (16.13.109) defeated West Coast (10.9.69)

  1. Williem Drew (134). Not a total stranger to 100+ scores but this was a career best thanks to 25 touches (11 contested) plus 6 clearances, 10 tackles and 1 goal.
  2. Bailey Williams (131). Another career best score here. Williams was pretty super for the Eagles, having 21 disposals (16 contested) plus 13 clearances with 37 hitouts.
  3. Connor Rozee (126). Classy game and has a solid record against the Eagles. Took home the B.O.G medal which I didn’t know this game had attached to it. 29 touches, 6 marks, 7 tackles, 2 goals, 714 metres gained, nice numbers.
  4. Jeremy Finlayson (125). Second big score from 4 games but 2 duds elsewhere. Pinch hit in the ruck but did his damage up forward with 5 goals from 14 touches and 5 marks.
  5. Tom Barrass (121). One of those game where he was just super effective. Had 17 disposals (10 contested) plus 10 marks and 88% DE to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Byrne-Jones (107), Tim Kelly (106), Alex Witherden (104), Andrew Gaff (103)

Disappointment: Second time this season that there has been a 45 next to Horne-Francis, who hasn’t seen the heights of round 1 again.

Rookies: Ginbey (62) didn’t reach his BE but still performed well with 8 tackles and 12 touches, while in his third game Edwards (48) had 17 touches. Zane Trew (175K F/M) played his first game of the year for 9 touches, 5 tackles and a score of 41. Third gamer for Port Williams was subbed on for 37, while first gamer Lord (53) kicked 1 goal from 10 disposals. Teakle is priced at 198K in the ruck and was really promising with 14 touches, 34 hitouts and 85 points.

Injuries: On this weeks edition of who got injured for West Coast it was Shuey with an ankle, while Marshall was subbed off for Port due to concussion.


GWS (13.9.87) defeated by Brisbane (16.12.108)

  1. Josh Kelly (139). Third ton of the year and second one above 130. Had a massive 41 touches (17 contested) which led to 618 metres gained. Also completed 4 tackles.
  2. Stephen Congilio (136). Super underpriced after butchering the ball for the last fortnight. Hit his BE but is still super attainable even after this 38 touch, 8 tackle, 8 clearance game.
  3. Charlie Cameron (123). Difference in the game with 7 majors off his boot, complementing it with 15 disposals and 6 marks.
  4. Nick Haynes (119). Averaging a cool 95 across the first six games, with this season high coming from 27 touches, 7 marks and 581 metres gained while running @ 88% DE.
  5. Oscar McInerney (109). Rounds out the top 5 with his second ton of the season. 11 disposals plus 5 tackles, 5 clearances and 34 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Dunkley (104), Xavier O’Halloran (103), Toby Greene (101), Harry Himmelberg (100)

Disappointment: Went massive last week, and dropped exactly 100 points this week, so it’s Neale’s score of 76 that takes it. Two people traded him into Bont by the way, insanity. Cumming (58) has been a major downer as a starting POD so far, averaging 79.

Rookies: Cadman (36) is an exciting prospect but just doesn’t fit SuperCoach, at least for the moment. O’Halloran is actually cheaper than him and was great for 103 thanks to 3 goals and 17 touches plus 6 tackles. Angwin had his first game of the year and was great with 20 touches with no clangers for 62 points, while Rowston (27) was quiet. Buckley (87) and Daniels (91) have been insanely good for their staring price. Just the usual four for Brisbane in Ashcroft (76), McKenna (57), Wilmot (39) and Joyce (32).

Injuries: Joyce was the tactical sub, but the Giants had some serious injuries with an ACL to Kennedy and a bad hamstring for Taylor, we wish a smooth recovery to both.

Geelong (20.10.130) defeated Sydney (5.7.37)

  1. Patrick Dangerfield (144). Four tons in a row for the Cats skipper, this one thanks to a vintage performance of 31 touches (14 contested), 1 goal and nearly 600 metres gained.
  2. Tom Stewart (111). Standard stuff from Stewart down back, finishing with 23 touches, 7 marks and 505 metres gained plus clean use @ 82% DE.
  3. Jeremy Cameron (106). Kept on track for a 100 goal season with another 5 this week coming from 17 touches and 6 marks.
  4. Luke Parker (104). Second ton of the year for the veteran in the Swans engine room. Had 21 touches (12 contested) plus 6 clearances and 4 tackles.
  5. Mark Blicavs (99). One of those weird games where scores were well down, only equaling out to around 2800 between the two teams. Blicavs finished the top 5 thanks to 15 touches, 15 hitouts and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Search is still going for Errol Gulden who just couldn’t hit a target and scored just 47.

Rookies: Knevitt (14) was the sub for Geelong so don’t consider him until he shreds the vest. Simpson (80) was a late inclusion for his first game in a hot minute, performing admirably with 14 touches and 2 goals. Ratugolea (75) is pumping out some cash gen currently and had another fine effort of 11 touches, 5 marks and 90% DE. First game for the year for Francis (38) who is just under 200K and has DPP. Bad news though for Gould (25) who was the sub, he’s on the bubble this week but needs a full game. Even worse news though if you brought in… 

Injuries: Roberts (19) who was subbed off with a knee injury, which hurt even more if you fielded him like I did. Nothing else on the injury report it seems, Cam Guthrie the sub for Geelong. 

Hawthorn (11.10.76) defeated by Adelaide (11.13.79)

  1. Taylor Walker (130). Massive role in a tight game, slotting 4 goals from 20 touches and 8 marks, helping him post his best score of the year. 
  2. Rory Laird (126). Popular VC/C option and thats a respectable score. Had the Nash tag but powered through with 29 touches (21 contested) plus 12 tackles and 10 clearances, a triple double in my eyes. Keep an eye on the injury report as I saw some posts about him having a knee knock late in the game but he wasn’t mentioned on the offical match report.
  3. Conor Nash (124). Switched tags between Laird and Dawson by all reports but was elite himself, finding 28 touches (15 contested) plus 7 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal.
  4. Rory Sloane (119). Vintage stuff from Sloane, finding 30 touches (12 contested) plus 7 tackles for his first ton of the season.
  5. Jake Soligo (116). Was super quiet last week and copped the red vest, but then went boom with a career high score coming from 25 touches, 5 marks, 6 tackles, 15 contested possessions and a team high 635 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Jai Newcombe (114), Karl Amon (109), James Sicily (105), Blake Hardwick (101)

Disappointment: Talk of the town this week was Dawson, but he will be far cheaper in a few weeks after dishing out just 78 here.

Rookies: Just Pedlar (47) and Michalanney (50) in this one for the Crows, both good enough to hit their BE. MacKenzie (48) didn’t have the sub vest this week and found 15 touches, while Greene was once again super with 3 goals, 10 touches and 6 marks for a score of 77. Brockman (51) slotted 2 goals and Long (51) had 9 disposals and 7 tackles and is on the bubble. Probably the most enticing looking option this week though is Mitchell (79) who was clean once again with 15 touches and 6 marks.

Injuries: Only player on the official injury list was Max Lynch with concussion. Butts was the sub for the Crows.

Carlton (8.12.60) defeated by St Kilda (12.10.82)

  1. Adam Cerra (144). Career high 39 touches here as the Blues midfield found plenty of ball. 7 marks, 12 contested possessions plus 7 clearances, 1 goal and 625 metres gained for him.
  2. Sam Walsh/Patrick Cripps (130). Walsh is two games down and looking good, with such low ownership. Had 38 touches (12 contested) with 9 marks and just 1 clanger, while Cripps found 34 touches (22 contested) with 7 clearances and 7 tackles.
  3. Nic Newman (121). Plenty of ball at half back with 28 touches plus 10 marks, popping off for his third ton and averaging 95 thus far.
  4. Mitch Owens (114). Insane pick if you started him. Second ton of the year and averaging 98 after starting at 263K. Bit of everything with 16 touches, 5 marks, 7 tackles, 2 goals, 4 hitouts and importantly no clangers.
  5. Jacob Weitering (106). Great game across half-back to round out the top 5. 22 disposals, 9 marks and 86% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Sinclair/Marc Pittonet (105), Blake Acres (104)

Disappointment: First game back from injury was a quiet one for Steele (54) whole will be nice and cheap soon enough. One of the form players of the comp Wilkie (23) was very, very quiet.

Rookies: The Saints really only had Phillipou who added to the poor rookie scores this week with just 39. Plenty of coaches would’ve looped Cowan with Wilmot, thinking 39 is more than achievable, but they, myself included, copped 35 from the rookie. Hollands (60) found 22 touches and was clean with it, while Honey’s third game produced 31 points. The nice look from this one though was Cincotta’s debut of 24 touches and 7 marks that resulted in 67 points.

Injuries: Nothing on the injury report here, Cordy and Ed Curnow the subs.


Gold Coast (14.13.97) defeated North Melbourne (7.12.54)

  1. Lachie Weller (134). Just drove the ball forward on multiple occasions with 28 touches and 14 marks while running @ 78% DE. Gained 569 metres, a team high, plus a career best score.
  2. Todd Goldstein (131). Massive game in game 300 for the champion ruckman and one of the best SuperCoach players in his prime. Has 9 seasons of a 100+ average to his name. 14 touches (13 contested) with 5 clearances, 33 hitouts and 3 tackles here.
  3. Will Powell (125). Just super clean with his use, running @ 95% DE with no clangers from his 20 touches of the ball.
  4. Matt Rowell (124). Did his best work on the inside as per usual, finishing with 18 touches (13 contested) plus a massive 12 tackles.
  5. Jack Ziebell (111). Hall back in the team didn’t take away from his game at all, as he found 23 touches plus 8 marks and nearly 500 metres gained to finish this top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy MacPherson/Ben King (104)

Disappointment: Quiet game for Luke Davies-Uniacke (72) who only found 20 touches of the leather.

Rookies: Third gamer Bailey Humphrey (43) was subbed on but made the most of it, finding 10 touches and kicking 2 goals in his limited time. Ben King (104) started rookie price so I’ll make mention of that, as he kicked 5 goals from 10 touches. Just the usual Comben (53) and Phillips (27) for the Kangaroos, with the latter being subbed out. Sheezel (53) copped a very hard tag and his ton run came to an end, but we can’t complain about him.

Injuries: The original subs on this one were the previously mentioned Phillips and Rosas, both seemingly tactical. The big news though was Touk Miller suffering a leg injury (more than likely knee) that saw him finish the game on crutches. Keep your eyes posted for any updates.


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