Round 9 Review

Written by Dane on May 15 2023

Richmond (16.6.102) defeated Geelong (11.12.72)

  1. Jayden Short (120). Third ton this year and must be getting close to DPP status after spending the last few weeks as distributer off half back. 26 disposals, 9 marks and 714 metres gained in this one.
  2. Nathan Broad (116). Has potential for these scores here and there. 100% time on ground equated to him having 19 touches and 7 marks doing his usual work down back.
  3. Tom Stewart/Liam Baker (115). Semi popular VC pick Stewart had a +1 role to his name as he found 24 touches and 11 marks, while Baker popped up for his fifth ton of the year from 21 touches (10 contested) at 90% DE.
  4. Tom Atkins (113). Nice role in the midfield here with a couple of key Cats out. 24 disposals (15 contested) with 6 clearances and 6 tackles.
  5. Daniel Rioli (112). Another half backman to score well in this one. Rioli dropped his fourth ton of 2023 thanks to 23 touches, 1 goal and just 1 clanger for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Jonathan Ceglar (110), Dustin Martin (109), Gryan Miers (101)

Disappointment: Despite finding a healthy 21 disposals and 9 marks, Cameron (66) only kicked 1 major for the game.

Rookies: Let’s cover the debut firstly. Pick 8 in last years draft Jhye Clark was the sub for the Cats, and made am impact in his limited on field time. He had 6 touches and 5 tackles, a couple of clangers held him back to 13 though, but if he can shred the sub vest, his scoring potential seems nice due to a contested nature. Knevitt (71) and Simpson (65) both did some crisp work to increase in cash nicely, while a pair of 77’s for tall guys Ryan and Ratugolea kept their cash flowing. Miller (58) and Clarke (16, subbed on) lost money, while Dempsey (49) was subbed off in game two.

Injuries: Rough start to the weekend for the plethora of coaches who have Hopper (43) as he was subbed out with a calf issue, one to watch closely. Rioli (ankle) was also on the match report but nothing for Geelong with Dempsey being their tactical sub.


West Coast (6.7.43) defeated by Gold Coast (16.17.113)

  1. Matt Rowell (165). With a lot of attention going to Anderson this week (and rightfully so), Rowell stepped up with a monster game of 29 touches (13 contested) with 610 metres gained, 6 clearances and a crazy 17 bear hugs.
  2. Liam Duggan/Tim Kelly (132). The Eagles got flogged again but these two were good for the home team. Duggan had 662 metres gained from 32 touches and 4 tackles, while Kelly found his fifth ton thanks to 26 touches (17 contested) with 7 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal.
  3. Ben King (126). Great score from King, his third ton in four games. Kicked 4.3 from 15 touches and 7 marks plus nearly 450 metres gained.
  4. Charlie Ballard/Jarrod Witts (124). Think I saw that Ballard equaled a record for intercept marks? Don’t know if it was all 11 that he had but I’d imagine plenty of them were as he only had 15 touches so that would inflate his score nicely. Witts dominated the Eagles ruck division as most do with 15 touches (14 contested) plus 48 hit outs.
  5. Alex Witherden (118). Has the scoring potential as we all know and put it together here with 26 disposals that gained 591 metres plus 5 tackles and 6 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Bailey Humphrey (117), David Swallow (112), Rueben Ginbey (108)

Disappointment: Not bad numbers from the heavily traded in Atkins, who had 18 touches @ 94% DE but that only equated to 62 points. Powell (81) in the same boat, doesn’t help that 6 players went 120+.

Rookies: King’s had his time already, so let’s cover Humphrey (117). Showed exactly why he was pick 6 in last years draft with 20 touches (10 contested), 5 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal. Another great rookie score in this one to Ginbey (108) who did it at the perfect time to keep some cash coming in, he had an enormous 16 tackles with 12 touches (9 contested) plus 5 clearances and no clangers. Oea (60) had 13 touches in game three, while Berry (48) is on the bubble this week after finding 10 touches and 5 tackles. Tsitas (24) was subbed on and kicked 2 goals, while the Eagles sub was Edwards (32) who made $200.

Injuries: Lemmens was the tactical sub for the Suns, but the Eagles face more injuries with Jones (nose) and Darling (arm) adding to their injury list.


Sydney (13.8.86) defeated by Fremantle (16.7.103)

  1. Errol Gulden (156). Another monster score for Gulden, leading the Swans scoring with a huge 39 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles, 2 goals and 637 metres gained. Touch inconsistent early but firming as a lock for top 6 forward.
  2. Sean Darcy (151). Average score last week but monstered the returning Hickey for 18 disposals (14 contested) plus 9 clearances and 44 hit outs for the game. Averaging 112.
  3. Caleb Serong (120). Another great game for Serong in the middle, leading the game with 660 metres gained from his 33 touches (15 contested) plus 8 clearances and 4 tackles, and good use, only 2 clangers.
  4. Luke Jackson (119). By all reports a dominant performance from the prized recruit. 17 touches (10 contested) plus 7 marks, 11 hit outs and 3 goals straight for the day.
  5. Lachie Schultz (108). Rounded out the top 5 with his second ton of 2023, getting there thanks to 4 important goals plus 6 tackles and 14 disposals in his usual role.

Other 100+ scores: Chad Warner (104), Luke Parker/Isaac Heeney (101), Hayden Young (100)

Disappointment: Worst score of the season for Ryan (85) who had 19 touches and 10 marks but was held back due to lack of contested touches (2).

Rookies: Sheather (28) was the sub again and lost cash, falling to 115K after finding just 5 touches. Gould played a full game and found 8 touches and 3 marks for 46 points, while Francis provided a great score of 95 from 15 disposals and 8 marks. Josh Treacy was 200K but is now 220K after scoring 96 from 14 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals.

Injuries: Youngster Erasmus the sub for Fremantle, tactically. Horrid news for Sydney with McDonald suffering an ankle concern, while Mills, a semi popular trade in option, was subbed off super early with a calf issue.


North Melbourne (10.5.65) defeated by Port Adelaide (20.15.135)

  1. Todd Goldstein (171). Wound back the clock did big Goldy. Huge game, 24 touches (18 contested), 11 clearances, 5 marks, 56 hitouts. Bringing back fond memories. Actually having a solid year too, with 4 tons and a healthy average of 108 (of course helped by this one).
  2. Zak Butters (139). Second big score in a row as he firms as one of the top forwards. 32 disposals (14 contested) plus 495 metres gained and 9 marks. Also just 1 clanger.
  3. Luke Davies-Uniacke (122). Poor last week but dominated the midfield for parts of this contest. 29 touches (18 contested) plus 8 clearances and 4 tackles but it was all soured by a hamstring injury late in the game.
  4. Miles Bergman (115). Dropped an equal career high score here thanks to 21 touches and 10 marks down back, leading to a game best 588 metres gained. Also ran at 85% DE with no clangers.
  5. Jack Ziebell (114). Not as big as last week but no complaints on this score that came from 27 touches and 8 marks that surprisingly had 11 contested possessions.

Other 100+ scores: Williem Drew (107), Connor Rozee (105), Jeremy Finlayson (101)

Disappointment: Tough one to give but Houston (81) was down on recent scoring form.

Rookies: Sheezel is hardly a rookie anymore but in a blowout loss, he didn’t score as he usually does, finishing on 68 from 22 touches. Miller Bergman (57) was solid with his 10 touches, but rough scores for Spicer (23) being subbed on, while 102K rookie Drury only collected 7 touches for 17 points and no longer looks as enticing. Teakle (67) had 12 touches, 1 goal and 17 hitouts, while third gamers Lord (59) and Evans (64) made 34K and 8K respectively. Another good score for Williams too, he finished on 81 from 16 touches down back.

Injuries: The previously mentioned LDU was kept company on the bench by Tucker (hamstring), Perez (concussion),  Mahoney (shoulder) and Curtis (corkie). A concussion ruled out Marshall super early for Port, another tough break for him. Oh and seems Zurhaar as well with a cheek injury.


Hawthorn (7.7.49) defeated by Melbourne (15.13.103)

  1. Jack Viney (149). Just a standard Viney game. 31 touches (18 contested), 6 tackles, 1 goal, 465 metres gained, important early and part of a strong midfield scoring group.
  2. Christian Petracca (148). Just a standard Petracca game too. 30 touches, half contested, 584 metres gained, 6 clearances, having a great year. Slight concern late though, see injuries below.
  3. James Sicily (134). Just a standard 2022 Sicily game, this score being his fifth ton in 2023, coupled with some average scores. Had 27 touches, 501 metres gained, 13 contested touches and elite 96% DE.
  4. Clayton Oliver (119). Just a standard Oliver game too. 34 touches (14 contested), 8 marks, 1 goal. Annoying VC score but I’m making myself a new rule to take anything 110 +, see Adelaide vs St Kilda.
  5. Trent Rivers/Jai Newcombe (117). Couple of guys who are getting better by the week. Rivers was clean off half back with 24 touches and 1 goal, while Newcombe found 26 touches (12 contested) with 1 goal as well.

Other 100+ scores: Lloyd Meek (112)

Disappointment: Worst score of the season for Dylan Moore (49), who hasn’t gone above 78 since round 5 and is currently bleeding cash.

Rookies: Van Rooyen got off his suspension and made some cash again this week, finishing on 70 from 14 disposals and 1 goal. McVee (67) has quietly made 160K and this was another nice score, but Chandler (42) was quiet and is ripe to move along if it works for your team. Weddle (65) played his third game but is still gettable and has some nice cash on the way if he can keep producing 15 touch, 1 goal games that run @ 93% DE. Butler (68) played his second game and found 14 touches and 1 goal, while Mackenzie (if you’ve still got him) played a full game for 14 touches, 1 goal and 61 points. Nice game from Mitchell (74) with 23 touches and 8 marks across the backline.

Injuries: Blanck and Jiath both ended up on the injury report, plus Petty and Petracca. The latter clearly the SuperCoach relevant news, footage showed him with a trainer after the siren, didn’t hear much else about it. Word is he is good to go Friday but as always, be over team selection and injury news as it drops.


Brisbane (12.15.87) defeated Essendon (6.9.45)

  1. Joe Daniher (147). Monstered his old side up forward with 6 goals off his boot from 16 touches and 9 marks, the highest score of his career.
  2. Mason Redman (136). Currently bottomed put in price and is capable of these scores. Massive “get lucky” pick but 30 touches @ 96% DE plus 568 metres gained will always equal a big score.
  3. Harris Andrews (122). No clangers from any of his 19 touches which ran at 89% DE. 12 marks as well plus 10 one percenters.
  4. Ryan Lester/Oscar McInerney (113). Great score from Lester down back, collecting 19 touches @ 94% DE with 7 marks, while McInerney snagged another ton from 12 touches, 6 marks, 23 hitouts and 1 goal.
  5. Lachie Neale (109). 34 touches and 15 contested touches for Neale, not much else but clean enough to crack the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Dayne Zorko/Josh Dunkley (103), Keidean Coleman (102)

Disappointment: Tough one to give here with nothing really clear. I’ll break my own rule of not giving it to rookie priced players but technically McKenna (35) is no longer in that bracket. 6 clangers in his 14 touches.

Rookies: McKenna got the mention above, so let’s move to his backline mate Wilmot who produced a well timed, season best 75 from 16 touches that ran at 93% DE with no clangers. Exciting score from Sharp who is on the bubble this week, finishing with 17 touches and 6 marks for 68 points. If you remember Baldwin from last year, he is priced at 172K, and made a season debut with 13 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles and 76 points. Forward rookies Menzie (42) and Davey (7) lost money, with the latter being subbed into the game. Oh, and Ashcroft (97), who found plenty of it.

Injuries: First game of the round with nothing on the injury report. D’Ambrosio and Zorko the ones subbed off.


Carlton (8.11.59) defeated by Western Bulldogs (11.13.79)

  1. Tom Liberatore (141). Averaging near on 120 and is just in elite form. 26 touches (14 contested) with 13 clearances, 9 tackles and a big goal in the final term to lead the scoring.
  2. Sam Walsh (117). Great game from Walsh as he collected 29 touches with 8 marks and 1 goal plus a team best 622 metres gained. A nice pick in any midfield.
  3. Ed Richards (113). First triple figure score since round 3 for Richards, his role (like the other half backs at the Bulldogs), changes week to week. Bit free this week with 25 touches at 92% DE plus 10 marks.
  4. Marcus Bontempelli (112). In prime form and that continued with 25 touches (11 contested) plus 9 tackles. Popular C choice, so at least it was a triple figures!
  5. Nic Newman (108). Talking about good form, this crafty left footer has had 5 tons this year, this one courtesy of 23 touches, 9 marks and 5 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Bailey Smith/Marc Pittonet (102)

Disappointment: Couple of worthy candidates here but 60 from Cripps takes the cake. 7 clangers and 42% DE from his 26 touches.

Rookies: Debut in this game, going to O’Donnell. Didn’t do a lot before being subbed out, only finding 4 touches but scored 23, let’s see if he gets a game next week. Arthur Jones (92) was boosted with a big last quarter, while Baker (58) did enough to climb another 7K. Cincotta (33) was very quiet, just finding 9 touches, while Hollands (58) was subbed out but at least still went up, but now may struggle to reach his BE. 

Injuries: Both Saturday night contests had clear injury reports. Hollands and debutant O’Donnell the ones subbed out.


Adelaide (19.7.121) defeated St Kilda (10.9.69)

  1. Rowan Marshall (131). What ankle concern? Only Saint to top the ton in a big loss. Only had 10 touches but 8 tackles and 49 hitouts helped him along.
  2. Brodie Smith (128). Second ton in a row for Smith who found 32 touches and 9 marks plus 1 goal from half back. Also led the game with a huge 731 metres gained.
  3. Lachlan Murphy (115). Best score of this guys career on Sunday afternoon. 22 touches, 8 tackles, 1 goal, great pressure all day.
  4. Taylor Walker (112). Stared with 5 goals from 16 touches and 8 marks for his second ton of the year.
  5. Lachlan Sholl (102). Nice hard running game on the outside from Sholl who found 26 touches and 8 marks with no clangers and 80% DE for the day.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Sinclair (65) just didn’t do much early and got punished for that all game, but 47% DE doesn’t help. Dawson (89) was my C and supposedly had 8 clangers in his 33 touches. I must’ve been watching a different game than CD but maybe I’m just a salty owner.

Rookies: Just the standard Michalanney (48) and Pedlar (73) for the Crows, the former lost money and the latter made some, both are around 290K and can be moved soon. Caminiti (39) returned and kicked 2 goals if you held, but it’s time to move Phillipou (45) on if you haven’t done so already. Bytel (16) was the sub again and lost 17K to go down to 116K, is it possible for someone to fall below 100K?

Injuries: Membrey was subbed off for the Saints with a concussion, but then he was joined on the bench by Steele with ice on his knee, keep an eye on the news there. The sub for the Crows was Laird, he wasn’t on the injury report (did see some comments surrounding a knock to the ribs) but once again look for injury reports this week.


Collingwood (18.12.120) defeated GWS (7.13.55)

  1. Mason Cox/Jordan De Goey (128). Single point off a career best for Cox, he was elite all day and finished joint top thanks to 19 disposals, 9 marks, 2 goals and 25 hitouts. De Goey continued his form with 31 touches, 5 tackles, 7 clearances and 1 goal.
  2. Nick Daicos (125). Had an early tag but broke that pretty quickly to finish with 41 disposals that had a team best 539 metres gained at a solid 78% DE.
  3. Josh Kelly (116). Another solid score under Kelly’s belt, his fifth ton of the year coming from 27 touches (11 contested) with 5 tackles and 1 goal.
  4. Darcy Moore (110). Bit of an injury cloud during the week but showed no signs with 18 touches and 9 marks while running @ 94% DE.
  5. Lachlan Ash (109). First triple figure score of the year for Ash after flirting with some 90’s. 32 touches, 10 marks, 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Mitchell (108), John Noble (102), Josh Daicos/Matt Flynn (101)

Disappointment: Nothing really pops out here, so for their sub tons, Green (97) and Coniglio (93) get it, considering both had 30+ touches.

Rookies: The ladder leaders don’t really have any rookies priced players in their best 22 currently. McInnes (7) was the sub and is down to 134K, but isn’t one to consider. The Giants had a debut in this one with 123K defender Fleeton (47) not wasting any of his 6 touches. Cadman (29) and Angwin (49) didn’t really get involved much, while O’Hallaron (48), Daniels (46) and Buckley (44) didn’t have much of it either, with the last two losing money for the first time this year. 

Injuries: Couldn’t find anything for this one, tactical subs being Pendlebury and Callum Brown.


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  1. I had the “C” on Dawson as well…stuffed if I know how he only topped out with 89pts…I must’ve been watching a different game too Dane
    Great review as usual mate


  2. Awesome as always.
    It’s been such a tough year, normally you can set and forget at least 8 players in your side. This year it seems there are only about 4 or 5 in the whole comp not giving people headaches. So torturous



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