Round 9 Review

Written by Dane on May 13 2024

Carlton (12.5.77) defeated Melbourne (11.10.76)

1. Christian Petracca (134). Nearly dragged his team over the line on Thursday night, kicking a career high 5 goals from 21 touches and 6 marks with 7 tackles as well, his first ton since round 4.
2. Patrick Cripps (132). Seventh ton of the season for the Carlton skipper. Despite having 9 clangers, his 35 touches (19 contested) with 5 marks and 7 clearances were enough to crack into the 130s.
3. Sam Walsh (119). Did elite work in the middle, collecting 34 touches (12 contested) plus 1 goal and a team high 11 tackles.
4. Jack Viney (117). Did the best of his work in the middle as per usual, finding 21 touches (10 contested) with 5 clearances, 507 metres gained and 12 tackles all up.
5. Alex Neal-Bullen (116). Tied up with Viney, laying 12 tackles for the game, but also led the team with 13 contested touches from his 23 touches, his third ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Max Gawn (111), Charlie Curnow (108)

Disappointment: Coaches who brought in Oliver were probably hoping for a touch more than 87. McKay (62) well down on his seasons scores so far.

Rookies: Not a great amount to cover in this one. Windsor (73) had another solid performance with 19 touches and 1 goal, but after that it read Howes (54), Woewodin (37) and Turner (26).

Injuries: The win came with a loss for the Blues with Cerra suffering another soft tissue injury. Pittonet is listed with a finger injury but he played through. Bowey was subbed out for the Demons.


Geelong (14.11.95) defeated by Port Adelaide (15.11.101)

1. Ollie Wines (157). Led from the front as the Power won at the Geelong fortress on Friday. His fourth ton of the year coming from 33 touches (15 contested), 7 marks, 7 tackles, 9 clearances, 1 goal and just 1 clanger.
2. Zak Butters (147). Another great score from Butters, VC or C worthy. 527 metres gained for him, a team high, adding to it 34 disposals (15 contested), 9 marks, 1 goal and 7 clearances.
3. Jason Horne-Francis (128). Second best score of the season for JHF, 26 touches (23 kicks was a nice ratio) with 7 clearances and 1 goal attached to it.
4. Jackson Mead (105). Great score from a former rookie priced option. 22 touches @ 86% DE plus 7 tackles up across half-forward.
5. Zach Guthrie (104). 549 metres gained from his 24 touches and 7 marks streaking off half-back plus 1 major to round out the top five.

Other 100+ scores: Willie Rioli (102), Ryan Burton (101)

Disappointment: Couple of quiet nights for premium defenders Houston (89) and Stewart (84).

Rookies: After Mead, the best score from this one was Visentini who got the #1 ruck role, finishing with 10 touches and 31 hitouts for 75 points, but you’d imagine he’s unlikely to play again next week with others returning. Bar that there was Dempsey (65), Mullin (40) and Clark (36) for Geelong, while Port had Sinn (50) play his first game for the year, collecting 16 disposals and 4 marks across the backline.

Injuries: Nothing on the report, Dixon and Stanley those subbed out.


Fremantle (4.15.39) defeated by Sydney (13.9.87)

1. Caleb Serong (150). Caps off a hot three weeks with a massive score on Friday coming from 34 touches (11 contested) which went at a really clean rate.
2. Jake Lloyd (132). Best score of the season for the former seagull. 26 touches off half-back at a rate of 88% DE with no clangers, 10 marks and 1 goal.
3. Nick Blakey (131). Keeping his average around that triple figure mark, Blakey posted his second score of 130+ due to 26 touches and 6 marks speeding off half back.
4. Isaac Heeney (118). Another game and another ton for Heeney. 28 touches (13 contested) with 5 marks, 5 tackles and 8 clearances for the game.
5. Luke Ryan (111). Boosted himself with a massive last quarter to round out the top five. Finished with a game high 675 metres gained from his 26 touches and 9 marks while running at 88% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Ollie Florent (106), Brodie Grundy (102), Andrew Brayshaw (101)

Disappointment: Throwing it to Fyfe (60) who had 10 clangers and 6 frees against.

Rookies: Roberts hot streak is over with what seems to be a role change, so drop him before another 47 comes your way. Sharp (98) was great, finding 28 touches and 10 marks plus 2 majors to go with 540 metres gained, while Draper (52) didnt waste any of his 6 touches. Apart from that it was only Voss (27) and Emmett (17).

Injuries: Clean report, Rampe and Frederick subbed out.


Hawthorn (8.10.58) defeated St Kilda (7.11.53)

1. Rowan Marshall (164). Huge numbers from Rowan, posting a triple double with 28 touches (23 contested too) plus 11 tackles and 12 clearances, plus the customary 35 hitouts.
2. Jai Newcombe (136). Best score of the season for Newcombe, his 31 touches (17 contested) with 8 clearances, 7 tackles and 1 goal leading the Hawks engine room to a second straight win.
3. Lloyd Meek (125). Third consecutive ton for Meek, holding his own against Marshall’s dominate game. 12 touches, 1 goal, 8 tackles and 46 hitouts.
4. Jack Steele (122). Back to the triple figure scores thanks to this 30 touch, 6 mark, 13 tackle effort in the middle of the ground.
5. Karl Amon (118). A massive 711 metres gained from his 31 touches and 7 marks while running @ 93% DE without a single clanger, another solid game adding to his 2024 campaign.

Other 100+ scores: Nasiah Wangeneen-Milera (113), Mason Wood (109), Riley Bonner (108), Callum Wilkie (106), Josh Battle (103)

Disappointment: For the form he is in, it goes to Moore (76), while a discounted premium in Sinclair (83) only had 18 touches.

Rookies: Wilson (90) produced another great game of 21 touches and 6 tackles without a clanger to keep his price rising strongly, while Garcia (65) also didn’t record a clanger in his 11 touch, 6 tackle game. Hastie (12) was quiet, as was Dear (31) for Hawthorn before he was subbed out. Watson had his best game yet with 2 goals from 10 touches and a 70, while not far behind him was Serong (67) with 14 touches and 3 tackles.

Injuries: Clean reports again, Dear and Hayes those subbed out during the third quarter.


Essendon (12.10.82) defeated GWS (9.8.62)

1. Mason Redman (134). Did plenty of good stuff across the half-back line, only recording 1 clanger from his 26 touches, 1 goal and 12 marks.
2. Nick Hind (121). Solid score from just 67% game time for Hind, finishing with 20 touches (10 contested) plus 1 goal and minimal disposal errors.
3. Kyle Langford (119). Most damaging forward for the game, slotting 4 majors from his 14 touches and 5 marks up forward.
4. Tom Green (116). Rollercoaster week with plenty of will he play, wont he play comments. Overall, was on the park and returned a great score from 34 touches (18 contested) plus 7 clearances and 5 tackles.
5. Zach Merrett (101). Was in danger of losing his ton run but a big second half got him there, as the Bombers skipper finished with 24 touches (10 contested) plus 5 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Lachie Whitfield (100)

Disappointment: Because I brought him in, it’s Martin (83) who butchered it all day. Parish (63) hardly sited.

Rookies: Some very low scores so I’ll make this one quick. Jones (38) had 1 goal from 8 touches, while Stone (34) was subbed off for Thomas (8). Davey Jnr (32) was also subbed off while Cadman (12) wasn’t subbed but was hardly seen.

Injuries: Another clean report, Davey Jnr and Stone those subbed out.


Gold Coast (17.18.120) defeated North Melbourne (7.10.52)

1. Zac Fisher (140). Career high score from Fisher, finishing the game with another career high of 34 touches which had 677 metres gained attached to it, all while running @ 88% DE.
2. Touk Miller (122). Solid as usual from Touk, his two way game allowed him to find 29 touches (11 contested) with 5 tackles and 1 goal.
3. Mac Andrew (119). Another career high score in this one, Andrew is averaging an impressive 90 over 6 games. 22 touches (10 contested), 1 clanger and 10 marks plus 563 metres gained in this one.
4. Luke Davies-Uniacke/Bodhi Uwland (109). A huge offensive game from LDU, 35 touches (17 contested) with 9 clearances and 584 metres gained, plus 1 major. Uwland scored his first career ton thanks to 20 disposals, 562 metres gained and 80% DE.
5. Sam Flanders (108). Kept the race going for another week against Merrett, rounding out this games five thanks to 29 touches, 6 marks and 580 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Clohesy (105), Jarrod Witts (100)

Disappointment: The usual safe bets of Rowell (83) and Anderson (70) were well down on their standards, as was Sheezel (86).

Rookies: Uwland has had his time, but another ton goes to Clohesy (105) for his 23 touch, 6 mark, 2 goal game running across the wing, right when he needed a big score to maintain his cash generation. Nice return from Sexton too who I honestly missed on the team sheets, he had 21 touches without a clanger for 82, while Rogers (64) was busy, collecting 14 touches and snagging 1 goal. Walter (49) had his best game yet with 11 touches and 2.4, while Johnston (42) also kicked 1 major from his 8 touches. McKercher (91) had another 30 touch game, while Archer (57) didnt waste any of his 11 touches. Hardeman (46) gained 30K while Drury (20) was subbed off for Lazzaro (15).

Injuries: Clean report for the Suns, Davies was subbed off at 3QT, while Archer was a casualty for North with a foot injury, but it was Drury who got subbed out.


Richmond (6.6.42) defeated by Western Bulldogs (19.19.133).

1. Ed Richards (163). Career night for Richards. Massive in a midfield role that finished with 34 touches (14 contested) plus 7 clearances, 6 marks, 10 tackles, 575 metres gained all with just 1 clanger.
2. Adam Treloar (153). Dominated again, finding 41 touches of the leather (12 contested) plus 7 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 654 metres gained.
3. James Harmes (139). Tied his career high score here thanks to 27 disposals that resulted with another tied career high of 4 majors. Also grabbed 11 marks, a game best.
4. Marcus Bontempelli (135). Solid C score from Bont, back to his best with 32 touches (19 contested) which was paired with 10 clearances, 7 tackles and 2 goals.
5. Aaron Naughton (127). Rounds out an all Bulldogs top five with a 20 touch, 10 mark, 4 goal effort for his third ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Darcy (113), Bailey Dale (103)

Disappointment: Despite his midfield dominating, English was stranded on 87. No Tiger got past 90 which tells you how lopsided this game was.

Rookies: Great game from Darcy to start us off here. 4 majors from his 14 touches plus 7 marks and 8 hitouts returned a really solid 113 for the game. 84 for Garcia too was nothing to scoff at, he had 2 goals plus 19 disposals, the same amount of touches as Gallagher (61). Solid debut too from Freijah (63), he had 17 disposals @ 82%. Tom Brown (76) continues to go under the radar and had another nice performance with 13 disposals and 5 marks, while Ralphsmith and Campbell couldn’t be split on 52 each. Sonsie (57) had 18 disposals (9 contested) with 6 clearances in a nice showing of his inside midfield work, but after that the rookies of Rioli Jnr (33), Lefau (32) and Cumberland (16) were quiet, the last of those was subbed on though.

Injuries: Banks (concussion), Rioli Jnr (leg) and Graham (hamstring) all soured the loss for the Tigers, while Vandermeer (shin) was subbed off for the Bulldogs.


Collingwood (15.13.103) defeated West Coast (5.7.37)

1. Nick Daicos/Scott Pendlebury (147). Almost feels like a passing of the torch score for some reason. Daicos (36 touches, 17 contested, 7 tackles, 1 goal) will be in our teams likely for as long as Pendlebury (28 touches, 10 contested, 5 tackles, 89% DE) was, and hopefully just as consistent.
2. Alex Witherden (141). Not a stranger to big scores, Witherden went @ 87% DE from his 31 touches across the backline, also hauling in 8 marks.
3. Jack Crisp (134). Great game from Crisp, leading the Pies with 580 metres gained from his 32 touches (12 contested), pairing it with 6 tackles and 1 goal.
4. Josh Daicos (122). Had a great day running on the outside, finding a game best 11 marks to pair with 28 touches and 1 major without recording a single clanger.
5. Darcy Cameron (120). Fourth ton of the year for Cameron, closing out this five with a nice game of 24 touches (14 contested) with 6 marks, 6 clearances and 19 hitouts.

Other 100+ scores: Steele Sidebottom (118), Jeremy McGovern (114), Joe Richards (107), Liam Duggan (106), Brayden Maynard (102)

Disappointment: Goes to the Eagles Tim Kelly once again, quiet day with just 19 touches and 65 points.

Rookies: Starting with the Eagles, they had Chesser (61) with 14 touches and no clangers, plus second gamer Johnston (19) who was subbed on. Dewar (26) made his debut up forward and snagged 1 goal from 9 disposals. The good rookie scores came from the Pies in this one though as they won comfortably. Joe Richards was the best of them with a 18 touch, 6 tackle, 1 goal game resulting in a debut score of 107, while second gamer Sullivan (75) looks a solid downgrade option after his 18 touch, 1 goal game. McInnes (80) was dangerous up forward, kicking 3 goals from 9 touches, while Macrae (93) also had a career game with 17 disposals and 3 goals. Unfortunately, two others rookies in Bytel (26) and Harrison (5) were injured.

Injuries: Fair few here. Petrucelle (ankle) and Howe (groin) were the initial subs, but they were later joined by Harrison, Bytel, Darling and McGovern.


Adelaide (13.12.90) drew with Brisbane (13.12.90)

1. Jordan Dawson/Izak Rankine (142). Led from the front did Dawson, his 27 touches resulted in 800 metres gained while pairing it with 7 tackles. Rankine was damaging all game, slotting 3 majors from 24 touches (14 contested) with 5 clearances and no clangers next to his name.
2. Jarrod Berry (118). Best score of Berry’s season and third ton, he had 30 touches (15 contested) with 5 tackles, 6 clearances and 1 goal.
3. Dayne Zorko (117). Another great score from the former skipper. 26 disposals with 9 marks and a team best 403 metres gained, which is surprising.
4. Rory Laird (115). Classic Laird numbers really. 28 disposals (13 contested) with 8 tackles and 6 clearances.
5. Matt Crouch/Jack Payne (112). Nice way to round out the round from Crouch, 28 touches (15 contested) with 8 clearances and 13 tackles, while Payne dropped a career high from 16 touches (9 contested) plus a game best 12 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Callum Ah Chee (109), Darcy Fogarty (108), Hugh McCluggage (100)

Disappointment: Neale quiet again, just 79. Dunkley has been in form and his 89 could’ve been a lot more.

Rookies: Just Curtin (9) for the Crows, but he was subbed off again. The best for the Lions was Reville (55) who looks a decent option to downgrade too this week, coming in just behind him was Lohmann (53). Prior played his first game of the year but was subbed off for 31. Second gamer Morris had 3 disposals for 2.1 and 30 points, while the best name in the AFL Shadeau Brain made his debut, coming on as the sub for 4 touches, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 36 points in a tense final term.

Injuries: Just Worrell with a worst injury, but it was Curtin and Prior who were the subs.


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