Round Review – Round 22

Written by Dane on August 15 2022

St Kilda (9.12.66) defeated by Brisbane (12.9.81)

1. Seb Ross (131). Ross has had a really solid year but this was a season best that came from 32 touches (15 contested) to pair with 7 clearances and 5 tackles to be one of the Saints best.

2. Daniel Rich (120). First ton since round 15 for Rich, who did spend a few rounds on the sidelines in fairness. Had 26 touches for 568 metres gained off half-back in this game.

3. Cameron Rayner (115). Starred on the night, kicking 3 of his 4 goals in the final term to boost his score, which also came due to 18 touches (10 contested) plus 4 marks.

4. Rowan Marshall (113). Enjoyed the solo ruck once again, finding 20 touches (13 contested) plus 7 clearances and 42 hitouts on Friday night. 

5. Jack Sinclair (111). Rounded out the top five with another ton in 2022, finding 25 touches and 6 marks while also gaining over 500 metres.

Other 100+ scores: Oscar McInerney (109), Callum Wilkie (107), Hugh McCluggage (100)

Disappointment: Rough start to the round if you owned Neale (76), which is about 80% of the competition. Rougher if you also had Steele (58), who only had 13 touches. 

Rookies: Nothing to mention here, although a couple of Saints rookies did play and may have been fielded (namely Owens, 57) by some this round.

Injuries: Couple of injuries soured the Saints loss, with Webster doing a hamstring while Butler came off late with a thigh issue. 

Western Bulldogs (9.8.62) defeated GWS (8.9.57)

1. Tom Green (125). Started on fire in 2022 but was averaging under a ton coming into this game. Had 29 touches (13 contested) plus 5 tackles and 79% DE to remind us what his scoring is capable of.

2. Harry Perryman (121). Played a negating role for some of this matchup, mainly on Liberatore, finishing with a massive 14 tackles to pair with 23 touches that ran at 91% DE.

3. Stephen Coniglio (116). Another ton for Cogs who found 31 touches in the midfield, which was paired with 8 marks and 4 tackles.

4. Callan Ward (115). Usual inside midfield role for the former captain in this one, as he found 29 touches (10 contested) with 7 marks, 5 clearances and 1 goal for his seventh ton of 2022.

5. Jack Macrae (114). Quiet after the bye but concluded the top five here thanks to 31 touches (15 contested) that ran at a very good 80% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Josh Kelly (112), Caleb Daniel (111), Ed Richards (106), Nick Haynes (101), Marcus Bontempelli/Issac Cumming/Harry Himmelberg (100)

Disappointment: Nothing horrid, with some of the other popular Dogs finishing in that 80-100 range, including Smith (86), English/Dale (88), Dunkley (90), and Treloar/Liberatore (95)

Rookies: Second game here for Sam Darcy (62) who didnt have a clanger at all in his game, finishing with 15 touches and 7 marks down back. 

Injuries: Key defender Lachlan Keefe was subbed off for the Giants with a hamstring concern.

Adelaide (15.13.103) defeated North Melbourne (10.14.74)

1. Jordan Dawson (145). Massive game from Dawson who set a career high with 33 touches for 830 metres gained, with 27 of those being kicks, while also hauling in 9 marks.

2. Luke Davies-Unaicke (141). Elite game from LDU who will have solid ownership in 2023. Had 37 touches (15 contested) plus 11 clearances, 1 goal and 742 metres gained for the afternoon.

3. Jy Simpkin (121). Great game from Simpkin as well in the middle, finding 30 touches (13 contested) plus 7 tackles and 10 clearances.

4. Rory Laird/Taylor Walker/Aaron Hall (97). Alrighty so Laird’s ton streak came to an end, this week finishing with 25 touhces and 5 tackles, while Walker slotted 3 goals from 16 touches and 7 marks up forward. Hall drove the Kangaroos forward with 850 metres gained for the game, as he amassed 28 touches and 6 marks.

5. Shane McAdam (93). Rounds out the top five with what is a pretty low score to be honest (in regards to a standard to a usual top 5]. Had 11 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals but did finish the game on the bench after hurting his hamstring late. 

Other 100+ scores: Zilch 

Disappointment: I was going to give it to Laird for his sub ton but that was still top five weirdly, so surely it doesn’t count? So it’ll instead go to Goldstein for his score of 66.

Rookies: Solid rookie scores here from mid-season draftee Dawson (86) and young Crow Worrell (89) who ran at 92% and 100% DE respectively. 

Injuries: Carnage everywhere in this game. Ziebell was the initial sub for his shoulder injury, while he was joined on the bench by Stephenson with a back issue, and then later Anderson with concussion. Just the previously mentioned McAdam for the Crows.

Gold Coast (9.5.59) defeated by Geelong (18.11.119)

1. Brandon Ellis (149). Massive game from Ellis who found 32 touches and 9 marks while roaming around on the outside , eventually running at 91% DE and gaining over 550 metres.

2. Mark Blicavs (131). Elite game from Geelong’s utility, finding 27 touches of the football, plus 6 marks, 2 goals, 8 hitouts and 4 tackles.

3. Touk Miller (125). Another massive game from Miller as he amassed 36 touches all over the ground (14 contested), plus 8 marks and 734 metres gained for the game.

4. Jarrod Witts (116). Another good score to round out 2022 for Witts, with 16 touches (9 contested) plus 1 goal and 41 hitouts leading him to his thirteenth ton of the year.

5. Jeremy Cameron/Cameron Guthrie (113). The Cats forward did it all and will surely be looking for a big week next week to try and claim the Coleman. Had 21 touches, 8 marks and 3 goals this week, while Guthrie finished with 30 touches, 7 marks and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Hawkins (111)

Disappointment: A noticeable score in this one was -1 for Levi Casboult, so that takes the cake.

Rookies: Third game for Mac Andrew (36) who had 12 touches and 6 marks.

Injuries: Couple of injuries here with Day hurting his knee, Rankine his shoulder and finally Stanley, with a leg injury.

Melbourne (11.13.79) defeated Carlton (10.14.74)

1. Steven May (138). Best score of the year for the Demons key back, who had 25 touches (22 kicks) plus 6 marks, 11 rebounds from 50, 736 metres gained and great DE of 92%!

2. Max Gawn (129). Huge game from the Dees captain who found 20 disposals (14 contested) plus 1 goal, 33 hitouts and 7 marks for the game.

3. Lewis Young/Clayton Oliver (126). Think I saw somewhere that Young had the highest (or equal highest) one-percenters in a game ever here, recording 25 of them to go along with 18 touches and 9 marks with 12 intercept possessions. Oliver scored just about his average from 29 disposals (19 contested) plus 9 tackles.

4. Sam Docherty (121). A move to the midfield (at times) saw Docherty find 28 touches (12 contested) plus a career high 10 tackles for his thirteenth ton of the year.

5. Patrick Cripps (117). Great game from the Carlton skipper after a week of headlines. Had 26 disposals (16 contested) and a huge 12 tackles to round out the top five.

Other 100+ scores: Adam Saad/Jake Melksham (114), Angus Brayshaw (113), Jayden Hunt (102)

Disappointment: Poor score from the usually reliable Walsh on Saturday night, his 27 touches only netting him 73 points.

Rookies: Nothing to cover in this one, a few played but no debuts or standout scores.

Injuries: Didn’t see or hear of any injuries from this one so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Fremantle (9.17.71) defeated West Coast (7.5.47)

1. Sean Darcy (155). Produced in the Derby win, taking home BOG medal honours after finishing with 16 touches plus 1 goal, 6 tackles and a career best 56 hitouts in a wet contest in Perth.

2. Liam Duggan/Shannon Hurn (139). Best game of Duggan’s season, as he had 30 touches and 10 marks playing along the wings for much of the night to gain 791 metres for his team, while Hurn continues to churn out tons and is now averaging a career best 104 after this 28 disposal effort that had 661 metres gained.

3. Tom Barrass (126). Since the Eagles are getting pumped with inside 50 entry’s, it makes sense that Barrass keeps on popping up for big scores. Fifth ton in a row from 20 touches and 12 marks at 95% DE with 14 intercepts.

4. Xavier O’Neill (118). Career best score for the young Eagle in this one mainly thanks to a game high 11 tackles, but he also had 19 touches and 1 goal.

5. Blake Acres (108). Rounding out the top five is the Dockers outside runner, who found 29 touches at 79% DE to gain over 500 metres for his club, while also slotting 1 goal for his fourth ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Andrew Brayshaw (106), Will Brodie (104), Michael Walters (102), Nic Naitanui (100)

Disappointment: The nice run of scores from Luke Ryan came to an end here with this 14 touch, 65 point effort. In fairness the Dockers backline didn’t have much to do.

Rookies: Like the other Saturday night fixture, nothing to cover in this one.

Injuries: The win was soured due to a shoulder injury to Rory Lobb for the Dockers, while running defender Jones was subbed off for the Eagles with a back issue.

Richmond (20.8.128) defeated Hawthorn (9.13.67)

1. Tom Lynch (177). Not for the first time this year, Lynch provided a massive score (and third ton in a row) after snagging 8 goals for the game, coming from 18 touches and 12 marks, with several of those being contested!

2. Dion Prestia (121). Eighth ton of 2022 for the Tigers inside midfielder who has an average of 93. 30 touches (16 contested) with 11 clearances plus 2 goals for him.

3. Ben McEvoy (119). The retiring Hawk played a great game, finding 13 touches (11 contested) around the ground while also completing 8 tackles, having 29 hitouts and slotting 1 goal.

4. James Sicily (118). Had a new role for a little of this game, earning himself some CBA, allowing him to find a season high 30 touches to pair with 9 marks, 1 goal and a game high 715 metres gained.

5. Jai Newcombe (111). Third ton in the past four outings for Newcombe to cap off his outstanding second season, he found 29 touches and had 6 tackles in the midfield.

Other 100+ scores: Daniel Rioli (109), Tom Mitchell/Jayden Short (108), Trent Cotchin (105), Jack Scrimshaw (104), Nick Vlastuin (102)

Disappointment: A couple of poor scores from PODs Moore (81) and Nankervis (80).

Rookies: Second gamer Serong (19) found 4 touches for the game but one of those led to his first goal in league footy, while Cumberland and Rioli Jnr snagged 2 each for some high 60’s, serviceable if they needed to be used on field.

Injuries: Heaps of players came from the ground but the only one to finish on the bench was Jack Graham due to a foot injury.

Sydney (11.11.77) defeated Collingwood (7.8.50)

1. Callum Mills/Tom Hickey (128). Mills did his usual bit of everything in this game, spending time in the centre and also down back. Eventually he finished with 29 touches (13 contested), 9 marks, 7 tackles and 535 metres gained, while Hickey finished with 19 touches (18 contested) plus 27 hitouts.

2. James Rowbottom (124). Career high score for the 21 year old who had 24 touches (13 contested) plus 7 clearances, 1 goal, 8 tackles and nearly 500 metres gained in an elite performance.

3. Luke Parker (112). Another ton for Parker, who will finish with a 100 point average for the seventh time in his career. Did it all with 26 touches (13 contested), 8 clearances, 7 marks and 8 tackles.

4. Jeremy Howe (111). Was pretty elite down back, scoring his fifth ton of the year from 20 touches and 7 marks that ran at 85% DE.

5. Isaac Heeney (109). Game 150 for Heeney and he delivered, as he has been lately with six tons on the trot to boast the first 100 point average of his career (this late into a season). Had 17 touches and 6 tackles plus 2.3 for the afternoon.

Other 100+ scores: Sam Reid (107), Darcy Cameron (100)

Disappointment: Feel bad but it has to go to Nick Daicos for his score of 62. He even got tagged in this one, which is huge praise for a first year player, he’s had an elite year.

Rookies: Nothing to rave on about here. Stephens (82) has shown some nice scoring ability late in the season, and it’ll probably be the last time I mention McCartin (88) as well for 2022, he’s been great and I’m sure he’s still on some fields out there!

Injuries: Unfortunately it was forward Ginnivan who got subbed off here, with a hamstring injury ending his day at half-time.

Essendon (9.8.62) defeated by Port Adelaide (23.8.146).

1. Ollie Wines/Dylan Shiel (140). Second best score of the Brownlow medallist’s season and twelfth ton overall in this one, as he found 31 touches (17 contested) plus 6 marks, 6 tackles and 538 metres gained for the game, while Shiel was huge on return, finding 27 touches (19 contested) plus 12 clearances and 10 tackles with no clangers. Also had 6 free kicks for and only 37 metres gained, one of the weirder stat lines I’ve seen all year.

2. Jeremy Finlayson (133). Has had some big scores since his ruck time has gone up, producing another one here as he found 25 touches, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals and 616 metres gained.

3. Todd Marshall (125). Has also thrown in some big scores in 2022, this being his fourth over 120. Only had 13 touches, 8 marks and 2 goals but importantly ran at 92% DE with no clangers.

4. Dan Houston (121). Bumped his season average back to triple figures with this effort, as he found 32 touches for 572 metres gained, pairing that with 8 marks, 5 tackles and 1 major.

5. Jordan Ridley (116). One of my day 1’s got me over the line in a few key H2Hs in the final game of the round, as he produced a season high score from 30 touches (10 contested) with 9 marks and solid 86% DE!

Other 100+ scores: Sam Powell-Pepper (109), Zak Butters (106)

Disappointment: Couple in contention here, but the obvious one is Merrett (73) who copped the tag for the second week running, while Rozee (76) had a great stat line if you take out the 9 clangers and 57% DE that held his score back.

Rookies: Since it’s probably the last time I’ll be able to mention him as well, a shoutout to Nic Martin for his great debut season, this week scoring 88 from 22 touches, 8 marks and 1 goal. D’Ambrosio did play in this one too, scoring 65 from 9 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals.

Injuries: Nothing to cover in the final game of round 22.


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  1. Thanks Dane for your seasons efforts- much appreciated and very well written- Congrats!
    Too many of my players featured in the ‘disappointing’ section the last 2 weeks and noticed teams who have kept Heeney, Butters, Ridley, etc- have benefitted from having ‘no trades’ left.
    Well onto next year!


    1. Thanks Mick!

      In a way it has helped indeed, but one more week could change all of that. Hope to see your name around the site in 2023!


  2. For those interested, here are the standings of the SC Brownlow with 1 round to go.
    Oliver, Clayton 26
    Miller, Touk 25
    Laird, Rory 24
    Walsh, Sam 22
    Witts, Jarrod 22
    Mills, Callum 20
    Neale, Lachie 19
    Brayshaw, Andrew 18
    Cripps, Patrick 17
    Gawn, Max 17


    1. Hello TC, how do u do the votes when there is a tie? ie oliver + L.Young both 126 on the weekend


      1. I don’t have a good method, but have been working with higher DT score. If anyone has a fairer way I can see if it makes a change.



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